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Among the sources used for this page were birth, death and marriage records, will abstracts and deeds of Lancaster County, Virginia; Marriage records of Northumberland County, Virginia; California death records; World War I Draft Records; World War Ii Draft Records; WW II US Army Enlistment Records; Social Security Death Records; and Census Records, especially of Lancaster and Northumberland Counties. Valuable information was furnished to me by Ben Stewart, Dot Tucker-Houk, Greg Doggett, Beth Atkinson and Peggy Cantrell. On line databases published by Bryan Norris, James Braun, and "Christie" were very helpful, and obituaries of Cyrus G. Doggett, Carroll A. Doggett, and Arthur H. Doggett were consulted. Special mention needs to be made of Wayland "Bud" Doggett and his wife Mary, with whom we spent an enjoyable afternoon almost thirty years ago at their home in Charlottesville, Virginia, and of the kind folks at the Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library, who entertained us in 1978 with a lovely picnic at their (then quite new) facilities in Lancaster Court House and went out of their way to provide us with all the Doggett informaton they could dig up out of their files and otherwise. Also of the late Howard Doggett of Mollusk whom we visited on that same trip to Lancaster County in 1983. All of these people provided information which has found it's way into this page. Also used extensively are Lancaster County cemetery records, especially from the Bethel United Methodist Church, which we were able to personally copy.

512:1 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of William and Betty Doggett; b. Lancaster Co., VA; d. abt. 1821, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 1791, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 19 Dec), ELIZABETH PHILLIPS STOTT.
Children (Doggett):

512:11		William S.	b. 1792	d. 1867	m. 1819	Charlotte T. Beane
512:12		Benjamin	b. 1794		m. 1820	Nancy P. Barrack
512:13		Hugh B.		b. 1796		unm.
Benjamin Doggett was the eldest son of William Doggett. He was born in the early 1760's, almost certainly in Lancaster County. He was married probably in December, 1791, in Lancaster County, as a marriage bond dated 19 December 1791 is of record. His wife, Elizabeth Phillips Stott, was the granddaughter of William Stott and is referred to in his will. The identies of her parents have not been determined. A division of her grandfather's estate made in 1791 and recorded 17 April 1792 distributes property to "Benjamin Doggett who intermarried with Elizabeth P. Stott." Three sons were born of the marriage.
By deed dated 10 September 1788, executed by his father William and stepmother Judith, Benjamin was given a tract of land of 184 acres in size, part of which had been purchased by his grandfather William in 1749, and then descended to his father, and part of which had been purchased by his father in 1779. By deed dated 20 June 1791, a few months before his marriage to Elizabeth, Benjamin conveyed the 184 acres to his brother George "in consideration of the natural love and affection which he bears to the said George Doggett." It is probable that this property is the same land as is devised to George by his father's will, as it describes it as "per a deed granted to him." If that is the case, then it would seem that the deed was part of a family estate planning arrangement designed to provide each of the older sons with a parcel of real property.
In his father's will executed in 1795, Benjamin was given the plantation on which he and his family resided. The will recites that Benjamin had purchased the land, but that William had paid for it. The devise clearly was intended to assure that Benjamin received that land as his share of his father's estate, even though it apparently was in Benjamin's name. the writer has not seen a recorded deed evidencing the purchase, but a search of county records around 1791 might well disclose such a transaction as a part of estate planning process discussed above.
In his father's will, Benjamin's brother James was given the home plantation. Apparently, the title was not clear, and Benjamin had inherited an interest in 45 acres of the land from his mother Betty. On 28 May 1801, he sold that interest to James for fifty pounds current money, thereby consolidating the title in James.
Benjamin is recorded in the 1810 census of Lancaster County. The return shows Benjamin and a female 26-45 years, which is clearly Elizabeth, born probably in the late 1760's. A male child, age 16-26, would be William S., and a male child, age10-16, would be Benjamin. The census also shows two males, ages 0-10. This presents a problem, as Hugh B. was clearly born before 1800. Where, then, is Hugh B., and who were the two small boys in Benjamin's household? Were they two other children who did not survive, or were they perhaps children of a relative? The census return also shows Benjamin as owner of five slaves, a reasonable number for working a small plantation along with his three teenage sons.
Benjamin died about 1821, without a will, and the home plantation was partitioned by court decree dated 1 January 1822 among his three children. Elizabeth had apparently predeceased him, as no dower rights are reflected. Benjamin had also purchased a 40 acre tract of land in Lancaster County in August 1798. In November 1822 the three children and the spouses of the two married sons sold that parcel for $82.00 current money to Rawleigh W. Downman, a prominent citizen of Lancaster County and owner of adjoining property, and undoubtedly divided the proceeds of sale equally.
In the opinion in Doggett v. Kem, mentioned above, Benjamin is called :"Hugh." Benjamin does not appear to have been called by that name in any other documents of record, and this reference would seem to be in error, probably due to confusion with his son :"Hugh B." whose full name may well have been "Hugh Benjamin."

512:13 HUGH B. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1796, VA.

