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347 RICHARD DOGGETT (Capt.), son of Bushrod and Anne (Stripling) Doggett; d. 20 Jun 1779, at Battle of Stono, SC. Unmarried, but had illegitimate child by Miss STRIPLING.
Children (Doggett):

347:1		Richard		b. 1770	d. 1833	m. 1799	Elizabeth Sullivan
						m. 1820	Hannah Sullivan
Capt. Richard Doggett was the second oldest son of Bushrod and Anne Doggett. As a boy, he grew up with his parents in Fauquier County, Virginia. We know little about his early life, except that about 1770 he fathered an illegitimate son by a cousin, Miss Stripling, of King George County, Virginia . Early in the Revolution, Richard appears in the records of South Carolina as a soldier in the 1st Regiment of South Carolina Infantry raised by the Provincial Council of South Carolina in 1775. How or why he went to South Carolina instead of joining the Virginia army does not appear. As a private, he participated in the capture of Robert Cunningham, a notorious Tory, and in November, 1775 was paid 75 pounds by the South Carolina Provincial Congress for his part. He apparently was promoted to Sergeant early in his service, as he appears as a sergeant in Capt. Edmond Hyrne’s company, from 20 June to 13 July 1775. On 16 Dec 1777, Richard was commissioned as a Captain of a company in the 6th Regiment of the South Carolina Continental Line. It was the obligation of officers in the Continental regiments to recruit soldiers for their units in order to retain their commissions, and Richard returned to his home in Virginia on several occasions on recruiting missions. In 1778, he recruited his brother, Joel, as Lieutenant in his company. A muster roll dated 18 Mar 1779 shows that Richard and Joel were the only officers in the company, which had a total of 46 officers and men. On that date, Richard was absent on recruiting duty and Joel was in charge of the company. In June 1779, Richard’s company, as part of the Continental forces commanded by Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, engaged the British at the Battle of Stono, and Richard was mortally wounded by a musket ball and died on June 20. Following the Revolution, a petition was filed with the Virginia authorities by Richard’s nephew, Thomas B. Doggett, the son of his predeceased elder brother and Richard’s legal heir under Virginia law, for land bounty based on his alleged service in the Virginia Continental line. Numerous affidavits were filed in support of the petition¸ and 4000 acres of land were improperly awarded to Thomas, who was not entitled to Virginia land based on Richard’s South Carolina services. Richard’s brother Joel also applied for Virginia land, but his claim was properly rejected. An interesting side note is that in the Rejected Claims file for Joel’s application in the Virginia Archives is a cover sheet with the text of a deposition of John Adair concerning Captain Richard’s application on the reverse side which had been crossed out. This unfiled deposition clearly states that Richard was a Captain in the 6th South Carolina Regiment. There can be no doubt that the agents representing Richard knew, or suspected, that he did not serve in the Virginia army, but filed only the affidavits which tended to support his application. The affidavits on file concerning the claims for land bounty based on the services of Richard and his brothers, Benjamin and Joel, are interesting to read.

347:1 RICHARD DOGGETT, illegitimate son of Capt. Richard Doggett; b. abt 1770, King George Co., VA; d. 1833, Mason Co., KY; m(1) 18 Feb 1799, Mason Co. KY, ELIZABETH SULLIVAN; m(2) 29 Oct 1820, Fleming Co., KY, HANNAH SULLIVAN.
Children (Doggett):

347:11		Margaret			m. 1818	Joseph Curry
347:12		Nancy				m. 1826	Jacob Cord
347:13		Lucinda				m. 1826	Hugh Bradley
347:14		Richard Hiram	b. 1807	d. 1878	m. 1833	Louisa Franklin
						m.	?
347:15		Alfred		b. 1812		m.	Harriet

347:12 NANCY DOGGETT, b. KY, m. 14 Feb 1826, JACOB CORD.
347:13 LUCINDA DOGGETT, b. KY, d. prob. CA, m. 21 Aug 1826, Mason Co., KY, HUGH BRADLEY.

