(Thomas B.; Benjamin; Bushrod; Richard; Rev. Benjamin)

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Two of the writer's early correspondents were the late Bessie Daniel and her niece, Anne Klinkhart, who furnished me with the basic information about this branch of the family, and particularly with respect to William Daniel Doggett and descendants. Gary Meador has furnished additional material about the William Daniel line. Additional data have been generously furnished by Anne Bennefield, Susan Pulkowski, Tom Doggett and Mike Doggett (with respect to Thomas Jefferson Doggett and descendants); by Gordon Doggett (with respect to John Wesley Doggett and descendants), and valuable data have been supplied by Burton Lee Doggett, Jr., Norma Jean Claflin,Annetta Doggett. David G. Doggett III, Kay Reagan and Barbara Bosson. The biographies contained in the Johnson County history, submitted by Abe Arvel Doggett and others, have been extremely helpful. Obituaries of Danny Brian Weeks, Vinton Calvin Doggett, Lucy Estelle Doggett, Abe Arvel Doggett, William Daniel Doggett, Clara Ellen Doggett, Burton Lee Doggett, Jr., Nora Doggett Hightower, David G. Doggett, Sr., and Azzie Lee Doggett have been consulted. Databases in RootsWeb's WorldConnect, submited by Eugene Fleeman, Ben Gantt, Margo Krieger, Jan Smith, Lester McConachie, and Gary Handy, among others, have supplied important details, as has World Family Tree v. 182, #920. Cemeteery records, particularly those for Crowley Cem. in Tarrant Co., Caddo Cem. in Johnson Co., Hastings Cem. in Jefferson Co., OK, and Pocassett Cem. in Grundy Co., OK, have been used. The following public records have been used extensively: Texas birth, death, marriage and divorce records; Social Security Death Index, World War I Draft Registration records; Washingto death records, and census returns for 1850 to 1930 in relevant counties. If I have omitted any contributor in this acknowledgment, I apologize for the oversight, as it has not been intentional.

346:2A RICHARD DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. Mar 1814, Bath Co., KY; d. Feb 1854, nr. Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Doggett Cem., nr. Burleson, TX; m. 3 Oct 1839, Bath Co., KY, MARGARET PAULINE (or "Palina") VICE, dau. of Enoch and Elizabeth (Tucker) Vice, of Bath Co., b. Nov 1820, prob. Bath Co., KY, d. Dec 1875. nr. Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX, bur. Doggett Cem. Margaret m(2), 3 Aug 1860, in Johnson Co., TX, after death of Richard, as his second wife, Joseph Pierce Riddle, b. 1800, KY, d. 1870, Yorktown, TX. Joseph m(1) Nancy Smith, who d. in 1853. in Titus Co., TX, and he moved to Johnson Co
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1		Thomas
		 Jefferson	b. 1841		m. 1860	Frances Elizabeth Watson
346:2A2		William Daniel	b. 1842	d. 1920 m. 1870	Ladask Lavina Adline Gant
346:2A3		John Wesley	b. 1844		m.	Mary Artenie Riddle
346:2A4		Cynthia Ann	b. 1845		m. 1870	Joseph Riddle, Jr.
346:2A5		David George	b. 1847		m. 1872	Patience Ann Riddle
346:2A6		Fleming Ferris	b. 1848	d. 1878
346:2A7		Laura Jane	b. 1851		m. 1870	Benson Goff
Children of Joseph and Margaret Pauline (Vice-Doggett) Riddle
George Washington Riddle, b. 18 May 1861 (or Aug) , DeWitt (or Rock Creek, Johnson) Co., TX0, d. 23 Aug 1934, Dallas, TX; m. 27 Jan 1884 (or 1889), Granbury, Johnson Co., TX, Rosa Brandenburg
Lee R. (or Stephen) Riddle, b. Apr 1863, Dewitt Co., TX, d. aft. 1909, Stephenville, Erath Co., TX; m(1) 25 Dec 1892, Viola Pauline Lucas; m(2) 26 Jul 1905, Falls Co., TX, Mrs. Linda Lucille Gott.

Richard Doggett was a very early Texas pioneer, emigrating from Kentuck to the Johnson Couny area about 1851 or 1852 with his wife and 6 older children. That part of Texas was on the frontier and was always under threat of raids from hostile Indians. Richard and his children after him contined to live and farm in the area south of Fort Worth, and his descendants constitute one of the major groups of Texas residents with the Doggett surname.

346:2A4 CYNTHIA ANN DOGGETT; b. abt 1845, KY, m. JOSEPH RIDDLE, Jr.
; b. 11 Sep 1848, KY; d. abt. 28 Oct 1878; bur. Doggett Cem.

Fleming Ferris Doggett was an authentic Western bandit. He is reputed to have ridden with the Sam Bass Gang, which operated in the Tarrant and Johnson counties vicinity in thelate 1870's, robbing banks and stagecoaches. The Sam Bass Gang was a somewhat informal group, with outlaws coming together for various raids, but also operating apart from the Gang. Fleming, whose nickname was "Slim," robbed the Granbury stage near Benbrook in Tarrant County and was shot and killed by the Texas Rangers. It is not clear from sources known to the writer exactly when and where these events took place, but they were in the latter part of October 1878. He was interred in the same family cemetery as his parents. His gravestone, although broken and difficult to read, records his birthdate as 11 Sep 1846, and his death date as 25 or 28 Oct 1878 (or possibly, although unlikely, 1875). It is probable that Fleming was not caught in the act by the Rangers, but rather that he was located and killed soon thereafter, reportedly on the H. C. Stephens farm. Local newspapers of the time period probably reported the event, and additional research would undoubtedly clear up these ambiguities.

346:2A1 THOMAS JEFFERSON DOGGETT, son of Richard and Margaret Pauline (Vice) Doggett; b. 29 Mar 1841, KY; m(1) 13 Mar 1860, Johnson Co., TX, FRANCES ELIZABETH WATSON, b. Jan 1841, KY; m(2) ISABEL MORGAN.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:1	Margaret E.	b. 1862
346:2A1:2	Centha Rosetta	b. 1863		m.	John Wesley Crabb
346:2A1:3	Richard Joabe	b. 1866		m.	Ida Bell Cook
						m	Ollie Fedilia (Fulks) Tatum
346:2A1:4	Wesley William	b. 1871		m. 1891	Jennie H.Brock
346:2A1:5	Josie I.	b. 1873
346:2A1:6	L. B. (son)	b. 1874
346:2A1:7	J. N. (dau)	b. 1877
346:2A1:8	Rosa		b. 1881		m.	Ira B. Stuart
346:2A1:9	Dora I.		b. 1886		m.	Homer Curtis
Thomas Jefferson served in the Confederate Army as a Private in Co. C, 21st Texas Infantry. He applied for a pension as a Texas veteran from Parker County, Texas.

346:2A1:1 MARGARET E. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1862.
346:2A1:5 JOSIE I. DOGGETT; b. Mar 1873, TX.
346:2A1:6 L. B. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1874, TX.
346:2A1:7 J. N. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1877, TX.
346:2A1:8 ROSA DOGGETT; b. Jan 1881, TX; m. IRA B. STUART.
346:2A1:9 DORA I. DOGGETT; b. 26 Feb 1886, TX; m. HOMER CURTIS.

346:2A1:2 CENTHA (Cynthia) ROSETTA ("Zettie") DOGGETT,, dau of Thomas Jefferson and Frances Ellizabeth (Watson) Doggett; b.Feb 1863, TX; m(1) JOHN WESLEY CRABB, b. Feb 1863, TX; d. Stephens Co., OK; m(2) abt 1907, RICHARD McCURRY, b. abt 1852, TX.
Children (Crabb):

346:2A1:21	William Wesley	b. 1887		m.	Estelle Campbell
346:2A1:22	Thomas Daniel	b. 1890		m.	Annie M.
346:2A1:23	Luther Hurshel	b. 1894		m.	Lulu May
346:2A1:24	Edgar Edward	b. 1897

346:2A1:21 WILLIAM WESLEY CRABB; b. 5 Jun 1887, Tarrant Co., TX; m. ESTELLE CAMPBELL, dau of William and Elizabeth Campbell, b. abt 1894.
346:2A1:24 EDGAR EDWARD CRABB; b. May 1897, TX.

346:2A1:22 THOMAS DANIEL CRABB, son of John Wesley and Centha Rosetta (Doggett) Crabb; b. 13 Oct 1890, Tarrant Co., TX; m. abt 1911, ANNIE M. (surname unknown), b. abt 1890, TX.
Children (Crabb):

346:2A1:221	Gladys N.	b. 1913
346:2A1:222	Edgar Edward	b. 1920		m.	Mary Orena Baucom
346:2A1:223	Ray		b. 1927

346:2A1:222 EDGAR EDWARD CRABB, son of Thomas Daniel and Annie M. Crabb; b. abt 1920, OK; m. MARY ORENA BAUCOM,
Children (Crabb):

346:2A1:2221	Eddie Ann	b. 1943

346:2A1:2221 EDDIE ANN CRABB; b. 13 Sep 1943, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:23 LUTHER HURSHEL CRABB, son of John Wesley and Centha Rosetta (Doggett) Crabb; b. 5 Dec 1894, Weatherford, Parker Co, TX; m. LULU MAY FORSYTHE, b. abt 1918.
Children (Crabb):

346:2A1:231	Ora May		b. 1918
346:2A1:232	Lowell		b. 1920
346:2A1:233	Wayne		b. 1923
346:2A1:234	Bettie Jeane	b. 1925		m.	Timothy Benjamin Hunt

346:2A1:234 BETTIE JEANE CRABB, dau of Luther Hurshel and Lulu May (Forsythe) Crabb; b. abt 1925; m. TIMOTHY BENJAMIN HUNT.
Children (Hunt):

346:2A1:2341	Michael Steven	b. 1951

346:2A1:2341 MICHAEL STEVEN HUNT; b. 22 Feb 1961, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A1:3 RICHARD JOAB(E) DOGGETT, son of Thomas Jefferson and Frances E. (Watson) Doggett; b. Jul 1866, TX; bur. Grove Hill Cem.; m(1) IDA BELLE COOK, b. Jun 1867, TX, d. 1903, Chickasha, OK; m(2) 1917, OLLIE FEDILIA (FULKS) TATUM, dau. of Joseph and Sarah Fulks, and widow of Robert Tatum, b. 2 Jul 1872, GA, d. 2 Apr 1933.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:31	John Wesley	b. 1888		m.	America Ferguson
		 				m.	Sarah P. (Brown) Shankler
346:2A1:32	Riley Richard	b. 1893	d. 1954	m.	Maggie Ritchey
						m. 1923	Lucy Mae Tatum
346:2A1:33	Clyde		b. 1896		m.	Evie Lee Benton
346:2A1:34	Clifford	b. 1896		m.	Lillie
346:2A1:35	Ira		b. 1902
346:2A1:36	Zona Rosetta	b. 1903		m.	Earl Everett Simmons

346:2A1:34 CLIFFORD ("Cliff") DOGGETT; b. 19 Jun 1896, TX; m. LILLIE (surname unknown), b. abt. 1896, TN.

346:2A1:31 JOHN WESLEY DOGGETT, son of Richard Joabe and Ida Belle (Cooke) Doggett; b. 23 Dec 1887, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) AMERICA FERGUSON, b. abt 1892, TX; m(2) Mrs. SARAH P. (BROWN) SHANKLER, b. abt. 1893, TX.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of first marriage)
346:2A1:311	Theatus		b. 1913
346:2A1:312	Dortha		b. 1918
	(children of second marriage)
346:2A1:313	Agglitha	b. 1924
346:2A1:314	Orvil Cy	b. 1927		m.	Jo Ann Cox

346:2A1:314 ORVIL CY DOGGETT, son of John Wesley and Sarah P. (Brown-Shankler) Doggett; b. abt 1927, OK; m(1) JO ANN COX; m(2) 28 Oct 1983, Cooke Co., TX, SARAH J. WATKINS, b. abt 1953; m(3) 12 Oct 1986, Tarrant Co., TX, DENIE N. McKINNEY, b. abt 1916.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:3141	Jo Juan		b. 1949		m. 1969	James M. Harthcock

346:2A1:3141 JO JUAN DOGGETT; b. 1 Nov 1949, Cooke Co., TX; m. 8 Feb 1969, Dallas Co., TX, JAMES M. HARTHCOCK, b. abt 1949.

346:2A1:32 RILEY RICHARD DOGGETT, son of Richard Joabe and Ida (Cook) Doggett; b.1892 or 1893 (or 2 Dec 1894), Weatherford,, Parker Co., TX; d. 1954; m(1) MAGGIE RITCHEY; m(2) 23 May 1923, his step-sister, LUCY MAE TATUM, dau. of Robert and Ollie (Fulks) Tatum, b. 16 Jan 1908, Mineral Wells, TX, d. 14 Jul 1979, Denton Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:321	Rosa Rosetta	b. 1925		m.	James Nichols Jeter
346:2A1:322	Riley
		 Richard, Jr.	b. 1926		m.
346:2A1:323	Betty Jo	b. 1930		m. 	Robert Gunter Armour
346:2A1:324	Delores Mae	b. 1932		m.	Dallas Theodore Hancock
346:2A1:325	Mollie Ann	b. 1943		m.	Edwin Lee Bennefield
One source shows Riley's birthday as 20 Nov 1892, and another shows it as 11 Nov 1893. The 1900 census shows it as May 1893, age 7.

