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122 JOHN DOGGETT, son of John and Mary Doggett; b. abt 1732, Northumberland Co., VA; d. 1804, Columbia Co., GA; m. abt 1766, ANNE GARNER, b. abt 1742, Northumberland Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

122:1		Mary		b. 1768		m. 1785	Cleophas Lamkin
122:2		Asa		b. 1770	d. 1814	m. 1803	Elizabeth Eubank
122:3		Jesse
122:4		Williamson
122:5		John			d. 1813
122:6		Garner		b. 1781	d. 1835	m. 1805	Tabitha Norment
						m. 1835	Frances Harper
122:7		Rebecca				m.	John Dixon
122:8		Reuben		b. 1784		m. 1812	Betsy Lamkin
						m.	Catherine
122:9		Hannah			d. 1825	m. 1802	Charles Clayton
122:A		Orpha				m.	Herbert Avary
122:B		Ann				m.	Samson Lamkin
John Doggett, the eldest son of John and Mary Doggett of Northumberland County, Virginia, was born in about the year 1732, as he was under guardianship in Northumberland County in 1753, but was of legal age when his father's estate was divided in 1755. His mother, Mary, had remarried before 1753 to James Garner. In 1763, John Doggett purchased land in Mecklenburg County in southern Virginia, and moved to that county. It is not clear when or where John and Anne Garner were married, but they were certainly married when John's mother Mary made a codicil to her will in late 1766 or early 1767, as Anne is bequeathed Mary's saddle and bonnet in the codicil, recorded 12 January 1767. Anne Garner was the daughter of James Garner, the second husband of Mary, and therefore was John's step-sister. It is most probable that John returned to Northumberland County to marry Anne and that they soon thereafter moved to Mecklenburg County where John had established a homestead. John's brother Benjamin and several members of the Garner family, including Anne's brother, James, Jr., followed John and took up residence in Mecklenburg County or adjoining Lunenburg County. In 1790, John sold his plantation in Virginia and moved, with his wife and large family, to Columbia County, Georgia, where he died in 1804. In his will, dated 22 May 1804, and recorded in Columbia County records on 18 Jun 1804, his wife and nine surviving children are named, together with his deceased daughter Mary Lamkin. The only child listed above not mentioned in John's will is Williamson, who apparently died young. His inclusion is based on family information furnished to Samuel Bradlee Doggett in 1883 by descendants of John. The exact ages and order of birth of the children is uncertain. John was too old to perform active service in the Revolution, but he apparently furnished supplies to the Army, as Public Service Claims filed by him are of record in the Virginia Archives. These claims have not been examined by the writer. His sons were too young to have served in the Revolutionary Army.

122:1 MARY DOGGETT; b. abt 1768, VA; d. bef 1804; m. abt 1785, Mecklenburg Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 19 Dec 1785), CLEOPHAS LAMKIN, son of James and Winifred Lamkin.
122:3 JESSE DOGGETT; d. Columbia Co., GA.
122:5 JOHN DOGGETT; d. 1813, Jasper Co., GA.

The loose will of John Doggett, dated 1813, recorded in Jasper County records, is preserved in the Georgia Dept. of Archives and History. John was a Corporal in the Rangers, U. S. Volunteers, in the War of 1812. No specific information about this unit, or John's service is known to the writer. John's brother, Asa, served as a Private in the same unit, and John's will names Asa's heirs as beneficiaries. John and Asa both died during the time of the War of 1812, but whether their deaths were war-related is unknown.

122:2 ASA DOGGETT, son of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; b. 1770, VA; d. 1814, Columbia Co., GA; m. 1803, Columbia Co., GA (Marr. Bond, 3 Nov), ELIZABETH EUBANK, dau. of Richard Eubank. Elizabeth m(2) Mr. Ramsey.
Children (Doggett):

122:21		Nancy		b. 1804		m. 1830	Waters Dunn
122:22		Richard E.	b. 1806		m. 1833	Mary Elizabeth Thomas Yarbrough
						m. 1857	Martha M. (Baldwin) Huddleston
122:23		Eliza Frances	b. 1808		m. 1838	J. Cotton Rawls
122:24		John W.		b. 1810	d. 1853	m. 1838	Mary Ann Lyon
122:25		Naomi		b. 1813	d, 1866	m. 1827	Joseph A. Marshall

For details and descendants, see separate page.