512:11 WILLIAM S. DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Phillips (Stott) Doggett; b. abt 1792, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1867, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 22 Dec 1819, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 20 Dec), CHARLOTTE T. BEANE, dau. of John Beane, b. abt. 1800, d. bef. 1860.
Children (Doggett):

512:111		Margaret Ann	b. 1821		m. 1841	Thomas Taff
512:112		Robert W.	b. 1824	d. 1875	m. 1849	Frances Barrack
						m. 1853	Eliza B. (Stonum)Barrack
512:113		Richard W.	b. 1825	d. 1885	m. 	Mary A. Davenport
512:11x		(dau.)			d.y.
512:114		Martha		b. 1837	d. 1860	m.	E. P. Hazzard
512:115		John L.		b. 1841	d. 1884	m.	Judith Ann Barrack
William S. Doggett was the eldest son of Benjamin Doggett. Shortly before his father's death, William married Charlotte T. Beane, daughter of John Beane, Sr., of Lancaster County, as evidenced by a marriage return of record. William appears in Lancaster County census returns for 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860. From these returns, and other data, we can determine that he was born in late 1792, and that Charlotte was born about 1800. Charlotte does not appear in the 1860 census return, and seems to have died at some time between 1850 and 1860.
William died in 1867, at the advanced age of 75, leaving a will dated 12 March 1867, recorded in Lancaster County on 19 August of that year. The will mentions his three sons, John L., Richard W., and Robert W., and two daughters, Margaret Ann Taff and Martha Hazzard. Both daughters were deceased at that time, leaving children, mentioned in the will. The will also mentions children of John L, but not the children of Richard and Robert. The reason for that omission is not known. The 1840 census indicates the existence of another daughter, born 1830-1835, but she apparently did not survive to adulthood.
Charlotte's father, John Beane, Sr., apparently died intestate in Lancaster County in or prior to 1842, and she and her husband, William, were allotted a portion of his home plantation upon division of his estate. On 18 October 1842, William and Charlotte sold the tract to James Chowning of Lancaster County.

512:111 MARGARET ANN DOGGETT, dau. of William S. and Charlotte T. (Beane) Doggett; b. abt. 1821, VA; d. bef. 1867; m. 1841, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 27 Nov), THOMAS TAFF, son of John and Elizabeth K. (Dodson) Taff, b. abt. 1820, VA.
Children (Taff):

512:111:1	Emeline		b. 1842
512:111:2	Addison	W.	b. 1844
512:111:3	Thomas, Jr.	b. 1846
512:111:4	Margaret	b. 1848	
512:111:5	Mary A.		b. 1850
512:111:6	John		b. 1854
512:111:7	Martha A.	b. 1859

512:112 ROBERT W. DOGGETT, son of William S. and Charlotte T. (Beane) Doggett; b. abt 1824, VA; d. 1875, Lancaster Co., VA; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) 1849, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 16 Aug), FRANCES BARRACK, dau. of Nancy Barrack, b. abt. 1820, VA; m(2) Mrs. ELIZA B. (Stonum) BARRACK, widow of Griffin Barrack, b. 1820, VA, d. 1885, bur. Bethel U. M. Church. Eliza had at least two sons by her first marriage: Sam Barrack, b. abt. 1841, and Thomas Barrack, b. abt . 1845.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Frances Barrack)
512:112:1	Rowland		b. 1850
	(children of marriage to Eliza B. (Stonum) Barrack)
512:112:2	Isabella M.	b. 1853	d. 1877	unm.
512:112:3	Rosa M.		b. 1856	d. 1930	unm.
512:112:4	Christopher
		   Columbus	b. 1859	d. 1907	unm.
512:112:5	John S.		b. 1861	d. 1914	unm.
512:112:6	Robert W.	b. 1864	d. 1942	m. 1889	Elizabeth F. Harris

512:112:1 ROWLAND DOGGETT; b. 1850, VA.
512:112:2 ISABELLA M. DOGGETT; b. 1853, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1877. Unmarried.
512:112:3 ROSA M. DOGGETT; b. 3 May 1856, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1930; bur. Bethel U. M. Church. Unmarried.

512:112:4 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DOGGETT; b. 27 Oct 1859; d. 1907; bur. Bethel U. M. Church. Unmarried.
512:112:5 JOHN S. DOGGETT; b. 1861; d. 1914; bur. Bethel U. M. Church. Unmarried.

512:112:6 ROBERT W. DOGGETT, son of Robert W. and Eliza B. (Stonum-Barrack) Doggett; b. 1864, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1942; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 26 Jun 1889, Northumberland Co., VA, ELIZABETH F. ("Lizzie") HARRIS, dau. of T. M. and Nannie C. (Latham) Harris, b. 1871, Northumberland Co., VA, d. 1937, bur. Bethel U. M. Church. Occupation: Oyster and fish inspector.
Children (Doggett):

512:112:6x	Ethelyn C	b. 1890	d. 1892
512:112:61	Carroll William	b. 1893	d. 1967	m.	Annabelle S.
512:112:62	Mervin Harris	b. 1895	d. 1984	m. 1915	Evelyn M. Jett
512:112:63	Eliza Elizabeth	b. 1896		m. 1919	T. King (this family??)
512:112:64	Ethel E.	b. 1898	d. 1944	m.	Mr. Engelhardt
512:112:65	Robert T.	b. 1902	d. 1942
512:112:66	Nannie R.	b. 1904	d. 1940	m.	Mr. Keyser

512:112:6x ETHELYN C. DOGGETT; b. Jun 1890, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1892; bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
512:112:62 MERVIN HARRIS DOGGETT, son of Robert W. and Elizabeth F. (Harris) Doggett; b. Jan 1894, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 28 Jun 1984, Los Angeles Co., CA; m(1) 3 Aug 1915, Heathville, Northumberland Co., VA, EVELYN M. JETT, dau. of Wiley P. and Sallie J. (Harris) Jett, b. Feb 1894, Northumberland Co., VA; m(2) abt 1926, LORRAINE (surname unknown), b. abt 1987, MO.