346:2A1:321 ROSA ROSETTA DOGGETT, dau of Riley Richard and Lucy Mae (Tatum) Doggett; b. 4 Feb 1925, Dallas Co,. TX; m. JAMES NICHOLS JETER.
Children (Jeter):

346:3A1:3211	James
		 Nichols, Jr.	b. 1952

346:3A1:3211 JAMES NICHOLS JETER, Jr.; b. 1 Oct 1952, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:322 RILEY RICHARD DOGGETT, Jr., son of Riley Richard and Lucy Mae (Tatum) Doggett; b. 1 Nov 1926, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Doggett)

346:2A1:3221	Susan				m.	Mr. Pulkowski

346:2A1:323 BETTY JO DOGGETT, dau of Riley Richard and Lucy Mae (Tatum) Doggett; b. 16 Dec 1930, Dallas Co., TX; m. ROBERT GUNTER ARMOUR.
Children (Armour):

346:2A1:323x	Robert Riley	b. 1951
346:2A1:3231	Edwin Dennis	b. 1952		m.	Kathy Ann Morris
346:2A1:3232	Denise Kay	b. 1953		m.	David Milton Walding
346:2A1:3233	Robert
		 Gunter, Jr.	b. 1956		m.	Deborah Gail Blanton
346:2A1:3234	Rhonda Rosetta	b. 1959		m.	Ronnie Gene Paul

346:2A1:323x ROBERT RILEY ARMOUR; b. 23 Feb 1951, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3231 EDWIN DENNIS ARMOUR, son of Robert Gunter and Betty Jo (Doggett) Armour; b. 17 May 1952, Dallas Co., TX; m. KATHY ANN MORRIS.
Children (Armour):

346:2A1:32311	Timothy Edwin	b. 1976
346:2A1:32312	Tammy Elaine	b. 1978
346:2A1:32313	Tina Erin	b. 1979

346:2A1:32311 TIMOTHY EDWIN ARMOUR; b. 10 Mar 1976, Anderson Co., TX.
346:2A1:32312 TAMMY ELAINE ARMOUR; b. 3 Apr 1978, Cherokee Co., TX.
346:2A1:32313 TINA ERIN ARMOUR; b. 11 Dec 1979, Anderson Co., TX.

346:2A1:3232 DENISE KAY ARMOUR, dau of Robert Gunter and Betty Jo (Doggett) Armour; b. 17 Jul 1953, Dallas Co., TX; m. DAVID MILTON WALDING, son of James Milton and Martha Delight (Nash) Walding, b. 26 Jul 1951, Anderson Co,. TX.
Children (Walding):

346:2A1:32321	Misti Michelle	b. 1972		m.	Derrell Wayne Hardison
346:2A1:32322	Royce Eugene
		 Armour 	b. 1973
346:2A1:32323	Trisha D'Anne	b. 1975
346:2A1:32324	Larry David	b. 1977

346:2A1:32322 ROYCE EUGENE ARMOUR; b. 3 Jan 1973, Anderson Co., TX.
346:2A1:32323 TRISHA D'ANNE WALDING; b. 27 Jun 1975, Anderson Co., TX.
346:2A1:32324 LARRY DAVID WALDING; b. 21 Jan 1977, Anderson Co., TX.

346:2A1:32321 MISTI MICHELLE WALDING, dau of David Milton and Denise Kay (Armour) Walding; b. 21 Feb 1972, Anderson Co., TX; m. DERRELL WAYNE HARDISON, son of James Derrell and Cathy Lynn (Whiddon) Hardison, b. 1 Jul 1970, Cherokee Co., TX.
Children (Hardison):

346:2A1:323211	Magen Michelle	b. 1993
346:2A1:323212	Kendra Denise	b. 1996	

346:2A1:323211 MAGEN MICHELLE HARDISON; b. 13 Jul 1993, Anderson Co., Tx.
346:2A1:323212 KENDRA DENISE HARDISON; b. 18 May 1996, Anderson Co., TX.

346:2A1:3233 ROBERT GUNTER ARMOUR, Jr., son of Robert Gunter and Betty Jo (Doggett) Armour; b. 9 Sep 1956, Dallas Co., TX; m. DEBORAH GAIL BLANTON, dau of Marion Phillip and Elizabeth Louise (Sturgeon) Blanton, b. 11 Jan 1958, Anderson Co., TX.
Children (Armour):

346:2A1:32331	Leslie Deanne	b. 1975
346:2A1:32332	Charles Riley	b. 1977

346:2A1:32331 LESLIE DEANNE ARMOUR; b. 6 May 1975, Anderson Co., TX.
346:2A1:32332 CHARLES RILEY ARMOUR; b. 7 Jan 1977, Anderson Co., TX.

346:2A1:3234 RHONDA ROSETTA ARMOUR, dau of Robert Gunter and Betty Jo (Doggett) Armour; b. 15 Aug 1959, Anderson Co., TX; m. RONNIE GENE PAUL, son of Arlin Wayne and Genevieve (Coker) Paul, b. 19 Aug 1958, Navarro Co., TX.
Children (Paul):

346:2A1:32341	Jerad		b. 1984
346:2A1:32342	Joshua Wade	b. 1987

346:2A1:32341 JERAD PAUL; b. 26 Jul 1984, Anderson Co., TX.
346:2A1:32342 JOSHUA WADE PAUL; b. 9 Feb 1987, Anderson Co., TX.

346:2A1:324 DELORES MAE DOGGETT, dau of Riley Richard and Lucy Mae (Tatum) Doggett; b. 16 Oct 1932, Dallas Co., TX; m. DALLAS THEODORE HANCOCK, son of Fredrick William and Mary Ellen (Goff) Hancock, b. 12 Jun 1931, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Hancock):

346:2A1:3241	Barbara Hale	b. 1954		m.	David Samuel Johnson
346:2A1:3242	Marty Lou	b. 1956
346:2A1:3243	Kathy Darlene	b. 1958		m. 	William Harton Kamp

346:2A1:3242 MARTY LOU HANCOCK; b. 25 Sep 1956, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3241 BARBARA HALE HANCOCK, dau of Dallas Theodore and Delores Mae (Doggett) Hancock; b. 24 Oct 1954, Dallas Co., TX; m. DAVID SAMUEL JOHNSON.
Children (Johnson):

346:2A1:32411	Carl Chester	b. 1983

346:2A1:32411 CARL CHESTER JOHNSON; b. 14 May 1983, Denton Co., TX.

346:2A1:3243 KATHY DARLENE HANCOCK, dau of Dallas Theodore and Delores Mae (Doggett) Hancock; b. 9 Dec 1958, Dallas Co., TX; m. WILLIAM HARTON KAMP, son of Henry William , Jr. and Felice Nancy (Harton) Kamp, b. 4 Apr 19556, Denton Co., TX.
Children (Kamp):

346:2A1:32431	Nancy Darlene	b. 1980

346:2A1:32431 NANCY DARLENE KAMP; b. 11 Feb 1980, Denton Co., TX.

346:2A1:325 MOLLIE ANN DOGGETT, dau of Riley Richard and Lucy Mae (Tatum) Doggett; b. 3 Oct 1943, Dallas Co., TX; m. EDWIN LEE BENNEFIELD.
Children (Bennifield):

346:2A1:3251	Kelli Ann	b. 1964		m. 1981	Mark Allen Shandley
						m. 1995	John M. Calkins

346:2A1:3251 KELLI ANN BENNEFIELD; b. 13 Mar 1964, Grayson Co., TX; m(1) 27 Mar 1981, Denton Co., TX (div. 1990), MARK ALLEN SHANDLEY, son of Thomas Rogers and Wanda Lea (Gindrup) Shandley, b. 5 Jul 1960, Montgomery Co., TX; m(2) 9 Apr 1995, Dallas Co., TX, JOHN M. CALKINS, b. abt 1963.

346:2A1:33 CLYDE DOGGETT, son of Richard Joabe and Ida (Cook) Doggett; b. abt 1899, TX; d. 10 Dec 1976, Harris Co., TX; m(1) EVA LEE BENTON, dau of Norah Frank and Molly (Lee/Williams) Benton, d. Colllin Co., TX, bur. Blue Ridge, Collin Co., TX; m(2) MATTIE BENTON (half sister of Eva Lee)
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:331	Pauline Jewel	b. 1922		m.	James William Bufford
						m. 1975	Garland D. Farris
346:2A1:332	Clarence
		 Leonard	b. 1927		m.	Marie Cobb.
346:2A1:333	John Clyde

346:2A1:331 PAULINE JEWEL DOGGETT, dau. of Clyde and Eva Lee (Benton) Doggett; m(1) JAMES WILLIAM BUFFORD; m(2) 29 Dec 1975, Hunt Co., TX, GARLAND D. FARISS, b. abt 1918.
Children (Bufford):

346:2A1:3311	Mary Ellen(ad.) b. 1950 	m. 1979	Jerel Brent Rayfield
346:2A1:3312	James Thomas	b. 1954		m. 1973	Susan Kay Wyatt

346:2A1:3311 MARY ELLEN BUFFORD, dau of James William and Pauline Jewel (Doggett) Bufford; b. 25 May 1950 (ad.), Dallas Co., TX; m. 18 Aug 1979, Dallas Co., TX, JEREL BRENT RAYFIELD, son of Joe Bailey, Jr. and Freda Mercedes (Jeter) Rayfield, b. 13 Jun 1950, Henderson Co,. TX.
Children (Rayfield):

346:2A1:33111	Chantilly Jewel	b. 1969		m. 1989	Martin Berryman

346:2A1:33111 CHANTILLY JEWEL RAYFIELD, dau of Jerel Brent and Mary Ellen (Bufford) Rayfield; b. 12 Sep 1969, Dallas Co., TX; m. 10 Jun 1989, Ellis Co., TX, MARTIN BERRYMAN, b. abt 1965.
Children (Berryman):

346:2A1:331111	Trent Ryan	b. 1990
346:2A1:331112	Preston Chance	b. 1996

346:2A1:331111 TRENT RYAN BERRYMAN; b. 13 Aug 1990, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A1:331112 PRESTON CHANCE BERRYMAN; b. 2 Apr 1996, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3312 JAMES THOMAS BUFFORD, son of James William and Pauline Jewel (Doggett) Bufford; b. 14 Jun 1954, Dallas Co., TX; m. 23 Dec 1973, Dallas Co., TX (div 1990), SUSAN KAY WYATT, dau of Roland Maurice and Billie Joe (Sanders) Wyatt, b. 15 Nov 1954, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Bufford):

346:2A1:33121	Jennifer Jane	b. 1975
346:2A1:33122	James William	b. 1978
346:2A1:22123	Matthew Brian	b. 1981

346:2A1:33121 JENNIFER JANE BUFFORD; b. 9 Feb 1975, Galveston Co., TX.
346:2A1:33122 JAMES WILLIAM BUFFORD; b. 10 Aug 1978, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A1:33123 MATTHEW BRIAN BUFFORD; b. 26 Jul 1981, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:332 CLARENCE LEONARD DOGGETT, son of Clyde and Eva Lee (Benton) Doggett; b. 1 Apr 1927, Dallas Co., TX; m. MARIE COBB.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:3321	Michael Leonard	b. 1947	d. 2000	m. 1967	Sandra Mae Richards
						m. 1974	Patricia A.
						m. 1980	Ann E.(Eiermann)Hillhouse
						m. 1992	Carolyn M. Gandy

346:2A1:3321    MICHAEL LEONARD DOGGETT, son of Clarence Leonard and Marie (Cobb) Doggett; b. 23 Dec 1947, Dallas Co., TX; d. 27 Feb 2000; m(1) 25 Aug 1967 (div. 1973). SANDRA MAE RICHARDS; m(2) 3 Nov 1974 (div. 1977), PATRICIA A. (surname unknown); m(3) 4 Jul 1980, Travis Co., TX, ANN ELIZABETH (EIERMANN) HILLHOUSE, b. abt. 1950; m(2) 30 May 1992, Morris Co., TX, CAROLYN M. GANDY, b. abt. 1949.
Chidren (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Richards)
346:2A1:33211	Michelle Lynn	b. 1972		m. 1993	Matthew Lowe Lunsford
						m. 1995	Gregory Steven Callahan
	(children of marriage to Eiermann)
346:2A1:33212	Richard Austin	b. 1981

346:2A1:33212 RICHARD AUSTIN DOGGETT; b. 18 Jun 1981, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:33211 MICHELLE LYNN DOGGETT, dau of Michael Leonard and Sandra Mae (Richards) Doggett; b. 5 May 1972, Harris Co., TX; m(1) 22 Oct 1993, Harris Co., TX, MATTHEW LOWE LUNSFORD (div 1995); m(2) 24 Jun 1995, Galveston Co., TX, GREGORY STEVEN CALLAHAN, son of Daniel Patrick and Elizabeth Jane (Cornitius) Callahan, b. 24 Feb 1971, Galveston Co., TX.
Children (Lunsford):

346:2A1:332111	Alexander Lowe	b. 1994

Children (Callahan):

346:2A1:332112	Kyle Steven	b. 11996

346:2A1:332111 ALEXANDER LOWE LUNSFORD; b. 29 Apr 1994, Harris Co., TX.
346:2A1:332112 KYLE STEVEN CALLAHAN; b. 7 Feb 1996, Galveston Co., TX.

