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315:12 JOHN DOGGETT, son of George Doggett; b. bef. 1790; d. 1831, St. Louis Co., MO; m. NANCY MASSEY, dau. of Joshua Massey.
Children (Doggett):

315:121		Davis Whiteside	b. 1814	d. 1893	m. 1844	Mary Gallatin
315:12x		(dau)
315:12y		(son)		b. 1820
315:122		George M.	b. 1821	d. 1863	m.	Mary Ellen Redman
315:123		(dau)
315:124		William Carlane	b. 1825		m. 1855	Jane Philadelphia Redman
315:125		John Clarke	b. 1828	d. 1899	m. 1849	Mary Ann Redman
						m.	Mrs. Sarah Jane Redman
John Doggett was probably born in Hawkins County, Tennessee, and moved to Missouri as a young child with his parents, who settled in the St. Louis area. Little is known about John, except that he resided in St. Louis County about twelve miles from the city of St. Louis. Living in the country, it is assumed that was engaged in farming. He died in 1831, of convulsions and epileptic fits. In 1829, John executed a deed in favor of William Carr Lane, a prominent physician and the first mayor of St. Louis. After John’s death, his widow, Nancy, and his heirs brought litigation against Lane concerning title to the property, which was appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court. In an 1848 opinion, the court stated that Lane was a "relative" of John Doggett, but was not more specific as to the nature of the relationship. As there is no logical connection on the Doggett side of the family, we must presume that Lane was a relative of John’s mother, whose identity has not been determined.
William Carr Lane was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania in 1789, the son of Presley Carr Lane. He studied medicine at Shelbyville, Kentucky, and moved to St. Louis in 1819. He was elected mayor of St. Louis in 1823. In 1852, he was appointed Governor of New Mexico Territory.
Although his exact relationship to the Doggett family has not been established, it is obvious that John’s third son, William Carlane, was named for Lane, with the names "Carr Lane" being condensed into the single word "Carlane."
From the 1830 and 1840 census returns for St. Louis County, we can ascertain that John and Nancy Doggett had seven children, five sons and two daughters. .The identities of four of the sons are known, but the name of the second son, born about 1820, has not been ascertained. It has been suggested that David B. Doggett, enumerated in St. Louis in the 1850 census, might have been that son, but as David was not born until 1822 or 1823, and no other connection with John’s family is apparent, this suggestion seems to be without foundation.
The identity of the two daughters is likewise unclear. Neither of them were living with their mother in 1840, and it must be assumed that they were either married or deceased at that time.
315:121 DAVIS WHITESIDE DOGGETT, son of John and Nancy (Massey) Doggett; b. 8 Jul 1814, St. Louis, MO; d. 14 Apr 1893, Siskiyou Co., CA; bur. Doggett Ranch Cem.; m. 17 Jun 1844, St. Louis, MO, MARY GALLATIN.
Davis Whiteside Doggett was the eldest child of John and Nancy Doggett. In 1844, at about age 30, he was married in St. Louis to Mary Gallatin. Nothing is known about Mary. She may have died not long after marriage, and there is no evidence that there were any children.
Davis Whiteside was in California in 1852, trying his luck in the gold fields, but still considered himself a resident of Missouri. He apparently went back to Missouri, as family information indicates that he again went to California, this time to stay, in 1856, along with his brother John Clarke Doggett and family, and settled in Siskiyou County, where he farmed until his death in 1893. In an entry in the 1892 Election Register, made shortly before his death, he was described as being of "light complexion, blue eyes, grey hair."

315:122 GEORGE M. DOGGETT, son of John and Nancy (Massey) Doggett; b. 1821, St. Louis Co., MO; d. Jun 1863, St. Louis, Mo; m. MARY ELLEN REDMAN, b. 2 Jul 1828, St. Louis Co., MO, d. 30 Apr 1891, Steelville, Crawford Co., MO; bur. Steelville Cem., Crawford Co. MO.
Children (Doggett):

315:122:1	William Carlane	b. 1846		m. 1869	Malissa L. Moore
315:122:2	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1847	d. 1901	m. 1864	Peter F. Redman
315:122:3	Lucretia	b. 1851		m.	B. T. Redman
315:122:4	Sarah Jane	b. 1854	d. 1931	m. 1882	James M. Frazier
						m. 1887	John R. Wright	
						m. 1911	Orlando Edward Wilson
315:122:5	Ellen Isabelle	b. 1855		m.	John C. Davis
315:122:6	George M.	b. 1857		m.
						m. 1922	Irena Hurley
		3 other children

For details and descendants, see separate page.

315:124 WILLIAM CARLANE DOGGETT, son of John and Nancy (Massey) Doggett; b. 14 Mar 1825, St. Louis Co., MO; d. 21 Sep 1912, nr. Sprague, WA; m. 22 Feb 1855, Howard Co., MO, JANE PHILADELPHIA REDMAN, dau. of William T. Redman of Howard Co., MO; b. 10 Jun 1838, St. Louis Co., MO; d. 24 Feb 1931, Spokane, WA. Moved to Washington, 1867.
Children (Doggett):

315:124:1	John W.		b. 1856
315:124:2	Mary Ellen	b. 1857	d. 1889	m. 1872	William D. Robertson
						m.	Mr. Ables
315:124:3	Jane E.		b. 1859		m.	Mr. Noland
315:124:4	Jefferson D.	b. 1861
315:124:5	Robert L.	b. 1863		m.	Cinderella Woodward
315:124:6	Francis E.	b. 1866		m.	Ione J.
315:124:7	Sidney J.
		 ("Sydna")	b. 1867		m. 1891	Edna A. Woodward
315:124:8	Isaac H.	b. 1869		m.	Ethel L.
315:124:9	Sierra Nevada	b. 1873	d. 1918	m. 	Theodore Augustus Brown
315:124:A	Frederick T.	b. 1878	d. 1931	unm.

For details and descendants, see separate page.

315:125 JOHN CLARKE DOGGETT, son of John and Nancy (Massey) Doggett; b. 18 Feb 1828, St. Louis Co., MO; d. 9 Dec 1899, Walker, Siskiyou Co., CA; m(1) 20 Sep 1849, St. Louis Co., MO, MARY ANN REDMOND (or Redman); b. 18 Sep 1832, St. Louis Co., MO, d. 16 Oct 1863, Walker, Siskiyou Co., CA; m(2) 6 Aug 1865, Mrs. SARAH JANE REDMAN, b. abt 1833, MO.
Children (Doggett):

		(children of marriage to Mary Ann Redmond)
315:125:x	Henry		b. 1850	d. 1851
315:125:1	William Davis	b. 1857	d. 1931	m. 1880	Grace Ann Crary
315:125:2	George Lewellen	b. 1858	d. 1922	m. 1880	Clara Bratt
315:125:3	Frances Jane	b. 1861	d. 1938	m. 1880	John William Hubbard
		(children of marriage to Sarah Jane Redman)
315:125:4	Augustus R.	b. 1866
315:125:5	Rosa		b. 1869		m.	Mr. Chambers

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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