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310 GEORGE DOGGETT, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Bushrod) Doggett; b. abt. 1695-1700, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1758, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Lancaster Co., VA, ANN CHATTIN, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Miller) Chattin, d. prob. 1763, Culpeper Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

311		Richard		b. 1728	d. 1775	m. 1761	Rhoda Evans
312		Thomas		b. 1730
313		Sarah Ann	b. 1732		m.	Mr. Reynolds
314		Margaret	b. 1734	d. 1821	m.	Humphrey Scroggin
315		Miller		b. 1736		m.	Mary
316		Chattin		b. 1738	d. 1817	m.	Sarah
George Doggett, the eldest of the two sons of Richard and Elizabeth Doggett, was born in Lancaster County, Virginia, prob. between 1695 and 1700. The earliest mention of George in county records is as a beneficiary and successor executor of his father's estate. The will was executed in June 1721, and it is unlikely that George was named as executor to succeed Richard's wife unless he was age 21 or older. George became executor in 1727, after the remarriage of his mother.
No record of the marriage of George to Ann Chattin has been found, but her identity is fixed by the wills of her father, Thomas Chattin, dated 13 Nov 1735, and her mother, Margaret Chattin, dated 23 Aug 1750, which refer to their daughter Ann Doggett. Her father's will, recorded in Lancaster County 12 May 1736, refers to Ann as the wife of George Doggett, and George was named as co-executor. Margaret Chattin was the daughter of Randolph and Katherine Miller, as indicated by the will of Randolph, dated 31 Jan 1720/21 and probated in Lancaster County in January 1721/22. Based on the probable ages of the children of George and Ann, the marriage probably took place in the mid-1720's. We can speculate that George did not marry early and that Ann was probably somewhat younger than George.
In October 1736, George, then living in Lancaster County, with the occupation of "planter," purchased from Robert Slaughter 470 acres of land in Spotsylvania County. It is not clear whether George moved to that county, as he did not sell his Lancaster County land, and in February 1741 he was commissioned as a Lieutenant of the Orange County militia. In August 1743, George sold the 470 acres in Spotsylvania County to William Ellis. It may be that he moved directly to Orange County between 1736 and 1741, and never resided on the 470 acre plantation. Orange County was divided in 1749, and the portion where George resided became Culpeper County.
On 9 Sep 1748, by a deed which the writer has not seen, George sold the 100 acres of land which his father Richard had inherited from the Rev. Benjamin Doggett, and which George had received by inheritance upon his father's death. He had an additional 164 acres in Lancaster County which he retained until his death and disposed of by his will.
George died in Culpeper County, Virginia, in late 1758. His will, dated 6 Jan 1758, and codicil thereto, dated 20 Mar 1758, were probated in Culpeper County on 18 Jan 1759. His wife, Ann, and his son Thomas were named as executors. It is not clear whether Thomas ever served as executor. Ann may have died about 1762 or 1763, as Richard Doggett, son of George, was appointed as administrator at that time.
In his will, George mentions by name only his sons Thomas and Chatwin (Chattin), and his daughters Sarah Ann Rynnolds and Margaret Scroggin. Thomas is bequeathed a Negro slave named Harry, and Chattin is given a slave named Daniel. Chattin is devised 164 acres of land in Lancaster County, with an alternate devise to son Thomas if Chattin should die before reaching age 21 and without issue. The two daughters were given only ten shillings each, as they had received gifts during George's lifetime, probably at the time of their marriages. The remainder of the estate was given to his wife Ann during her lifetime, and after her death to be divided among "all my children" (except the two daughters).
The codicil provided that the widow should live on the Lancaster County plantation left to son Chattin during her lifetime.This would seem to indicate that she was expected to return to Lancaster County where her family still resided, but no records have been seen to indicate whether this occurred.
The children not identified by name in the will are Richard and Miller. Richard, named after his paternal grandfather, is almost certainly the oldest son, and Thomas, named after his maternal grandfather, would be the second son. Chattin is clearly the youngest son, born after 1737, and the ages of Margaret and Miller are known. We can then estimate the birth years of the children as follows: Richard, 1728; Thomas, 1730; Sarah, 1732; Margaret, 1734; Miller, 1736; and Chattin, 1738. These dates, give or take a year or so, are consistent with all of the known data.

311 RICHARD DOGGETT, son of George and Ann (Chattin) Doggett; b. abt 1728, VA, killed by Indians, 1775; m. Feb 1761, Bedford Co., VA, Mrs. RHODA EVANS, widow of Daniel Evans. No children.
For additional information, see separate page.

312 THOMAS DOGGETT, son of George and Ann (Chattin) Doggett; b. abt 1732, VA.
Children (Doggett) (probably):

312:1		George
312:2		Thomas, Jr.
312:3		William
312:4		Mary (?)			m.	Mr. Pollard

For details and descendants, see separate page.

314 MARGARET DOGGETT, dau. of George and Ann (Chattin) Doggett; b. abt. 1734; VA, d. abt. 1814; m. 6 Jun 1758, Culpeper Co., VAł HUMPHREY SCROGGIN, son of George and Charity (Theobald) Scroggin, b. abt. 1730, Charles Co., MD; d. Sep 1812 (1821?), Clarke Co., GA.
Children (Scroggin):

314:1		Thomas		b. 1761
314:2		Humphrey	b. 1763	d. 1846	m. 1788	Sarah Ann Kirby
314:3		Chatten D.			m. 1789	Disie Johnson

For details and descendants, see separate page.

315 MILLER DOGGETT, son of George and Ann (Chattin) Doggett; b. abt. 1736, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 18 Apr 1807, Jefferson Co., TN; m. MARY (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett) (order approximate):

315:1		George		b. 1762
315:2		John		b. 1763
315:3		Jacob		b. 1765		m.	Susannah
315:4		Jesse		b. 1767	d. 1834	m.
						m.	Nancy McCown
315:5		Leanah				m.	Mr. Edes
315:6		Isaac		b. 177-		m. 1803	Margaret Crump
315:7		Sarah				m.	William Shelton
315:8		Susannah			m. 1803	Benjamin Crump
315:9		Thomas

For details and descendants, see separate page.

316 CHATTIN DOGGETT, son of George and Ann (Chattin) Doggett; b. 1737/1748, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 1817, Clarke Co., GA; m. SARAH (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett)

316:1		Nancy		b. 1774		m. 1797	Oliver Higginbotham
316:2		Thomas		b. 1775		m. 1802	Susanna Smith
						m. 1825	Jane Bell
316:3		Sally				m. 1800	William Brewer
316:4		Fanny				m. 1813	Jesse Kinney
316:5		William		b. 1789		m. 1815	Nancy Adams
316:6		Mark		b. 1790		m. 1810	Fetna Nall
316:7		Elizabeth			m.	Ephraim Daniel

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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