346:2A1:34 IRA R. DOGGETT, son of Richard Joabe and Ida Belle (Cook) Doggett; b. abt 1902, TX; m. MARGARET LUELLA HOLDEN, b. abt 1908, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:341	Iola Ann	b. 1935		m.	William Robert Davidson
346:2A1:342	Ira Richard	b. 1948		m. 	Josephine Sutton

346:2A1:341 IOLA ANN DOGGETT, dau of Ira R. and Margaret Luella (Holdern ) Doggett; b. 12 Jan 1935, Dallas Co., TX; m. WILLIAM ROBERT DAVIDSON.
Children (Davidson):

346:2A1:3411	Gyvone		b. 1959		m. 1975	Steven Robert Wyatt
						m. 1985	Wesley West, Jr.
346:2A1:3412	Margaret
		 Elizabeth	b. 1967		m. 1991	Michael D. Kennedy
346:2A1:3413	William Curtis	b. 1967		m. 1995	Evelyn S. Tyler

346:2A1:3411 GYVONE DAVIDSON, dau of William Robertson and Iola Ann (Doggett) Davidson; b. 14 Jul 1959, Dallas Co., TX; m(1) 24 Nov 1975, Dallas Co., TX (div. 1983), STEVEN ROBERT WYATT, b. abt 1956; m(2) 7 Nov 1985, Dallas Co., TX, WESLEY WEST, Jr., b. abt 1950.
Children (Wyatt):

346:2A1:34111	Robert Shane	b. 1979
346:2A1:34112	Michael Paris	b. 1982

Children (West):

346:2A1:34113	Shelly Gyvonne	b. 1988

346:2A1:34111 ROBERT SHANE WYATT; b. 2 Dec 1979, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A1:34112 MICHAEL PARIS WYATT; b. 21 Jun 1982, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A1:34113 SHELLY GYVONNE WEST; b. 4 Jan 1988, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3412 MARGARET ELIZABETH DAVIDSON dau of William Robertson and Iola Ann (Doggett) Davidson; b. 23 May 1967, Dallas Co., TX; m. 12 Oct 1991, Dallas Co., TX, MICHAEL DAVID KENNEDY, b. abt 1962.
Children (Kennedy):

346:2A1:34121	Jared Riley	b. 1997

346:2A1:34121 JARED RILEY KENNEDY; b. 11 Jan 1997, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3413 WILLIAM CURTIS DAVIDSON, son of William Robertson and Iola Ann (Doggett) Davidson; b. 23 May 1967, Dallas Co., TX; m. 12 Feb 1995, Dallas Co., TX, EVELYN SUE TYLER, dau of Johon Elgin and Betty Jane (Boltin) Tyler, b. 22 Jul 1966, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Davidson):

346:2A1:34131	William Harley	b. 1995

346:2A1:34131 WILLIAM HARLEY DAVIDSON; b. 2 Apr 1995, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:342 IRA RICHARD DOGGETT, son of Ira R. and Margaret Luella (Holden) Doggett; b. 28 Oct 1948, Dallas Co., TX; m. JOSEPHINE SUTTON.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:3421	Richard Lynn	b. 1969		m. 2003	Tracy Lynn Smith
346:2A1:3422	Tammie Mae	b. 1972		m. 1986	Tommy Glenn Smith
346:2A1:3423	Gregg Allen	b. 1974		m. 1999	Alicia Michelle Norwood

346:2A1:3421 RICHARD LYNN DOGGETT, son of Ira Richard. and Josephine (Sutton) Doggett; b. 6 Aug 1969, Dallas Co., TX; m. 13 Dec 2000, Dallas Co., TX, TRACY LYNN SMITH, dau of James Rondell and Mary Evelyn (Ballard) Smith, b. 9 Sep 1969, Tarrant Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:34211	Jenna Lynn	b. 1993
346:2A1:34212	Richard Blake	b. 1994

346:2A1:34211 JENNA LYNN DOGGETT; b. 4 Mar 1993, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A1:34212 RICHARD BLAKE DOGGETT; b. 13 Dec 1994, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3422 TAMMIE MAE DOGGETT, dau of Ira Richard and Josephine (Sutton) Doggett; b. 18 Jan 1972, Dallas Co., TX; m(1) 28 Jun 1986, Dallas Co, TX, TOMMY GLENN SMITH, son of Donald Glenn and Joann (Anderson) Smith, b. 4 Apr 1968. Dallas Co., TX; m(2) 24 Sep 1999, Navarro Co., TX, JERRY L. WATSON, b. abt 1967,
Children (Smith):

346:2A1:34221	Erik Glenn	b. 1987

346:2A1:34221 ERIK GLENN SMITH; b. 30 Dec 1987, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:3423 GREGG ALLEN DOGGETT, son of Ira Richard and Josephine (Sutton) Doggett; b. 17 Jun 1974, Dallas Co., TX; m. 29 Dec 1999, Navarro Co., TX, ALICIA MICHELLE NORWOOD, dau of Randy Howard and Rosa Mary (Inge) Norwood, b. 24 May 1973, Collin Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:34231	Candace
		 Michelle	b. 1997

346:2A1:34231 CANDACE MICHELLE DOGGETT; b. 26 Feb 1997, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A1:36 ZONA ROSETTA DOGGETT, dau. of Richard Joabe and Ida Belle (Cook) Doggett; b. 27 Feb 1903; d. 3 Jan 1989; m. EARL EVERETT SIMMONS.
Children (Simmons):

346:2A1:361	Arvil Glenn	b. 1935
346:2A1:362	Ancel
346:2A1:363	Rayburn			d. 1950

346:2A1:361 ARVIL GLENN SIMMONS; b. 31 Aug 1935, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A1:4 WESLEY WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Thomas Jefferson and Frances E. (Watson) Doggett; b. Jun 1871, TX; m. abt 1891, JENNIE H. BROCK, dau. of George W. Brock, b. Oct 1874, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:41	James Wesley	b. 1893		m.	Cleo Mullinax

346:2A1:41 JAMES  ("Jimmie") WESLEY DOGGETT, son of Wesley William and Jennie H. (Brock) Doggett; b. 16 Mar 1893, Weatherford, Parker Co., TX; m. CLEO MULLINAX, b. abt. 1894, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:411	Jim		b. 1921
346:2A1:412	Andrew		b. 1924
346:2A1:413	Raymond Lewis	b. 1933		m. 1956	Peggy Jean Himes
						m. 1977	Mary E. Baird
						m. 1982	Peggy J. Simpson

346:2A1:413 RAYMOND LEWIS DOGGETT, son of James Wesley and Cleo (Mullilnax) Doggett; b. 9 Aug 1933, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 17 Mar 1956 (div. 1975), PEGGY JEAN HIMES, b. abt 1936; m(2) 19 Jun 1977,Tarrant Co., TX (div. 1978), MARY E. BAIRD, b. abt. 1953; m(3) 8 Jan 1982, Tarrant Co., TX (div. 1984), PEGGY J. SIMPSON, b. abt. 1951.
Children (Doggett) (of first marriage):

346:2A1:4131	Larry Lynn	b. 1957
346:2A1:4132	Rebecca Marie	b. 1958		m. 1984	Danny Brian Weeks
346:2A1:4133	Sheila Marie	b. 1965		m.	Michael Steven Giles

346:2A1:4131 LARRY LYNN DOGGETT; b. 13 Jun 1957, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A1:4132 REBECCA MARIE DOGGETT, dau of Raymond Lewis and Peggy Jean (Himes) Doggett, b. 18 Oct 1958, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 23 Mar 1984, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, DANNY BRIAN WEEKS, son of George W. and Margie Ellen (Corbin) Weeks, b. 22 Oct 1946, Baird, Callahan Co., TX, d. 8 Jan 2002, San Angelo, TX. Danny had children from previous marriages.
Children (Weeks):

346:2A1:41321	Jennifer Marie	b. 1982
346:2A1:41322	Gweneth Rae	b. 1988

346:2A1:41321 JENNIFER MARIE WEEKS; b. 31 Aug 1982, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A1:41322 GWENETH RAE WEEKS; b. 31 Aug 1988, Taylor Co., TX.

346:2A1:4133 SHEILA MARIE DOGGETT; b. 2 Nov 1965, Tarrant Co., TX; m. MICHAEL STEVEN GILES.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1:41331	Stacie Marie	b. 1982

Children (Giles):

346:2A1:41332	Kasia D'Aun	b. 1986

346:2A2 WILLIAM DANIEL DOGGETT, son of Richard and Margaret Pauline (Vice) Doggett; b. 8 Oct 1842, KY; d. 14 Jan 1920, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem.; m. 1870, Johnson Co., TX, LADASKA LAVINA ADALINE GANT, dau. of James and Calpernia (Thornton) Gant, of Johnson Co., TX, b. 9 Jan 1852, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN, d. 29 Apr 1931, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX, bur. Caddo Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:1	John Calvin	b. 1871	d. 1948	m. 1899	Mary L. Smith
						m. 1906	Elida Ethel Jenkins
346:2A2:2	George Lee	b. 1874	d. 1927	m. 1897	Molly Hunter
						m. 	Hazel Huffman
346:2A2:w	Ida Irene	b. 1876	d. 1882
346:2A2:x	Mary I.		b. 1878	d. 1883
346:2A2:y	Cynthia Ann	b. 1879	d. 1882
346:2A2:z	William David	b. 1881	d. 1882
346:2A2:3	Eula Alta	b. 1884	d. 1940	m. 1903	Franklin Burl Smith
346:2A2:4	Linnie Mae	b. 1887	d. 1968	m. 1904	Elbert Charles Hampton
346:2A2:5	Oscar Bonion	b. 1889	d. 1945	m. 1914	Callie Safronia Lowder

346:2A2:w IDA IRENE DOGGETT; b. Feb 1876, d. 30 Dec 1882, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem.
346:2A2:x MARY I. DOGGETT; b. 30 Mar 1878, d. 22 Oct 1883, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem.
346:2A2:y CYNTHIA ANN DOGGETT; b. 14 Nov 1879, d. 19 Sep 1882, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem.

346:2A2:z WILLIAM DAVID DOGGETT; b. 30 Nov 1881, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 20 Oct 1882; bur. Caddo Cem.

346:2A2:1 JOHN CALVIN DOGGETT, son of William Daniel and Ladask Lavina Adline (Gant) Doggett; b. 7 Nov 1871, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 1 Aug 1948, Crowley TX; bur. Crowley Cem.; m(1) 24 Sep 1899, MARY L. SMITH, b. 23 Jul 1877, Kensington, GA, d. 31 Jan 1904, in childbirth of third child; m(2) 11 Mar 1906, ELIDA ETHEL ("Liza") JENKINS, b. 5 Apr 1883, Bolivar, Polk Co., MO, d. 3 Sep 1969, Rio Vista, Johnson Co. TX, bur. Crowley Cem.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Mary Smith)
346:2A2:11	Clayton
		 Sterling	b. 1902	d. 1949	m.	Mae Leonard
		2 other children, d. y.
	(children of marriage to Elida Ethel Jenkins)
346:2A2:12	Vinton Calvin	b. 1906	d. 1994	m. 1935	Lucy Estelle Corbin
346:2A2:13	Abe Arvel	b. 1909	d. 1993	m. 1935	Julia Vidler
346:2A2:14	Morene Florence	b. 1912		m. 1932	Fred C. Pipes
346:2A2:15	Johnnie Thurman	b. 1916	d. 1969	m.	Joyce Wilshire
346:2A2:16	Ethel Aileen	b. 1919		m.	Lenvil Henry Bennefield
346:2A2:17	William Daniel	b. 1923	d. 1993	m. 1947	Clara Ellen Foster

346:2A2:11 CLAYTON STERLING DOGGETT, son of John Calvin and Mary L. (Smith) Doggett; b. 8 Aug 1902, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. Mar 1949, Lordsburg, NM; bur. Crowley Cem; m. MAE LEONARD.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:111	Harold Gene	b. 1935		m. 1957	Arith M. Strait
						m. 1975	Shirley Hazelwood
						m. 1986	Doris F.

346:2A2:111 HAROLD GENE DOGGETT, son of Sterling Clayton and Mae (Leonard) Doggett; b. 19 Mar 1935, Johnson Co., TX; m(1) 20 Dec 1957, (div. 1972), ARITH M. STRAIT; m(2) 24 May 1975, Harris Co., TX, SHIRLEY HAZELWOOD, b. abt. 1947; m(3) 26 May 1986 (div. 1987), DORIS F. (surname unknown)
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:1111    Harold
		 Gene, Jr.    	b. 1959		m. 1984	Helen J. Bergen
346:2A2:1112	Cindy Marie	b. 1961		m. 1978	Donald D. Long
346:2A2:1113	Angela Dawn	b. 1964		m. 1986	Charles A. Williams
346:2A2:1114	Tina Vale	b. 1967

346:2A2:1112 CINDY MARIE DOGGETT; b. 15 Jan 1961, Harris Co. TX; m. 17 Nov 1978, Harris Co., TX, DONALD D. LONG, b. abt 1960.
346:2A2:1113 ANGELA DAWN DOGGETT; b. 7 Jun 1964, Harris Co., TX; m. 15 Aug 1986,
Dallas Co., TX, CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, b. abt 1951.
346:2A2:1114 TINA VALE DOGGETT; b. 13 Sep 1967, Harris Co., TX.

346:2A2:1111    HAROLD GENE DOGGETT, Jr., son of Harold Gene Doggett; b. 2 Feb 1959, Harris Co., TX; m. 26 Jan 1984, Harris Co, TX, HELEN J. BERGEN, dau of Russell Eugene and Alma Jean (Richardson) Bergen, b. 2 Jul 1962, Jefferson Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:11111	Christian Heath	b. 1982
346:2A2:11112	Christiana
		 Marie		b. 1984
346:2A2:11113	Andrew Harrison	b. 1993

346:2A2:11111 CHRISTIAN HEATH DOGGETT; b. 29 Aug 1982, Harris Co., TX
346:2A2:11112 CHRISTIANA MARIE DOGGETT; b. 4 Jan 1984, Harris Co., TX.
346:2A2:11113 ANDREW HARRISON DOGGETT; b. 29 Jun 1993, Montgomery Co., TX.

346:2A2:12 VINTON CALVIN DOGGETT, son of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 23 Dec 1906, Joshua, TX; d . 8 Sep 1994, Johnson Co., TX; m. 21 Sep 1935, LUCY ESTELLE CORBIN, b. 1915, Bono, TX; d. 27 Aug 1994, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX, bur. Cleburne Mem. Cem..
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:121	Sandra Lee	b. 1941		m. 1960	Danny Odell Barnett
						m.	Pablo Rodriguez
346:2A2:122	George Calvin	b. 1949		m. 1968	Cheryl Logan

346:2A2:121 SANDRA LEE DOGGETT, dau of Vinton Calvin and Lucy Estelle (Corbin) Doggett; b . 14 Oct 1941, Johnson Co., TX; m(1) 2 Jan 1960, DANNY ODELL BARNETT, son of Ewell Odell and Edna Mae (Atkins) Barnett, b. 26 Apr 1939, Tarrant Co., TX; m(2) PABLO RODRIGUEZ.
Children (Barnett):

346:2A2:1211	Deborah Lynne	b. 1961
346:2A2:1212	Sherri Ledan	b. 1963		m. 1984	Clifford R. Carroll
346:2A2:1213	Danny Justin
		 William	b. 1971		m. 1996	Trena E. Hicks

Children (Rodriguez):

346:2A2:1214	Cinda Shave	b. 1976		m. 2002 Dustin C. Armstrong

346:2A2:1211 DEBORAH LYNNE BARNETT; b. 18 Feb 1961, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:1212 SHERRI LEDAN BARNETT; b. 2 Jul 1963, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 3 Feb 1984, Johnson Co., TX, CLIFFORD R. CARROLL, b. abt 1961.
346:2A2:1213 DANNY JUSTIN WILLIAM BARNETT; b. 20 Aug 1971, Johnson Co., TX; m. 22 Jan 1996, Johnson Co., TX, TRENA E. HICKS, b. abt 1975.
346:2A2:1214 CINDA SHAVE RODRIGUEZ; b. 14 Dec 1976, Johnson Co., TX; m. 28 Jun 2002, Johnson Co., TX, DUSTIN C. ARMSTRONG, b. abt 1977.

