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The primary source for the data on this page has been Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett family. The main source for SBD's information seems to be Cyrus's son Rowland Doggett, and the data seems reliable. I have supplemented this information with material from the Sullins Family database on RootsWeb's World Connect, some California and Missouri death records, Arkansas marriage records, World War I Draft Registraton cards, and relevant census returns. Cyrus did not leave a large line of descendants, and the listings for later generations are rather sketchy. More research is called for.

511:13 CYRUS DOGGETT, son of John and Mary (Smith) Doggett; b. 12 Mar 1801, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 2 Aug 1883, Fincastle Co., VA; m. 4 Sep 1824, Northumberland Co., VA, ELIZABETH LACKEY, dau. of John T. and Mary Conway (Kenner) Lackey, b. 12 Oct 1805, Fairfield, Northumberland Co., VA, d. 27 Jan 1888, Fincastle Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:13v		Mary Ann	b. 1825	d. 1826
511:131		Arabella	b. 1827
511:13w		Narcissa	b. 1829	d. 1832
511:132		Rowland 	b. 1831		m. 1856	Martha R. O. Portlock
						m. 1877	Mattie A. Woods
511:1323	Almira		b. 1833	d. 1866	m. 1866	Hugh French
511:134		John Lackey	b. 1835		m. 1867	Octavia Mays
511:13x		Ella Marguerite	b. 1837	d. 1837
511:135		Cyrus, Jr.	b. 1838		m. 1866	Isabella Ellen Mays
511:13y		Elizabeth
		 Lackey		b. 1840	d. 1852
511:136		Robert Emory	b. 1843		m. 1869	Ella Pendleton
511:13z		Josephine	b. 1846	d. 1847
Althogh he never achieved the prominence that his brother Bishop David Seth Doggett attained, Cyrus was a highly regarded professional member of the legal and political community as well as the Methodist clergy. The following description of his life and career found in Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family reflects his place in the Virginia society of the nineteenth century.
"Rev. Cyrus Doggett professed religion and joined the Methodist church when he was about sixteen years old. In his eighteenth year he was licensed to preach, and was an active local preacher all the early part of his life. He filled the highest positons of honor and trust in his county, such as magistrate, high sheriff, and clerk of the county and circuit courts. At that day the magistrates were appointed by the governor of the State, and three of them presided at the county courts, and the oldest magistrate was sheriff. About the year 1856 he resigned his position as county and circuit clerk of Lancaster county, and engaged in the active work of the ministry. He joined the Virginia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, and became a Methodist itinerant preacher. Continuing his connection with the Virginia Conference after the war, he was then transferred to the Missouri Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, and remained there until his age put him on the superannuated list, and he returned to Virginia, where he was actively engaged in preaching till just before his last sickness, and on August 2 1883, he passed cally to his reward. So ended a long and useful life. His great idea of life was to live for the benefit of his race. He sacrificed the pleasures and emoluments of this life for the noble employment of advancing his species."

SBD 6157:
Rev. Cyrus Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 12 Mar 1801; d. Fincastle, VA, 2 Aug 1883; m. Northumberoland Co., VA, 4 Sep 1824, Elizabeth Larkey, dau. of Rev. John T. and mary (Conway [Kenna]) Larkey, b. Fairfield, Northumberland co., VA, 12 Oct 1805, d. Fincastle, Va, 27 Jan 1888.
Children: Mary Ann Arabella; Narcissa; Rowland; Almira; John Larkey; Ella Marguerite; Cyrus; Elizabeth Larkey; Robert Emory Josephine.

1850 Census, Lancaster Co, VA: Cyrus Doggett, 49, teacher; Elizabeth, 44; Almira, 16; John S., 14; Cyrus, Jr., 12; Elizth L., 10; Robert E., 7.
1860 Census, Gloucester Co., VA: Cyrus Doggett, 59, M. E. clergyman; Elizabeth, 53; Almira, 23; Cyrus, 21, medical student.

