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346:2 THOMAS BUSHROD DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Ann ("Nancy") (Peach) Doggett; b. Fauquier Co., VA ; d. 2 Jul 1840, Bath Co., KY; m. Dec 1794, Culpeper Co., VA, SARAH WARD, prob. dau. of Henry Ward of Culpeper Co., VA, b. abt 1780, Culpeper Co., VA, d. 4 Jan 1857, Bath Co., KY.
Children (Doggett):

346:21		Henry		b. 1795	d. 1836	m. 	Nancy Ann Smith
346:22		Benjamin	b. 1796	d. 1839	m. 1819	Frances H. Thomas
346:23		Arthur		b. 1797	d. 1858	unm.
346:24		Cyntha		b. 1802	d. 1852	unm.
346:25		Elizabeth			m. 1822	William Boyd
346:26		Leslie		b. 1806		m. 1824	Elizabeth
346:27		William
346:28		Nancy				m. 1824	Zachariah Corbin
346:29		Joel		b. 1811		m. 1833	Luvica Smoot
346:2A		Richard		b. 1814	d. 1854	m. 1839	Margaret Pauline Vice
346:2B		Daniel Ward	b. 1819	d. 1862	m. 1842	Eliza Myers
Thomas Bushrod Doggett was born in the early 1770's in Virginia, probably in Fauquier County, the home of his parents. He was the only son and had two sisters. Nothing is known about the whereabouts of Thomas and his sisters after the marriage of his widowed mother to Henry Settle, but we presume that they lived with their mother and stepfather in Fauquier County. Thomas married Sarah ("Sally") Ward in Culpeper County, Virginia, probably in January, 1795. Their Marriage Bond is dated 11 Dec 1794. It is no known whether he had moved to Culpeper County, or had met his bride while visiting his grandfather Bushrod Doggett, who had moved to Culpeper County in 1780.
The identity of Sally Ward's parents is uncertain, but in view of the use of the given name "Henry" for their first son, and the use of "Benjamin" for the second son, it is probable that she was the daughter of Henry Ward, who lived in Culpeper County at the time. The names "Henry" and "Ward" appear frequently in later generations of descendants of Thomas and Sally.
By 1797, Thomas and Sally had moved to Montgomery Co, Kentucky, in what is now Bath County, where Thomas engaged in farming. They lived the remainder of their lives in Bath County and raised a large family. Their eldest child Henry and probably their second child Benjamin were born in Virginia, and the rest of the children appear to have been born in Kentucky.
Thomas, as the only male child of his father Benjamin, and therefore his heir-at-law, applied for land bounty based on the Revolutionary services of his father. (See discussion above.) He also applied for land bounty based on the services of his uncle Richard Doggett, who was killed in 1779 at the Battle of Stono, S.C., while serving as Captain of the Continental Line. He was awarded 100 acres of land for his father's services as a private, but was denied additional bounty for services as a wagon master. He was awarded 4000 acres of land for his uncle's services, but in fact the award was improper, as Richard was a Captain in the South Carolina Line, not of Virginia. (See discussion in biography of Richard Doggett (347))
Thomas died in Bath County 2 July 1840, leaving a will dated 30 Jun 1840, probated in Bath County 13 Jul 1840. His wife and his two youngest sons, Daniel and Richard, were named as executors. The will left his wife Sally the entire estate during her lifetime. After her death, the remainder, except for sums of $1.00 each given to the seven older children (or to their heirs in the case of Henry and Benjamin, who had predeceased him), was left as follows: The 175 acre farm homestead was left in equal shares to his daughter Cyntha and his youngest sons Richard and Daniel W.; two female negro slaves were left to Cyntha and one male negro slave was left to Richard and one to Daniel; a fifth slave, George, was to be freed after the death of Sally, and to be clothed, fed and protected at the expense of the three children; a grandson, Thomas Corbin, was to receive a horse worth $50 and a good saddle and bridle; his son Joel was to receive one good bed and bedding and one cow; and his personal effects were to be equally divided between Cyntha, Richard and Daniel W.
Sally Doggett died in Bath County 4 Jan 1857. After her death, in 1857, the estate was appraised, the land was sold, and the estate settled. Records of these actions are in Bath County records, but have not been examined by the writer.
346:23 ARTHUR DOGGETT; b. 1797, Bath Co., KY; d. 5 Jan 1858, Bath Co., KY. Unmarried.
The death of Arthur Doggett, son of Thomas and Sarah Doggett, is recorded in Bath County Vital Records as occurring in January 1858, at age 60, due to "Dropsy of the Heart." He was never married. From the 1850 census returns of Bath County, we know that he was born in Kentucky, probably the first child of his parents born in that state. He was a farmer and is listed in tax rolls of Bath County from 1820 to 1847.
Bath County records show Arthur as guardian of one John T. Doggett's estate of 396 acres of land, beginning in 1826, and continuing until 1842, when John T. apparently attained his majority. The identity of this John T. Doggett is unknown.
Arthur was also appointed in 1827 as guardian for John Morgan, whose estate also consisted of 396 acres of land. The connection between John T. Doggett, John Morgan, and Arthur Doggett must be the subject of further research.
The only other reference to John T. Doggett known to the writer is an abstract of a deed in Nicholas County, Kentucky records, dated 5 Nov 1849, by which one Elizabeth Beard of Nicholas County conveyed to John T. Doggett of Bath County, 50 acres on Licking River, which she lost in a suit in Bath County, together with six negro slaves. She was permitted to live on the land during her lifetime, however.This raises an interesting question. Bath County Marriage Records record the marriage of one Elizabeth Doggett to William Boyd on 31 Oct 1822. The identity of Elizabeth is unclear. It seems probable that she was another child of Thomas, but she was not named in his will. It may be that John T. Doggett was an illegitimate child of Elizabeth, who became estranged from her family, and perhaps abandoned John, moved to Nicholas County, and later married a man named Beard. After John T. attained his majority, he sued Elizabeth for his portion of the estate which she received from her husband. Other scenarios are possible, of course, and further research may clear up the confusion.