346:2A2:122 GEORGE CALVIN DOGGETT, son of Vinton Calvin and Lucy Estelle (Corbin) Doggett; b. 26 Apr 1949, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 16 Aug 1968, Johnson Co., TX,  CHERYL ANN LOGAN, dau of Grover Lloyd, Jr. and Jewel (Mcconnell) Logan, b. 25 Dec 1949, Tarrant Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:1221	Christina
		 Annette	b. 1970
346:2A2:1222	Robert Calvin	b. 1972

346:2A2:1221 CHRISTINA ANNETTE DOGGETT: b. 2 Aug 1970, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:1222 ROBERT CALVIN DOGGETT; b. 20 Jun 1972, Harris Co., TX.

346:2A2:13 ABE ARVEL DOGGETT, son of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 18 Jun 1909, Johnson Co., TX; d. 13 Feb 1993, Cleburne, TX; bur. Rose Hill Cem.; m. 14 Apr 1935, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX, JULIA ELIZABETH VIDLER..
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:131	Charles Elliott	b. 1939		m. 1959	Clydene Joyce Green

346:2A2:131 CHARLES ELLIOTT DOGGETT, son of Abe Arvel and Julia Elizabeth (Vidler) Doggett; b. 11 Oct 1939, Johnson Co., TX; m. 25 Nov 1959, CLYDENE JOYCE GREEN, dau of Claye Strickland and Ruby Joyce (Keith) Green, b. 1 Mar 1941, Johnson Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:1311	Charles David	b. 1960 	m. 1981	Lana Luann Gerron
346:2A2:1312	Cara Deann	b. 1966	qww	m. 1989 William John Hughes III

346:2A2:1311 CHARLES DAVID DOGGETT, son of Charles Elliott and Clydene Joyce (Green) Doggett; b. 30 Aug 1960, Johnson Co, TX; m. 29 Aug 1981, Tarrant Co., TX, LANA LUANN GERRON , dau of Jo Leon and Kay Frances (Wheeler) Gerron, b. 11 May 1964, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:13111	Courtney Nicole	b. 1985
346:2A2:13112	Lauren Deann	b. 1989

346:2A2:13111 COURTNEY NICOLE DOGGETT; b. 7 Mar 1985, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:13112 LAUREN DEANN DOGGETT; b. 15 May 1989, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:1312 CARA DEANN DOGGETT, dau of Charles Elliott and Clydene Joyce (Green) Doggett; b. 1 Aug 1966, Johnson Co., TX; m. 15 Feb 1989, Tarrant Co., TX, WILLIAM JOHN HUGHES III, b. abt 1966.
Children (Hughes):

346:2A2:13121	Cara Elizabeth	b. 1993
346:2A2:13122	Amy Allyse	b. 1996

346:2A2:13121 CARA ELIZABETH HUGHES; b. 16 Sep 1993, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:13122 AMY ALLYSE HUGHES; b. 21 Oct 1996, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:14 MORENE FLORENCE DOGGETT, dau. of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 4 Sep 1911, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; m. 23 Dec 1932, FRED C. PIPES.
Children (Pipes):

346:2A2:141	John William	b. 1941		m. 1961	Sharon Diane Ellis

346:2A2:141 JOHN WILLIAM PIPES, son of Fred C. and Morene Florence (Doggett) Pipes; b. 21 Jan 1941, Godley, Johnson Co., TX; m. 1961, SHARON DIANE ELLIS, dau of Jerry Frank and Mozelle (Ivey) Ellis, b. 23 Sep 1941, Tarrant Co., TX.
Children (Pipes):

346:2A2:1411	Cynthia Lynn	b. 1962
346:2A2:1412	Kristen
		 Elizabeth	b. 1964

346:2A2:1411 CYNTHIA LYNN PIPES; b. 10 May 1962, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:1412 KRISTEN ELIZABETH PIPES; b. 24 Oct 1954, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:15 JOHNNIE THURMAN DOGGETT, son of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 12 Apr 1916, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; d. 29 Dec 1969, in auto accident nr. Alvord, Wise Co., TX; bur. Crowley Cem.; m. 1934, JOYCE ALICE WILSHIRE, d. 29 Dec 1969, Wise Co., TX, in auto accident, bur. Crowley Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:151	Norma Jean	b. 1935		m. 1955	Donald Carl Claflin
346:2A2:152	Nancy Ann	b. 1936	d. 1984	m.	Johnny Francis Moon

346:2A2:151 NORMA JEAN DOGGETT, dau of Johnnie Thurman and Joyce Alice (Wilshie) Doggett; b. 27 Mar 1935, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; m. Mar 1955, DONALD CARL CLAFLIN, son of James Edward and Hazel Lena (Lucas) Claflin.
Children (Claflin):

346:2A2:1511	Donna Joyce	b. 1957		m.	David Mitchell
346:2A2:1512	Vickie Lynn			m.	Frank Bates
346:2A2:1513	Linda Kaye			m.	Robert Barry
346:2A2:1514	Debra Ann

346:2A2:1511 DONNA JOYCE CLAFLIN, dau of Donald Carl and Norma Jean (Doggett) Claflin; b. 7 Jan 1957, Potter Co., TX; m. DAVID MITCHELL.
Children (Mitchell):

346:2A2:15111	Willis Don
346:2A2:15112	Melissa Jewell

346:2A2:1512 VICKIE LYNN CLAFLIN, dau of Donald Carl and Norma Jean (Doggett) Claflin; m. FRANK BATES.
Children (Bates):

346:2A2:15121	Courtney Lynn
346:2A2:15122	Caitlin Leigh

346:2A2:1513 LINDA KAYE CLAFLIN, dau of Donald Carl and Norma Jean (Doggett) Claflin; m. ROBERT BARRY.
Children (Barry):

346:2A2:15131	Rachel Lynn
346:2A2:15132	Lauren Marie

346:2A2:152 NANCY ANN DOGGETT, dau of Johnnie Thurman and Joyce Alice (Wilshie) Doggett; b. 22 May 1936, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 7 May 1984, Amarillo, TX; m. 19 Aug 1955 (div. 1968), JOHNNY FRANCIS MOON, b. abt 1936.
Children (Moon):

346:2A2:1521	Kimberly Ann	b. 1958		m. 1976	David Lawrence Day
346:2A2:152x	Sherri Lynn	b. 1961	d. 1969
346:2A2:1522	Connie Elaine	b. 1965		m. 1986	George Stanley Waddell
346:2A2:1523	Johnny Earl	b. 1965

346:2A2:152x SHERRI LYNN MOON; b. 2 Aug 1961, Potter Co., TX; d. 29 Dec 1969, Wise Co., TX, in auto accident with grandparents.
346:2A2:1523 JOHNNY EARL MOON; b. 29 Mar 1965, Potter Co., TX.

346:2A2:1521 KIMBERLY ANN MOON, dau of Johnny Francis and Nancy Ann (Doggett) Moon; b. 4 May 1958, Potter Co., TX; m. 27 Feb 1976, Potter Co., TX, DAVID LAWRENCE DAY, b. abt 1956.
Children (Day):

346:2A2:15211	Brandon Lee	b. 1976

346:2A2:15211 BRANDON LEE DAY; b. 1 Sep 1976, Potter Co., TX.

346:2A2:1522 CONNIE ELAINE MOON, dau of Johnny Francis and Nancy Ann (Doggett) Moon; b. 29 Mar 1965, Potter Co., TX; m. 16 Aug 1986, Potter Co., TX, GEORGE STANLEY WADDELL, b. abt 1965.
Children (Waddell):

346:2A2:15221 	Elizabeth Ann	b. 1994
346:2A2:15222	Spencer William	b. 1997

346:2A2:15221 ELIZABETH ANN WADDELL; b. 22 Jan 1993, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:15222 SPENCER WILLIAM WADDELL; b. 23 Apr 1997, Potter Co., TX.

346:2A2:16 ETHEL ("Jackie") AILEEN DOGGETT, dau. of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 8 Jul 1919, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; m. 19 Mar, LENVIL HENRY BENNEFIELD.
Children (Bennefield):

346:2A2:161 	Harold Howard	b. 1946		m. 1971	Priscilla Ann Willis

346:2A2:161 HAROLD HOWARD BENNEFIELD, son of Lenvil Henry and Ethel Aileen (Doggett) Bennefield; b. 15 Mar 1946, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 22 Oct 1971, Tarrant Co., TX, PRISCILLA ANN WILLIS, b. abt 1942.
Children (Bennefield):

346:2A2:1611	Jason Harold	b. 1973

346:2A2:1611 JASON HAROLD BENNEFIELD; b. 22 Mar 1973, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:17 WILLIAM DANIEL DOGGETT, son of John Calvin and Elida Ethel (Jenkins) Doggett; b. 30 Jul 1923, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; d. 31 Oct 1993, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Greenacres Mem. Park, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; m. 1 Feb 1947, CLARA ELLEN FOSTER, dau of Robert James and Della Mae (Bennett) Foster, b. 28 Apr 1928, Grandview, TX, d. 23 Dec 2006, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, bur. Greenacres Mem. Park.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:171	Joyce Ellen	b. 1949		m. 1968	Gary Lynn Meador
346:2A2:172	William
		 Daniel, Jr.	b. 1951		m. 1972	Juliana Alexander
						m. 1975	Linda Eileen Gilbreath
						m. 1988	Beverly Ann Sears

346:2A2:171 JOYCE ELLEN DOGGETT, dau. of William Daniel and Clara Ellen (Foster) Doggett; b. 25 Jun 1949, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; m. 22 Jun 1968, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX, GARY LYNN MEADOR, son of Franklin Eugene and Janie Myrel (Boles) Meador, b. 19 Aug 1947, Harris Co., TX.
Children (Meador):

346:2A2:1711	Kenneth Ray	b. 1971

346:2A2:1711 KENNETH RAY MEADOR; b. 8 Sep 1971, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX.

346:2A2:172 WILLIAM DANIEL DOGGETT, Jr., son of William Daniel and Clara Ellen (Foster) Doggett; b. 29 Apr 1951, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; m(1) 25 Mar 1972, Johnson Co., TX, JULIANA ALEXANDER, b. abt. 1953; m(2) 22 Nov 1975, Hood Co, TX, LINDA EILEEN GILBREATH, b. abt. 1951; m(3) 29 Feb 1988, Johnson Co., TX, BEVERLY ANN SEARS, b. abt. 1950.
Children (Doggett):

	(children by marriage to Alexander)
346:2A2:1721	Christian Shane	b. 1973		m. 1993	Lisa J. Syfrett
						m. 1996	Sarah B. Bennett
						m. 2001	Melissa L. Ryan
	(children by marriage to Gilbreath)
346:2A2:1722	Lori Ann	b. 1979
	(children by marriage to Sears)
346:2A2:1723	William
		 Daniel III	b. 1991

346:2A2:1721 CHRISTIAN SHANE DOGGETT; b. 2 Aug 1973, Johnson Co., TX; m(1) 7 Apr 1993, Johnson Co., TX, LISA J. SYFRETT, b. abt 1974; m(2) 23 Nov 1996, Tarrant Co., TX, SARAH B. BENNETT, b. abt 1977; m(3) 29 Sep 2001, Tarrant Co., TX, MELISSA L. RYAN, b. abt 1973.
346:2A2:1722 LORI ANN DOGGETT; b. 11 Jul 1979, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:1723 WILLIAM DANIEL ("Trey") DOGGETT III; b. 12 Mar 1991, Johnson Co, TX.

346:2A2:2 GEORGE LEE DOGGETT, son of William Daniel and Ladask Lavina Adline (Gant) Doggett; b. 2 Aug 1874, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 23 Aug 1927, Waurika, OK; bur. Hastings Cem., Jefferson Co., OK; m(1) 5 Sep 1897, Joshua, TX, MOLLIE HUNTER, dau. of William Alexander and Helen Addie (Myers) Hunter, b. 16 Mar 1878, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX, d. 25 Sep 1911, Joshua, TX, bur. Hastings Cem., Jefferson Co., OK; m(2) Mrs. HAZEL (HUFFMAN) JACK, b. abt. 1890, KS.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:21	Lorine Lora	b. 1898	d. 1992	m. 1916	Uriah Conrad Miller
346:2A2:22	Burton Lee	b. 1900	d. 1942	m. 1926	Gertrude F.
346:2A2:23	Corbin Hunter	b. 1904	d. 1955	m. 	Ruth Ferrell
346:2A2:2x	Raiby Pauline	b. 1908	d. 1908

346:2A2:23 CORBIN HUNTER DOGGETT; b. 19 Feb 1904, Waurika, OK; d. Nov 1955, Houston, TX; m. Chicago, IL, RUTH FERREL.
46:2A2:2x RAIBY PAULINE DOGGETT; b. 16 Feb 1908; d. 12 Jul 1908; bur. Jefferson co., OK.