122:6 GARNER DOGGETT, son of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; b. abt 1781; d. 22 Dec 1835; m(1) 1805, Columbia Co., GA (Marr. Bond, 6 Dec), TABITHA NORMENT, b. 1790, MS, d. Jasper Co., GA; m(2) 4 Jun 1835, Jasper Co., GA, FRANCES HARPER. dau. of George and Lydia Jane (Saxon) Harper, b. 3 Nov 1801, d. 13 May 1857, bur. Slaughter's Cem., Camp Hill, AL.
Children (Doggett):

122:61		John
122:62		Matilda				m. 1834	Zachariah Roe
122:6x		(son)
122:63		Jesse		b. 1822	d. 1898	m. 1846	Catherine Smith
						m. 1851	Sarah J. Finney
						m. 1853	Mary J. Card
122:64		Mary Ann			m. 1844	Winston Gordon
122:65		Elizabeth			m. 1846	Thomas A. Gordon
122:66		Nancy G.

For details and descendants, see separate page.

122:7 REBECCA DOGGETT, b. abt. 1771, Mecklenburg Co., VA; d. abt. 1835, Jasper Co., GA; m. abt. 1791, JOHN HENRY DIXON, son of William and Elizabeth (Garnett) Dixon
Children (Dixon):

122:71		Henry
122:71		Jenny

122:8 REUBEN DOGGETT, son of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; b. abt 1784; d. Wilkes Co., GA; m(1) prob. 1812, Richmond Co., GA (Marr. Bond, 24 Dec 1812), BETSY LAMKIN; perhaps m(2) CATHERINE (surname unknown). Catherine m. 6 Nov 1820, Wilkes Co., GA, Benjamin Paul.
Children (Doggett):

122:81		Mary Marcier
	 	 Williamson			m. 1834	Ezekiel P. Willis


122:9 HANNAH DOGGETT, dau. of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; prob. b. Mecklenburg Co., VA; d. 1825, Columbia Co., GA; m. 1802, Columbia Co., GA (Marr. Bond, 19 Dec), CHARLES CLAYTON, d. 1812, Columbia Co., GA.
Children (Clayton):

122:91		Nancy
122:92		Eliza
122:93		Mary Ann

122:A ORPHA DOGGETT, dau. of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; d. Jasper Co., GA; m. HERBERT AVARY, son of John and Phebe Avary, b. abt. 1767, Amelia Co., VA, d. 1826, Jasper Co., GA
Children (Avary):

122:A1		James C.
122:A2		Phebe
122:A3		Asa G.				m. 1838	Catherine B. Watson
						m. 1840	Mary Ann Chappler
122:A4		William				m.	Nancy

122:A3 ASA G. AVARY; b. Jasper Co., GA; m. 23 Oct 1838, Morgan Co., GA, CATHERINE B. WATSON; m(2) 20 Jan 1840, Columbia Co., GA, MARY ANN CHAPPLER.

122:A4 WILLIAM AVARY, son of Herbert and Orpha (Doggett) Avary; m. NANCY (surname unknown).
Children (Avary):

122:A41		Ann W.				m. 1845	William D. Redding

122:A41 ANN W. AVARY; m. 25 Sep 1845, Monroe Co., GA, WILLIAM D. REDDING.