512:112:63 ELIZA ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. Sep 1896; m. May 1919, T. KING.
512:112:64 ETHEL E. DOGGETT; b. 5 Oct 1898; d. 26 Oct 1944; bur. Bethel U. M. Church; m. Mr. ENGELHARDT.

512:112:65 ROBERT T. DOGGETT; b. 1902; d. 1942; bur. Bethel U. M. Church.

512:112:61 CARROLL WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Robert W. and Elizabeth F. (Harris) Doggett; b. 23 Feb 1893, Millenbeck, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 26 Sep 1967; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. ANNABELLE S. (surname unknown), b. 21 Sep 1895, d. 23 Jan 1959, bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
Children (Doggett):

512:112:61x	James M.	b. 1921	d. 1922
512:112:611	Ruth M.		b. 1923

512:112:61x JAMES M. DOGGETT; b. 1921; d. 1922; bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
512:112:611 RUTH M. DOGGETT; b. abt 1923, MD.

512:112:66 NANNIE R. DOGGETT, dau. of Robert W. and Elizabeth F. (Harris) Doggett; b. 1904; d. 1940; bur. Bethel U. M. Church; m. Mr. KEYSER
Children (Keyser):

512:112:661	Leonard Earl	b. 1934

512:113 RICHARD W. DOGGETT, son of William S. and Charlotte T.(Beane) Doggett; b. 5 Jan 1825, VA; d. 10 Dec 1885, Lancaster Co., VA; bur. on farm, Lancaster Co., VA; m. MARY A. DAVENPORT, dau. of Joseph Davenport, b. abt. 1834. Mary m(2) 14 Jan 1890, Lancaster Co., VA, Robert C. Barrack, a widower..
Children (Doggett):

512:113:1	Wayland		b. 1852		m.	Mary Ann

512:113:1 WAYLAND DOGGETT; b. abt. 1852, VA; m. MARY ANN (surname unknown

512:114 MARTHA DOGGETT, dau. of William S. and Charlotte T. (Beane) Doggett; b. abt. 1837; d. Mar. 1860, Lancaster Co., VA, in childbirth; m. E. P. HAZZARD.
Children (Hazzard):

512:114:1	Lavinia				m. 	Ned Haynie
512:114:2	John

512:115 JOHN L. DOGGETT, son of William S. and Charlotte T. (Beane) Doggett; b. abt. 1841, VA; d. Jul 1884, Lancaster Co., VA; m. JUDITH ANN BARRACK, dau. of Reuben and Nancy Barrack, b. Jul 1838, VA.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:1	David Edward	b. 1860	d. 1941	m. 1882	Mary A. ("Molly") Moore
512:115:2	Roland		b. 1861	d. 1893	m.	Judith
512:115:3	John R.		b. 1862		m. 1892	Maria Elizabeth Davenport
512:115:4	William N.	b. 1864
512:115:5	Laura E.	b. 1866		m. 1887	John J. Lusby
						m. 1899	Eppa B. Clark
512:115:6	Peter		b. 1869	d. 1893	unm.
512:115:7	Richard C.	b. 1870		m.	Jennie V. Dudley
512:115:8	Sarah J. 	b. 1872		m. 1892	George H. Jenkins
512:115:9	Almira		b. 1875		m. 1899	Robert F. Chilton

512:115:2 ROLAND DOGGETT; d. Jan 1894, Lancaster Co., VA. Committed suicide.
512:115:3 JOHN R. DOGGETT; b. 1862, VA; m. 27 May 1892, Lancaster Co., VA, MARIA ELIZABETH DAVENPORT, dau. of Joseph and Maria Elizabeth (Dunaway) Davenport, of Northumberland Co., VA, b. abt. 1861. Maria m(2) 1899, George L. Dunaway.
512:115:4 WILLIAM N. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1864, VA.
512:115:6 PETER DOGGETT; b. abt 1869, VA; d. 15 Jun 1893, of appendicitis. Unmarried. Occupation: Oysterman.

512:115:1 DAVID EDWARD DOGGETT, son of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett; b. 5 Sep 1860, VA; d. 11 Mar 1941; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. MARY ANN ("Mollie") MOORE, b. 11 Apr 1858, VA, d. 1 Feb 1940, bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:11	Cleveland
		 Howard		b. 1884	d. 1950	m. 1907	Corrie Taft
512:115:12	Annie L.	b. 1887	d. 1971	m.	Charles Hynson
512:115:13	John D.		b. 1893		m.	Violet
512:115:14	Carroll Arthur	b. 1895	d. 1981	m. 1917	Evelyn Lee Steiner
512:115:1x	V. G.			d. inf.

512:115:13 JOHN D. DOGGETT, son of David Edward and Mary Ann Doggett; b. Jun 1893; m. VIOLET (surname unknown). Invalid. Resided Baltimore, MD.

512:115:12 ANNIE L. DOGGETT; b. 15 Jun 1887, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 8 Jul 1971; bur. Bethel U. M. Church; m. abt Mar 1910, CHARLES GARRISON HYNSON, son of Zachary T. and Mary C. Hynson, b. 9 Oct 1886, Leedstown, VA.
Children (Hynson) (at least):

512:115:121	Jocelyn		b. 1911
512:115:122	Charles Maurice	b. 1915	d. 1986

512:115:121 CHARLES MAURICE HYNSON; b. 9 Dec 1915, VA; d. 3 Jul 1986, Los Angeles Co., CA.