Death Notice, Christian Advocate, Nashville: Rev. Cyrus Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, died Fincastle Co., VA, 3 Aug 1883, in 83rd year of age. Elder brother of late Bishop David S. Doggett. Active in Methodist ministry in Virginia, where most of his ministry was spent.

511:13v MARY ANN DOGGETT; b. 10 Oct 1825, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1 Oct 1826, Lancaster Co., VA.

SBD 6200: Mary Ann Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 10 Oct 1825, d. Lancaster Co., VA, 1 Oct 1826.

511:131 ARABELLA DOGGETT; b. 29 Aug 1827, Lancaster Co., VA.

SBD 6201: Arabella Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 29 Aug 1827; res. Suffolk, VA (1892)

1850 Census, Northumberland Co., VA: Arabella Doggett; 21. With Thomas Sydnor [boarder?].
1860 Census, Nansemond Co., VA (Suffolk): Arabella Doggett, 33, teacher. With brother Rowland.

511:13w NARCISSA DOGGETT; b. 4 Oct 1829, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 5 Sep 1832, Lancaster Co., VA.

SBD 6202: Narcissa Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 4 Oct 1829; d. Lanc. Co., VA, 5 Sep 1832.

511:132 ALMIRA DOGGETT; b. 15 Aug 1833, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Nov 1866, Powhatan, VA; m. 1866, Bedford Co., VA, HUGH FRENCH, of Cumberland Co., VA.

SBD 6204: Almira Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 15 Oct 1833; m. Bedford, VA, 1866, Hugh French, of Cumberland Co.; d. Powhatan Co., VA, Nov 1866.

1860 Census, Gloucester Co., VA: Almira Doggett, 23. With father Cyrus.

511:13x ELLA MARGUERITE DOGGETT; b. 25 Apr 1837, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 25 Aug 1837, Lancaster Co., VA.

SBD 6206: Ella Marguerite Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 25 Apr 1837; d. Lancaster Co., VA, 25 Aug 1837.

511:13y ELIZABETH LACKEY DOGGETT; b. 3 Jul 1840, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1852, Lancaster Co., VA.

SBD 6208: Ellizabeth Larkey Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 3 Jul 1840; d. Lancaster Co., VA, 1852.

511:13z JOSEPHINE DOGGETT; b. 19 Nov 1846, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Oct 1847, Boydton, Mecklenburg Co., VA.

SBD 6210: Josephine Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 19 Nov 1846; d. Boydton, Mecklenburg Co., VA, Oct 1847.

511:132 ROWLAND DOGGETT, son of Cyrus and Elizabeth (Lackey) Doggett; b. 31 Oct 1831, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) 7 Aug 1856, Norfolk, VA, MARTHA REBECCA OLIVIA PORTLOCK, dau. of William anmd Sophia (Nash) Portlock, b. 1832, Norfolk Co., VA, d. 7 Dec 1870, Fairview, MO; m(2) 26 Jul 1877, Brunswick, MO, MATTIE A. WOODS, dau. of James and Mildred Ann (Perkins) Woods of Albemarle Co,, VA, b. 19 Jul 1839, Albemarle Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:132:1	Aurelius	b. 1859		m. 1886	Mrs. Caroline (Shoupe) Reid
511:132:2	Bettie Lackey	b. 1861	d. 1889
511:132:3	Lalla Leigh	b. 1863		m. 1882	Rufus H. Howell
511:132:4	Robert Lee	b. 1865	d. 1887
511:132:5	Sallie Routh	b. 1867
SBD 6203:
Rev. Rowland Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 31 Oct 1831; res. Suffolk, VA (1892); m(1) Norfolk, VA, 7 Aug 1856, Martha Rebecca Olivia Portlock, dau. of William and Sophia (Nash) Portlock, b. Norfolk Co., VA, 1832, d. Fairview, MO, 7 Dec 1870 He m(2) Brunswick, MO 26 Jul 1877, Mattie A. Woods, dau. of James and Mildred Ann Perkins (Jones) Woods, of Albemarle Co., VA, b. Albemarle Co., VA, 19 Jun 1839. Children: Aurelius; Bettie Larkey; LallaLeigh; Robert Lee; Sallie Routh

1850 Census, Mecklenburg Co, VA: Rolland Doggett, 19, VA, student.
1860 Census, Nansemond Co., VA (Suffolk): Rowland, 27, teacher; Martha, 26; Aurelius, 8/12. Also Robert E., 16; Arabella, 23, teacher.

