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The data in this page has been extracted primarily from published public records, including Highland County, Ohio, records published by McBride; Rush County, Indiana, marriage records, and other Indiana marriage records; Wayne County, Indiana, cemetery records; the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, and relevant census schedules. Much of the information abut the persons adopting the "Daggett" surname spelling was supplied to me by the late George and Sydney Daggett, who transcribed a great many Wayne County, Indiana, records at the courthouse, in their search for descendants of the New England Daggetts.

18A:2 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of James and Ann (Brown) Doggett; b. abt 1796, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 30 Nov 1877, Rushville, Rush Co., IN; m. 15 Apr 1816, Culpeper Co., VA, ELIZA MILLER, b. abt. 1797.
Children (Doggett):

18A:21		Joseph		b. 1825
18A:22		Martha		b. 1829	 	m.	Richard Poundstone
18A:23		Caroline	b. 1839
18A:24		William Preston	b. 1843	d. 1916	m. 1866	Laura E. King
						m. 1867	Ann E. Watkins
						m. 1878	Margaret
						m. 1884	Mary E. Cloud
						m. 1885	Sarah C. (Johnson) Tilton
		(other children)
William Doggett, the second child of James and Ann Doggett of Culpeper County, Virginia. Along with his brothers George and Armstead, he moved to Highland County, Ohio, in the 1820's, where he carried on the trade of cooper and also operated an inn or hotel. Unlike his brothers, however, he did not remain in Highland County, but moved westward to Butler and Preble Counties, and finally settled in Rush County, Indiana, where he continued his cooper's trade and also engaged in the grocery business. As a young man, he, like his two brothers, served on two occasions in the Virginia militia in the War of 1812. William and Eliza had children in addition to the four listed above, but their identities have not come to the writer's attention.

18A:23 CAROLINE DoGGETT; b. abt 1830, OH. Unmarried.

18A:22 MARTHA DOGGETT, dau. of William and Eliza (Miller) Doggett; b. abt 1829, OH; m. 19 Jun 1851, Rush Co., IN, RICHARD POUNDSTONE, b. abt 1815, PA.
Children (Poundstone) (all b. IN):

18A:221		Eliza A.	b. 1851
18A:22x		Mary		b. 1853
18A:222		Joseph D.	b. 1855		m. 1880	Lillie R.
18A:223		Marcus		b. 1857
18A:224		Nellie		b. 1862

18A:222 JOSEPH D. POUNDSTONE, son of Richard and Martha (Doggett) Poundstone; b. Sep 1855, IN; m. abt 1880, LILLIE R. (surname unknown), b. Dec 1860, OH.
Children (Poundstone):

18A:222:1	Fanna 		b. 1882
18A:222:2	Mora		b. 1884

18A:222:1 FANNA POUNDSTONE; b. Mar 1882, IL.
18A:222:2 MORA POUNDSTONE; b. Jun 1884, IL.

18A:24 WILLIAM PRESTON DAGGETT (changed name from "Doggett"), son of William and Eliza (Miller) Doggett; b. 23 May 1843, OH; d. 16 Feb 1916, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., IN; prob. m(1) 11 Jun 1866, Rush Co., IN, LAURA E. KING; prob. m(2) 15 Jan 1867, Rush Co., IN, ANN E. WATKINS; m(3) 28 May 1875, Shelby Co., IN, MARGARET HARDMAN, b. abt 1841, IN; m(4) 17 May 1884, Wayne Co., IN, MARY E. CLOUD, dau. of Joseph and Benora (Edgerton) Cloud; b. 25 Dec 1850, Wayne Co., IN; m(5) 24 Dec 1885, Mrs. SARAH C. (Johnson) TILTON, b. 1841, d. 1906.
Children (Daggett):

	(children of marriage to Margaret)
18A:241		Loretta C.
		  (adopted)	b. 1877
	(children of marriage to Mary E. Cloud)
18A:242		Earl P.		b. 1885	d. 1958	m. 	Catherine Helton

18A:231 LORETTA C. DAGGETT; b. Jan 1877. Adopted 5 May 1877, birth name Ida May Langert.

18A:242 EARL P. DAGGETT, son of William Preston and Mary E. (Cloud) Daggett; b. 6 Apr 1885, Greensfork, Wayne Co., IN; d. 8 Oct 1958, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN; bur. West Grove Cem., Centerville, IN; m. CATHERINE HELTON, dau. of George and Louise (Todd) Helton, b. 17 Jun 1882, Little Rock, AR, d. 19 May 1967, bur. West Grove Cem.
Children (Daggett):

18A:242:1	Elnora		b. 1908	d. 1949	unm.
18A:242:2	Byron Emerson	b. 1912	d. 1950	unm.
18A:242:3	Helen Elizabeth	b. 1914	m.	Osborne Edwards
18A:242:4	Wilbur Riley	b. 1916	m.	Mildred Weist
18A:242:x	Ruth Louise	b. 1918	d. 1918

18A:242:1 ELNORA DAGGETT; b. 3 Feb 1908, Wayne Co., IN; d. 1940, bur. West Grove Cem., Centerville, IN. Unmarried.
18A:242:2 BYRON EMERSON DAGGETT; b. 26 May 1912, Wayne Co., IN; d. 1950; bur. West Grove Cem., Centerville, IN.Unmarried.
18A:242:3 HELEN ELIZABETH DAGGETT; b. 6 Feb 1914, Wayne Co., IN; m. OSBORNE EDWARDS.
18A:242:x RUTH LOUISE DAGGETT; b. 27 May 1918, Wayne Co., IN; d. 25 Oct 1918, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN.

18A:242:4 WILBUR RILEY DAGGETT, son of Earl P. and Catherine (Holton) Daggett; b. 29 Jun 1916, Wayne Co., IN; m. MILDRED WEIST.
Children (Daggett):

18A:242:41	Donna		b. 1941

18A:242:41 DONNA DAGGETT; b. 6 Sep 1941.

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