512:115:11 CLEVELAND HOWARD DOGGETT, son of David Edward and Mary Ann (Moore) Doggett; b. 2 Nov 1884, Nuttsville, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 9 Sep 1950; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 1907, CORRIE ANN TAFT, b. 15 Mar 1888, d. 19 Apr 1977, bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:111	William Taft	b. 1908	d. 1997
512:115:112	Elmer Cleveland	b. 1910	d. 1999	m. 	Ruby
512:115:113	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1914		m. 	Mr. Vineski
512:115:114	Arthur Howard	b. 1919	d. 1977	m.	Mildred Leathers
512:115:115	Lady Corrie	b. 1924		m.	Mr. Gough

512:115:111 WILLIAM TAFT DOGGETT; b. 3 May 1908; d. 17 Jun 1977; bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
512:115:112 ELMER CLEVELAND ("Toots") DOGGETT; b. 9 Sep 1910, VA;d. 6 Jun 1999; bur. Bethel United Methodist Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. RUBY (surname unknown). Resided Tappahannock, VA.

512:115:113 MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. abt 1914; m. Mr. VINESKI

512:115:114 ARTHUR HOWARD DOGGETT, son of Cleveland Howard and Corrie (Taft) Doggett; b. 12 Jun 1919, Nuttsville, Northumberland Co., VA; d. 16 Mar 199, Florence, KY; b. New Bethel Cem., Verona, Boone Co., KY; m. MILDRED LEATHERS, b. 1925.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:1141	David		b. 1946		m.	Sherry Marlene Stephenson
512:115:1142	Dennis Dale	b. 1951		m.	Pamela Kay

512:115:1141 DAVID DOGGETT, son of Arthur Howard and Mildred (Leathers) Doggett; b. 1946; m. SHERRY MARLENE STEPHENSON, b. 1946. Sherry's two children by a previous marriage were adopted by David.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:11411   Joseph
		 Martin (ad.	b. 1968
512:115:11412   Thomas
		 James (ad.)    b. 1969
512:115:11413	Gregory Howard	b. 1978	

512:115:1142 DENNIS DALE DOGGETT, son of Arthur Howard and Mildred (Leathers) Doggett; b. 1951; m. PAMELA KAY (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett):

512:115:11421    Sarah Ellen    b. 1979
512:115:11422    Matthew Roy    b. 1983

512:115:14 CARROLL ARTHUR DOGGETT, son of David Edward and Mary Ann (Moore) Doggett; b. 28 Aug 1895, Lancaster Co. VA; d. 14 Oct 1981, MD; m. Dec 1917, EVELYN LEE STEINER, b. 3 Nov 1893, d. Jul 1981, MD,
Children (Doggett):

512:115:141	Mary Evelyn	b. 1919		m.	Mr. Hill
512:115:142	Carroll
		  Arthur, Jr.	b. 1923		m. 1948	Nan Marie Austin
512:115:143	Herbert Levi
		  David		b. 1926		m.	Joanna M. Hauver

512:115:142 CARROLL ARTHUR DOGGETT, Jr., son of Carroll Arthur and Evelyn Lee (Steiner) Doggett; b. 23 Mar 1923, Baltimore, MD; m. 30 May 1948, NAN MARIE AUSTIN. Occupation: Methodist minister.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:1421	Sandra Lee
512:115:1422	Kim Austin
512:115:1423	Martha Lyn

512:115:143 HERBERT LEVI DAVID DOGGETT, son of Carroll Arthur and Evelyn Lee (Steiner) Doggett; b 25 Jun 1926, Baltimore, MD; m. JOANNA M. HAUVER, b. 25 Sep 1926, d. 2 Dec 1988, MD. Occupation: Methodist minister.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:1431	William H.	b. 1949
512:115:1432	Richard M.	b. 1952
512:115:1433	Lawrence E.	b. 1955		m.	Teresa
512:115:1434	Frederick D.	b. 1961		m.	Cynthia

512:115:5 LAURA E. DOGGETT, dau. of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett; b. May 1866, VA; d. 1955; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) 23 Feb 1887, Lancaster Co., VA, JOHN J. LUSBY, b. abt 1865; m(2) abt 1899, her second cousin, EPPA B. CLARK (512:122:2, below), b. Nov 1853, d. 1919, Lancaster Co., VA.

Children (Lusby):

512:115:51	Charles Irving	b. 1888		m. 	Grace A.
						m. 1925	Goldie Cullen
512:115:51	Ethel
512:115:52	Lottie		b. 1892
512:115:53	Urban

Children (Clark):

512:122:2x	Laura L.	b. 1900
512:122:24	Gazelle		b. 1902		m. 1926	Edward Shelton
						m.	Mr. McNeal
512:122:25	Eugene		b. 1904		m.	Marie Haynie
512:122:26	Estelle		b. 1907

For details and descendants, see husband's entry, below.

512:115:51 CHARLES IRVING LUSBY, son of John J. and Laura E. (Doggett) Lusby; b. 9 Oct 1888, Deep Creek, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) GRACE A. (surname unknown), b. abt 1891, VA; m(2) abt 1925, GOLDIE CULLEN, b. abt 1891, VA.
Children (Lusby):

512:115:511	Grace E.	b. 1915
512:115:512	Virginia E.	b. 1917

512:115:6 RICHARD C. DOGGETT, son of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett; b. 1870; m abt 1893, JENNIE VIRGINIA DUDLEY, dau of T. J. and Isabella Dudley, b. 1872, VA, d. 1947, bur. Bethel U. M. Ch., Lancaster Co., VA. Jennie Virginia m(2), 1909, Charles R. Webb, b. abt. 1866.
Children (Doggett):

512:115:61	Howard Charles	b. 1894	d. 1980	m.	Sarah Winford (Collins)Terry
512:115:6x	another child 		d. bef. 1910

512:115:61 HOWARD CHARLES DOGGETT; b. 7 Jul 1894, Monaskon, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 5 Jul 1980, Rappahannock Co., VA; m. SARAH WINFORD (COLLINS) TERRY. Sarah was previously married to Burgain Blanford Terry and had three children by that marriage.