1880 Census, Pope Co., AR (Russellville): Rowland Doggett, 49, VA, teaching; Mattie A., wife, 39; Aurelius, son, 20, typesetting; Bettie L., dau, 18, teaching; Lalla Leigh, dau, 16; Robert Lee, son, 14 (all VA VA VA)

511:132:2 BETTIE LACKEY DOGGETT; b. 7 Aug 1861, Oak Forest, VA; d. 24 May 1889, Suffolk, VA.

SBD 6261: Bettie Larkey Doggett, b. Oak Forest, VA, 7 Aug 1861, d. Suffolk, VA, 24 May 1889.

511:132:4 ROBERT LEE DOGGETT; b. 15 Jul 1865, Palmyra, VA; d. 9 Oct 1887, Fincastle, VA.

SBD 6263: Robert Lee Doggett, b. Palmyra, VA, 15 Jul 1865, d. Fincastle, VA, 9 Oct 1887.

511:132:5 SALLIE ROUTH DOGGETT; b. 9 Apr 1867, Lisbon, VA.

SBD 6264: Sallie Routh Doggett, b. Lisbon, VA, 9 Apr 1867; res. Suffolk, VA (1892).

511:132:1 AURELIUS DOGGETT, son of Rowland and Martha Rebecca Olivia (Portlock) Doggett; b. 4 Oct 1859, Churchland, VA; m. 23 Mar 1886, Carrolton, MO, Mrs. CAROLINE (Shoupe) REID, widow of William Reid and dau. of John Shoupe, b. Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:132:10	Joseph Calvin
		 (Reid)Doggett	b. 1882	d. 1938	m. 	Ethel Craig
511:132:11	Pattie Virginia	b. 1887		m. 	William R. Gillette
511:132:1x	Robert Shoupe	d. 1888

1900 Census, Lawrence Co., MO (Buck River Twp-Marionville): Aurelius Doggett, 10/59, 40, VA VA VA, md 14y, publisher; Caroline, wife, 7/64, 35, VA VA VA, md 14y, 4 ch 2 liv; Joe R., son, 1/82, 18, VA VA VA; (unnamed) Doggett, dau, 3/87, VA VA VA.
1910 Census, Lawrence Co. MO (Marionville): Aurelius Doggertt, 50, VA VA VA, m1 25y, editor-city paper; Carrie, wife, 45, VA VA VA, m1 25y, 5 ch 2 liv.

1920 Soundex, Lawrence Co., MO (Buck Prairie Twp): Aurelius Doggett, 60, VA, farmer-dairy farmer; Caroline, 55.

SBD:6260: Aurelius Doggett, b. Churchland, VA, 4 Oct 1859; res. 1317 East Twenty-second street, Kansas City, MO (1892); m. Carrollton, MO 23 Mar 1886, Caroline Reid, widow of William Reid, and daughter of John Shoupe, b. Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA.


SBD 6304: Pattie Virginia Doggett, b. 26 Mar 1887

511:132:1x ROBERT SHOUPE DOGGETT; d. Dec 1888.

SBD 6305: Robert Shoupe Doggett, d. Dec 1888.