346:2A2:21 LORINE LORA DOGGETT, dau. of George Lee and Mollie (Hunter) Doggett; b. 12 Jul 1898, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX; d. 11 Jan 1992. Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK; bur. Hastings Cem., Jefferson Co., OK; m. 1 Dec 1916, URIAH CONRAD MILLER, son of Conrad and Mary K. Miller, b. 12 Sep 1891, Tampa, KS, d. Apr 1986, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK.
Children (Miller):

346:2A2:211	Mary Pauline	b. 1917		m.	Paul Vasquez
						m.	Floyd Fulton
							Robert Lynn Smith
346:2A2:212	Carl William	b. 1920		m. 1945	Mildred
346:2A2:213	Melvin Lee	b. 1926		m.	Janice

346:2A2:211 MARY PAULINE MILLER; b. 23 Oct 1917, Waurika, OK; m. (1) Austin, TX, PAUL VASQUEZ; m(2) FLOYD FULTON; m(3) ROBERT LYNN SMITH, b. 1911, d. 2001.
346:2A2:212 CARL WILLIAM MILLER; b. 1 Aug 1920, Waurika, OK; m. 1945, Providence, RI, MILDRED (surname unknown).
346:2A2:213 MELVIN LEE MILLER; b. 7 Aug 1926, Waurika, OK; m. Kansas City, MO, JANICE (surname unknown).

346:2A2:22 BURTON LEE DOGGETT, son of George Lee and Mollie (Hunter) Doggett; b. 24 Jan 1900, Waurika, OK; d. 16 Aug 1942, in plane crash over Alaska while serving in U. S. Navy in WWII; m. GERTRUDE F. (surname unknown), b. abt 1902, England.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:221	Burton Lee, Jr. b. 1927	d. 2004	m. 1952	Jean Rand Bastian
						m. 1976	Mary Ann

346:2A2:221 BURTON LEE DOGGETT, Jr., son of Burton Lee and Gertrude F. Doggett; b. 18 Sep 1927, Charlotte, NC; d. 6 Apr 2004, Baltimore, MD; m(1) 1952, JEAN RAND BASTIAN (div.. 1975); m(2) 24 Sep 1976, MARY ANN (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:2211	Burton Lee III	b. 1953		m. 1991 Libby Jean Lewis
346:2A2:2212	David Randolph
Two grandchildren, Kevin and Matthew.

346:2A2:2211 BURTON LEE DOGGETT III, m. abt 1953; m. 25 Oct 1991, Halifax Co., NC, LIBBY JEAN LEWIS, dau. of Edward Alexander and Marjorie Arnette (Moseley) Lewis, b. abt 1956.

346:2A2:3 EULA ALTA DOGGETT, dau. of William Daniel and Ladask Lavina Adline (Gant) Doggett; b. 20 Mar 1884, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX, d. 18 Mar 1940, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK, m. 20 Sep 1903, FRANKLIN BURL SMITH, b. 12 Oct 1882.
Children (Smith):

346:2A2:31	Bessie Mae	b. 1904	d. 1985	m. 1927	Ira James Daniel
346:2A2:32	Ora Lee		b. 1905		m. 1930	Cecil Nichols
346:2A2:33	Frankie
		 Beatrice	b. 1907		m. 1928	Harold Brown
346:2A2:34	Euliss Alton	b. 1908		m. 1929	Mary Edith Brown
346:2A2:35	George Weldon	b. 1912		m. 1939	Fern Long
346:2A2:36	Wilson Adair	b. 1914		m. 1937	Sally Fay Jordan
346:2A2:37	Horace Vernon	b. 1915		m. 1939	Wanda Farley
346:2A2:38	Hazel Lee	b. 1917		m. 1938	Homer McCombs
346:2A2:39	Mildred Odell	b. 1921		m. 1945	Edward Graham
346:2A2:3A	Eugene Lee	b. 1923		m. 1943	Mary Jane Burga

346:2A2:32 ORA LEE SMITH; b. 17 Oct 1905, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 13 May 1930, CECIL NICHOLS.
346:2A2:34 EULISS ALTON SMITH; b. 1 Jun 1908; m. abt 1929, MARY EDITH BROWN, b. abt 1912, LA.
346:2A2:35 GEORGE WELDON SMITH; b. 12 Aug 1912, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK.
346:2A2:37 HORACE VERNON SMITH; b. 9 Sep 1915, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK; m. 5 Feb 1939, WANDA FARLEY.
346:2A2:38 HAZEL LEE SMITH; b. 10 Oct 1917, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK; m. 23 Dec 1938, HOMER McCOMBS.
346:2A2:39 MILDRED ODELL SMITH; b. 2 Aug 1921, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK; m. 20 Oct 1945, EDWARD GRAHAM.
346:2A2:3A EUGENE LEE SMITH; b. 7 Apr 1923, Amber, Grady Co., OK; m. 11 Dec 1943, MARY JANE BURGA.

346:2A2:31 BESSIE MAE SMITH, dau of Franklin Burl and Eula Alta (Doggett) Smith; b. 5 Jul 1904, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 27 Dec 1985, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK; bur. Pocassett Cem., Grady Co., OK; m. 7 Jun 1927, IRA JAMES DANIEL, b. 17 Sep 1902, d. 17 Jul 1969; bur. Pocassett Cem.
Children (Daniel):

346:2A2:311	Ralph L.	b. 1928
346:2A2:312	(dau)				m.	Mr. Davidson	

Pocassett Cem. Rec., Grady Co., OK: Ira James Daniel; b. 17 Sep 1902; d. 17 Jul 1969.
Pocassett Cem. Rec., Grady Co., OK: Bessie Mae Daniel; b. 5 Jul 1904; d. 27 Dec 1985.

1930 Census, Grady Co., OK (Pocassett): Ira J. Daniel, 27, MO MO MO, md age 24, farmer; Bessie M., wife, 25, TX TX TX, md age 22; Ralph L., son, 1-6/12m IJ NI TX.

Bessie Daniel: I was born about 1/2 mile South of the home place on a farm owned by Grandpa. I have the patent for this land that was granted to a Mr. Benjamin Branson by the State of Texas signed by Governor H. R. Rimmel.

Leslie McConachie db (RootsWeb): Bessie Mae Smith; b. 5 Jul 1904, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 27 Dec 1985, chickasha, Grady Co., OK; m. Ira James Daniel, b. 17 Sep 1902, d. 17 Jul 1969.

346:2A2:33 FRANKIE BEATRICE SMITH, dau of Franklin Burl and Eula Alta (Doggett) Smith; b. 12 Apr 1907; m. Feb 1928.. HAROLD BROWN, b. abt 1908, OK.
Children (Brown):

346:2A2:331	Carl		b. 1928

1930 Census, Oklahoma Co., OK (Oklahoma City): Harold Brown, 21, OK IA IA, md age 20, bookkeeper-oil co; Frankie, wife, 22, TX TX TX, md age 20; Carl, son, 1-7/12, OK OK TX.

346:2A2:36 WILSON ADAIR SMITH, son of Franklin Burl and Eula Alta (Doggett) Smith; b. 25 Mar 1914, Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK;d. 27 Dec 1990; m. 20 May 1937, SALLIE FAY JORDAN.
Children (Smith): (at least)

346:2A2:361	Ann				m. 	Herman Oscar Klinkhart

346:2A2:361 ANN SMITH, dau of Wilson Adair and Sallie Fay (Jordan) Smith; m. HERMAN OSCAR KLINKHART, b. 3 Apr 1934, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Children (Klinkhart):

346:2A2:3611	Tracy H.	b. 1960
346:2A2:3612	Laura S.	b. 1964

346:2A2:3611 TRACY H. KLINKHART; b. 11 Nov 1960, Los Angeles Co., CA.
346:2A2:3612 LAURA S. KLINKHART; b. 24 Aug 1964, Los Angeles Co., CA.

346:2A2:4 LINNIE MAE DOGGETT, dau. of William Daniel and Ladask Lavina Adline (Gant) Doggett; b. 21 Feb 1887, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 15 Jan 1968, Ft. Worth, TX; bur. Crowley Cem., m. 15 May 1904, Burleson, TX, ELBERT CHARLES HAMPTON, son of Melton Hampton, b. 18 Aug 1882, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 16 Sep 1963, Ft. Worth, TX, bur. Crowley Cem.
Children (Hampton):

346:2A2:41	Thelma Irene	b. 1905		m. 1927	Clarence Reed
346:2A2:42	William Melton	b. 1909		m.	Evelyn Edmonson

346:2A2:42 WILLIAM MELTON HAMPTON; b. 29 Aug 1909, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 1 Mar 1998; m. EVELYN EDMONDSON.

346:2A2:41 THELMA IRENE HAMPTON, dau. of Elbert Charles and Linnie Mae (Doggett) Hampton; b. 14 Oct 1905, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. Jul 1983; m. 26 Jan 1927, CLARENCE REED (div. 1948).
Children (Reed):

346:2A2:411	Milton Charles	b. 1930	d. 1964	m. 1951	Melba Jean Smith

346:2A2:411 MILTON CHARLES REED, son of Clarence and Thelma Irene (hampton) Reed; b. 24 Oct 1930, Joshua, Johonson Co., TX; d. 13 May 1964; m. 12 May 1951, MELBA JEAN SMITH.
Children (Reed):

346:2A2:4111	Shelly Jan	b. 1953		m. 1972	Roger Lee Jones
346:2A2:4112	Roger Sullivan	b. 1958

346:2A2:4112 ROGER SULLIVAN REED; b. 24 Mar 1958, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:4111 SHELLY JAN REED, dau of Milton Charles and Melba Jean (Smith) Reed; b. 20 May 1953, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 19 May 1972, Tarrant Co., TX, ROGER LEE JONES, b. abt 1947.
Children (Jones):

346:2A2:41111	Jason Lee	b. 1975
346:2A2:41112	Jami Lea	b. 1978

346:2A2:41111 JASON LEE JONES; b. 20 Mar 1975, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A2:41112 JAMI LEA JONES; b. 9 Jun 1978, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A2:5 OSCAR BONION ("Pat") DOGGETT;, son of William Daniel and Ladask Lavina Adline (Gant) Doggett; b. 6 Mar 1889, Crowley, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 23 Aug 1945, Godley, TX; bur. Godley; m. Oct 1914, Joshua, Johnson Co., TX, CALLIE SAFRONIA LOWDER, dau. of John L. D. and Mary B. (Hughes) Lowder, b. 21 Jan 1890, Johnson Co., TX, d. 23 Jul 1981, Johnson Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:51	Velva Murl	b. 1915		m. 1944	Grady York
346:2A2:52	Oscar Burton	b. 1918	d. 1999	m. 1950	Connie Decorte
346:2A2:53	Mary Adaline	b. 1929		m. 1949	John Coke

346:2A2:51 VELVA MURL DOGGETT; b. 15 Aug 1915; m. 1944, GRADY YORK.

346:2A2:52 OSCAR BURTON DOGGETT, son of Oscar Bonion and Callie (Lowder) Doggett; b. 7 Apr 1918. Crowley, Tarrant Co, TX; m. 1950, Pensacola, FL, CONNIE DECORTE, b. 21 Sep 1924; d. 26 May 1999.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A2:521	Callie Ann	b. 1952		m. 1976	Jerry E. Coplan
346:2A2:522	Oscar Burton	b. 1953		m. 1974	Myrtle F. Dixon
346:2A2:523	Grady James	b. 1963		m. 1983	(name deleted by request)
						m. 1985	Deborah Jean Jones
						m. 1996	Kathryn R. Anderson

346:2A2:522 OSCAR BURTON ("Jake") DOGGETT; b. 10 Nov 1953, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; d. 9 Jul 1989, Santa Cruz Co., CA; m. 15 Jan 1974, Johnson Co, TX, MYRTLE F. DIXON, b. abt. 1958.

346:2A2:521 CALLIE ANN DOGGETT, dau of Oscar Burton and Connie (Decorte) Doggett; b. 14 Oct 1952, Whitley, WA; m. 8 Jun 1976, Johnson Co., TX, JERRY E. COPLAN, b. abt 1956.
Children (Coplan):

346:2A2:5211	Dallas Faye	b. 1976

346:2A2:5211 DALLAS FAYE COPLAN; b. 25 Jul 19786, Johnson Co., TX.

346:2A2:523 GRADY JAMES DOGGETT, son of Oscar Burton and Connie (Decorte) Doggett; b. Aug 1963, Fremont, CA; m(1) (living individual, information deleted by request); m(2) 26 Jan 1985, Johnson Co, TX, (div. 1993), DEBORAH JEAN JONES, dau of James Erwin and Barbara Jane (Bouldin) Jones, b. 30 Nov 1966, Johnson Co., TX; m(3) 7 Dec 1996, Tarrant Co., TX (div. 1997), KATHRYN R. ANDERSON, b. abt 1963.
Children (Doggett) (of marriage to Jones):

346:2A2:5231	Heather Gail
346:2A2:5232	Rebecca Denee	b. 1987
346:2A2:5233	Elizabeth
		 Nicole		b. 1989

346:2A2:5231 HEATHER GAIL DOGGETT; b. Johnson Co., TX.
346:2A2:5232 REBECCA DENEE DOGGETT; b. 9 Nov 1987, Johnson Co., TX.
346:2A2:5233 ELIZABETH NICOLE DOGGETT; b. 20 Aug 1989, Johnson Co., TX.

346:2A2:53 MARY ADELINE DOGGETT, dau. of Oscar Bonion and Callie (Lowder) Doggett; b. 24 Sep 1929 (?), Cleburne, TX; m. 24 Sep 1949, JOHN HAROLD COKE.
Children (Coke):

346:2A2:531	John Steel	b. 1957		m. 1979	Jennifer Lea Huddleston
346:2A2:532	Mary Lesa	b. 1959		m. 1985	Robert Page McRae

Bessie Daniel: Mary Adaline Doggett; b. 24 Sep 1949, Cleburne, TX; m. 24 Sep 1949, John Coke. Ch: John Steel, b. 15 Jul 1957, Cleburne, Tx (adopted); Mary Lesa, b. 14 Mar 1959, Cleburne, TX (adopted).

