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The primary sources used for this page were Hostetler, Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett (1916), and Oeser, Paternal and Maternal Lineage of Patsy Ruth Oeser. Also used were data submitted by Bruce Vance and published in a database by Michelle Smith in RootsWeb's WorldConnect. Public records used include:California and Texas Death Records; World War I Draft Registrations; Social Security Death Index., and relevant census records from 1850 to 1930. Also used were published cemetery inscriptions in Montgomery Co., IA, Fort Bliss National Cemetery, and Highland County, Ohio, as well as public records of Highland County, Ohio, published by McBride.

18A:34 JOHN ALLISON DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 28 Mar 1825, Hillsboro, OH; d. 15 May 1871, Highland Co., OH; bur. Prospect Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. 9 Oct 1847, Highland Co., OH, SARAH JANE CREED, b. 6 Sep 1826, OH, d. 15 Dec 1905, bur. Villisca Cem., Villisca, Montgomery Co, IA.
Children (Doggett):

18A:341		Mary Susan	b. 1848	d. 1942	m. 1875	Thomas J. Moore
18A:342		Garland
		  Thompson	b. 1851	d. 1918	m. 1872	Irene Stewart
18A:343		Nelson Barriere	b. 1853		m. 1912	Mrs Maude (Zirkel) Doggett
18A:344		Sarah Jane	b. 1855		m. 1883	Stephen Augustus Brown
18A:345		Emma Katherine	b. 1857	d. 1878
18A:346		Armstead
		  Allison	b. 1859	d. 1928	m. 1899	Laura M. Trout
18A:347		George
		  Washington	b. 1861	d. 1915
18A:348		John Creed	b. 1863		m. 1900	Villa Wedlock
18A:349		James William	b. 1865	d. 1899	m. 1892	Elizabeth Marks
18A:34A		Rachel Alice	b. 1868	d. 1900
18A:34B		Marshall
		  Claiborne	b. 1870	d. 1911	m. 1894	Nora Alice Miller
						m. 1907	Mrs. Maude Zirkel

18A:345 EMMA KATHERINE DOGGETT; b. 28 Aug 1857, Highland Co., OH; d. 4 Jun [ 5 Jul ?] 1878; bur. Villisca Cem., Villisca, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:347 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT; b. 11 Sep 1861, Highland Co., OH; d. 28 Apr 1915.
18A:349 JAMES WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 16 Dec 1865, Highland Co., OH; d. 27 Feb 1899; m. 24 Dec 1892, ELIZABETH MARKS, b. PA. No children.
18A:34A RACHEL ALICE DOGGETT; b. 9 Aug 1868, Highland Co., OH; d. 13 Apr 1900.

18A:341 MARY SUSAN DOGGETT; b. 9 Dec 1848, Highland Co., OH; d. abt 1941; m. 25 Nov 1875, THOMAS J. MOORE, d. 11 Aug 1885.
Children (Moore):

18A:341:1	Lula Edith	b. 1877		m. 1895	George Egelhoff
18A:341:x	Clarence
		  Gilland	b. 1878	d. 1879
18A:341:2	Ivah June	b. 1880		m. 1903	Roberte Emil Burke
18A:341:3	Maggie May	b. 1882	d. 1905	m. 1904	Edward M. Nebergall

18A:341:x CLARENCE GILLAND MOORE; b. 8 Jan 1878, Page Co., IA; d. 20 Feb 1879; bur. Villisca Cem., Villisca, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:341:3 MAGGIE MAY MOORE; b. 29 Aug 1882, Page Co., IA; d. 5 Mar 1905; m. 17 Jan 1904, EDWARD M. NEBERGALL.

18A:341:1 LULA EDITH MOORE, dau. of Thomas J. and Mary Susan (Doggett) Moore; b. 14 Mar 1877, Page Co., IA; d. Sep 1973; m. 6 Mar 1895, GEORGE EGELHOFF, d. 28 Sep 1906.
Children (Egelhoff):

18A:341:11	Jessie Moore	b. 1898

18A:341:11 JESSIE MOORE EGELHOFF; b. 1 My 1898, Polk Co., NE.