511:132:10 JOSEPH CALVIN (REID) DOGGETT, son of William and Caroline Reid, and stepson of Aurelius Doggett; b. 6 Jan 1882, Broadway, VA; d. 29 Mar 1938; bur. Galena Cem., Stone Co., MO; m. 20 Nov 1910, ETHEL CRAIG, dau of D. W. and Dalia Craig, b. Galena, Stone Co., MO; bur. Galena Cem.
Children (Doggett):

511:132:101	Joseph
		 Drummond	b. 1911		m. 1932 Jewell Madge Brown
511:132:102	Virginia Ethel	b. 1914
511:132:10x	"Little Bill"	b. 1917	d. 1918
511:132:103	Bettie L.	b. 1925
Joseph C. Reid changed his name to "Doggett," but whether he was formally adopted by Aurelias is not known.

Galena Cem. Rec., Stone co., MO (RootsWeb): J. C. R. Doggett, 6 Jan 1882 - 29 Mar 1938
Galena Cem. Rec., Stone co., MO (RootsWeb): Ethel C. Doggett; 7 Jul 1891 - 16 Apr 1982.
Galena Cem. Rec., Stone co., MO (RootsWeb): "Little" Bill Doggett; 1917 -1918

WW I Draft Reg, Stone Co., MO, 12 Sep 1918: Joseph Calvin Reed Doggett; res. Crane, Stone Co., MO; b. 6 Jan 1882, 36; doctor and farmer; Mrs. Ethel Doggett, wife.

1910 Census, Stone Co., MO (Pierce TWp): J. C. R. Doggett, 28, VA, physician-general practice.
1920 Census, Stone Co., MO (Pierce Twp.): J. R. C. Doggett, 368 VAVA VA, druggist; Ethel, wife, 28, MO MO MO; Joe, son, MO VA MO; Ethel, dau, 5, MO VA MO.
1930 Census, Stone Co., MO (Pierce Twp): Joseph R. Doggett, 48, VA VA VA, md age 29, physician-medical; Ethel, wife, 38, MO MO MO, md age 19, manager-retail drug store; Joseph D., son, 18, MO VA MO; Virginia E., dau, 16, MO VA MO; Bettie L., dau, 4, MO VA MO.

511:132:101 JOSEPH DRUMMOND DOGGETT, son of Joseph C. (Reid) and Ethel (Craig) Doggett; b. 26 Dec 1911, MO; m. 31 Dec 1932, JEWELL MADGE BROWN, dau of James Washington and Clara Elizabeth (Thompson) Brown.
Children (Doggett):

511:132:1011	Sue Carolyn	b. 1934		m. 1952	J. C. Benage
511:132:1012	Ann Elizabeth	b. 1938		m. 1956	Jack Dean Atkins
511:132:1013	Joseph James	b. 1942

Stone Co., MO, Obits (RootsWeb): Joseph Drummond Doggett, no dates.

Sullins Family genealogy (WWW): Joseph Drummond Doggett; b. 26 Dec 1911, MO; m. 30 Dec 1932, Jewell Madge Brown, dau of James Washington and Clara Elizabeth (thompson) Brown. Ch: Sue Carolyn; ann Elizabeth; Joseph James, b. 17 Jan 1942, MO.

511:132:1013 JOSEPH JAMES DOGGETT; b. 17 Jan 1942, MO.

511:132:1011 SUE CAROLYN DOGGETT, dau of Joseph Drummond and Jewell Madge (Brown) Doggett; b. 7 Jul 1934, MO; m. 20 Dec 1934, MO, J. C. BENAGE, b. 24 Mar 1932, MO.
Children (Benage):

511:132:10111	Joseph Clinton	b. 1953
511:132:10112	Donna Jaye	b. 1954
511:132:10113	Julie Ann	b. 1957
511:132:10114	Amy Elizabeth	b. 1962

Sullins Family genealogy (WWW): Sue Carolyn Doggett; b. 7 Jul 1934, MO; m. 20 Dec 1952, MO, J. C. Benage, b. 24 Mar 1932, MO. Ch: Joseph Clinton, b. 5 Dec 1953, Lebanon, MO; Donna Jaye, b. 28 Dec 1954, MO; Julia Ann, b. 10 May 1957, MO; Amy elizabeth, b. 19 Aug 1962, MO.