346:2A2:531 JOHN STEEL COKE, son of John Harold and Mary Adeline (Doggett0 Coke; b. 15 Jul 1957, Bexar Co., TX. (ad.); m. 21 Jul 1979, Brazos Co., TX, JENNIFER LEA HUDDLESTON, b. abt 1958.
Children (Coke):

346:2A2:5311	Amanda Kay	b. 1983
346:2A2:5312	Joshua Kyle	b. 1987

346:2A2:5311 AMANDA KAY COKE; b. 4 Apr 1983, McLennan Co., TX.
346:2A2:5312 JOSHUA KYLE COKE; b. 23 Oct 1987, McLennan Co., TX.

346:2A2:532 MARY LESA COKE, dau of John Harold and Mary Adeline (Doggett0 Coke; b. 14 Mar 1959, Bexar Co., TX (ad.); m. 5 Jul 1985, Dallas Co., TX, ROBERT PAGE McRAE, b. abt 1948.
Children (McRae):

346:2A2:5321	William
		 Christopher	b. 1987

346:2A2:5321 WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER McRAE; b. 29 Jun 1987, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A3 JOHN WESLEY DOGGETT, son of Richard and Margaret Pauline (Vice) Doggett; b. 28 Feb 1844, KY; d. 23 Apr 1924; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX; m. 21 Dec 1871, Johnson Co., TX; MARY ARTENA RIDDLE, b. 5 Jan 1845, TN, d. 25 Aug 1916, bur. Caddo Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:1	Maudie Ora	b. 1873	d. 1943	m. 1892	William G. Miller
346:2A3:2	Reck Arnold	b. 1874	d. 1949	m. 1909	Bertie Reed
346:2A3:3	Joseph Ura	b. 1877	d. 1973	m. 1900	Mary Minta Denton
346:2A3:4	Buck Ennard	b. 1878	d. 1977	m. 1907	Sylvia Augusta Lusk
346:2A3:5	Anna Dane	b. 1880	d. 1962	m. 1903	A. Evans
346:2A3:6	Fella Alzue	b. 1881	d. 1971	m. 1904	Dan Miller
346:2A3:x	Lee Elma	b. 1883	d. 1884
346:2A3:7	Selman Olen	b. 1885	d. 1958	m. 1920	Emma Mary Hildebrand
John Wesley Doggett served in the Confederate Army as Private in Co. C, Griffin's Battalion, Texas Infantry (later Co. C, 21st Texas Infantry (Spaight's Regt.)).

346:2A3:1 MAUDIE ORA DOGGETT; b. 22 Feb 1873; d. 15 Jan 1943; bur. Crowley Cem., Tarrant Co., TX; m. 25 Apr 1892, WILLIAM G. MILLER, b. 1864, d. 1954, bur. Crowley Cem.
346:2A3:2 RECK ARNOLD DOGGETT; b. 12 Oct 1874; d. 13 Jan 1949, Walla Walla Co., WA; m. 18 Mar 1909, BERTIE REED.
; b. 7 Feb 1880; d. 10 Jan 1962; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX; m. 27 Dec 1903, A. EVANS.
346:2A3:6 FELLA ALZUE DOGGETT; b. 23 Jun 1881, TX; d. 21 Dec 1971; bur. Fort Worth, TX; m. 25 Dec 1904, DAN MILLER.
346:2A3: x LEE ELMA DOGGETT; b. 3 Jun 1883; d. 24 Jul 1884; bur. Johnson Co., TX.

346:2A3:3 JOSEPH URA DOGGETT, son of John Wesley and Mary Artenie (Riddle) Doggett; b. 25 Mar 1877, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; d. 12 Feb 1973, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX; m. 28 Jan 1900, TX, MARY MINTA DENTON, dau. of T. H. Denton, b. 3 Jun 1878, TX, d. 10 Oct 1963, Ft. Worth, TX, bur. Caddo Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:31	Clarence Denton	b. 1900	d. 1946	m.	Dorothy Elizabeth Lassiter
346:2A3:3x	Cecil Ura	b. 1902	d. 1905
346:2A3:32	Thomas Clifford	b. 1904	d. 1939	m. 1925	Myrtis Bell Cox
346:2A3:33	Mary Margaret	b. 1907	d. 1994	m.	Duane William Carlton
346:2A3:34	Joe Winford	b. 1911	d. 1983	m.	Alta Marie Cunningham
346:2A3:35	Nora Minta	b. 1913	d. 1997	m. 	Ernest William Hightower

346:2A3:31 CLARENCE DENTON DOGGETT; b. 24 Nov 1900; d. 13 Sep 1946, in airplane crash; b. Rose Hill Cem., Ft. Worth, TX; m. DOROTHY ELIZABETH LASSITER, d. 13 Sep 1946.
346:2A3:3x CECIL URA DOGGETT; b. 23 Oct 1902; d. 28 Jul 1905; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX.
346:2A3:33 MARY MARGARET DOGGETT; b. 1 Nov 1907, Johnson Co., TX; d. 8 Jan 1994; m. 24 Jan 1926, DUANE WILLIAM CARLTON, b. 26 Apr 1900, Denison, TX, d. 1983, New York, NY.

346:2A3:32 THOMAS CLIFFORD DOGGETT, son of Joseph Ura and Mary Minta (Denton) Doggett; b. 20 Sep 1904, Burleson, Johnson Co., TX; d. 23 Nov 1939, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX; m. 29 Nov 1925, MYRTIS BELL COX, dau. of James Hiram and Versie Erma (Davis) Cox, b. 8 Mar 1907, Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK, d. 30 Mar 1996, Glendale, Maricopa Co., AZ. Myrtis m(2) Clement Thomas Dickson; one son Clement Thomas, Jr.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:321	Diana June	b. 1931		m. 1955	Lloyd Lee Johns
346:2A3:322	Myrtis Barbara	b. 1936		m. 1961	John Usher Bosson

346:2A3:3214 BRIAN THOMAS JOHNS, son of Lloyd Lee and Diana June (Doggett) Johns; b. 12 Jun 1968; m. 25 Mar 1994, Mesa, AZ, TRASIE JO BUSH, b. 12 May 1968.
Children (Johns):

346:2A3:32141	Justen Thomas	b. 1997
346:2A3:32142	Delaney June	b. 1999
346:2A3:32143	Devin Knowles	b. 2002

346:2A3:32141 JUSTEN THOMAS JOHNS; b. 12 Jun 1968.
346:2A3:32142 DELANEY JUNE JOHNS; b. 19 Aug 1999.
346:32143 DEVIN KNOWLES JOHNS; b. 24 May 2002.

346:2A3:322 MYRTIS BARBARA DOGGETT, dau. of Thomas Clifford and Myrtis Bell (Cox) Doggett; b. 15 Mar 1936, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 9 Jun 1961, Phoenix, AZ, JOHN USHER BOSSON, b. 26 Aug 1936, Indianapolis, IN; d. 22 Dec 1906, Phoenix, AZ.
Children (Bosson):

346:2A3:3221	Erin		b. 1964		m.	Richard Earl Sherman
346:2A3:3222	Leanne		b. 1968
346:2A3:3223	Lucrecia	b. 1974

346:2A3:3222 LEANNE BOSSON; b. 24 Nov 1968.
346:2A3:3223 LUCRECIA HARTMAN BOSSON; b. 28 Nov 1974 (adopted 1979).

346:2A3:3221 ERIN BOSSON, dau. of John Usher and Myrtis Barbara (Doggett) Bosson; b. 1 Feb 1964; m. RICHARD EARL SHERMAN, b. 22 Jul 1963.
Children (Sherman):

346:2A3:32111	Nicolas Brandon	b. 1988
346:2A3:32112	Tyler Dillon	b. 1991

346:2A3:32111 NICOLAS BRANDON SHERMAN; b. 21 Jul 1988.
346:2A3:32112 RICHARD EARL SHERMAN; b. 10 Sep 1971.

346:2A3:34 JOE WINFORD DOGGETT, son of Joseph Ura and Mary Minta (Denton) Doggett; b. 15 Sep 1911, Johnson Co., TX; d. 3 Apr 1983, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m. ALTA MARIE CUNNINGHAM.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:341	Joe Winford,Jr.	b. 1933		m.	Constance Annette Barker
346:2A3:342	Frances Marie	b. 1937		m.	James Ronald Gaunce
346:2A3:34x	Shirley Lois	b. 1940	d.1940

346:2A3:34x SHIRLEY LOIS DOGGETT; b. 29 Jul 1940, Tarrant Co., TX; d. 17 Sep 1940; bur. Caddo Cem.,. Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A3:341 JOE WINFORD DOGGETT, Jr., son of Joe Winford and Alta Marie (Cuningham) Doggett; b. 17 Sep 1933, Tarrant Co., TX; m. CONSTANCE ANNETTE BARKER.
Children (Doggett

346:2A3:3411	Joel Wayne	b. 1957
346:2A3:3412	Deidre Diane	b. 1959		m. 1981	Robert Allen Coon

TBR: Joe Winford Doggett, Jr., b. 9/17/1933, Tarrant Co., TX. F-Joe Winford Doggett; M- Alta Marie Cunningham.

Gary Handy, Gary's Genealogy: Joe Winford Doggett, Jr.; m. Connie?. Ch: Joel Wayne; Diedre Diane.

346:2A3:3411 JOEL WAYNE DOGGETT; b. 25 Nov 1958, Tarrant Co., TX.

TBR: Joel Wayne Doggett; b. 25 Nov 1958, Tarrant Co., TX; father Joe Winford Doggett, Jr.; mother Constance Annette Barker.

346:2A3:3412 DEIDRE DIANE DOGGETT; b. 25 Nov 1959, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 5 Jul 1981, Tarrant Co., TX, ROBERT ALLEN COON, b. abt 1959.
Children (Coon):

346:2A3:34121	Brandi Ann	b. 1983
346:2A3:34122	Stacy Diane	b. 1984

346:2A3:34121 BRANDI ANN COON; b. 19 Mar 1983, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A3:34122 STACY DIANE COON; b. 27 Dec 1984, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A3:342 FRANCES MARIE DOGGETT, dau of Joe Winford and Alta Marie (Cuningham) Doggett; b. 29 May 1937, Tarrant Co., TX; m. JAMES RONALD GAUNCE, son of James Hubert and Jessie Maude (Roberts) Gaunce, b. 5 Feb 1937, Ector Co., TX.
Children (

346:2A3:3421	Ronald David	b. 1958		m. 1981	Linda G.
						m.	Joan Davis
346:2A3:3422	James Douglas	b. 1961		m. 1984	Gretchen Ann Hicks
						m. 1997	Maureen T. Friend
346:2A3:3423	Ronda Ree	b. 1963		m. 1982	Rodney Madison Master
						m. 1985	Steven Donnell Willis

346:2A3:3421 RONALD DAVID GAUNCE, son of James Ronald and Frances Marie (Doggett) Gaunce; b. 16 Nov 1958, Tarrant Co., TX; b. 16 Nov 1958, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 6 Jun 1981 (div. 1987), LINDA G. (surname unknown), b. abt 1962; m(2) JOAN DAVIS.
Children (Gaunce):

346:2A3:34211	Megan Leigh	b. 1990
346:2A3:34212	Clayton Matthew	b. 1990

346:2A3:34211 MEGAN LEIGH GAUNCE; b. 18 Feb 1990, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A3:34212 CLAYTON MATTHEW GAUNCE; b. 18 Feb 1990, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A3:3422 JAMES DOUGLAS GAUNCE, son of James Ronald and Frances Marie (Doggett) Gaunce; b. 23 Dec 1961, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 17 Jun 1984, Tarrant Co., TX (div. 1992), GRETCHEN ANN HICKS, b. abt 1961; m(2) 4 Sep 1997, Dallas Co., TX, MAUREEN T. FRIEND, b. abt 1963.
Children (Gaunce):

346:2A3:34221	Lauren Nicole	b. 1985	

346:2A3:34221 LAUREN NICOLE GAUNCE; b. 16 Oct 1985, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A3:3423 RONDA REE GAUNCE, dau of James Ronald and Frances Marie (Doggett) Gaunce; b. 24 Jun 1963, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 27 Mar 1982, Tarrant Co., TX (div. 1985), RODNEY MADISON MASTER, son of Bobby Jack and Wilma Jean (Taylor) Master, b. 29 Nov 1963, Tarrant Co., TX; m(2) 15 Mar 1985, Tarrant Co., TX, STEVEN DONNELL WILLIS, son of J. B., Jr. and Sara Ann (Ellis) Willis, b. 16 Aug 1858, Tarrant Co., TX.
Children (Master):

346:2A3:34231	Brandon Michael	b. 1982

Children (Willis):

346:2A3:34322	Brooke Donnell	b. 1986
346:2A3:34323	Britnee Ree	b. 1987

346:2A3:34231 BRANDON MICHAEL MASTER; b. 12 Jul 1982, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A3:34232 BROOKE DONNELL WILLIS; b. 2 May 1986, Harris Co., TX.
346:2A3:34233 BRITNEE REE WILLIS; b. 11 Jun 1987, Montgomery Co, TX.