346:24 CYNTHA DOGGETT; b. 1802, Bath Co., KY; d. 27 Jun 1852, Bath Co., KY. Unmarried.

The death of "Syntha" Doggett, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Doggett, is recorded in Bath County Vital Records as occurring on 28 Jun 1852 due to "Diseas of the Brain." She was unmarried, and probably mentally handicapped.

346:25 ELIZABETH DOGGETT; m. Nov 1822, Bath Co., KY, WILLIAM BOYD.

See discussion under Arthur Doggett, 346:23, above.

346:21 HENRY DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. abt 1795, VA; d. 28 Jul 1836, Decatur Co., IN; m. NANCY ANN SMITH, b. 24 Sep 001791, VA, d. 4 Oct 1876, Decatur Co., IN.
Children (Doggett):

346:211		Ward T.		b. 1817		m.
						m.	Mrs. Claudia Randall
346:212		Arthur David	b. 1818	d. 1897	m. 1841	Elizabeth Frakes
						m. 1850	Sarah Martin
						m. 1875	Sarah Ellen Griswold
						m. 1881	Hester A. (Talbot) Silvers
346:213		Mariah A.	b. 1822	d. 1854	m. 1842	Alexander Gosnell
346:214		Henry Leslie	b. 1824	d. 1896	m.	Margaret Emily Boyer
346:215		William Isaac	b. 1827		m. 1850	Eliza A. Frakes
346:21x		Betsy
346:216		Alcibiades Joel	b. 1830	d. 1921	m. 1855	Nancy Maria Stephens
						m. 1868	Margaret Ann Morrison

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:22 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. abt 1796, prob. VA; d. 28 Dec 1839, Bath Co., KY; m. 17 Jul 1819, Bourbon Co., KY, FRANCES ("Frankey") HAWKINS THOMAS, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth (Bowles) Thomas, of Mason Co., KY, b. 2 Apr 1803, d. 3 Nov 1855. Frances m(2) after Benajmin's death, Mr. Colliver.
Children (Doggett):

346:221		Richard Thomas	b. 1821
346:222		Grandison	b. 1822		m. 1845	Elizabeth Elliott
346:22x		Elizabeth	b. 1824	d. 1825
346:223		Sarah		b. 1826		m. 1847	Jesse Colliver
346:224		Frankey Thomas	b. 1828
346:225		Pendleton	b. 1830		m. 1853	Elizabeth Myers
346:226		Benjamin Lewis	b. 1832		m.	Mary L. Shultz
346:227		Elizabeth
		 Martha		b. 1834		m. 	Rollin Moore
346:228		Cyntha Ann	b. 1840		m.	Jackson Moore

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:26 LESLIE DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. abt 1806, Bath Co., KY; m. abt 1824, ELIZABETH (surname unknown), b. abt 1805, Bath Co., KY.
Children (Doggett):

346:261		Margaret	b. 1825		m. 	William Johnson
346:262		Leslie				m.	Elinor Van Horn
346:263		Elizabeth			m.	George Hozier
346:264		William
346:265		Al