511:132:10111 JOSEPH CLINTON BENAGE; b. 5 Dec 1953, Lebanon, MO.
511:132:10112 DONNA JAYE BENAGE; b. 28 Dec 1954, MO.
511:132:10113 JULIE ANN BENAGE; b. 10 May 1959, MO.
511:132:10114 AMY ELIZABETH BENAGE; b. 19 Aug 1962, MO.

511:132:1012 ANN ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau of Joseph Drummond and Jewell Madge (Brown) Doggett; b. 13 Feb 1938, MO; m. 14 Jul 1960, MO, JACK DEAN ATKINS.
Children (Atkins):

511:132:10121	Jack Craig	b. 1960
511:132:10122	Jeffrey Scott	b. 1963
511:132:10122	John
		 Christopher	b. 1971

Sullins Family genealogy (WWW): Ann Elizabeth Doggett; b. 13 Feb 1938, MO; m. 27 Dec 1956, MO, Jack Dean Atkins. Ch: Jack Craig, b. 14 Jul 1960, MO; Jeffrey Scott, b. 18 Jul 1963, Mo; John Christopher, b. 7 Apr 1971, MO.

511:132:10121 JACK CRAIG ATKINS; b. 14 Jul 1960, MO.
511:132:10122 JEFFREY SCOTT ATKINS; b. 18 Jul 1963, MO.
511:132:10123 JOHN CHRISTOPHER ATKINS; b. 7 Apr 1971, MO.

511:132:3 LALLA LEIGH DOGGETT; b. 1 Jun 1863, Oak Frost, VA; m. 16 Nov 1882, Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR, RUFUS H. HOWELL.
Children (Howell):

511132:31	Ellene		b. 1883
511132:3x	Annie		b. 1888	d. 1889
511132:32	Bettie Lee	b. 1890

SBD 6262: Lalla Leigh Doggett, b. Oak Forest, VA, 1 Jun 1863; res. Dardanelle, AR (1892); m. Dardanelle, AR, 16 Nov 1882, Rufus H. Howell, b. Dardanelle, AR. Children: Ellene; Annie Doggett; Bettie Lee.

Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900: Rufus H. Howell and Lula L. Doggett, 16 Nov 1882, Yell Co., AR.

511:132:1 ELLENE HOWELL; b. 26 Aug 1883, Dardanelle, AR.

SBD 6306: Ellene Howell, b. Dardanelle, AR, 26 Aug 1883.

511:132:x ANNIE DOGGETT HOWELL; b. 14 Aug 1888; d. 29 Dec 1889

SBD 6307: Annie Doggett Howell, b. 14 Oct 1888, d. 29 Dec1889.

511:132:3 BETTIE LEE HOWELL; b. 26 Dec 1890.

SBD 6308: Bettie Lee Howell, b. 26 Dec 1890.

511:134 JOHN LACKEY DOGGETT, son of Cyrus and Elizabeth (Lackey) Doggett; b. 23 Jul 1835, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 10 May 1867, Junction Stores, VA, OCTAVIA MAYS, dau. of Fletcher H. and Mary Lewis (Jones) Mays, b. 24 Jul 1843, Botetourt Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:134:x	Mary Mays	b. 1869	d. 1882
511:134:1	Florence Hutt	b. 1871		m. 1901	Walter S. Hart
511:134:2	Octavia Mays	b. 1872
		3 other children, d.y.