346:2A3:35 NORA MINTA DOGGETT, dau. of Joseph Ura and Mary Minta (Denton) Doggettb. 14 Sep 1913, Burleson, TX; d. 13 Feb 1997, Granbury, TX; bur. Caddo Cem., Joshua, TX; m. EARNEST WILLIAM HIGHTOWER.
Children (Hightower):

346:2A3:351	Earnest
		 William, Jr	b. 1936		m. 1957	Emeline Lovellette Willhoite
						m. 1981	Janice P. Thompson	

346:2A3:351 EARNEST WILLIAM HIGHTOWER, Jr., son of Earnest William and Nora Minta (Doggett) Hightower; b. 6 Jun 1936, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 1 Mar 1957 (div. 1981), EMELINE LOVELLETTE WILLHOITE, dau of Blaine Christian and Martha Lou (Lovellette) Willhoite, b. 31 Mar 1938, Grayson Co, TX; m(2) 20 Jun 1981, JANICE P. THOMPSON, b. abt 1941.
Children (Hightower):

346:2A3:3511	Earnest
		 William III	b. 1957		m. 1987	Patricia L. Kemery
346:2A3:3512	Timothy Shawn	b. 1959		m. 1978 Kimberly N. Oneal
						m.	Oreta L. Myers
						m, 1994	Roberta J. Torres
346:2A3:3513	Michael Kevin	b. 1960
346:2A3:3514	Brian Patrick	b. 1962		m. 1989	Michaela Renee Hall
346:2A3:3515	Brendan John	b. 1963		m.	Virginia Renee Lam
						m. 1994	Cecilia Lynch
346:2A3:3516	James Darren	b. 1966		m. 1986	Theresa Ann Nichols

346:2A3:3511 EARNEST WILLIAM HIGHTOWER III, b. 24 Nov 1957, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 27 Nov 1987, Tarrant Co., TX, PATRICIA L. KEMERY, b. abt 1955.
346:2A3:3513 MICHAEL KEVIN HIGHTOWER, b. 7 Sep 1960, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A3:3512 TIMOTHY SHAWN HIGHTOWER, son of Earnest William Jr. and Emeline Lovellette (Willhoite) Hightower; b. 3 Feb 1959, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1) 11 Nov 1978, Grayson Co., TX (div. 1980), KIMBERLY NOVELLA ONEAL, dau of Robert William and Shirley Jean (Binion) Oneal, b. 26 Jul 1962, Grayson Co., TX; m(2) ORETA NELL MYERS, dau of Thomas Arthur and Nancy Oreta (Latham) Myers [no Texas Marr. Rec.], b. 12 Jul 1957, Grayson Co;. TX; m(3) 19 Aug 1994, Cameron Co., TX, ROBERTA JEAN TORRES, dau of Salvador O. and Mary (Ozuna) Torres, b. 21 jan 1965, Cameron Co., TX.
Children (Hightower) (children of Oreta Nell Myers):

346:2A3:35121	Tonya Shanell	b. 1990

346:2A3:35121 TONYA SHANELL HIGHTOWER; b. 24 Sep 1990, Grayson Co., TX.

346:2A3:3514 BRIAN PATRICK HIGHTOWER, son of Earnest William Jr. and Emeline Lovellette (Willhoite) Hightower; b. 6 Feb 1962, Tarrant Co., TX; m(1), 31 Jun 1982, Grayson Co., TX, ELLEN C. CAMP, b. abt1959; m(2) 2 Sep 1989, Rockwall Co., TX (div. 1996), MICHAELA RENEE HALL, dau of Michael Dean and Elizabeth Jean (Hatchel) Hall, b. 3 Nov 1866, Dallas Co., TX; m(3) 31 Jul 1998, Grayson Co., TX, LISA GAIL BAECHT, dau of Charles Clyde and Thelma Donella (Giles) Baecht, b. 22 Jun 1963, Grayson Co., TX.
Children (Hightower):

	(children of second marriage)
346:2A3:35141	Brianna Paige	b. 1992
346:2A3:35142	Michael Patrick	b. 1995

346:2A3:35141 BRIANNA PAIGE HIGHTOWER; b. 26 Feb 1992, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A3:35142 MICHAEL PATRICK HIGHTOWER; b. 25 Apr 1995, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A3:3515 BRENDAN JOHN HIGHTOWER, son of Earnest William Jr. and Emeline Lovellette (Willhoite) Hightower; b/ 6 Dec 1963, Dallas Co., TX; m(1) VIRGINIA RENEE LAM; m(2) 6 May 1994, Graysono Co., TX, CELIA ARLENE LYNCH, dau of Herbert Jr., and Ruth Ann (Cheek) Lynch, b.11 Jun 1954, Denton Co., TX.
Chhildren (Hightower):

	(children of first marriage)
346:2A3:35151	Katherine Renee	b. 1986
346:2A3:35152	Virginia Rachel	b. 1986

346:2A3:35151 KATHERINE RENEE HIGHTOWER (twin); b. 7 Jan 1986, Bell Co., TX.
346:2A3:35152 VIRGINIA RACHEL HIGHTOWER (twin); b. 7 Jan 1986, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A3:3516 JAMES DARREN HIGHTOWER, son of Earnest William Jr. and Emeline Lovellette (Willhoite) Hightower; b. 24 Feb 1966, Dallas Co. TX; m. 15 Feb 1986, Grayson Co., TX, THERESA ANN NICHOLS, dau of Larry Dee and Norma Jean (Harris) Nichols, b. 10 Nov 1966, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Hightower):

346:2A3:35161	James
		 Christopher	b. 1886
346:2A3:35162	Earnest
		 William IV	b. 1988

346:2A3: 35161 JAMES CHRISTOPHER HIGHTOWER; b. 16 Aug 1986, Grayson Co., TX.
346:2A3:35162 EARNEST WILLIAM HIGHTOWER IV; b. 16 Jun 1988, Grayson Co., TX.

346:2A3:4 BUCK ENNARD DOGGETT, son of John Wesley and Mary Artenie (Riddle) Doggett; b. 29 Sep 1878, TX; d. 12 Dec 1977, Tarrant Co., TX; bur. Greenwood Masonic Cem., Phoenix, AZ; m. 20 Oct 1907, SYLVIA AUGUSTA LUSK, dau. of Samuel Henry and Mollie Isabel (McClanahan) Lusk, b. 3 Aug 1884, TX; d. 10 Aug 1968, bur. Greenwood Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:41	Ennard Gordon	b. 1913	d. 1986	m. 1941	Bernice Fay Blohm
						m. 1984	Myrtle Hampton
346:2A3:42	Wanda Lee	b. 1919		m. 1949	William Lawton Adams

346:2A3:41 ENNARD ("Jeff") GORDON DOGGETT, son of Buck Ennard and Sylvia Augusta (Lusk) Doggett; b. 11 Dec 1913; d. 31 Aug 1986, Tarrant Co., TX;  m(1) 1941, BERNICE FAY BLOHM, b. 20 Sep 1915, d. 15 Feb 1984; m(2) 7 Jul 1984, Johnson Co., TX,  MYRTLE HAMPTON, b. abt. 1908. Res. Hurst, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:411	Ennard
		 Gordon, Jr.	b. 1945		m. 1970	Sabra Beth Hester

346:2A3:411 ENNARD GORDON DOGGETT, Jr., son of Ennard Gordon and Bernice Fay (Blohm) Doggett; b. 18 Feb 1945; m. 3 Jun 1970, Tarrant Co., TX,  SABRA BETH HESTER, dau. of Jack Basil and Mary (Walker) Hester, b. 25 Jul 1948, Fort Worth, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:411x	Jeffrey Gordon	b. 1975
346:2A3:411y	Matthew Wesley	b. 1985	d. 1995

346:2A3:411x JEFFREY GORDON DOGGETT; b. 18 Jul 1975, Tarrant Co, TX.
346:2A3:411y MATTHEW WESLEY DOGGETT; b. 14 Jan 1985; d. 17 Dec 1995, Flathead Co, MT.

346:2A3:42 WANDA LEE DOGGETT, dau of Buck Ennard and Sylvia Augusta (Lusk) Doggett; b. 21 Oct 1919, Johnson Co., TX; m. 1949, WILLIAM LAWTON ADAMS, b. 1919.
Children (Adams):

346:2A3:421	William Robert	b. 1953		m. Rebecca Nell Lee
346:2A3:422	Janine Kay	b. 1957

346:2A3:421 WILLIAM ROBERT ADAMS; b. 1953; m. REBECCA NELL LEE, b. 1954.

346:2A3:7 SELMAN OLEN DOGGETT; b. 27 Sep 1885, TX; d. 26 Sep 1958; bur. Caddo Cem., Johnson Co., TX; m. 9 Mar 1920, EMMIE MARY HILDEBRAND, d. 27 Jan 1971, Comanche Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A3:71	Mary Emmie	b. 1922		m.	Mr. Cotton
						m.	Leonard Morgan
						m.	John McDougal
						m. 1880	Roy C. Patterson
346:2A3:72	S. O.		b. 1927		m.	May Belle
346:2A3:73	Bonnie Olene	b. 1933		m.	Johnny Porter Short

346:2A3:71 MARY EMMIE DOGGETT; b. 22 Jun 1922, Johnson Co., TX; m(1) Mr. COTTON; m(2) LEONARD MORGAN; m(3) JOHN McDOUGAL; m(4) 16 Feb 1880, Comanche Co., TX, ROY C. PATTERSON, b. abt 1925.
346:2A3:72 S. O. DOGGETT; b. 8 May 1927, Johnson Co., TX; m. MAY BE LLE (surname unknown).

346:2A3:73 BONNIE OLENE DOGGETT, dau of Selman Olen and Emmie Mary (Hildebrand) Doggett; b. 24 Feb 1933, Tarrant Co., TX; m. 25 Nov 1951, JOHNNY PORTER SHORT, d. 24 Feb 2001.
Children (Short):

346:2A3:731	Melanie Kay	b. 1957		m. 1979	Monte L. Reagan
346:2A3:732	Johnny
		 Porter, Jr.	b. 1958		m. 1980	Kathryn M. Dean
						m. 1985	Angela Jaso
346:2A3:733	Ronnie Dale	b. 1966		m. 1986	Stacey L. McKee
						m. 1999	Teenya D. Leverett

346:2A5 DAVID GEORGE DOGGETT, son of Richard and Margaret Pauline (Vice) Doggett; b. 26 Dec 1847, KY; m. 20 Jan 1872, Caldwell Co., TX, ANNIE PATIENCE RIDDLE, b. Dec 1852, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:1	Walter Howard	b. 1872	d. 1966	m.	Lucy Haygood
346:2A5:2	Eva Cardwell	b. 1876
346:2A5:3	Ida Sue Emily	b. 1878		m.	W. Robertson
346:2A5:4	Harley David	b. 1880		m. 1900	Lela

346:2A5:2 EVA CARDWELL DOGGETT; b. 5 Dec 1876, Davilla, Hill Co., TX.

346:2A5:1 WALTER HOWARD DOGGETT, son of David George and Annie Patience (Riddle) Doggett; b. 16 Jul 1872, TX; d. 13 Apr 1966, Dallas Co., TX; m. LUCY HAYGOOD, b. Sep 1874.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:11	Mahon H.	b. 1898	d. 1918
346:2A5:12	Walter Howard	b. 1900	d. 1994	m. 1928	Ursie B.
346:2A5:13	David Gus	b. 1905	d. 2004	m.	Lucille Reed	
346:2A5:14	Edward G.	b. 1907
346:2A5:15	Thomas C.	b. 1909

346:2A5:11    MAHON H. DOGGETT; b. Aug 1898, TX; killed in action.1916/18, in WW I. Corporal, U. S. Army.
346:2A5:12    WALTER HOWARD DOGGETT, Jr.; b. abt 1901, TX; d. 11 Jan 1994, Dallas Co., TX; m. abt. 1928, URSIE B. (surname unknown), b. abt 1901, TX, d. 15 Dec 1997, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A5:13 DAVID GUS DOGGETT, son of Walter Howard and Lucy (Haygood) Doggett; b. abt. 1905; d. 27 Sep 2004, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; bur. Restland Mem. Park; m. LUCILLE REED, b. abt 1908, d. abt 1987, Dallas Co., TX, bur. Restland Mem. Park.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:131	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1929		m.	Leonard Chandler
346:2A5:132	David Gus, Jr.	b. 1932		m. 1955	Rosalie Lillian Gerik
						m. 1973	Izola F. Williams
						m. 1979	Kathleen Elizabeth Russell

346:2A5:131 MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau of David Gus and Lucille (Reed) Doggett; b. 12 Oct 1929, Ellis Co., TX; m. 4 Oct 1952, LEONARD WILLIAM CHANDLER.
Children (Chandler):

346:2A5:1311	Janet Carole	b. 1955		m. 1971	Roger Lyn Murphree
						m. 1974	Robert Cecil Anders, Jr.
346:2A5:1312	William Bruce	b. 1959	d. 2005

346:2A5:1312 WILLIAM BRUCE CHANDLER; b. 22 Nov 1959, Dallas Co., TX; d. 9 Jul 2005, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A5:1311 JANET CAROLE CHANDLER, dau of Leonard William and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Chandler; b. 4 Jan 1955, Dallas Co., TX; m(1) 16 Jul 1971, Dallas Co., TX, ROGER LYN MURPHREE, b. abt 1953; m(2) 2 Nov 1974, Harris Co., TX (div. 1998), ROBERT CECIL ANDERS, Jr., b. abt. 1947.
Cbildren (Murphree):

346:2A5:1311x	Jason Lee	b. 1972	d. 1972

Children (Anders):

346:2A5:13111	Robert Zachary	b. 1977

346:2A5:1311x JASON LEE MURPHREE ; son of Roger Lyn and Janet Carole (Chandler) Mruphree; b. 21 Feb 1972, Dallas Co., TX; d. 21 Jul 1972.
346:2A5:13111 ROBERT ZACHARY ANDERS; son of Robert Cecil, Jr., and Janet Carole (Chandler) Anders; b, 6 Oct 1977, Harris Co., TX.

346:2A5:132 DAVID GUS DOGGETT, Jr., son of David Gus and Lucille (Reed) Doggett; b. 10 Jan 1932, Dallas Co., TX; m(1) 12 Nov 1955, ROSALIE LILLIAN GERIK, dau of John Joe and Lillian Regina (Sykora) Gerik, b. 9 Sep 1934, McLennan Co., TX; m(2) 17 Mar 1973, Dallas Co, TX (div.), IZOLA F. WILLIAMS, b. abt. 1936; m(3) 27 Aug 1979, Smith Co., TX, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH RUSSELL, dau of Stephen and Sandra Ann (Hoffman) Russell, b. 11 Mar 1961, Walker Co., TX.
Children (Doggetet):

	(children of marriage to Gerik)
346:2A5:1321	Linda Kaye	b. 1956		m. 1982	George Einar Ray, Jr.
346:2A5:1322	David Gus III	b. 1958		m. 1994	Kathy Vitiello
346:2A5:1323	Laurence Duane	b. 1962		m.
	(children of marriage to Russell)
346:2A5:1324	Katherine
		 Michelle	b. 1981		m. 2005	Steve Sherman

346:2A5:1324 KATHERINE MICHELLE DOGGETT; b. 21 Oct 1981, Smith Co., TX; m. 2005, Dallas, TX, STEVE SHERMAN.

