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122:2 ASA DOGGETT, son of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; b. 1770, VA; d. 1814, Columbia Co., GA; m. 1803, Columbia Co., GA (Marr. Bond, 3 Nov), ELIZABETH EUBANK, dau. of Richard Eubank. Elizabeth m(2) Randall Ramsey.
Children (Doggett):

122:21		Nancy		b. 1804		m. 1830	Waters Dunn
122:22		Richard E.	b. 1806		m. 1833	Mary Elizabeth Thomas Yarbrough
						m. 1857	Martha M. (Baldwin) Huddleston
122:23		Eliza Frances	b. 1808		m. 1838	Joseph Cotton Rawls
122:24		John W.		b. 1810	d. 1853	m. 1838	Mary Ann Lyon
122:25		Naomi		b. 1813	d. 1866	m. 1829	Joseph A. Marshall
Asa Doggett appears to have been the eldest son of John and Anne Doggett. SBD says that he was born in 1770 in Virginia, and he was executor of his father's will, which normally was the duty of the eldest son. The marriage bond of Asa and Elizabeth, dated 1803, is of record in Columbia County. Asa, along with his brother John, served in the Rangers, U. S. Volunteers, in the War of 1812. The writer has no specific information about his military service, but he may have died in service, as Asa's heirs are named as beneficiaries of John's will, and Elizabeth had remarried to a Mr. Ramsey by 27 Jan 1813, as indicated by court documents of record in Jasper County, GA, pertaining to John's estate. The will of Richard Eubank, Elizabeth's father, dated 27 Apr 1845, and probated 3 Nov 1847 in Columbia County, Georgia, refers to his daughter Elizabeth Ramsey and her children, and to her children by a previous marriage, Richard and John Doggett. No mention is made of the three daughters. At the date of Richard Eubank's will Elizabeth was living in Lincoln County, Georgia. No examination of Lincoln County records has been made by the writer to see if additional information pertinent is contained therein.

122:21 NANCY DOGGETT; b. 1804, Columbia Co., GA; d. Columbia Co., GA; m. 1830, Columbia Co., GA, (Marr. Bond, 23 Feb), WATERS ("Watt") DUNN, son of Waters and Ann Dunn, b. abt 1803, GA.No children.

122:22 RICHARD E. DOGGETT, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Eubank) Doggett; b. 25 Oct 1806, Columbia Co., GA; bur. Oak Grove Bapt. Church, DeSoto Co., MS; m(1) 17 Oct 1833, Columbia Co., GA, MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS YARBROUGH, dau. of Bealle and Rebecca B. (Walton) Yarbrough, d. 22 Mar 1854, MS, bur. Oak Grove Bapt. Church; m. 31 Aug 1857, DeSoto Co. MS, MARTHA M. (BALDWIN) HUDDLESTON, b. abt 1826, AL.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Mary E. T. Yarbrough)
122:221		Asa B.		b. 1834		m. 1855 Mattie E. Nichols
122:22v		Ann Elizabeth	b. 1837	d. 1843
122:222		Richard E.	b. 1838	d. 1863
122:22w		Arabella B.	b. 1840	d. 1859
122:223		William L. Y.	b. 1845	d. 1878	m. 1872	Jane E. McClanahan
122:224		Elizabeth F.	b. 1848	d. 1890	m. 1865	Alonzo W. Huddleston
122:225		Mary A.		b. 1851		m. 1869	John R. Tatum
122:22x		Naomi		b. 1854
	(children of marriage to Martha M. (Baldwin) Huddleston)
122:22y		(child)			d. inf.
122:22z		Lillian		b. 1859	d. 1883
122:226		Lora Lee	b. 1862		m. 1888	G. R. Keesee
122:227		Lena Eubank	b. 1865
122:228		John Leonard	b. 1872

For details and descendants, see separate page.

122:23 ELIZA FRANCES DOGGETT, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth (Eubank) Doggett; b. 1808, Columbia Co., GA; d. TX; m. 1 Mar 1828, Harris Co., GA, JOSEPH COTTON RAWL(E)S. 9 or 10 children. Resided Huntsville, TX.
Children (Rawls or Rawles):

122:231		Annie Elizabeth	b. 1829	d. 1914	m. 1847	William Hodges Barnes
		John D.		b. 1834
		Celestia	b. 1842
		Celeta		b. 1844

For details and descendants, see separate page.

122:24 JOHN W. DOGGETT, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Eubank) Doggett; b. 1810, Columbia Co., GA; d. 1853, Macon Co., AL; m. 1 Mar 1838, Harris Co., GA, MARY ANN LYON, d. 1858, Macon Co., AL.
Children (Doggett):

122:241		Asa Edmund	b. 1838		m. 1866	Sarah Frances Clement
122:242		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1840		m.	Levi L. Kirk
122:243		Ann Eliza	b. 1842		m. 1857	John Neal
122:24x		Sarah Esther	b. 1844	d.y.
122:244		Naomi Frances	b. 1846		m. 1861	James Hopson
122:245		Eugenia
		 Fredonia	b. 1847		m. 1866	Washington Wallis
122:246		John R.		b. 1849		m.	Frances Patton
122:247		George W.	b. 1852		m. 1877	California Hickman

For details and descendants, see separate page.

122:25 NAOMI P. DOGGETT, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth (Eubank) Doggett; b. 22 Jan 1813, Columbia Co., GA; d. 29 Mar 1866, Columbia Co., GA; m. abt 1829, Columbia Co., GA, (Marr. Bond, 10 Dec 1829), JOSEPH ABRAHAM MARSHALL, b. 27 Jun 1809, d. 8 Jul 1888, Columbia Co., GA. Resided Columbia Co., GA.
Children (Marshall):

122:251		Jabez Pleiades	b. 1832	d. 1911	m. 1866	Ellora Hope Reese
122:252		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1837	d. 1928	m. 1855	Cephas Peter Knox
						m.	Lucius Franklin Kendrick
122:253		Joseph Hartwell	b. 1840
125:254		Ann Naomi	b. 1843	d. 1896	m. 	Hopkins C. Howell
125:255		Eliza		b. 1849
125:256 	Sarah A.	b. 1852
125:257 	John Richard	b. 1855	d. 1935	m.	Elizabeth Gray
125:258		Fannie		b. 1860

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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