512:115:7 SARAH ("Sallie") J. DOGGETT, dau. of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett; b. 25 Sep 1872, Lancaster Co., VA; m. abt 1892, GEORGE H. JENKINS, son of George and Mary Jenkins, b. Apr 1860, VA.
Children (Jenkins):

512:115:71	Mary A.		b. 1894
512:115:72	Genevieve
		 ("Jennie") E.	b. 1896
512:115:73	Fannie O.	b. 1898
512:115:74	George H., Jr.	b. 1900	
512:115:75	Sarah Blanche	b. 1902
512:115:76	Laura D.	b. 1904
512:115:77	Francis W.	b. 1911	m.	Dot

512:115:76 FRANCIS JENKINS, son of George and Sarah Ann (Doggett) Jenkins; m. DOT (Dorothy?) (surname unknown).
Children (Jenkins):

512:1154:16	George
512:115:162	"Butch"

512:115:8 ALMIRA DOGGETT, dau. of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett; b. abt. 1875, VA; m. Mar 1899, ROBERT F. CHILTON. son of Braxton P. and Sarah Jane Chilton, b. abt 1867.
Children (Chilton):

512:115:81	Bessie D.	b. 1899		m.	Mr. Stribling
512:115:82	Annette		b. 1901
512:115:83	Beale		b. 1903 	m.	Mr. Metz
512:115:84	Janie M.	b. 1906 	m.	Mr. Moore
512:115:85	Linda P.	b. 1910
512:115:86	Robert Franklin	b. 1912	
512:115:87	Braxton LeRoy	b. 1915

512:12 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Phillips (Stott) Doggett; m. Oct 1820, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond;, 6 Oct), NANCY P. BARRACK (or BERRICK), dau. of Reuben and Alice Barrack (or Berrick); b. abt. 1800.
Children (Doggett):

512:121		Josiah		b. 1824		m. 1854	Virginia L. Beane
512:122		Jane M.		b. 1826	d. 1866	m. 1850	Thomas R. Clark
512:123		Eliza		b. 1827
512:124		William		b. 1829		m. 1858	Elizabeth Sullivan
512:125		Elizabeth	b. 1832
512:126		Sarah
Benjamin Doggett was the third child and second son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Doggett. By best estimation, he was born about 1794, almost certainly in Lancaster County. He was married about October 1820, as evidenced by a marriage bond of record in Lancaster County dated 6 October 1820, to Nancy P. Barrack. His brother, Hugh B. Doggett, was surety on the marriage bond.
Benjamin appears in the Lancaster County census returns for 1820 and 1830. Nancy appears also in 1840. Benjamin apparently died between 1830 and 1840, and Nancy between 1840 and 1850. At the time of the opinion in the Doggett v. Kem lawsuit mentioned above, in 1845, Benjamin was deceased, and there were six children named as surviving heirs being the children listed above. Analysis of the census returns shows another male in the household, born 1825-30. This was probably another son who died young.
Benjamin had received a portion of his father's plantation upon division of the estate in 1822, consisting of about 90 acres. By deed dated 5 March 1823, Benjamin and Nancy sold that tract to Reuben Barrack, perhaps the father of Nancy, for the sum of $75.00.

512:121 JOSIAH DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Nancy P. (Barrack) Doggett; b. abt. 1824, VA; m. abt. 1854, VIRGINIA L. BEANE, dau. of George L. and Elizabeth Lawson (Briscoe) Beane, b. abt.1833/35, VA.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:x	Benjamin	b. 1856
512:121:1	William Ogle	b. 1861	d. 1931	m.	Emily Harding Snow
512:121:2	Sarah W.	b. 1862		m. 1885	Pelham A. Delano
512:121:3	Benjamin George	b. 1863	d. 1934	m. 1884	Rozelia E. Ashburn
512:121:4	Nancy Elizabeth	b. 1866		m.	Henry L. Stegeman
512:121:y	Edmonia		b. 1869	d. 1869
512:121:5	Virginia	b. 1870

512:121:x BENJAMIN DOGGETT; b. 9 Aug 1856, Lancaster Co., VA.
512:121:y EDMONIA DOGGETT; b. Aug 1869, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Sep 1869, Lancaster Co., VA.
512:121:5 VIRGINIA DOGGETT; b. 10 Aug 1870, Lancaster Co., VA.

512:121:1 WILLIAM OGLE DOGGETT, son of Josiah and Virginia L. (Beane) Doggett; b. Jul 1861, VA; d. 1931; m. EMILY HARDING SNOW, dau. of William James and Ann Everett (Harding) Snow.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:11	Harold Ogle	b. 1889	d. 1982	m. 1920	Lucile C. Pinckard
512:121:12	Roland Briscoe	b. 1891	d. 1965
512:121:13	William	Snow	b. 1898	d. 1986	m. 1926	Mary	
512:121:14	Cyrus George	b. 1900	d. 1972	m. 1920	Fannie Reighter
512:121:15	Kenneth Josiah	b. 1905	d. 	m. 1921	Irma
		one child, d.y.

