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.343:11 WILLIAM DOGGETT, Son of Bushrod and Susannah (Davis) Doggett, b. 10 Mar 1785, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 31 Mar 1852, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Doggett Cem., Rutherford Co., NC; m. MASSA BEDFORD, dau. of Raymond and Martha ("Patsy") (Hawkins) Bedford, b. abt. 1794, Rutherford Co., NC, d. Rutherford Co.
Children (Doggett):

343:111		George
		 Washington	b. 1810	d. 1870	m. 1830	Elizabeth Wadkins
						m. 1863	Mary McDaniel
343:112		Mary Susan	b. 1812	d. 1897	m. 1830	Barnabas King
343:113		Nancy		b. 1815		m. 1849	Edmond Durham
343:114		Peter Bedford	b. 1817	d. 1883	m.	Salina Fanchier
343:115		Martha Bedford	b. 1821	d. 1889	m. 1850	George B. Byars
343:116		Elizabeth L.	b. 1824	d. 1903	unm.
343:117		James Lewis	b. 1829	d. 1904	m. 1857	Cemantha Ann Tanner
343:118		John Hawkins	b. 1835	d. 1918	m. 1870	Sarah Harris
William Doggett was the firstborn and eldest of three sons of Bushrod and Susannah Doggett. He was born and spent his entire life in Rutherford County, where he met and married his wife, Massa Bedford. the name "Massa," or "Massie" as it sometimes appears. is undoubtedly derived from "Mercy," the given name of her grandmother Mercy Bedford. Her true given name may have also been "Mercy," but known records do not refer to her by that name. William and Massie had eight children, four sons and four daughters
Although not in the direct Doggett line, the story of Massa's grandfather, Jonas Bedford, is of sufficient interest to deserve telling here. Jonas was a loyal subject of the King and became a Captain of militia in Tryon County in 1768. He took part in actions against a group of irregular anti-royal marauders known as the "Regulators," resulting in their defeat at the hands of the British troops at the Battle of Alamance Creek in 1771. As a result of his actions, Jonas was appointed to a permanent commission as Captain of Militia in Tryon County and was appointed as justice of the peace. With the coming of the Revolution, Jonas was compelled to give up his public commissions and joined the British forces under Patrick Ferguson as Captain of militia. He fought with the British at King's Mountain in 1781 and escaped to Georgia after the British defeat. He eventually made his way to Savannah and then to Charleston, where he joined the British forces.Meanwhile, the patriot forces compelled his wife and family to leave the family home in Rutherford county and they went to Charleston to be with Jonas. He later went to New York and then in 1784 he made his way to London. In the meantime, the patriot County Court had forfeited his property. After Jonas left for New York, Mercy commenced a campaign to recover the forfeited lands. With the help of sympathetic friends, who attested to the fact that she had given the rebels assistance while Jonas was fighting with the British, she convinced the North Carolina legislature to restore the property to her in 1785. Jonas returned to Rutherford County in 1787, and despite his Tory sympathies and services, he managed to again be appointed as magistrate and served three terms as an elected member of the State Legislature from Rutherford County. In 1802, his right to the forfeited lands was confirmed to him.
William died in 1852 and was buried in the old "Doggett cemetery" south of Forest City near Floyd's Creek. According to Bill Floyd's inventory of Rutherford County cemeteries, the only readable marker remaining in this cemetery is that of William. Presumably Massa is buried there also, but no marker remains.

343:116 ELIZABETH L. DOGGETT; b. 16 May 1824, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 17 May 1903; bur. Tanner's Grove Meth. Ch. Cem., Rutherford Co., NC. Unmarried. No children.

According to Hester Hope, Elizabeth was known as "Aunt Betsy" and taught school at the "old Doggett Schoolhouse on the old Bushrod Doggett farm."

343:111 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT, Son of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett, b. 10 Sep 1810, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 6 Jul 1870, Rutherford Co, NC; m(1) Mar 1830 (MB 11 Mar), Rutherford Co., NC; ELIZABETH WATKINS, b. 27 May 1810; d. 13 Dec 1862, Rutherford Co., NC., m(2) Jun 1863 (MB 10 Jun), Rutherford Co., NC, Mrs. MARY McDANIEL, b. abt. 1839.
Children (Doggett):

343:111:1	Micajah Hawkins	b. 1831	d. 1914	m. 1856	Narcissa Susanna Hardin
343:111:2	James Galing	b. 1834	d. 1864	unm.
343:111:3	William Decatur	b. 1835	d. 1913	m. 1865	Melissa Elizabeth Butler
343:111:4	Mary Susan	b. 1838 	m. 1862	James H. H. Butler
						m. 1872	Peter S. Kistler
						m. 1880	Hilmon Phillips
343:111:5	John Lewis 	b. 1840	d. 1890	m. 1860	Margaret Rebecca Wood
343:111:x	Peter Coleman	b. 1843	d. 1852
343:111:6	Rufus Plato	b. 1845	d. 1917	m. 1870	Louisa J. Hamrick
						m.	Lucy Vassey
343:111:7	George Landrum	b. 1851	d. 1920	m. 1875	Sarah Abernathy

For details and descendants, see separate page.

