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The primary source of data about Armstead Doggett is Ella Hostetler's 1916 genealogy, Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett. Additional details have bee supplied by Bruce Vance and Susan Marie Kircher. Public data sources used for this page include World War I Draft Registration cards; Illinois death records; Oregon marriage and death records; relevant census returns, and Highland County, Ohio, vital records published by McBride.

18A:3 ARMSTEAD DOGGETT, son of James and Ann (Brown) Doggett; b. abt 1792, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 27 Dec 1847, Highland Co., OH; bur. Hilllsboro Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. 10 Sep 1818, Highland Co., OH, MARY ("Polly") ALLISON, dau. of William Allison, b. abt. 1800, d. 1856, Highland Co., OH, bur. Hillsboro Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:31		James Benjamin	b. 1820		m. 1842	Susan Wright
18A:32		William Presley	b. 1822
18A:33		Cary Armstead 	b. 1823	d. 1887	m. 1847	Elizabeth Gibson Richards
			 			m. 1855	Mary Ellen Huffman
						m. 1866	Sarah Jane Bennett
18A:34		John Allison	b. 1825	d. 1871	m. 1847	Sarah Jane Creed
18A:35		George
		  Washington	b. 1827	d. 1883	m. 1849	Elizabeth West
18A:3x		Martha Ann Ryan		d. 1847
18A:36		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1835	d. 1928	m. 1853	James Sargent
Armstead Doggett was the third child of James and Ann Doggett of Culpeper County Virginia. He moved with his wife and six oldest children to Highland County, Ohio, where he engaged in business as a saddlemaker. Later he opened a tavern, known as the Eagle Hotel, in the Eagle Springs area, and was a highly respected businessman in Hillsborough. As a young man he served on two occasions in the War of 1812 as a member of the Fifth Virginia Militia, attaining the rank of corporal. His grave marker in the Hillsboro Cemetery commemorates his military service.

18A:32 WILLIAM PRESLEY DOGGETT; b. 1821/22, Highland Co., OH.

18A:31 JAMES BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 1819/20, Highland Co., OH; m. 26 Apr 1842, Highland Co., OH, SUSAN M. WRIGHT, dau. of Samuel Wright.
Children (Doggett):

18A:311		Hester Eliza	b. 1843		m.	Mr. Beckner

18A:311 HESTER ELIZA DOGGETT, dau of James Benjamin and Susan M. (Wright) Doggett; b. abt. 1843, OH; m. FRANCIS M. BECKNER, b. abt 1840, KY.
Children (Becker):

18A:311:1	John Carey	b. 1870
18A:311:2	Fannie ?	b. 1874
		4 others, d.y?

18A:311:1 JOHN CAREY BECKNER, son of Francis M. and Hester Eliza (Doggett) Beckner; b. Nov 1870, IN; m. abt 1902, MARY (surname unknown), b. abt 1875, PA.
Children (Beckner):

18A:311:11	John Orth (ad.)	b. 1910

18A:33 CARY ARMSTEAD DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 23 Apr 1823, Highland Co., OH; d. 22 Jun 1887, CO, while on a trip; bur. Fairfield-Hyde Cem., Washington Co., CO; m(1) 24 Nov 1847, Highland Co., OH, ELIZABETH GIBSON RICHARDS, dau. of William and Lucinda (Gibson) Richards, b. 16 Jul 1827, d. 9 Oct 1851, bur. Hillsboro Cem; m(2) 20 Jun 1855, Highland Co., OH, MARY ELLEN HUFFMAN, dau. of Squire and Mary (DeBolt) Huffman, b. 13 Jul 1830, d. 7 Apr 1866, bur. Hillsboro Cem.; m(3) 1 Sep 1866, Highland Co., OH, SARAH JANE BENNETT, dau. of Isaac Bennett, b. 17 May 1843, PA, d. 7 Dec 1896, bur. Bethel Cem., York Co., NE.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Elizabeth Gibson Richards)
18A:331		William Hedrick	b. 1849		m. 1874	Mattie Gratigney
	(children of marriage to Mary Ellen Huffman)
18A:332		Martha Luella
		  ("Ella")	b. 1856		m. 1880	Max A. Hostetler
18A:33x		Charles
		  Brownell	b. 1858	d. 1875
	(children of marriage to Sarah Jane Bennett)
18A:333		Isaac Bennett	b. 1867	d. 1953	m. 1891	Ida M. Marks
18A:334		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1868		m. 1899	U. L. Marsden
18A:335		Maggie Marie	b. 1871		m. 1889	James J. Smeltzer
						m. 1899	John F. Shellhammer
18A:336		James Livy
		 Boyd	 	b. 1873		m. 1901	Alyce Margaret Austin
18A:337		George Grant	b. 1875		m. 1910	Rosetta Alice Podmore
18A:338		John Morris	b. 1877		m. 1904	Dollie Maggie Runyan
18A:339		Cary Estel	b. 1880		m. 1902	Lois Jeanette Moore
18A:33A		Harry Glenn	b. 1882	d. 1973	m.	Vivian
18A:33B		Jennie Grace	b. 1885		m. 1903	M. L. Lambirth
						m. 1907	George Frederick Young

For details and descendants, see separate page.

