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300 RICHARD DOGGETT, son of Rev. Benjamin and Mary Doggett; b. Lancaster Co., VA; b. abt. 1672, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1721, Lancaster Co., VA; m. ELIZABETH BUSHROD, dau. of Richard and Apphia (Hughes) Bushrod. Elizabeth m(2) abt 1726, Charles Chilton.
Children (Doggett):

310		George			d. 1759	m.	Ann Chattin
320		Apphia			d. 1789	m.	Robert Boatman
330		Ann
340		Bushrod			d. 1791	m. 1737	Anne Stripling
Richard Doggett was the second surviving son of the Rev. Benjamin Doggett and his wife Jane, and the first of their children born in Virginia. He is believed to have been born about 1672. As the parish register of Christ Church Parish in Lancaster County has been lost, no documentary evidence of his birth date exists. However, Rev. Benjamin, in his will refers to his "2 sons born in Virginia," and his birth does not appear in the register of Hadleigh parish in Suffolk, so we are sure that he was born after his mother came to Virginia to join her husband.

Richard is named in his father's will as devisee of one hundred acres of land, being a part of the 350 acre plantation owned by his father. (See 100 Benjamin Doggett (2) for a discussion of the litigation concerning this property.) As a 150 acre portion containing the improvements was left to his older brother Benjamin, the will provided for "seating" of the property, that is, building a dwelling and other improvements on the property, and for purchase of one or more indentured servants, as his share of the tobacco belonging to the estate would permit, to farm the land. A similar portion of unimproved land was devised to Richard's brother William.

The will further provided that Richard, his brother William, and his sister Anne should live with their older brother Benjamin until they could live on their own, and their is some evidence in court records that Richard was in fact cared for by Benjamin. In February 1687/8, when Richard was about 15 years of age, Benjamin brought a lawsuit in Lancaster County Court against John Boatman, who married Jane Doggett after Rev. Benjamin's death, complaining that Boatman had broken a contract with Richard to pay him one-half of the crops produced by Richard laboring in the fields on Boatman's plantation, for the purpose of providing clothing for Richard's use. The court found that Boatman did in fact owe Richard a share of the corn and tobacco harvested, and ordered that it be delivered by Boatman to Benjamin so that clothing could be provided for Richard.

Sometime in the 1690's, Richard was married to Elizabeth Bushrod, daughter of Richard and Apphia Bushrod. Richard first appears in Lancaster County tax lists in 1702, and it as probable that at least his son George was born by that date. No direct evidence has been found proving that Richars's wife Elizabeth was in fact the daughter of Richard Bushrod, but family genealogists over the years have been in almost universal agreement that this was her identity. This presumption is based on the fact that their younger son was named "Bushrod," a most unusual name which occurs only in descendants of the Bushrod family, and upon a court proceeding recorded in Lancaster County in December 1722. In that case, Thomas Carter, gent., one of the Justices of the Court, testified that "Ann Burn, widow, Elizabeth Doggett, widow, Mary Tayloe, Apphia Dogget, Julian Boyd and George Dogget of this County on the night of the sixteenth day of November last unlawfully assembled & frightned & disturbed divers of his Majesty's good subjects." On 13 Feb 1722/23, each of the defendants was fined five shillings. No other information about this intriguing incident has been brought to light. George Doggett and Apphia Doggett are clearly children of Elizabeth. Again, Apphia is a given name of great rarity at that time and place, and clearly supports the inference that Elizabeth was a daughter of Apphia Bushrod.

Richard died about October 1721, in Lancaster County, Virginia. His will was dated 20 Jun 1721 and was presented in Court on 8 Nov 1721 by the widow, Elizabeth Doggett, and was proved by oath of Hannah Stevens, one of the witnesses. Additional proof was made on 10 Jan 1721/2 by Edwin Conway, the other witness. The will appointed Elizabeth as executor and the court ordered her to produce an inventory of Richard's estate at the next session of the court. An inventory was filed by Elizabeth on 11 Jul 1722.

