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For this page, reliance has been placed in great part on the discussion in Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family, published soon after Bishop Doggett's death. Various national biographical encyclopedias have listings, including an excellent biography in Cyclopedia of Methodism (1878). Carol Robertson has supplied much valuable information on later generations, and Diana Diamond's Virginia Families database published in RootsWeb's WorldConnect has been helpful. Relevant census schedules, some published marriage and death records, and World War I Draft Registration cards have been consulted. Additional research is needed on Bishop Doggett's descendants, and any input will be appreciated.

511:14 (Bishop) DAVID SETH DOGGETT, son of John and Mary (Smith) Doggett; b. 23 Jan 1810, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 27 Oct 1880, Richmond, VA; m. 19 Jun 1834, Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA, MARTHA ANN GWATHMEY, b. 1812, Lynchburg, VA, d. 19 Feb 1882, Richmond, VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:141		Annie		b. 1839		m.	Mr. Linen
511:142		David Seth, Jr.	b. 1842		m.	Annie Curtiss Jones
511:143		Martha Gwathmey	b. 1845		m. 1876	William Tazewell Fitzgerald
511:144		George Brooke	b. 1847		m. 1890	Georgia Anderson
511:14x		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1850	d. 1855
511:145		John Marshall	b. 1852
511:146		Loulie B.	b. 1855	d. 1927
Bishop David Seth Doggett is certainly one of the most prominent members of the Southern Doggett families. He studied at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and became a minister of the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South at the age of 19. Five years later he married Martha Ann Gwathmey and had seven children of whom one daughter died in childhood. He was a professor at Randolph Macon College and at the age of 56 was elected to the office of bishop of the M. E. Church. He resided in Richmond, Virginia, and served in the office of bishop for about 14 years, travelling extensively throughout the South in the performance of his duties. He was noted for the quality of his preaching and writing. A portrait of Bishop Doggett hangs in the courthouse of Lancaster County, Virginia, although the writer has not seen it. His life and career are reported at lentgh in Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family, and which account will not be repeated here.

511:141 ANNIE B. DOGGETT; b. 1838/39; m. Mr. LINEN.
511:14x MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. Jul 1850; d. Jun 1855.
511:146 LOULIE B. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1855, NY; d. 1927, Richmond, VA. Unmarried.

511:142 DAVID SETH DOGGETT, Jr., son of David Seth and Martha Ann (Gwathmey) Doggett; b. abt 1841; m. ANNIE CURTISS JONES.
Children (Doggett):

511:142:1	Annie Curtiss	b. 1870

511:143 MARTHA GWATHMEY ("Pattie') DOGGETT, dau. of David Seth and Martha Ann (Gwathmey) Doggett; b. 1844/45; m. 1876, WILLIAM TAZEWELL FITZGERALD. Four children.
Children (Fitzgerald):

511:143:x	David D.	b. 1876
511:143:y	Margaret	b. 1877
511:143:1	John Tazewell	b. 1878
511:143:2	Imogene		b. 1883
511:143:3	Brooks G.	b. 1885
511:143:4	Lulu D.		b. 1887
511:143:5	Martha Gwathmey			m.	Eugene Hampton Sutton
		one other child, d.y.		

511:143:5 MARTHA GWATHMEY FITZGERALD, dau. of William Tazewell and Martha Gwathmey (Doggett) Fitzgerald; b. Sep 1891, Richmond, VA; d. 27 Feb 1980, Richmond, VA; m. 1918, Richmond, Va, EUGENE HAMPTON SUTTON, b. 21 Aug 1889, Richmond, VA, d. 18 Jan 1959, Richmond, VA.
Children (Sutton) (at least):

511:143:51	Anne Hampton			m.	Andrew Robertson

511:143:511 ANNE HAMPTON SUTTON, dau. of Eugene Hampton and Martha Gwathmey (Fitzgerald) Sutton; m. ANDREW ROBERTSON.
Children (Robertson) (at least):

511:143:5111	John Sutton			m.	Carol Dickinson

511:144 GEORGE BROOKE DOGGETT, son of David Seth and Martha Ann (Gwathmey) Doggett; b. 30 Oct 1847, Lynchburg, VA; m. 13 Aug 1890, Essex Co., VA, GEORGIA AMANDA ANDERSON, dau. of Willliam and Sarah (Keeser) Anderson, b. 12 Mar 1859, "Oak Grove," Essex Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

511:144:x	(son)		b. 1891 d. 1891
511:144:1	David Seth	b. 1895	d. 1972	m. 1918	Marie Jackson McLaughlin

511:144:1 DAVID SETH DOGGETT, son of George Brooke and Georgia Amanda (Anderson) Doggett; b. 25 May 1895, Richmond, VA;d. 20 Jan 1972; m. 9 Dec 1918, MARIE JACKSON McLAUGHLIN, dau. of Edmonia Churchill (Christian) McLaughlin, of Weston, WV.
Children (Doggett):

511:144:11	David S. Jr.	b. 1920
511:144:12	Edmund
		 Christian	b. 1925
511:144:13	George Brooke
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