18A:341:2 IVAH JUNE MOORE, dau. of Thomas J. and Mary Susan (Doggett) Moore; b. 22 Jun 1880, Page Co., IA; m. 21 Jan 1903, ROBERT EMIL BURKE.
Children (Burke):

18A:341:21	Nina Roberta	b. 1904
18A:341:22	George Thomas	b. 1905		m.	Evelyn Minerva Wallwey
18A:341:23	Carol Margaret	b. 1907		m. 1930	Walter J. Nelson
18A:341:24	Mary Gertrude	b. 1910		m.	Earnest Salchow
18A:341:2x	Esther May	b. 1915	d. 1915
18A:341:25	Clara June	b. 1916		m.	Kenneth Milburn Johnson

18A:341:21 NINA ROBERTA BURKE; b. 6 Jun 1904, Polk Co., NE.
18A:341:22 GEORGE THOMAS BURKE; b. 20 Oct 1905, Polk Co., NE; d. 29 Apr 1988. Resided Central City, NE; m. EVELYN MINERVA WALLWEY.

18A:341:23 CAROL MARGARET BURKE; b. 23 Aug 1907, Polk Co., NE; d. Grand island, Hall Co., NE; m. WALTER J. NELSON.
18A:341:24 MARY GERTRUDE BURKE; b. 23 Mar 1910, Polk Co., NE.

18A:341:25 CLARA JUNE BURKE; m. KENNETH MILBURN JOHNSON, son of Harry Alvin andf Essie Mabel (Jones) Johnson, b. 13 Aug 1914, Marquette, Hamilton Co., NE, d. 4 Aug 1961, Marquette, Hamilton Co., NE.
Children (Johnson):

18A:341:251	(dau)				m. 	Alton Frederick Jensen
18A:341:252	(child)
18A:341:253	(dau)				m.	Allen Francis Jensen

18A:341:251 (dau) JOHNSON; m. ALTON FREDERICK JENSEN, son of William Oscar and Valborg Hansine (Pedersen) Jensen, b. 22 Dec 1933, Sioux City, IA, d. 12 May 2001, Ryer Island, Solano Co., CA. 7 ch.
18A341:253 (dau) JOHNSON; m. ALLEN FRANCES JENSEN, son of William Oscar and Valborg Hansine (Pedersen) Jensen, b. 22 Dec 1933, Sioux City, IA, d. Aug 1989, Grand Island, Hall Co., NE. 3 ch.

18A:342 GARLAND THOMPSON DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 23 Jan 1851, Highland Co., OH; d. 1918; bur. Memorial Cem., Douglas, Montgomery Co., IA; m. 24 Sep 1872, Rush Co., IN, IRENE STEWART, b. Apr 1852 or 1853, IN; d. 1922, bur. Memorial Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:342:1	George Hays	b. 1875
18A:342:2	Margaret	b. 1880
18A:342:3	Dale		b. 1883	
18A:342:4	Ole Armstead	b. 1885	d. 1963
18A:342:5	Cora Alice	b. 1887
18A:342:6	Dorothy		b. 1891
18A:342:7	Delpha		b. 1893

18A:342:1 GEORGE DOGGETT; b. July 1876, IA.
18A:342:2 MARGARET DOGGETT; b. June 1879, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:342:3 DALE DOGGETT; b. Oct 1882, Montgomery Co., IA.

18A:342:5 CORA ALICE DOGGETT; b. Jun 1887, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:342:6 DOROTHY ("Dede") DOGGETT; b. Jan 1891, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:342:7 DELPHA DOGGETT; b. Jun 1893, Montgomery Co., IA.

18A:342:4 OLE ARMSTEAD DOGGETT; b. Jul 1885, Montgomery Co., IA; d. Mar 1963; m. E. JANE (surname unknown), b. abt 1883.
Children (Doggett):

18A:342:41	Mary I.		b. 1914
18A:342:42	Leroy J.	b. 1918	d. 1995
18A:342:43	Marion		b. 1920
18A:342:44	Clair D.	b. 1922

18A:342:42 LEROY J. DOGGETT; b. 16 Aug 1918; d. 6 Jul 1995.