346:2A5:1321 LINDA KAYE DOGGETT, dau of David Gus Jr. and Rosalie Lillian (Gerik) Doggett; b. 26 Sep 1956, Dallas Co., TX; m. 22 May 1982, Dallas Co., TX, GEORGE EINAR RAY, Jr., son of George Einar and Mary Lee (Osborne) Ray, b. 4 Mar 1955, Dallas Co., TX.
Children (Ray):

346:2A5:13211	Regina
		 Elizabeth	b. 1987
346:2A5:13212	George
		 Einar III	b. 1990

346:2A5:13211 REGINA ELIZABETH RAY; b. 8 Feb 1987, Dallas Co., TX.
346:2A5:13212 GEORGE EINAR RAY III: b. 27 Feb 1990, Dallas Co., TX.

346:2A5:1322 DAVID GUS DOGGETT III, son of David Gus Jr. and Rosalie Lillian (Gerik) Doggett; b. 1 Feb 1958, Dallas Co., TX; m. 12 Nov 1994, KATHY VITIELLO, dau of Albert John and Mary Elizabeth (Sullivan) Vitiello, b. 27 Dec 1961, NY.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:13221	Brian Joseph	b. 1995
346:2A5:13222	Mary Anne	b. 1997
346:2A5:13223	Stephen David	b. 1999
346:2A5:13224	Jason Paul	b. 2001

346:2A5:13221 BRIAN JOSEPH DOGGETT; b. 3 Nov 1995, Hillsborough Co., NH.
346:2A5:13222 MARY ANNE DOGGETT; b. 15 Dec 1997, Cumberland Co., NC.
346:2A5:13223 STEPHEN DAVID DOGGETT; b. 17 Jun 1999, Palm Beach Co., FL.
346:2A5:13224 JASON PAUL DOGGETT; b. 8 Nov 2001, Palm Beach Co., FL.

346:2A5:1323 LAURENCE DUANE DOGGETT, son of David Gus Jr. and Rosalie Lillian (Gerik) Doggett; b. 10 Sep 1962, Dallas Co., TX. Married twice. One wife's maiden name was MANN.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:13231	Ginger Rose	b. 1989
346:2A5:13232	Tiffany Jade	b. 1991

346:2A5:13231 GINGER ROSE DOGGETT; b. 13 Jul 1989, Solano Co., CA.
346:2A5:13232 TIFFANY JADE DOGGETT; b. 22 Jun 1991, Solano Co., CA.

346:2A5:3 IDA SUE EMILY DOGGETT, dau. of David George and Annie Patience (Riddle) Doggett; b. 27 Jan 1878, TX; m. abt. 1896, W. ROBERTSON, b. Jan 1874, TX.
Children (Robertson):

346:2A5:31	Wilton Lee	b. 1897	d. 1954	m.	Dorothy Doggett
346:2A5:32	Washington
		 Prentice	b. 1900	d. 1970
346:2A5:33	Charles		b. 1902		m. 1923	Bessie

346:2A5:32 WASHINGTON PRENTICE ROBERTSON; b. 22 Feb 1900, TX; d. May 1970; m. abt 1919, MARGARET (surname unknown), b. 21 Feb 1896, d. Apr 1987. Margaret had son Roy by previous marriage who took Robertson surname (b. 6 Aug 1912, d, Aug 1978).

346:2A5:31 WILTON LEE ROBERTSON; b. 9 Apr 1897, Buckholts, Milam Co., TX; d. Apr 1954; m. his first cousin, DOROTHY DOGGETT (346:2A5:45), son of Harley David and Lela Doggett. b. abt 1901, TX.
Children (Robertson):

346:2A5:311	Wilton Lee	b. 1938		m.	Betty Lou Hanke
346:2A5:312	Richard John	b. 1942
346:2A5:313	Esther Kay	b. 1944		m.	Clyde Albert Huff
346:2A5:314	Edward George	b. 1945

346:2A5:312 RICHARD JOHN ROBERTSON; b. 27 Jun 1942, Milam Co., TX.
346:2A5:314 EDWARD GEORGE ROBERTSON; b. 6 Oct 1945, Milam Co., TX.

346:2A5:311 WILTON LEE ROBERTSON, son of Wilton Lee and Dorothy (Doggett) Robertson; b. 12 Dec 1938, Milam Co., TX; m. 1 Jun 1963, Milam Co., TX (div. 1978), BETTY LOU HANKE, dau of Earnest F. and Edna (Jungmann) Hanke, b. 19 Jun 1945, Milam Co., TX; rem. 1 Apr 1981, Milam Co., TX, BETTY LOU HANKE.
Children (Robertson):

346:2A5:3111	Richard Aaron	b. 1964
346:2A5:3112	Leslie Scott	b. 1968
346:2A5:3113	Karen Denise	b. 1973
346:2A5:3114	Kimberly Dawn	b. 1973		m.	Michael Eugene Gortemiller

346:2A5:3111 RICHARD AARON ROBERTSON; b. 25 Feb 1964, Milam Co., TX
346:2A5:3112 LESLIE SCOTT ROBERTSON; b. 22 Oct 1968, Bell Co. TX.
346:2A5:3113 KAREN DENISE ROBERTSON (twin of Kimberly Dawn); b. 24 Aug 1973, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A5:3114 KIMBERLY DAWN ROBERTSON (twin of Karen Denise), dau of Wilton Lee and Betty Lou (Hanke) Robertson; b. 24 Aug 1973, Bell Co., TX; m. MICHAEL EUGENE GORTEMILLER.
Children (Gortemiller):

346:2A5:31141	Amberly Lauren	b. 1991

346:2A5:31141 AMBERLY LAUREN GORTEMILLER; b. 17 Aug 1991, Harris Co., TX.

346:2A5:313 ESTHER KAY ROBERTSON, dau of Wilton Lee and Dorothy (Doggett) Robertson; b. 17 Jun 1944, Milam Co., TX; m. CLYDE ALBERT HUFF, Jr.
Children (Huff):

346:2A5:3131	Lisa Ann 	b. 1964		m. 1986	Terrance Wesley Miles
345:2A5:3132	Laura Ann	b. 1967		m. 1994	William Mark Elmore
345:2A5:3133	Elizabeth Ann	b. 1968
345:2A5:3134	Clyde
		 Albert III	b. 1974		m. 1995	Dawna Jean Martin

346:2A5:3133 ELIZABETH ANN HUFF; b. 19 Sep 1968, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A5:3131 LISA ANN HUFF, dau of Clyde Albert Jr. and Esther Kay (Robertson) Huff; b. 6 Oct 1964, Bell Co., TX; m. 11 Oct 1986, Milam Co., TX, TERRANCE WESLEY MILES, b. abt 1963.
Children (Miles):

346:2A5:31311	David Alan	b. 1988
346:2A5:31312	Anthony Scott	b. 1992
346:2A5:31313	Mikelyn Lynn	b. 1994

346:2A5:31311 DAVID ALAN MILES; b. 26 Jan 1988, Milam Co., TX.
346:2A5:31312 ANTHONY SCOTT MILES; b. 12 Nov 1992, Brazos Co., TX.
346:2A5:31313 MIKELYN LYNN MILES; b. 23 Jan 1994, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A5:3132 LAURA ANN HUFF, dau of Clyde Albert Jr. and Estherr Kay (Robertson) Huff; b. 3 Oct 1967, Bell Co., TX; m. 26 Jan 1994, Milam Co., TX, WILLIAM MARK ELMORE, son of Paul Charles and Phullis Marian (Fairless) Elmore, b. 22 Oct 1954, Dimmit Co., TX.
Children (Elmore):

346:2A5:31321	Lindsey Diane	b. 1988
346:2A5:31322	James Aaron	b. 1990
346:2A5:31323	Melissa Ann	b. 1996

346:2A5:31321 LINDSEY DIANE ELMORE; b. 29 Feb 1988, Milam Co., TX.
346:2A5:31322 JAMES AARON ELMORE; b. 17 Jul 1990, Milam Co., TX.
346:2A5:31323 MELISSA ANN ELMORE; b. 30 Mar 1998, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A5:3134 CLYDE ALBERT HUFF III, son of Clyde Albert Jr. andEsther Kay (Robertson) Huff; b. 31 may 1974, Milam Co., TX; m. 14 Apr 1995, Brazos Co, TX, DAWNA JEAN MARTIN, b. abt. 1972. Dawna also had child, Johnathan Pete, b. 18 Jul 1993.
Children (Huff):

346:2A5:31341	Spencer Gage	b. 1992
346:2A5:31342	Tyler Coy	 b. 1996

346:2A5:31341 SPENCER GAGE HUFF; b. 29 May 1992, Brazos Co., TX.
346:2A5:31342 TYLER COY HUFF; b. 29 Nov 1996, Brazos Co., TX.

346:2A5:33 CHARLES ROBERTSON, son of W. and Ida Sue Emily (Doggett) Robertson; b. abt 1902, TX; prob d. Apr 1976; m. abt 1923, BESSIE (surname unknown), b. 22 Jul 1901; d. Feb 1980.
Children (Robertson):

346:2A5:331	Mary		b. 1924

346:2A5:4 HARLEY DAVID DOGGETT, son of David George and Annie Patience (Riddle) Doggett; b. 18 Feb 1880, Milam Co., TX; m. LELA (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:41	Byron Hills	b. 1901	d. 1972	m.	Dessie Elizabeth Plumlee
346:2A5:42	Artis Lynn	b. 1905	d. 1977	m.	Azzie Lee Baird
346:2A5:43	Annie L.	b. 1907
346:2A5:44	Edward		b. 1910
346:2A5:45	Dorothy		b. 1911		m.	Wilton Lee Robertson

346:2A5:41 BYRON HILLS DOGGETT, son of Harlie David and Lela Doggett; b. 20 Oct 1901, TX; d. 21 Dec 1972, Tarrant Co., TX; m. DESSIE ELIZABETH PLUMLEE.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:411	Peggy Ann	b. 1934
346:2A5:412	Pauline Dessie	b. 1938

346:2A5:411 PEGGY ANN DOGGETT; b. 14 Mar 1934, Tarrant Co., TX.
346:2A5:412 PAULINE DESSIE DOGGETT; b. 17 Dec 1937, Tarrant Co., TX.

346:2A5:42 ARTIS LYNN DOGGETT, son of Harlie David and Lela Doggett; b. abt. 1905, TX; d. 2 Feb 1977, Bell Co., TX; m. AZZIE LEE BAIRD, dau of James Quitman and Myrtie (Cantrell) Baird, b. 4 Jan 1911, TX, d. 26 Apr 2004, Temple, TX.
Children (Doggett) (at least):

346:2A5:421	Harley David	b. 1938		m. 1959	Annetta Pearl Shackelford
346:2A5:422	Sherrell Lynn	b. 1941		m.	Marvin John Johnson, Jr.

346:2A5:421 HARLEY DAVID DOGGETT, son of Artis Lynn and Azzie Lee (Baird) Doggett; m. 12 Sep 1959, ANNETTA PEARL SHACKELFORD, dau of F. E. and Thelma (Ingram) Shackelford, b. 12 Sep 1941, Bastrop Co., TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A5:4211	Tammy Jean	b. 1960		m.	Brent Timothy Zarosky
346:2A5:4212	Michael Lynn	b. 1964

346:2A5:4212 MICHAEL LYNN DOGGETT; b. 11 Sep 1964, Bell Co., TX

346:2A5:4211 TAMMY JEAN DOGGETT, dau of Harley David and Annetta Pearl (Shackelford) Doggett; b. 29 Nov 1960, Bell Co., TX; m. 16 Jul 1983, Milam Co., TX, BRENT TIMOTHY ZAROSKY, son of Joe Daniel, Jr. and Marjorie Ann (Richter) Zarosky, b. 13 Oct 1961, Milam Co., TX.
Children (Zarosky):

346:2A5:42111	Marcus Daniel	b. 1987
346:2A5:42112	Kaitlyn Blair	b. 1993

346:2A5:42111 MARCUS DANIEL ZAROSKY; b. 7 Sep 1987, Bell Co., TX.
346:2A5:421 12 KAITLYN BLAIR ZAROSKY; b. 28 May 1993, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A5:422 SHERRELL LYNN DOGGETT, dau. of Artis Lynn and Azilee (Baird) Doggett; b. 13 Feb 1941, Bell Co., TX; m. MARVIN JOHN JOHNSON, Jr.
Children (Johnson):

346:2A5:4221 	Bruce Duane	b. 1963

346:2A5:4221 BRUCE DUANE JOHNSON; b. 30 Mar 1963, Bell Co., TX.

346:2A7 LAURA JANE DOGGETT, cau of Richard and Margaret Pauline (Vice) Doggett; b. abt. 1851, TX, d. 8 Jan 1919, Goliad Co., TX; m. 1 Feb 1870, DeWitt, TX, BENSON GOFF, b. abt. 1846, VA.
Children (Goff):

346:2A7:1	Lilian M.	b. 1871
346:2A7:2	Ida Lee		b. 1874
346:2A7:3	Corianne	b. 1875
346:2A7:4	Walter Benson	b. 1878		m. 1907	Berenice A.
346:2A7:5	Kay		b. 1881
346:2A7:6	Frances		b. 1883

346:2A7:4 WALTER BENSON GOFF, son of Benson and Laura Jane (Doggett) Goff; b. 23 Mar 1878, TX; d. 17 Sep 1942, Bexar Co., TX; m. abt 1907, BERENICE A. (surname unknown), b. abt 1879, TX, d. 15 Jun 1967, Bexar Co. TX.

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