18A:34 JOHN ALLISON DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 28 Mar 1825, Hillsboro, OH; d. 15 May 1871, Highland Co., OH; bur. Prospect Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. 9 Oct 1847, Highland Co., OH, SARAH JANE CREED, b. 6 Sep 1826, OH, d. 15 Dec 1905, bur. Villisca Cem., Villisca, Montgomery Co, IA.
Children (Doggett):

18A:341		Mary Susan	b. 1848	d. 1942	m. 1875	Thomas J. Moore
18A:342		Garland
		  Thompson	b. 1851	d. 1918	m. 1872	Irene Stewart
18A:343		Nelson Barriere	b. 1853		m. 1912	Nellie Maude (Zirkel) Doggett
18A:344		Sarah Jane	b. 1855		m. 1883	Stephen Augustus Brown
18A:345		Emma Katherine	b. 1857	d. 1878
18A:346		Armstead
		  Allison	b. 1859	d. 1928	m. 1899	Laura M. Trout
18A:347		George
		  Washington	b. 1861	d. 1915
18A:348		John Creed	b. 1863		m. 1900	Villa Wedlock
18A:349		James William	b. 1865	d. 1899	m. 1892	Elizabeth Marks
18A:34A		Rachel Alice	b. 1868	d. 1900
18A:34B		Marshall
		  Claiborne	b. 1870	d. 1911	m. 1894	Nora Alice Miller
						m. 1907	Mrs. Nellie Maude Zirkel

For details and descendants, see separate page.

18A:35 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 26 Mar 1827; d. 8 Jun 1883; bur. Prospect Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. 27 Feb 1849, Highland Co., OH, ELIZABETH WEST, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stultz) West; b. 1 Sep 1830, Highland Co., OH, d. 15 Nov 1918, Gibbon, NE, bur. Riverside Cem., Gibbon, NE,
Children (Doggett):

18A:351		Ann Elizabeth	b. 1850	d. 1888	m. 1871	John Campton
18A:352		Henry C.	b. 1851	d. 1939	unm.
18A:353		Isaac Armstead	b. 1854	d. 1912	m. 1875	Nancy Minerva Holt
18A:354		Mary Lincoln	b. 1856	d. 1939	m. 1880	Carey Vance
18A:355		Clara Fisher	b. 1859		m. 1881	Philip Redken Anderson
18A:356		Elizabeth	b. 1861		m. 1889	Charles L. Southern
18A:357		George
		  Washington	b. 1864		m. 1900	Gertie Bell Warren
18A:358		Martha		b. 1868		m. 1892	Sam Armstrong
						m.	Fred Jenkins
18A:359		Harriet May	b. 1870		m. 1897	Frank S. Lockwood
18A:35A		John Allison	b. 1875	d. 1900

For details and descendants, see separate page.

18A:36 MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau. of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 5 May 1835, Highland Co., OH; d. 30 Jan 1928, Aux Sable Twp., Grundy Co., IL; m. 19 May 1853, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, JAMES SARGENT, b. abt 1828, OH, d. 11 Feb 1911.
Children (Sargent):

18A:361		Maria		b. 1854		m. 1883	Daniel M. Hoyt
18A:362		Florence	b. 1855		m. 1879	D. F. Summers
18A:363		George		b. 1857		m. 1891	Esther Beasley
18A:364		Lucy		b. 1859
18A:365		Albia		b. 1861	d. 1888	m. 1885	George Adams
18A:366		Nora		b. 1863		m. 1888	Edward Beasley
18A:367		Minnie		b. 1865		m. 1913	Frank Parker
18A:368		Hattie D.	b. 1868		m. 1894	Nelson H. Parker
18A:369		Robert		b. 1869	d. 1893
18A:36A		William		b. 1871
18A:36B		Lottie		b. 1873
18A:36x		Katie		b. 1876	d. 1879
18A:36y		James		b. 1878	d. 1880

18A:364 LUCY SARGENT; b. 27 Oct 1859, Grundy Co., IL. Unmarried.
18A:365 ALBIA SARGENT; b. 19 Apr 1861, Grundy Co., IL; d. 11 Jan 1888; m. 7 Nov 1885, GEORGE ADAMS.
18A:367 MINNIE SARGENT; b. 24 Nov 1865, Grundy Co., IL; m. 23 Dec 1913, FRANK PARKER.
; b. 21 Jan 1868, Grundy Co., IL; m(1) unknown; m(2) 25 Oct 1894, NELSON H. PARKER, b. abt 1826, OH.
18A:369 ROBERT SARGENT; b. 6 Oct 1859, Grundy Co., IL; d. 9 Aug 1893.
18A:36A WILLIAM SARGENT; b. 6 Aug 1871, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:36B LOTTIE SARGENT; b. 30 Sep 1873, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:36x KATIE SARGENT; b. 30 Oct 1876, Grundy Co., IL; d. 23 Mar 1879.
18A:36y JAMES SARGENT; b. 27 Dec 1878, Grundy Co., IL; d. 14 Mar 1880.