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:28 NANCY DOGGETT, dau. of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. Bath Co., KY; d. 14 Oct 1859, Bath Co., KY; m. Dec 1824 (bond, 21 Dec), Bath Co., KY, as his second wife, ZACHARIAH CORBIN, son of Martin and Nancy Ann (Scott) Corbin, b. 14 Feb 1790, Culpeper Co., VA, d. 7 Mar 1884, Bethany, Owen Co., KY. Zachariah was previously married 19 Jan 1819, Bath County, KY, to Lucy Bailey, and m(3), 15 Aug 1851, Bath Co., Ky., Mrs. Ann Eliza Stewart.
Children (Corbin):

346:281		Martin C.	b. 1827	d. 1894	m.	Margaret ("Maggie")Roberts
346:282		Thomas		b. 1829	d. 1906	m. 	Nancy Hawkins
346:283		Silas		b. 1831	d. 1915	m. 1858	Artemisia Arrasmith
346:284		John		b. 1833		m.	Lucinda
346:285		Richard		b. 1839 d. 1900

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:29 JOEL DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. abt 1811, Bath Co., KY; d. Bath Co., KY; d. 21 Sep 1888, Bath Co., K.Y; bur. Old Bethel Cem., Bath Co.; m. Jul 1833 (M.B. 7 Jul), Bath Co., KY, LUVICA SMOOT, b. abt 1818. Occupation: Blacksmith.
Children (Doggett):

346:291		Lucretia	b. 1834		m. 1857	Robert Keerans (Kernes)
346:292		Elizabeth	b. 1837
346:293		John		b. 1839
346:294		Benjamin W.	b. 1841
346:295		Mary J.		b. 1843		m. 1865	Jacob Eden
346:29x		Josephine	b. 1846	d. 1852
346:29y		Joseph		b. 1846
346:296		Sarah Frances	b. 1852	d. 1922	m.	John R. Kincaid
346:297		Arthur D.	b. 1853		m. 1877	Ann Warner
346:298		Leslie Marion	b. 1856		m.	Artemisia Stone
346:299		Samuel O.	b. 1859	d. 1933	m. 1887	Nannie D.

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:2A RICHARD DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. Mar 1814, Bath Co., KY; d. Feb 1854, nr. Crowley, Johnson Co., TX; m. 3 Oct 1839, Bath Co., KY, MARGARET PAULINE VICE, dau. of Enoch and Elizabeth (Tucker) Vice, of Bath Co., b. Nov 1820, prob. Bath Co., KY, d. Dec 1875. nr. Crowley, Johnson Co., TX. Margaret m(2), after death of Richard, Joseph Riddle, b . 1800, KY, d. 1870, Yorktown, TX.
Children (Doggett):

346:2A1		Thomas
		 Jefferson	b. 1841		m. 1860	Frances E. Watson
346:2A2		William Daniel	b. 1842	d. 1920	m. 1870	Ladask Lavina Adline Gant
346:2A3		John Wesley	b. 1844		m.	Mary Artenie Riddle
346:2A4		Cynthia Ann	b. 1845		m.	Joseph Riddle, Jr.
346:2A5		David George	b. 1847		m. 1872	Patience Ann Riddle
346:2Ax		Fleming Ferris	b. 1849	d. 1878
346:2A6		Laura Jane	b. 1851		m.	Benson Goff

Children of Joseph and Margaret Pauline (Vice-Doggett) Riddle
Lee Stephen Riddle
George Washington Riddle, b. 18 May 1861, deWitt Co., TX, d. 23 Aug 1934, m. Rosa Brandenburg

For details and descendants, see separate page.

346:2B DANIEL WARD DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. 28 May 1819, Bath Co., KY; d. 25 Jan 1862, Bath Co., KY; m. 5 Apr 1842, Bath Co., KY, ELIZA MYERS, dau. of Jacob and Lucy Myers, of Bath Co, KY, b. 15 May 1820, Bath Co., KY, d. 16 Jan 1915, Bath Co., KY; bur. Longview Cem., Bethel, Bath Co., KY.
Children (Doggett):

346:2B1		Mary		b. 1842	d. 1860	m. 1858	Thomas Hawkins
346:2B2		William Meritt	b. 1844	d. 1925	m. 1870	Nancy Ann Kincaid
346:2B3		Hubbard J.	b. 1846	d. 1925	m. 1872	Martha Belle Bromagen
346:2B4		Thomas		b. 1847	d. 1888	m. 1878	Nancy Snelling
346:2B5		Jacob F.	b. 1850	d. 1881
346:2B6		David D.	b. 1851	d. 1935	m. 1878	Iva Vice
						m.	Linda
						m.	Cynthia McGowan

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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