1870 Census, Lincoln Co., MO (Bedford Twp-Troy): J. L. Doggett, 31, VA, dentist; Octavia M., 25, VA; Mary M., 1, VA
1880 Census, Botetourt Co., VA (Fincastle): John L. Dogget, 37?, VA VA VA, dentist; Octavia, wife, 38, VA VA VA; Mary, dau, 11, VA VA VA; Florence, dau, 9, MO VA VA; Octavia, dau, 7, MO VVA VA. With Fletcher H. Mays, f/l, 79, VA, lawyer.
1900 Census, Roanoke Co., VA (Roanoke City): John Doggett, VA VA VA, 7/35, 64, md 33y, dentist; Octavia M., wife, 7/42, 57, VA VA VA, md 33y, 6 ch, 2 liv; Florance H., dau, 5/71, 19, MO VA VA; Octavia M., dau, 9/73, 26, MO VA VA.
1910 Census, Roanoke Co., VA (Roanoke): Octavia M. Doggett, 68, VA VA VA, widow, 6 ch 2 liv. With Walter S. Hart, s/l.

SBD 6205: Dr. John Larkey Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 23 Jul 1835, a dentist; res. Bedford City, VA (1892); m. Junction Stores, VA, 10 May 1867, Octavia Mays, dau. of Fletcher H. and Mary Lewis (Jones) Mays, b. Botetourt county, VA, 24 Jul 1843. Children: Mary Mays; Florence Hutt; Octavia Mays.

511:134:x MARY MAYS DOGGETT; b. 10 May 1869, Junction Stores, VA; d. 9 Oct 1882, Fincastle Co., VA.

SBD 6265: Mary Mays Doggett, b. Junction Stores, VA, 10 May 1869; d. Fincastle, VA, 9 Oct 1882.

511:134:2 OCTAVIA MAYS DOGGETT; b. 19 Sep 1872, Miami, MO.

SBD 6267: Octavia Mays Doggett, b. Miami, MO, 19 Sep 1872.

511:134:1 FLORENCE HUTT DOGGETT, dau of John Lackey and Octavia (Mays) Doggett, b. 1 May 1871, Troy. MO; m. abt 1901, WALTER S. HART, b. abt 1869, VA.
Children (Hart):

511:134:11	Mary S.		b. 1902
511:134:12	Louise D.	b. 1906

1910 Census, Roanoke Co., VA (Roanoke): Walter S. Hart, 40, VA VA VA;, m1 8y, clerk-RR office; Florence D., wife, 38, MO VA VA, m1 8y, 2 ch 2 liv; Mary S., dau, 7, VA VA MO; Louise D., dau, 3, VA VA MO. Also Octavia M. Doggett, m/l, 68, VA VA VA, wid, 6 ch 2 liv.

SBD 6266: Florence Hutt Doggett, b. Troy, MO, 1 May 1871.

511:135 CYRUS DOGGETT, Jr., son of Cyrus and Elizabeth (Lackey) Doggett; b. 18 Sep 1838, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 16 Jan 1866, Junction Stores, VA, ISABELLA ELLEN MAYS, dau. of Fletcher H. and Ellen (Ferguson) Mays, b. Jun 1838, Fincastle Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:135:1	Fletcher Mays	b. 1866	d. 1890
511:135:x	Bessie Ewing	b. 1868	d. 1870
511:135:2	Frank Grant	b. 1871		m.	Nana
511:135:y	Nellie Belle	b. 1878	d. 1888

1870 Census, Randolph Co., MO (Moberly): Cyrus Doggett, 30, VA, physician; Bell M., 30, Va; Fletcher M., 3; Bessie E., 2.
1880 Census, Botetourt Co., MO (Fincastle): Cyrus Dogget, 41, VA, M.D.; Bell M., wife, 41, VA; Fletcher, son, 13, VA; Frank, son, 8, VA; Nellie, dau, 2, VA.

SBD 6207: Dr. Cyrus Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 18 Sep 1838, a physician; res. Fincastle, VA (1892); m. Junction Stores, VA, 16 Jan 1866, Isabella Ellen Mays, dau. of Fletcher H. and Ellen (Ferguson) Mays, b. Fincastle, VA, Jun 1838. Ch: Fletcher Mays; Bessie Ewing; Frank Grant; Nellie Belle.