343:112 MARY SUSAN DOGGETT. dau. of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett; b. 3 Jun 1812, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 13 Aug 1897, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Pleasant Grove Meth Cem., Rutherford Co., NC; m. Dec 1830 [M.B. 13 Dec., Rutherford Co., NC, BARNABAS K. ("Barney") KING, son of James and ____ (Sutton) King, b. 15 Dec 1808, d. 20 Apr 1879, bur. Pleasant Grove Meth Cem., Rutherford Co., NC.
Children (King):

343:112:1	Massa				m. 1850	John Bushrod Butler
343:112:2	Nancy Ann	b. 1833	d. 1854	m. 1854	Samuel P. Norville
343:112:x	Katy
343:112:y	Patsy
343:112:3	Margaret C.	b. 1839
343:112:4	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1840	d. 1911	m. 1858	William B. Suttle
343:112:5	Daniel Columbus	b. 1844
343:112:6	Martha B.	b. 1846	d. 1931	m. 1866	H. D. Harrill
343:112:7	Margaret I.	b. 1848
343:112:8	John Thomas	b. 1850	d. 1907	m.	Sarah Levice Harrill														
343:112:9	Judith		b. 1853
343:112:A	Barnabas
		 Christenberry	b. 1856	d. 1913	m. 1880	Delilah Harrill
						m. 1898	Kate W. Simmons
343:112:B	W. Pinkney	b. 1858	d. 1935	m. 1882	Laura G. Smith

For detais and descendants, see separate page.

343:113 NANCY DOGGETT, dau. of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett; b. 2 Aug 1815, Rutherford Co., NC; m. 22 Aug 1849, Rutherford Co., NC, EDMOND DURHAM, b. abt 1804, NC.
Children (Durham):

343:113:1	Susan E.	b. 1853		m.	Ben L. Barrs
343:113:2	Zula	 	b. 1855		m.	P. W. Jolley

For details and descendants, see separate page.

343:114 PETER BEDFORD DOGGETT, son of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett, b. 17 Oct 1818, Rutherford Co. NC; d. 9 Mar 1883, NC; m.abt 1862, Cocke Co., TN, SALINA P. FANCHER, dau. of John and Nancy Fancher, b. Nov 1835, Newport, Cocke Co., TN
Children (Doggett or Doggette):

343:114:x	Lou Ellen	b. 1862
343:114:1	William
		 Franklin	b. 1871		m.	Margaret Evelyn
343:114:2	John Aiken	b. 1873		m.	Anne Bertha Jones
343:114:3	James Louis	b. 1875	
343:114:4	Nancy Susan	b. 1878		m.	James Henry Parr

For details and descendants, see separate page.

343:115 MARTHA BEDFORD ("Patsy") DOGGETT, dau. of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett; b. 31 May 1821, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1889; bur. Boiling Springs Cem., Cleveland Co., NC; m. 22 Feb 1850, NC, GEORGE BEDFORD BYARS, son of Joseph and Nancy (Blanton) Byars, b. abt. 1820, d. abt. 1864, bur. Boiling Springs Cem.
Children (Byars):

343:115:1	John L.				m.	Nancy Gullick
343:115:2	Massie Louisa	b. 1855	d. 1931	m.	Aaron Reuben Hamrick
343:115:x	Josephine	b. 1853	d. 1865
343:115:3	Cansas Ellen	b. 1858	d. 1929	m.	James Young Hamrick
343:115:4	George W. C.	b. 1860		m.	Margaret Elizabeth Bridges
343:115:5	Missouri	b. 1862	d. 1959	m.	Marion Alexander Ferguson
						m.	Crusis Kistler Trout
343:115:6	Nancy M.	b. 1864

For details and descendants, see separate page.

343:117 JAMES LEWIS DOGGETT, son of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett, b. 25 Jul 1829, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 8 Dec 1904 (or 19 Feb 1906), Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Tanner's Grove Meth. Ch. Cem., Rutherford Co., NC; m. 8 Mar 1857, Rutherford Co., NC, CEMANTHA ANN TANNER, dau. of Nancy Tanner, b. 9 Nov 1836, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 11 Jan 1914, Rutherford Co., NC, bur. Tanner's Grove Meth Ch. Cem.
Children (Doggett):

343:117:1	William
		 Franklin	b. 1858	d. 1925	m. 1887	Mary Eva Groves
343:117:x	(son)		b. 1859
343:117:2	Nancy Elizabeth	b. 1860		m.	John Moore
343:117:3	Masa Madora	b. 1867	d. 1939	m	D. P. Tate
343:117:4	Robert Lewis	b. 1868		m. 1898	Della C. Carpenter
343:117:5	Mary Sharp	b. 1872		m	Edworth N. Crowder
343:117:6	Horace Belton	b. 1874	d. 1941	m. 1895	Catherine Blanche Carroll
343:117:7	William

For details and descendants, see separate page.

343:118 JOHN HAWKINS DOGGETT, son of William and Masa (Bedford) Doggett, b. 7 Mar 1835, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 24 Feb 1918, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Tanner's Grove Meth. Ch. Cem., Rutherford Co., NC; m. 1870, SARAH J. ("Sallie") HARRIS, b. 1 Feb 1850, NC, d. 1 Feb 1908., bur. Tanner's Grove Meth. Ch. Cem.
Children (Doggett):

343:118:1	Masa Elizabeth	b. 1871	d. 1934	m. 1889	Ira Phillips
343:118:2	William Bushrod	b. 1873	d. 1951	m. 1907	Susan Emeline Blanton
343:118:3	Birch Lawson
		 Bedford	b. 1875	d. 1967	m. 1898	Jimmie Price
343:118:4	Myrtle Jane	b. 1876	d. 1897	m. 1893	Jesse M. Webb
343:118:5	Sarah Virginia	b. 1879	d. 1975	m. 1903	Marcell Robertson
343:118:6	John Simpson	b. 1880	d. 1963	m. 1904	Ida F. Carroll
343:118:7	Joseph Lewis	b. 1884	d. 1969	m. 1905	Ella J. Wright

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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