122:B ANN DOGGETT, dau. of John and Anne (Garner) Doggett; m. SAMSON LAMKIN, son of James and Winifred Lamkin, b. 22 Mar 1749, Northumberland Co., VA, d. 3 Oct 1828, Richmond Co., VA.
Children (Lamkin):

122:B1 		Winifred
122:B2 		Sampson W.
122:B3 		Jincy
122:B4 		James W.
122:B5 		Charlotte
122:B6 		William 	b. 1778 	m. 	Keziah Hart Snead

122:B6 WILLIAM LAMKIN, son of Samson and Ann (Doggett) Lamkin; b. 6 Apr 1778, Dooly Co., GA; d. Tylertown, Pike (now Walthall) Co., MS; m. KEZIAH HART SNEAD, dau. of John and Mary (Gooch) Snead, b. 24 Mar 1782, d. 1817.
Children (Lamkin):

122:B61 	Sampson Lewis 	b. 1802 d. 1875 m. 1828 Narcissa Sessions
122:B62 	John Tillman 	b. 1811 d. 1870 m. 1835 Thurza Ann Kilgore
122:B63 	Jeremiah 	b. 1817 d. 1849

122: B63 JEREMIAH LAMKIN; b. 17 Jul 1817; d. 24 Dec 1849.

122:B61 SAMPSON LEWIS LAMKIN; b. 27 Nov 1802, Harrisburg, GA; d. 1875; m. 19 Aug 1828, Dooly Co., GA, NARCISSA SESSIONS, b. abt 1811, GA.
Children (Lamkin):

122:B61:1	Elizabeth	b. 1834
122:B61:2	Mary		b. 1838
122:B61:3	William J.	b. 1840
122:B61:4	Samuel R.	b. 1842
122:B61:5	Abner L.	b. 1843
122:B61:6	Tilman S.	b. 1846
122:B61:7	Walter F.	b. 1848		m.	Elizabeth
122:B61:8	Ann		b. 1852		m.	Benjamin Hood Moak
122:B61:9	Susan Alice	b. 1854

122:B61:7 WALTER F. LAMKIN; b. abt 1848, MS; m. ELIZABETH (surname unknown), b. abt 1848, MS.

122:B62 JOHN TILLMAN LAMKIN, son of William and Keziah Hart (Snead) Lamkin; b. 17 Jul 1811, Augusta, GA; d. 19 May 1870, MS; m. 1835, GA, THURZA ANN KILGORE.
Children (Lamkin):

122:B62:1 	William J. 	b. 1843 	m. 1867 Mary A. Conerly
122:B62:2 	Fannie A. 	b. 1845 d. 1915 m. 	Alfred A. Boyd
122:B62:3 	Charles Adams 	b. 1846 d. 1915 	m. 1868 Margaret Elizabeth Martin
122:B62:x 	(dau.) 		b. 1847 d. 1847
122:B62:4 	James C. 	b. 1848 d. 1895 m. 1873 Kaloolah Hurst
122:B62:5 	John A. 	b. 1850 d. 1927 m. 	Annie E. Whittaker
122:B62:6 	C. Augustus 	b. 1851 d. 1909 m. 	Alfred A. Boyd
122:B62:y 	Mary Eliza 	b. 1852 d. 1853
122:B62:z 	Larza Lavena 	b. 1854 d. 1866

122:B62:1 WILLIAM J. LAMKIN; b. 24 Nov 1843, MS; m. 11 Nov 1867, MARY A. CONERLY.
122:B62:2 FANNIE A. LAMKIN; 22 Apr 1845; d. 19 Oct 1915, ALFRED A. BOYD.
122:B62:3 CHARLES ADAMS LAMKIN; b. b. 4 Nov 1846, MS; d. 9 Aug 1915, Cleburne, TX; m. 10 Dec 1868, MS, MARGARET ELIZABETH MARTIN.
122:B62:x (dau.) LAMKIN; b. 22 Dec 1847; d. 24 Dec 1847.
122:B62:5 JAMES C. LAMKIN; b. 22 Nov 1848, MSd; d. 16 Oct 18985, Summit, MSd; m. 1873, KALOOLAH HURST.
122:B62:6 JOHN A. LAMKIN; b. 24 Dec 1850; d. 9 Sep 1927; m. ANNIE E. WHITTAKER.
122:B62:7 C. AUGUSTUS LAMKIN; b. 1851; d. 18 May 1909; m. ALFRED A. BOYD.
122:B62:y MARY ELIZA LAMKIN; b. 1 May 1852; d. 5 Aug 1853.
122:B62:z LARZA LAVENA LAMKIN; b. 6 Nov 1854; d. 26 Mar 1866.

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