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346 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of Bushrod and Anne (Stripling) Doggett; b. VA; d. 1778; m. ANN ("Nancy" or "Nanny") PEACH, dau. of Thomas Peach, b. abt 1756, VA. She m(2) Mar 1778, Henry ("Harry") Settle.
Children (Doggett):

346:1		Mary
346:2		Thomas Bushrod		d. 1840	m. 1794	Sarah Ward
346:3		Susanna
Benjamin Doggett was the eldest son of Bushrod and Anne Doggett. We have no documentary evidence as to his date of birth, but it would appear that he was probably born in the early 1750's. As a boy, Benjamin lived with his parents and his three brothers and five sisters in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was married, probably in Fauquier County, to Ann ("Nancy") Peach, the daughter of Thomas Peach. They lived on a farm in Fauquier County and had three children: one son, Thomas Bushrod, named after his two grandfathers, who became the progenitor of a major line of Doggetts, and two daughters, Mary, and Susanna, who was called "Sukey." Nothing is known about the daughters, although Susanna may be the Susanna Doggett who married William Poe in 1794.
At the commencement of the Revolutionary War, Benjamin and his three brothers all entered military service. Benjamin enlisted in the Virginia Continental Line for three years. In late 1777 or early 1778, he became ill, and as the consequence of an accident while crossing a river in a wagon he became wet, had a relapse, and died. Much of what we know about Benjamin is found in numerous affidavits submitted to the Virginia authorities in support of the claim of Benjamin's son Thomas for land bounty due for Benjamin's service. Thomas was granted 100 acres of land in Kentucky for his father's service as a private. An additional claim was filed on the basis that Benjamin had been appointed a wagon master, which position would be entitled to more land. This claim was rejected, however, as sufficient proof could not be presented.
Benjamin's estate was appraised on 26 Nov 1778, and the inventory was filed with the Fauquier County Court on 24 May 1779. The total personal property amounted to L501/12/6 sterling, including one negro woman and child appraised at L350. This was a fairly substantial estate for a young man. The 150 acre plantation on which he lived was apparently owned by his father Bushrod Doggett, as Bushrod in his will devised the land to Benjamin' son Thomas Bushrod. At the same time as the estate inventory was filed, the Court appointed Benjamin's brother George Doggett as guardian of the three small children of Benjamin and Nancy.
Nancy remarried soon after Benjamin's death, to Henry ("Harry") Settle, probably the son of Joel and Elizabeth Settle. Their Marriage Bond, dated 13 Mar 1778, was filed in Fauquier County. Nancy and Henry had three additional children: Linney, Reuben, and Henry, Jr.

346:1 MARY DOGGETT. No information.

This may be the Susanna Doggett who married William Poe (Culpeper County, VA, Marriage Bond dated 24 Oct 1794.). No other information.

346:2 THOMAS BUSHROD DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Ann ("Nancy") (Peach) Doggett; b. Fauquier Co., VA ; d. 2 Jul 1840, Bath Co., KY; m. Dec 1794, Culpeper Co., VA, SARAH WARD, prob. dau. of Henry Ward of Culpeper Co., VA, b. abt 1780, Culpeper Co., VA, d. 4 Jan 1857, Bath Co., KY.
Children (Doggett):

346:21		Henry		b. 1795	d. 1836	m. 	Nancy Ann Smith
346:22		Benjamin	b. 1796	d. 1839	m. 1819	Frances H. Thomas
346:23		Arthur		b. 1797	d. 1858	unm.
346:24		Cyntha		b. 1802	d. 1852	unm.
346:25		Elizabeth			m. 1822	William Boyd
346:26		Leslie		b. 1806		m. 1824	Elizabeth
346:27		William
346:28		Nancy				m. 1824	Zachariah Corbin
346:29		Joel		b. 1811		m. 1833	Luvica Smoot
346:2A		Richard		b. 1814	d. 1854	m. 1839	Margaret Pauline Vice
346:2B		Daniel Ward	b. 1819	d. 1862	m. 1842	Eliza Myers

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