512:121:11 HAROLD OGLE DOGGETT; b. 28 Ju 1889, VA; m. LUCILE PINCKARD, b. 7 Jun 1886, d. 29 Jun 1970.
512:121:12 ROLAND BRISCOE DOGGETT; b. 27 Jul 1891, White Stone, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1965.
512:121:13 WILLIAM SNOW DOGGETT; b. 16 Jul 1898; d. Jan 1986; m. MARY (surname unknown), b. 4 Feb 1906, d. Oct 1984.

512:121:14 CYRUS GEORGE DOGGETT; b. 8 Jul 1900, VA; d. 9 Jan 1972, Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., MD; bur. Lorraine Park Mausoleum, Woodlawn, MD; m. abt 1920, FANNIE REIGHTER. No children. Occupation: Marine Engineer, Baltimore Fire Dept.

512:121:15 KENNETH JOSIAH DOGGETT; b. abt. 1905; m. abt 1921, IRMA (surname unknown).

512:121:2 SARAH W. DOGGETT, dau. of Josiah and Virginia L. (Beane) Doggett; b. 1862, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 2 Dec 1885, Northumberland Co., VA, PELHAM A. DELANO, son of Joseph Patterson and Lucinda (Self) Delano, b. abt 1862, Westmoreland Co., VA.
Children (Delano):

512:121:21	Emily D.	b. 1886		m. 1906	James G. Conley
512:121:22	Joseph Pelham	b. 1888
512:121:23	Nannie May	b. 1897
		one child, d.y.

.512:121:22 JOSEPH PELHAM DELANO; b. 16 Oct 1888, Northumberland Co., VA; m. NELLIE E. (surname unknown), b. abt 1900, VA.

512:121:21 EMILY D. DELANO, dau of Pelham A. and Sarah W. (Doggett) Delano; b. 13 Sep 1886, Northumberland Co., VA; m. 26 Dec 1906, Lancaster Co., VA, JAMES GILLIAM CONLEY, son of Octavius and Roberta Conley, b. 1884.
Children (Conley):

512:121:211	David A.	b. 1908
512:121:212	Samuel Gilliam	b. 1909	d. 1993
512:121:213	Alvah A.	b. 1912	d. 1978
512:121:214	Emily Gertrude 	b. 1914
512:121:215	Virginia
		 Christina	b. 1916
512:121:216	Woodrow W.	b. 1918
512:121:217	Benjamin D	b. 1920
512:121:218	James P.	b. 1922
512:121:219	Lois May	b. 1926

512:121:212 SAMUEL GILLIAM CONLEY; b. 1909, VA.
512:121:223 NANNIE MAY DELANO, dau of Pelham A. and Sarah W. (Doggett) Delano; b. Sep 1886, VA; m. MARVIN R. DAMERON, b. abt 1895, VA.

512:121:3 BENJAMIN GEORGE DOGGETT, son of Josiah and Virginia L. (Beane) Doggett; b. 21 Apr 1864, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1 Nov 1934; bur. Irvington Baptist Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m 24 Dec 1884, Lancaster Co., VA, ROZELIA E. ASHBURN, b. 1 Mar 1864, d. 4 Nov 1933, bur. Irvington Baptist Church.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:31	Ora Lee 	b. 1885	d. 1928	m. 1908	J. Carson Owens
512:121:32	Wayland Allen	b. 1888	d. 1933	m. 1918	Elizabeth Janet Anderson
512:121:33	Benjamin
		 Adoniram	b. 1892	d. 1948	m.	Harriet Searles

512:121:31 ORA LEE DOGGETT, dau. of Benjamin George and Rozelia E. (Ashburn) Doggett; b. 10 Dec 1885; d. 7 Apr 1928; bur. Irvington Baptist Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 26 Dec 1908, JAMES CARSON OWENS, b. 11 Apr 1884, VA.
Children (Owens):

512:121:311	Orville		b. 1911		m. 1935	Johanna Ninegar
512:121:312	Phyllis Ann	b. 1918		m.	Mr. Thomas

512:121:311 ORVILLE OWENS; b. abt. 1911; m. 17 Aug 1935, Elkton, MD; JOHANNA NINEGAR.

512:121:32 WAYLAND ALLEN DOGGETT, son of Benjamin George and Rozelia E. (Ashburn) Doggett; b. 22 Sep 1888, Weems, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 5 Jun 1933; bur. Irvington Baptist Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 12 Jan 1918, Baltimore, MD, ELIZABETH JANET ANDERSON, dau. of W. P. Anderson of Heathsville, VA, d. 30 Mar 1958.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:321	Elizabeth
		 Anderson	b. 1928		m.	Paul Bunch
512:121:322	Wayland Allen,
		 Jr.("Bud")	b. 1930		m. 1955	Mary Virginia Moomaw

512:121:321 ELIZABETH ANDERSON DOGGETT, dau. of Wayland Allen and Elizabeth J. (Anderson) Doggett; b. 1 Jan 1928; m. PAUL BUNCH.
Children (Bunch):

512:121:3211	Paul, Jr.
512:121:3212	(daughter)
512:121:3213	(daughter)		

512:121:322 WAYLAND ALLEN ("Bud") DOGGETT, Jr., son of Wayland Allen and Elizabeth J. (Anderson) Doggett; b. 12 May 1930, Weems, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 10 Sep 1955, Richmond, VA, MARY VIRGINIA MOOMAW, b. 12 Feb 1936, Richmond, VA, d. 22 Dec 1993.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:3221	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1956		m. 1978	Randy Dwight Atkinson
512:121:3222	Suzanne
		 Wightman	b. 1958		m. 1994	George Michael Guessford
512:121:3223	Wayland
		 Allen III	b. 1960

512:121:3222 SUZANNE WIGHTMAN DOGGETT, dau. of Wayland Allen and Mary (Moomaw) Doggett; b.10 Jan 1958, Charlottesville, VA; m. 17 Sep 1994, GEORGE MICHAEL GUESSFORD, b. Straubing, Germany.