18A:343 NELSON BARRIERE DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 30 Aug 1853, Highland Co., OH; m. 7 Jan 1912, Mrs. NELLIE MAUDE (?-ZIRKEL) DOGGETT, (birth surname uknown), widow of brother Marshall Claibourne Doggett.
Children (Doggett):

18A:343:1	Mary Catherine	b. 1912
18A:343:x	Homer Nelson	b. 1913	d. 1914
18A:343:2	Iva T.		b. 1917

18A:343:1 MARY CATHERINE DOGGETT; b. 14 Oct 1912, Polk Co., NE.
18A:343:x HOMER NELSON DOGGETT; b. 20 Oct 1913, Polk Co., NE; d . 16 Sep 1914.

18A:344 SARAH JANE DOGGETT, dau. of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 8 Apr 1855, Highland Co., OH; d. 7 Dec 1896, York, NE; bur. Bethel Cem., York, NE; m. 28 Aug 1883, STEPHEN AUGUSTUS BROWN, d. 12 Jan 1886.
Children (Brown):

18A:344:x	Mabel Helen	b. 1884	d. 1885
18A:344:1	Mary Augusta	b. 1886

18A:344:x MABEL HELEN BROWN; b. Aug 1884, Fremont, NE; d. Mar 1885.
18A:344:1 MARY AUGUSTA BROWN; b. 12 Feb 1886, Fremont, NE.

18A:346 ARMSTEAD ALLISON DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 21 Aug 1859, Highland Co., OH; d. 1928; bur. Villisca Cem., Villisca, Montgomery Co, IA; m. 1899, LAURA M. TROUT, b. Apr 1868, OH.
Children (Doggett):

18A:346:1	Lillian Alice	b. 1900
18A:346:2	Erma F.		b. 1903
18A:346:3	Donald Trout	b. 1906 d. 1996	m. 	Connie

18A:346:1 LILLIAN ALICE DOGGETT; b. abt. 1900, Ida Co., IA.
18A:346:2 ERMA F. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1903, Montgomery Co., IA.
18A:346:3 DONALD TROUT DOGGETT; b. 20 Jul 1906, Montgomery Co., IA; d. 7 Jan 1996, Taylor Co., TX; m. CONNIE JONES, d. Jan 1999.

18A:348 JOHN CREED DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 10 Nov 1863, Highland Co., OH; m. 28 Oct 1900, VILLA WEDLOCK, b. abt. 1869, NY.
Children (Doggett):

18A:348:1	Wayne		b. 1904
18A:348:2	Eldridge	b. 1906	d. 1954
18A:348:3	Douglas Jay	b. 1909		m. 1938	Jeanette R. Hoyt
18A:348:4	Leland Keith	b. 1914	d. 1967

18A:348:1 WAYNE DOGGETT; b. 1904, Cherokee Co., IA.
18A:348:2 ELDRIDGE DOGGET; b. 1906, Cherokee Co., IA; d. 9 May 1954; bur. Ft. Bliss Natl. Cem., El Paso, TX. Major, US Army.
18A:348:4 LELAND KEITH DOGGETT; b. 15 Aug 1914, Minnehaha Co., SD; d. 21 Jul 1967, Harris Co., TX.

18A:348:3 DOUGLAS JAY DOGGETT, son of John Creed and Villa (Wedlock) Doggett; b. 19 Aug 1910, Cherokee Co., IA; m. 28 Sep 1938, JEANETTE R. HOYT. Resided Hartford, SD.
Children (Doggett):

18A:348:31	Sherwood Leroy			m.	Delores
18A:348:32	Bruce Claiborne

18A:34B MARSHALL CLAIBORNE DOGGETT, son of John Allison and Sarah Jane (Creed) Doggett; b. 17 Dec 1870, Highland Co., OH; d. 4 Apr 1911, Polk Co., NE; m(1) 26 Sep 1894, NORA ALICE MILLER, dau. of William and Barbara (Traub) Miller, b. Apr 1876, Polk Co., NE, d. 18 Jul 1906, bur. Bethel Cem., Polk Co., NE; m(2) 7 Aug 1907, MRS. MAUDE ZIRKEL.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Nora Alice Miller)
18A:34B:1	Paul Elton	b. 1896
18A:34B:x	Edwin Estel	b. 1898
18A:34B:2	Mildred Imo	b. 1900	d. 1941	m. 1920	Clifton L. J. Hawley
18A:34B:3	Neola May	b. 1902		m. 1931	Russell K. Bailey
18A:34B:4	Floyd Wayne	b. 1903
	(Children of marriage to Mrs. Maude Zirkel)
18A:34B:5	Channing
		 Claiborne	 b. 1908.

