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500 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Rev. Benjamin and Jane Doggett; b. abt. 1676, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1716/7, Lancaster Co., VA. Married, but wife's name unknown.
Children (Doggett):

510		William			d. 1772	m. 	Lucy Mason ?
						m.	Johanna Wale
520		(child)
530		(child)
540		Elmore			d. 1781	m.	Lucy Haydon
						m. 1779	Mary Ann Hammonds
550		Jane
560		Benjamin	b. 1717	d. 1760	m.	Anne Emberson
William Doggett was the youngest child of the Rev. Benjamin Doggett. He was born in Lancaster County, Virginia, about 1676. Little has been discovered concerning his early life.
William received under his father's will recorded in Lancaster County in 1682 a devise of 100 acres of land, being a part of the 350 acre plantation owned by his father, on condition that he not marry until reaching age 22. This devise was under the same terms as the 100 acre devise to his brother Richard, that is, that the land be improved and indentured servants to be purchased with William's share of the tobacco belonging to the estate. The will also provided that William should live with his older brother Benjamin until he should be capable to live on his own. As William was only five or six years old when his father died, it was a number of years before he could take possession of the land. Of course, he would be entitled to any net profits realized by his guardian from cultivation of the property. County records do not record any formal appointment of a guardian, but it must be assumed that his father's wishes as expressed in the will were followed, and brother Benjamin acted as William's guardian.

William was married, undoubtedly after 1698, and probably before 1704 when he first appeared in a Lancaster County tax list. However, his wife's identity is uncertain. It has been speculated that his wife's name was Betty, and that her surname was perhaps George, but the basis for such opinion is tenuous. The probability of a son being named Elmore, which is a name appearing in the George family, and not otherwise in the Doggett family, provides some basis for the speculation. (N.B. I am not certain whether all of the court orders in the Lancaster County Order book have been examined, and perhaps there are some clues that I have missed.)

William died in 1716 in Lancaster County, Virginia. His will dated 20 Feb 1716/7, was recorded in court records on 13 Mar 1716/7. His will refers to his wife, but does not name her. The will names his daughter Jane and his son William and refers generally to "all my children." The will was witnessed by William's brothers Benjamin and Richard, and by John Bell, who was a minister who served in Lancaster County following the death of Rev. Benjamin's immediate successor, Andrew Jackson. Elmore George and Edwin Conway were named as executors of the will, but it does not appear that Col. Conway served as such. The cause of William's death is not known, but the will states that he was "weak in body" by "unfortunate accident."

Although the will only names two of William's children, it is known that there were six children. The will leaves the personal estate to the widow and children. There are court proceedings in 1725 and 1728 brought on behalf of William and Benjamin, children of William, each for one-seventh of the estate. Elmore Doggett is universally recognized as a child of William, based on common relationships and similarity of names, and the presumption would seem to be correct, although no direct evidence has been seen. Benjamin was born about the time of William's untimely death, and may have even been born posthumously. The names of the other two children are not known. One researcher has stated that the children were daughters Sarah and Hannah, but no evidence is cited in support of that statement. One possible candidate for a child's place is Isaac Doggett who married Elizabeth Churchwell in Richmond County, Virginia, in 1729, but no evidence can be cited in proof of that relationship.

In August 1728, William's son William was acting as guardian of his brother Benjamin. This would indicate that William was born prior to 1707, and was probably the eldest son.

No information has been found documenting death or remarriage of William's widow. Richard Boatman, a cousin, was acting as guardian of the younger William in 1725, so it may be that her death or remarriage occurred before that date.

510 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of William and Elizabeth Doggett; b. Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1772, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) poss. LUCY MASON; m(2) JOANNA WALE, dau. of John Wale.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of first marriage)
511		Coleman		b. 1736	d. 1782	m.	Mary King
512		William			d. 1795	m.	Betty Doggett
						m.	Judith Robb
513		Mary Ann
514		Betty				m. 1753	Josiah Carter
515		Lucy
	(children of marriage to Joanna Wale)
516		Sarah				m. 1763	James Cammell, Jr.
						m. 1768	James Brent
517		Mildred
518		Joanna				m. 1772	William Steptoe
519		Ann
51A		Hannah		b. 1755		m.	Thomas Chowning

For descendants, see separate page.

540 ELMORE DOGGETT, son of William and Elizabeth Doggett; d. 1781, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) LUCY HAYDON; m(2) 1779, Lancaster Co., VA, MARY ANN HAMMONDS.
Children (Doggett):

521		John		b. 1732	d. 1780	m.
						m.	Winifred Carter
522		William				m.	Judith Flowers
523		Elmore			d. 1777
524		George				m.	Elizabeth Griggs
525		Elizabeth			m. 1771	Hillary Curtis

For descendants, see separate page.

560 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of William and Betty Doggett; b. 1717 (posthumous), Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1760, Lancaster Co., VA; m. ANNE EMBERSON, dau. of John and Margaret Emberson, d. 1761.
Children (Doggett):

561		Betty				m.	William Doggett
562		Mary Ann
563		Margaret			m.	John Edwards
564		Emberson		d. 1765
565		Leannah

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