512:121:3223 WAYLAND ALLEN DOGGETT, III; b. 25 Oct 1960, VA Unmarried.

512:121:3221 MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau. of Wayland Allen and Mary (Moomaw) Doggett; b. 12 Jul 1956; m. 18 Aug 1978, Castle Hill, VA, RANDY DWIGHT ATKINSON
Children (Atkinson):.

512:121:32211	Virginia Lee	b. 1981
512:121:32212	Jeremy Benjamin	b. 1984

512:121:32211 VIRGINIA LEE ATKINSON; b. 12 Feb 1981, MI.
512:121:32212 JEREMY BENJAMIN ATKINSON; b. 15 May 1984, NC.

512:121:33 BENJAMIN ADONIRAM DOGGETT, son of Benjamin George and Rozelia E. (Ashburn) Doggett; b. 13 May 1892, Weems, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Feb 1948; m. HARRIET SEARLES, b. abt. 1895, IL, d. 1957. Occupation: Surgeon.
Children (Doggett):

512:121:331	Rita Linnette	b. 1925		m. 1947	James Milton Stewart

512:121:331 RITA LINNETTE DOGGETT, dau. of Benjamin Adoniram and Harriet (Searles) Doggett; b. 11 Aug 1925; m. 11 Oct 1947, JAMES MILTON STEWART, b. abt. 1918, d. 7 Oct 1995, Greenville, NC.
Children (Stewart):

512:121:3311	James
		 Milton, Jr.	b. 1950		m. 1979	Alice Merilyn Varn
512:121:3312	Benjamin
		 Doggett	b. 1957		m. 1991	Judy Oxford Davis

512:121:3312 BENJAMIN DOGGETT STEWART, son of James Milton and Rita Linnette (Doggett) Stewart; b. 26 Apr 1957; m. 9 Nov 1991, JUDY OXFORD DAVIS. Judy had two children by former marriage: James Christopher Davis and Lea Michelle Davis Flovin.

512:121:3311 JAMES MILTON STEWART, Jr., son of James Milton and Rita Linnette (Doggett) Stewart; b. 30 Sep 1950; m. 26 May 1979, ALICE MERILYN VARN.
Children (Stewart):

512:121:33111	Kevin James	b. 1984
512:121:33112	Sean Allen	b. 1986

512:121:33111 KEVIN JAMES STEWART; b. 29 Mar 1984,
512:121:33112 SEAN ALLEN STEWART; b. 24 May 1986.

512:121:4 NANCY ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau. of Josiah and Virginia L.(Beane) Doggett; b. 30 Sep 1866, Lancaster Co., VA; prob. m. Jan 1887, HENRY STEGEMAN, b. abt 1845, Germany.
Children (Stegemann):

512:121:41	Annie V.	b. 1889 	m. 1914	Richard F. Adams
512:121:42	William Claus	b. 1891
512:121:43	Mary E.		b. 1893
512:121:44	Ruth		b. 1900
512:121:45	Florence	b. 1905

512:121:42 WILLIAM C.LAUS STEGEMAN, b. 9 Aug 1891, Romo, Northumberland Co., VA.

512:121:41 ANNIE V. STEGEMAN; b, 1899, Northumberland Co., VA; m. 24 Dec 1914, Wicomico Church, Northumberland Co., VA, RICHARD F. ADAMS, son of M. F. and Norella C. (Haydon) Adams, b. 1894, Northumberland Co., VA.
Children (Adams):

512:121:411	Richard
		 Franklin	b. 1916
512:121:412	Henry S.	b. 1920

512:122 JANE M. DOGGETT; b. abt. 1826, VA; d. Nov 1866, VA, of pneumonia; m. 1850, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 7 May), THOMAS R. CLARK, son of Thomas and Patsy H. Clark, b. abt. 1829, VA. After the death of Jane, Thomas married Judith M. Norris and had at least six children.
Children (Clark):

512:122:1	Thomas J.	b. 1851		m. 1874	Margaret
512:122:2	Eppa B.		b. 1853		m.	Judith Hanks
						m. 1879	Laura (Doggett) Lusby
512:122:x	Addison T. 	b. 1855 
512:122:3	Sarah J.	b. 1857
512:122:y	Willie Ann	b. 1859
512:122:z	Rolley W.	b. 1862
512:122:4	Irene Virginia	b. 1864

512:122:3 SARAH J. CLARK; b. 14 Oct 1855, VA.
512:122:y WILLIE A. CLARK; b. 13 Sep 1859, VA.
512:122:4 IRENE VIRGINIA CLARK; b. 5 Apr 1862, VA; m. WILLIAM H. (surname unknown).

512:122:1 THOMAS J. CLARK, son of Thomas R. and Jane M. (Doggett) Clark; b. 29 Jan 1851, VA; m. abt 1874, MARGARET A. (surname unknown), b. Mar 1850, VA.
Children (Clark):

512:122:11	Robert Opie	b. 1877	d. 1937	m. 1905	Lucy V.
512:122:12	Thomas R.	b. 1880
512:122:13	Lilian		b. 1884
512:122:14	Harriet A.	b. 1887		m. 1910	unknown
						m. 1925	John Milton Douglas
512:122:15	Addison Carroll	b. 1892

512:122:15 ADDISON CARROLL CLARK; b. 20 Sep 1892, Lively, Lancaster Co., VA.