18A:34B:1 PAUL ELTON DOGGETT; b. 26 Jan 1896, Polk Co., NE; d. 19 Jun 1933, Hastings, NE; bur. Bethel Cem., Polk Co., NE.
18A:34B:x EDWIN ESTEL DOGGETT; b. 20 Apr 1898, Polk Co., NE; d. 20 Apr 1898, Polk Co., NE.
18A:34B:4 FLOYD WAYNE DOGGETT; b. 29 Dec 1903, Polk Co., NE; d. Jul 1972, FL (resided Huron, SD).
18A:34B:5 CHANNING CLAIBORNE DOGGETT; b. 6 Nov 1908, Polk Co., NE; d. in 1930's in State Hospital in North Carolina.

18A:34B:2 MILDRED IMO DOGGETT, dau. of Marshall Claiborne and Nora Alice (Miller) Doggett; b. 26 Mar 1900, Polk Co., NE; d. 8 Jun 1941, Camarillo State Hospital, Camarillo, CA; bur. Santa Barbara, CA; m. 7 Apr 1920, York Co., NE, CLIFTON L. J. ("Towser") HAWLEY, son of Charles Wesley and Ollie Evaline (Robertson) Hawley, b. 31 Oct 1892, Gresham, York Co., NE, d. 17 Nov 1873, San Luis Obispo, CA, bur. IOOF Cem., SLO, CA.
Children (Hawley):

18A:34B:21	Boyd Clifton	b. 1922		m. 1945	Nelda Ruth Parker
18A:34B:22	Robert Allen	b. 1928		m. 1953	Barbara Pearl McOsker
18A:34B:23	Patsy Ruth	b. 1933		m. 	Richard Walter Oeser

18A:34B:21 BOYD CLIFTON HAWLEY; b. 10 Dec 1922, Gresham, NE; m. 22 Sep 1945, Compton, CA. NELDA RUTH PARKER, dau. of James Ira and Gladys Lorene (Hall) Parker, b.30 Apr 1927, Springfield, TN.
Children (Hawley):

18A:34B:211	Randy Lee	b. 1947
18A:34B:212	Terry Lynn	b. 1951

18A:34B:21 RANDY LEE HAWLEY; b. 7 May 1947, Lynwood, CA.
18A:34B:22 TERRY LYNN HAWLEY; b. 22 Dec 1951, Compton, CA.

18A:34B:22 ROBERT ALLEN HAWLEY; b. 17 Jul 1928, Gresham, NE, m. 21 Nov 1953, Arroyo Grande, CA, BARBARA PEARL McOSKER, dau. of Walter Lewis and Priscilla Alden (Miller) McOsker.
Children (Hawley):

18A:34B:221	Sherri Lynn	b. 1955		m. 1974	Gery Kescker
						m. 1981	Thomas Edwin Hunt
18A:34B:222	James Allen	b. 1957
18A:34B:223	Laura Kay	b. 1962

18A:34B:222 JAMES ALLEN HAWLEY; b. 7 Aug 1957, Santa Ana, CA.
18A:34B:223 LAURA KAY HAWLEY; b. 25 Jul 1962, Garden Grove, CA.