347:11 MARGARET DOGGETT, b. KY, m. 26 Mar 1818, Fleming Co., KY, JOSEPH CURRY.
Children (Curry):

3347:111	Julia				m.	Mr. Carter

347:14 RICHARD HIRAM DOGGETT (changed name to "Daggett"), son of Richard and Elizabeth (Sullivan) Doggett; b. abt 1807, KY; d. 1878, Springfield, Greene Co., MO; m. 28 Jan 1833, Parke Co., IN, LOUISA FRANKLIN, b. abt 1812.
Children (Daggett):

347:141		Elizabeth	b. 1833		m. 1854	Charles Ashton
347:142		Caroline	b. 1835		m. 	Mr. Barnett
347:143		Sarah F.	b. 1837		m. 1856	John A. Harter
347:144		Amelia Angelina	b. 1839		m.	Carl Meyers
347:145		Luther		b. 1841
347:146		Alfred Hiram	b. 1844	d. 1915	m. 	Mary Inez Van Alstine
347:147		Bradley		b. 1845
347:148		Lucinda		b. 1849
347:149		Joseph

347:141 ELIZABETH DAGGETT, b. abt 1833, IN, m. 13 Mar 1854, Indianapolis, IN, CHARLES ASHTON. Resided London, Ontario, Canada.
347:142 CAROLINE ("Carrie") DAGGETT. b. abt 1835, IN, m. Mr. BARNETT.
347:144 AMELIA ANGELINA DAGGETT, b. abt 1839, IN, m. CARL MEYERS. Resided Springfield, IL.
347:145 LUTHER DAGGETT, b. abt 1841. Family tradition says drowned in Wabash River.
347:148 LUCINDA DAGGETT, b. abt 1849, IN.

347:143 SARAH F. ("Sallie") DAGGETT, b. abt 1837, IN, m. 25 Dec 1856, Indianapolis, IN, JOHN A. HARTER.
Children (Harter):

347:143:1	Jo (son)

347:146 ALFRED HIRAM DAGGETT, son of Richard Hiram and Louisa (Franklin) Daggett; b. 10 Nov 1844, Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN; d. 30 Jun 1915, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m. MARY INEZ VAN ALSTINE, dau. of Byron M. and Laura E. (Stimson) Van Alstine, b. 6 Feb 1854, New London, OH, d. 14 Feb 1929, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.
Children (Daggett):

347:146:1	Earl Hampton	b. 1873	d. 1954	m.	Nettie Patterson
						m. 1914	Gertrude C. Williams

347:146:1 EARL HAMPTON DAGGETT, M.D., son of Alfred Hiram and Mary Inez (Van Alstine) Daggett; b. 19 Nov 1873, Visalia, Tulare Co., CA; d. 4 Sep 1954, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m(1) NETTIE PATTERSON, d. 8 Feb 1899, Visalia, Tulare Co., CA; m(2) 1914, GERTRUDE C. WILLIAMS.
Children (Daggett):

	(children of first marriage)
347:146:11	Earl Patterson	b. 1899	d. 1971	m.	Doris Laverick
	(children of second marriage)
347:146:12	Alfred H.	b. 1917
347:146:13	Cathryn		b. 1918

347:146:11 EARL PATTERSON DAGGETT, son of Earl Hampton and Nettie (Patterson) Daggett; b. 8 Feb 1899, CA; d. Aug 1971; m. DORIS LAVERICK.

347:15 ALFRED DOGGETT (changed name to "Daggett"), son of Richard and Elizabeth (Sullivan) Doggett; b abt. 1812, Mason Co., KY; m. HARRIET (surname unknown), b. abt 1816, Linch, England.
Children (Daggett):

347:151		Richard		b. 1835
347:152		Sarah E.	b. 1837

347:151 RICHARD DAGGETT, b. abt 1835, Scott Co., IL.
347:152 SARAH E. DAGGETT, b. abt 1837, Scott Co. IL.

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