512:122:11 ROBERT OPIE CLARK, son of Thomas J. and Margaret A. Clark; b. 4 Nov 1877, Lancaster Co., VA; m. abt 1905, LUCY V. (surname unknown), b. abt 1872, VA.
Children (Clark):

512:122:111	May O.		b. 1907

512:122:14 HARRIET ("Hattie") A. CLARK, dau of Thomas J. and Margaret A. Clark; b. Mar 1887, VA; m(1) abt 1910, (husband's name unknown); m(2) abt 1925, JOHN MILTON DOUGLAS, b. 15 Dec 1893, Northumberland Co., VA.
Children (of first marriage):

512:122:141	Hilda O.	b. 1913

512:122:2 EPPA B. CLARK, son of Thomas R. and Jane M. (Doggett) Clark; b. 28 Nov 1853, VA; d. 1919; m(1) JUDITH HANKS; m(2) abt 1899, his second cousin, LAURA E. (DOGGETT) LUSBY (512:115:5), dau of John L. and Judith Ann (Barrack) Doggett, and widow of John J. Lusby, b. May 1866, VA, d. 1955; bur. Bethel Meth. Ch. Cem., Lancaster Co., VA.
Children (Clark):

	(children of first marriage)
512:122:21	Yates Downman	b. 1880		m. 1908	Bessie Lee
512:122:22	L. O.		b. 1882
512:122:23	William
		 Clarence	b. 1884 d. 1940	m. 1910 Christy C.
	(children of second marriage)
512:122:2x	Laura L.	b. 1900
512:122:24	Gazelle		b. 1902		m. 1926	Edward Shelton
						m.	Mr. McNeal
512:122:25	Eugene		b. 1904		m.	Marie Haynie
512:122:26	Estelle		b. 1907

512:122:21 YATES DOWNMAN CLARK, son of Eppa B. and Judith (Hanks) Clark; b. 30 Apr 1880, VA; m. abt 1908, BESSIE LEE (surname unknown), b. abt 1885, VA.
Children (Clark):

512:122:211	Dolman		b. 1910
512:122:212	Preston T.	b. 1914
512:122:213	Geraldine	b. 1918
512:122:214	W. Adrian	b. 1922

512:122:23 WILLIAM CLARENCE CLARK, son of Eppa B. and Judith (Hanks) Clark; b. 28 Jul 1884, VA; m. abt 1910, CHRISTY C. (surname unknown).
Children (Clark):

512:122:231	Elsie G.	b. 1913
512:122:232	Genevieve	b. 1915
512:122:233	Helen		b. 1917
512:122:234	Ida Ernestine	b. 1919

512:122:25 EUGENE CLARK. son of Eppa B. and Laura E. (Doggett/Lusby) Clark; b. abt 1904. VA; m. MARIE HAYNIE.
Children (Clark):

512:122:251	William				m.	Nancy

512:122:26 ESTELLE CLARK, dau of Eppa B. and Laura E. (Doggett/Lusby) Clark; b. abt 1907, VA; m. PHILIP McNEAL.
Children (McNeal):

512:122:261	Helen		b. 1924
512:122:262	James		b. 1927
512:122:263	Hazel		b. 1929
512:122:264	Lillian ?

512:124 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of Benjamin and Nancy P. (Barrack) Doggett; b. abt. 1829; m. 11 Jan 1858, Lancaster Co., VA, ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, dau. of Richard and Sallie Sullivan, b. abt 1837. VA. Elizabeth m(2) abt 1867, King and Queen Co., VA, J. W. Haywood, and had 4 children.
Children (Doggett):

512:124:x	Sarah Alverta	b. 1858	d. 1859
512:124:1	James Joseph	b. 1860	d. 1935	m.	Sarah A. Yeatman
512:124:2	Raleigh		b. 1862

512:124:x SARAH ALVERTA DOGGETT; b. 25 Dec 1858, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Jun 1859, Lancaster Co., VA.

512:124:1 JAMES JOSEPH DOGGETT, son of William and Elizabeth Doggett; b. Sep 1860, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1935; bur. Bethel U. M. Church, Lancaster Co., VA; m. abt 1880, Lancaster Co., VA, SARAH A. YEATMAN, b. Jul 1860, d. 1947, bur. Bethel U. M. Church.
Children (Doggett):

512:124:11	Wayland M.	b. 1886 	m. 1913	Mrs. Rilla Anne Tomlinson
512:124:12	Eva		b. 1888
512:124:13	Gracie H.	b. 1890
512:124:1x	James B.	b. 1895
512:124:14	Ida		b. 1898 

512:124:11 WAYLAND M. DOGGETT; b. 26 Apr 1886, VA; m. abt 1913, Mrs. RILLA ANNE TOMLINSON (maiden name perhaps Hudgins), b. abt 1882, VA.

512:124:12 EVA DOGGETT; b. Apr 1888, VA.
512:124:13 GRACIE H. DOGGETT; b. Apr 1890, Lancaster Co., VA.
512:124:1x JAMES B. DOGGETT; b. Oct 1894, Lancaster Co., VA; bur. Bethel U. M. Church
512:124:14 IDA DOGGETT; b. Jul 1898, VA.

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