18A:361 MARIA SARGENT, dau. of James and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Sargent; b. 2 Jul 1854, Grundy Co., IL; m. 1 Nov 1883, DANIEL M. HOYT, d. 28 May 1914.
Children (Hoyt):

18A:361:1	Luella		b. 1886		m. 1907	James Ashton
18A:361:2	John		b. 1889
18A:361:3	Henry		b. 1895

18A:361:2 JOHN HOYT; b. 25 Sep 1889, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:361:2 HENRY HOYT; b. 1895, Grundy Co., IL.

18A:361:1 LUELLA HOYT, dau of Daniel M. and Maria (Sargent) Hoyt; b. 1886, Grundy Co., IL; m. 5 Mar 1907, JAMES ASHTON.
Children (Ashton):

18A:361:1	Ray		b. 1908
18A:361:x	Dorothy		b. 1913	d. 1914

18A:361:11 RAY ASHTON; b. 8 Mar 1908, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:361:1x DOROTHY ASHTON; b. 21 May 1913, Grundy Co., IL; d. 21 Jul 1914.

18A:362 FLORENCE SARGENT, dau. of James and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Sargent; b. 27 Oct 1855, Grundy Co., IL; m. 4 Nov 1879, D. F. SUMMERS.
Children (Summers):

18A:362:1	Kate				m.	Silvester Potter
18A:362:2	Guy

18A:362:1 KATE SUMMERS, dau of D. F. and Florence (Sargent) Summers; m. SILVESTER POTTER.
Children (Potter):

18A:362:11	Treva		b. 1906
18A:362:12	Clifford	b. 190-
18A:362:13	Dorothy		b. 1915

18A:362:11 TREVA POTTER; b. Jun 1906, Sioux City, IA.
18A:362:12 CLIFFORD POTTER; b. Sep 190-, Sioux City, IA.
18A:362:13 DOROTHY POTTER; b. Oct 1915, Sioux City, IA.

18A:363 GEORGE M. SARGENT, son of James and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Sargent; b. 18 Sep 1857, Grundy Co., IL; m. 25 Mar 1891, ESTHER M. BEASLEY.
Children (Sargent):

18A:363:1	Hazel Dorothy	b. 1892		m.	Cecil Simmons
18A:363:2	Ethel		b. 1893
18A:363:3	Gladys Mabel	b. 1898

18A:363:2 ETHEL SARGENT; b. 30 Sep 1893, Salem, OR.
18A:363:3 GLADYS MABEL SARGENT; b. 20 Jul 1898, Salem, OR; M. 24 Oct 1920, Marion Co. OR, (spouse name unknown).

18A:363:1 HAZEL DOROTHY SARGENT, dau. of George and Esther (Beasley) Sargent; b. 23 Feb 1892, Salem, OR; m. abt 1910, CECIL WINFRED SIMMONS, b. 21 Jan 1885.
Children (Simmons) (b. Salem, OR):

18A:363:11	Floyd		b. 1912	d. 1965	m.	Elsie
18A:363:12	Ray		b. 1914
18A:363:13	Bessie		b. 1917
18A:363:14	Lyle Cecil	b. 1919	d. 1992	m.	Anna

18A:363:11 FLOYD SIMMONS; b. abt 1913, OR; d. 23 Oct 1965, Multnomah Co. OR; m. ELSIE (surname unknown).
18A:363:14 LYLE CECIL SIMMONS; b. 9 May 1919, OR; d. 20 Feb 1992, Marion Co., OR; m. ANNA (surname unknown).

18A:366 NORA SARGENT, dau. of James and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Sargent; b. 9 Aug 1863, Ford Co., IL; d. 18 Aug 1946, Morris City, Grundy Co.,, IL; m. 2 Jan 1888, EDWARD BEASLEY, d. 1 Jun 1934, Aux Sable Twp., Grundy Co., IL.
Children (Beasley):

18A:366:1	Russell	R.	b. 1890		m. 1914	Elsie Nielson
18A:366:2	Harry		b. 1892
18A:366:3	Earl		b. 1899
18A:366:4	Mamie		b. 1900
18A:366:5	Laura		b. 1902
18A:366:6	George 		b. 1906

18A:366:2 HARRY BEASLEY; b. 20 May 1892, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:366:3 EARL BEASLEY; b. Apr 1899, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:366:4 MAMIE BEASLEY; b. 21 Dec 1900, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:366:5 LAURA BEASLEY; b. 8 Nov 1902, Grundy Co., IL.
18A:366:6 GEORGE BEASLEY; b. 21 Jul 1906, Grundy Co., IL.

18A:366:1 RUSSELL R. BEASLEY, son of Edward and Nora (Sargent) Beasley; b. 19 Sep 1890, Grundy Co., IL; m. 18 Feb 1914, ELSIE NIELSON, b. abt 1894, IL.
Children (Beasley):

18A:366:11	Harold		b. 1915
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