(Benjamin, Rev. Benjamin)

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016 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Betty Doggett; d. 13 Mar 1750/1, Northumberland Co., VA. Wife's name unknown.
Children (Doggett):

161		Sarah		b. 1722
162		Ann		b. 1725		m.	Mr. Whelen
163		Benjamin
164		Hannah				m.	Mr. Coles
165		John		b. 1734

161 SARAH DOGGETT; b. 20 Jan 1722, Northumberland Co., VA
162 ANN DOGGETT; b. 21 Mar 1725, Northumberland Co., VA.
165 JOHN DOGGETT; b. 21 Aug 1734, Northumberland Co., VA.

This information is somewhat speculative. It is based on two sources. First, the nuncupative will of William, recorded in Northumberland County, Virginia, records, and second, Northumberland County Record of Births.
The Record of Births (transcribed in Fleet, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, v. 3) lists births of Sarah, Ann and John Doged. The will of William (surname spelled "Doged" in the records) refers to his daughters Ann Whelen and Hannah Coles and his son Benjamin Doged, and also refers to "all the rest of my children." The dates, geographical location, and spelling of the surname makes it probable that the same person is referred to in both documents, and that William is the son of Benjamin (2). Absolute proof has not been found, however.
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