511:135:1 FLETCHER MAYS DOGGETT; b. 16 Dec 1866, Junction Stores, VA; d. 8 Dec 1890, Fincastle Co., VA.

SBD 6268: Fletcher Mays Doggett; b. Junction Stores, VA, 16 Dec 1866; d. Fincastle, VA, 8 Dec 1890.

511:135:x BESSIE EWING DOGGETT; b. 11 Sep 1868, Junction Stores, VA; d. 24 Aug 1870.

SBD 6269 Bessie Ewing Doggett, b. Junction Stores, VA, 11 Sep 1868, d. 24 Aug 1870.

511:134:y NELLIE BELLE DOGGETT; b. 2 Aug 1878, Fincastle Co., VA; d. 1888.

SBD 6271 Nellie Belle Doggett, b. Fincastle, VA, 2 Aug 1878, d. fall of 1888

511:135:2 FRANK GRANT DOGGETT, son of Cyrus Jr. and Isabella Ellen (Mays) Doggett; b. 3 Jul 1871, Moberly, Randolph Co., MO; m. NONA T. surname unknown), b. abt.1880, AL.
Children (Doggett):

511:135:21	Frank Mays	b. 1901
511:135:22	Elizabeth	b. 1903
511:135:23	Cyrus James	b. 1910
511:135:24	Lazabelle	b. 1914

1910 Census, Pittsburg Co., OH (McAlester): Frank G. Doggett, 38, Mo VA VA, m1 9y, contractor-tie & timber shop; Nona T., wife, 30, Al AL AL, m1 9y, 3 ch 3 liv; Frank M., son, 8; Elizabeth, dau, 6; Cyrus J., son, 1-4/12
1920 Census, Pittsburg Co., OK (McAlester): Frank G. Doggett, 48, MO VA VA, chief -- inspector-Katy & Frisco RR; Nana, wife, 39, AL AL AL; Mays, son, 18, AL MO AL; Elizabeth, 16, AL MO AL; Jims, 11, OK MO AL; Lazabelle, 5 ,OK MO AL.

SBD 6270: Frank Grant Doggett, b. Moberly, MO, 3 Jul 1871; res. New Orleans, LA (1892).

511:135:21    FRANK MAYS DOGGETT; b. abt. 1901, AL.
511:135:22    ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. abt. 1903, AL.
511:135:22    CYRUS JAMES DOGGETT; b. abt 1906, OK.
511:135:23    LAZABELLE DOGGETT; b. abt. 1914, OK.

511:136 ROBERT EMORY DOGGETT, son of Cyrus and Elizabeth (Lackey) Doggett; b. 28 Feb 1843, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 10 Mar 1869, Wright City, MO, ELLA PENDLETON, b. Warren Co., MO.
Children (Doggett):

511:136:1	Elmyra		b. 1869	d. 1953	m. 1888	Horace Bradley
						m.	Mr. Lightfoot
511:136:2	Ethel M.	b. 1881
511:136:3	Elliott Emory	b. 1887		m.	Jessie

1860 Census, Nansemond Co., VA (Suffolk): Robert E. Doggett, 16, VA. With brother Rowland.
1870 Census, Audrain Co., MO (Salt River): R. H. Doggett, 25, VA; Ella, 23, MO; Elmyra, ?/12 (Dec), MO
1880 Census, Franklin Co., MO (Washington): Robert E. Daggett, 30, VA VA VA, lawyer; Ella, wife, 26, MO VA MO; Elmira, 10, MO VA MO.
1900 Census, Creek Nation, Indian Terr (Wagoner): Robert Doggett, 2/46, 54, VA VA VA, md 30y, lawyer; Ella, wife, 9/44, 55, MO VA VA; md 30 y, 2 ch 2 liv; Ethel M., dau, 5/82, 18, MO VA MO; Elliott E., son, 7/87, 12, AR VA MO, messenger boy.
1910 Census, Wagoner Co., OH (Wagoner): R. E. Dogett, 64, VA VA VA, m1 38y, judge; Ella, wife, 62, MO KY MO, m1 38y, 3 ch 3 liv; Ernest, son, 30, MO VA MO, laborer-odd jobs; Elmar, son, 28, MO VA MO, salesman-drygoods; Elener, dau, 24, MO VA MO, saleslady-drygoods.
1920 Soundex, Wagoner Co., OK (Wagoner): Robert E. Doggett, 75, VA; Ella, 74, MO.