18A:34B:221 SHERRI LYNN HAWLEY, dau. of Robert Allen and Barbara Pearl (McOsker) Hawley; b. 17 Feb 1955, Compton, CA(1) 7 Sep 1974, Yucaipa, San Bernardino Co., CA, GARY KESCKER (div. 1979); m(2)30 May 1981, Alta Loma, CA; THOMAS EDWIN HUNT, son of Edward Wilton and Cora Ruth (Ricker) Hunt.
Children (Kescker):

18A:34B:2211	Amanda Lynn	b. 1976

Children (Hunt):

18A:34B:2212	Sean Michael	b. 1983

18A:34B:2211 AMANDA LYNN (KESCKER) HUNT; b. 22 Aug 1976, Redlands, San Bernardino Co., CA (adopted by stepfather)
18A:34B:2211 SEAN MICHAEL HUNT; b. 27 Mar 1983, Fontana, CA.

18A:34B:23 PATSY RUTH HAWLEY; dau. of Clifton L. J. and Mildred Imo (Doggett) Hawley;b. 9 Oct 1933, Glendale, CA, m.10 May 1953, Cambria, San Louis Obispo Co., CA, as his secondwife, RICHARD WALTER OESER, son of Richard Oswen and Louise W. (Ficke) Oeser; b. 23Oct 1920, Schenectady, NY. Richard m(1) 10 May 1953 Cambria, San Luis Obispo Co., CA, Evelyn Thompson, of NJ.
Children (Oeser):

18A:34B:231	Jeffrey Richard	b. 1954		m. 1979	Julie Anne Booker
18A:34B:232	Curtis Clifton	b. 1957
18A:34B:233	Susan Jane	b. 1959
18A:34B:234	Karen Louise	b. 1962
18A:34B:235	Kenneth Allen	b. 1968

18A:34B:231 JEFFREY RICHARD OESER; b. 27 Jun 1954, Letterman A. H., San Francisco, CA; m. 21 Jun 1979, La Palma, Orange Co., CA, JULIE ANNE BOOKER.
18A:34B:232 CURTIS CLIFTON OESER; b. 2 Jan 1957, Mitchell A. F. B., NY.
18A:34B:233 SUSAN JANE OESER; b. 4 Apr 1959, Mitchell A. F. B., NY.
18A:34B:234 KAREN LOUISE OESER; b. 3 Jan 1962, Vicenza A. H., Vicenza, Italy.
18A:34B:235 KENNETH ALLEN OESER; b. 25 Feb 1968, Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

18A:34B:3 NEOLA MAY DOGGETT; b. 24 Aug 1902, Polk Co., NE; d. 9 Apr 1969; Phoenix, AZ; bur. Green Acres Mem. Gardens, Scottsdale, AZ; m. 28 Sep 1931, Los Angeles, CA, RUSSELL K. BAILEY, son of Charles Bailey, prob. b. 26 Dec 1900, d. Feb 1985.
Children (Bailey):

18A:34B:31	Arlene Joyce	b. 1933		m. 1954	Jay Dale Richards
18A:34B:32	Norma Ida	b. 1936		m. 1953	Norman Lewis

Neola also had son out of wedlock, Robert, adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Bauer, of Phoenix, AZ.

18A:34B:31 ARLENE JOYCE BAILEY, dau. of Russell K. and Neola May (Doggett) Bailey; b. 14 Jul 1933, Los Angeles, CA; d. Phoenix, AZ; bur. Prescott, AZ; m. 20 Mar 1954, JAY DALE RICHARDS.
Children (Richards):

18A:34B:311	Kathy Ann	b. 1956
18A:34B:312	John Dale	b. 1962

18A:34B:311 KATHY ANN RICHARDS; b. 7 May 1956, Phoenix, AZ.
18A:34B:312 JOHN DALE RICHARDS; b. Jul 1962, Phoenix, AZ.

18A:34B:32 NORMA IDA BAILEY, dau. of Russell Kay and Neola May (Doggett) Bailey; b. 21 May 1936, Los Angeles, CA; . 27 Nov 1953, Phoenix, AZ, NORMAN LEWIS.
Children (Lewis):

18A:34B:321	Norman Lee	b. 1956
18A:34B:322	Natalie Rae	b. 1858

18A:34B:321 NORMAN LEE LEWIS; b. 3 May 1956, Phoenix, AZ.
18A:34B:322 NATALIE RAE LEWIS; b. 8 Mar 1958, Phoenix, AZ.

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