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112 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Mary Doggett.
Children (Doggett):

112:1		George		d. 1785	unm.
112:2		William
112:3		Nancy
112:4		Mary		d. 1794
We have no definite proof that these children are children of this Benjamin Doggett. However, this seems to be the most likely scenario. The only other possibile identity of the father would seem to be that of Benjamin the son of William Doggett of Northumberland County [163], a first cousin of this Benjamin.

112:1 GEORGE DOGGETT; d. 1785, Lancaster Co., VA.

George Doggett was one of two George Doggetts who served as ship’s carpenters in the Virginia Navy during the Revolution. Papers pertaining to the claim for land bounty filed by this George Doggett are on file in the Virginia Archives, and a court order dated June 1838 is on file in Northumberland County court records. The court order contains findings with respect to the heirs of George Doggett, as follows: George Doggett resided in Northumberland Co., VA, and served as a carpenter in the Virginia Navy until its end. He died testate in Lancaster Co. in 1785, leaving two sisters, Mary and Nancy Doggett. His brother William Doggett had died intestate in Northumberland Co. before 1787, leaving the following children: William, Clement, Jane, Nancy, Judith and Stephen. William Doggett was living in Portsmouth, VA. Jane married Joseph Coleman. Jane died about 1818, leaving three children, Alice, Polly and Betsy. Alice married John Berry, died intestate in Northumberland Co., leaving children William, Catherine, Judith, John and Joseph Berry. Nancy Doggett married John Flynt. She died intestate about 1818 leaving five children: Thomas, Richard, Catharine, Emily and Eliza. Thomas and Richard died without issue. Thomas Flynt died about 1825 intestate and Richard Flynt died intestate in 1837. Catharine Flynt married George Robinson. Emily Flynt married Nathan Moore. Eliza Flynt married I. Robinson. She died intestate leaving one child who died as an infant. Judith Doggett died intestate in Northumberland Co. leaving two children: Clement and John Doggett. Clement died intestate leaving two children: Martin and William Doggett, both of whom live in Baltimore. John Doggett died intestate in Northumberland Co. leaving one child Rodah Ann Doggett. Stephen Doggett "has not been heard of for forty years by any of the family and was supposed to have been lost at sea. He was a young man when he went from Va."
The Bounty Warrant files in the Archives contain affidavits of William Doggett of Portsmouth and William James of Lancaster county, with respect to the naval service of George Doggett.
In 1838, a Bounty Land Warrant was issued to the "heirs of George Doggett." Litigation ensued between the heirs of this George Doggett and the George Doggett who was a ship’s carpenter from Lancaster County as to who were entitled to receive the 2,667 acres of land represented by the warrant. The suit reached the Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1866 in a case entitled "Doggett, et al. v. Helm, et al.," and the court returned the case to the executive department for final decision. The Lancaster County court records contain a common law court order issued in 1848 in the course of the litigation pursuant to a reference from the Chancery Court of Richmond City and Henrico County to determine whether there were two George Doggetts, or only one, who served as carpenters in the Virginia Navy, and who were the heirs. The court found that there were two George Doggetts, but made no independent finding of heirship.

112:4 MARY DOGGETT; d. 1794, Lancaster Co., VA.

112:2 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Benjamin Doggett; d. bef 1781. Identity of wife unknown.
Children (Doggett):

112:21		William		b. 1767	d. 1839	m. 1803	Elizabeth Totterdale
112:22		Clement
112:23		Jane				m.	Joseph Coleman
112:24		Nancy				m.	John Flynt
112:25		Judith				m.	Mr. Doggett (?)
112:26		Stephen
112:2x		Elizabeth		d.y.?

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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