Some time prior to 8 Mar 1726/7, Elizabeth married Charles Chilton. This fact is established by a suit in Lancaster County Court between Charles Chilton and Elizabeth his wife late widow of Richard Doggett against George Doggett, the successor executor of Richard's will. The case was evidently settled out of court and was dismissed on 12 Aug 1730, with neither party appearing in court. Charles Chilton died in Lancaster County about September 1739. His will does not mention his wife, and therefore it is probable that Elizabeth died before the date of Chilton's will, 24 Aug 1739.

Richard's will provided that if Elizabeth should remarry his son George should succeed her as executor.On 8 Mar 1726/7, George was appointed executor if place of Elizabeth, and on 14 Jun 1727 a new inventory of the estate was filed.

The will provided that his son Bushrod should receive a negro slave named Tom, that his widow should have a life estate in all the property, and that on her death or remarriage the personal estate should be divided equally among all the children, except that his daughter Ann should get only a half-share because she had received some gifts during her lifetime.The residuary estate in the land is not disposed of by the will, and presumably went according to the law of descent to the eldest son, George. The daughter Apphia is not mentioned by name in the will.

330 ANN DOGGETT. Nothing is known about Ann other than the references to her in Richard's will, mentioned above. As the will indicates that she had received gifts during her lifetime and Apphia had not, it may be that she had married shortly before Richard's death and had received dowry gifts from her father. Whether she was older or younger than Apphia is unknown.

310 GEORGE DOGGETT, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Bushrod) Doggett; b. abt. 1695-1700, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1758, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Lancaster Co., VA, ANN CHATTIN, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Miller) Chattin, d. prob. 1763, Culpeper Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

311		Richard		d. 1775		m. 1761	Rhoda Evans
312		Thomas
313		Sarah Ann			m.	Mr. Reynolds
314		Margaret	b. 1734	d. 1821	m.	Humphrey Scroggin
315		Miller		b. 1736		m.	Mary
316		Chattin			d. 1817	m.	Sarah

For details and descendants, see separate page.

320 APPHIA DOGGETT, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth (Bushrod) Doggett; d. abt 1789 (will prob. 20 Jan 1789), Lancaster Co., VA; m. ROBERT BOATMAN, son of Henry B. and Elizabeth F. (Waterman) Boatman, b. abt. 1695, Lancaster Co., VA, d. abt 1749/50 (will Prob. 9 Mar 1949/50), Lancaster Co., VA.
Children (Boatman):

321		Richard R.	b. 1730		m. 1750	Lucy Doggett
						m. 1780	Agga Mitchell
322		Waterman	b. 1732	d. 1799	m.	Dinah Cooper
323		Elizabeth	b. 1735		m. 1756	William Hubbard
324		Joanna		b. 1737 
325		Sarah Ann	b. 1739		m.	Benjamin Cundiff
326		Henry		b. 1740	d. 1771	m.	Judith Cundiff
327		Nancy		b. 1741		m.	Abner Palmer

For details and descendants, see separate page.

340 BUSHROD DOGGETT, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Bushrod) Doggett; b. Lancaster Co., VA; b. abt 1711, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1791, Culpeper Co., Va; m. 1737, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford (now King George) Co., VA, ANNE STRIPLING, dau. of Joel and Mary Stripling, b. 1716, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford (now King George) Co., VA, d. 1791, Culpeper Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

341		Mary (Molly")			m. 1754	Joseph Suttle
						m.	Isaiah Blackwell
342		Elizabeth			m. 1754	William Tapp
343		Sarah Ann			m.	William Byars
						m.	Joel Blackwell
344		Nancy				m.	Thomas Brown
345		Susanna				m.	Charles Morgan
346		Benjamin		d. 1778	m.	Ann ("Nancy") Peach
347		Richard			d. 1779	unm.
348		George			d. 1814	m.	Sarah Ann Yancey
349		Joel			d. 1808	m.	Sarah

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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