SBD 6209: Robert Emory Doggett, b. Lancaster Co., VA, 28 Feb 1845, a lawyer; res. Russellville, AR (1892); m. Wright City, MO, 10 Mar 1869, Ella Pendleton, of Wright City, MO., b. Warren county, MO. Ch: Myra; Ethel; Robert Emory.
Genealogies of Virginia Families (1984) (from Virginia Magazine): Ellen Pendleton, dau. of Robert H. (b. 1830) and ___ (Pratt); m. Mr. Doggett. [prob this family]

511:135:2 ETHEL DOGGETT; b. 19 May 1881.

SBD 6273: Ethel Doggett, b. 19 May 1881.

511:136:1 ELMYRA ("Myra") DOGGETT, dau of Robert Emory and Ella (Pendleton) Doggett; b. 24 Dec 1869, MO; d. 11 Jan 1953, Los Angeles Co., CA; m(1) 24 Dec 1888, HORACE BRADLEY, b. Dec 1852, TN; m(2) Mr. LIGHTFOOT.
Children (Bradley):

511:136:11	Horace		b. 1890
511:136:12	Walter S.	b. 1891
511:136:13	Eileen J.	b. 1893

1900 Census, Creek Nation, Indian Terr (Wagoner): Horace Bradley, 12/53, 46, TN, Ire VA, lawyer; Myra, wife, 12/69, 30, MO VA MO, md 11 y, 3 ch 3 liv; Horace, son, 1/90, 10, AL TN MO; Walter S., son, 11/91, 8, AR TN MO; Eileen J., dau, 12/93, 6, AR TN MO.

SBD 6272: Myra Doggett, b. 24 Dec 1869; m. Horace Bradley, 24 Dec 1888. Two sons (1892).
Calif Death Rec. 1940-1997 (RootsWeb): Myra Lightfoot; b. 24 Dec 1869 MO; d. 11 Jan 1953, Los Angeles Co., CA. Mother - Pendleton; Father - Doggett.

511:136:3 ELLIOTT EMORY DOGGETT, son of Robert Emory and Ella (Pendleton) Doggett; b. 31 Jul 1887, Russellville, AR; d. Oct 1965, OK; m. abt 1907, JESSIE (surname unknown), b. abt 1888, TX.
Children (Doggett):

511:136:31	Robert A.	b. 1909
511:136:32	Young		b. 1918

WW I Draft Reg, Higgins, ---- Co., TX, 6 Jun 1917: Elliott Emory Dggett; res. Higgins; b. 31 Jul 1886 [?], Russellville, AR, 30; cashier-bank and city cleri-treas, City of Higgins; md, wife, child and aged mother and father.

1910 Census, Lipscomb Co., TX (4th Jud. Pct): Elliott Doggett, 23, AR VA MO, m1 2y, asst cashier-bank; Jessie, wife, 21, TX TX IA, m1 2y, 1 ch 1 liv; Robert A., son, 1-2/12, TX AR TX.
1920 Census, Potter Co., TX (Amarillo): E. E. Doggett, 32, AR US US, cashier-bank; Jessie, wife, 31, TX TX OH; Robert, son, 10, TX AR TX; Young, son, 3-2/12, TX AR TX.

SSDI: Elliott Doggett (OK); b. 30 Jul 1887; d. Oct 1965. LR OK

SBD 6274: Robert Emory Doggett, b. Russellville, MO [sic], Jun 1887.

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