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512 WILLIAM DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; b. abt . 1738, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1795, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) his first cousin, BETTY DOGGETT [561], dau. of Benjamin and Ann (Emberson) Doggett; m(2) 1785, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond 15 Sep), JUDITH ROBB, d. bef. 1818.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Betty Doggett)
512:1		Benjamin		d. 1821	m. 1791	Elizabeth Phillips Stott
512:2		George				m. 1795	Judith Davis
512:3		Hannah
512:4		James				m. 1795	Elizabeth Doggett
						m. 1805	Sarah Doggett
512:5		Coleman				m. 1798	Mary Ann Hutchings
						m. 1808	Ellen Kelley
						m. 1812	Mrs. Patty (Pullin) Morgan
	(children of marriage to Judith Robb)
512:6		Samuel B.	b. 1785		m. 1815	Lucinda Wood Chilton
						m. 1827	Maria (Doggett) Wilson
512:7		Sarah Meredith	b. 1790	d. 1866	m. 1810	Lemuel Doggett
512:8		Mary M.		b. 1796		m. 1818	Hugh Stephens
William Doggett was a planter of substance in Lancaster County. He first appears in county records as a claimant for supplies furnished for use of the military forces during the Revolution. In June 1781 he was paid 9 pounds, 10 shillings, 18 pence sterling for bacon furnished the militia guards, and in June 1782 he was paid one pound, 7 shillings sterling for 3 gallons of brandy. In the 1783 tax list, William was assessed for 9 white and 8 black tithables. As William and his four elder sons were of taxable age, it would appear that he had not only eight slaves, but also four indentured servants. In 1785, he was assessed for 9 white tithables, one dwelling and five other buildings.
William was married first to his first cousin, Betty Doggett. No marriage bond or return exists for the marriage of William and Betty, but the marriage must have taken place in the early 1760's. An 1801 deed from Benjamin to his brother James clearly establishes that William's first wife was the daughter of Benjamin and Ann (Emerson) Doggett. Betty apparently died about 1780 and William married again. His second wife was Judith Robb and a Lancaster County marriage bond dated 15 September 1785 is of record. William and Judith had three children.
William died in October 1795, leaving his wife Judith and their three small children at home. William left a will executed only a few weeks prior to his death in which he left various parcels of land to his four older sons and divided the rest of his estate to all his children except the two oldest sons, Benjamin and George, who apparently were well situated on their own plantatiions. It is interesting that William does not mention his wife Judith or their three children in his will. The devises of real property made to the four older sons apparently created some title problems, as a number of deeds are of record clearing up some ot these problems. These will be discussed in connction with the various sons.
The three younger children, and perhaps Judith also, moved from Lancaster County to the Fredericksburg area after the death of William, perhaps about 1809. A deed dated 15 May 1809 is of record in Lancaster County releasing her dower interest in the home plantation which William devised to his son James.
A great deal of the information which we have about the descendants of William is from an opinion of record in a Lancaster County lawsuit involving a small parcel of land belonging to the estate of David Chilton, a grandson of William's son George. This case, Doggett v. Kem, is interesting and will be discussed elsewhere.

512:8 MARY DOGGETT; bur. Stephens Family Cem., Spotsylvania Co., VA; m. 19 Sep 1818, Fredericksburg, VA, HUGH STEPHENS.

512:1 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of William and Betty Doggett; b. Lancaster Co., VA; d. abt. 1821, Lancaster Co., VA; m. 1791, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 19 Dec), ELIZABETH PHILLIPS STOTT.
Children (Doggett):

512:11		William S.	b. 1792	d. 1867	m. 1819	Charlotte T. Beane
512:12		Benjamin	b. 1794		m. 1820	Nancy P. Barrack
512:13		Hugh B.		b. 1796		unm.

For details and descendants, see separate page.

512:2 GEORGE DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; m. 29 Jan 1795, Lancaster Co., VA, JUDITH DAVIS, dau. of William and Amy Davis.
Children (Doggett):

512:21		Harriott			m.	Stephen Chilton

512:21 HARRIOTT DOGGETT, dau. of George and Judith (Davis) Doggett; m. STEPHEN CHILTON.
Children (Chilton):

512:211		David			d. 1843

512:4 JAMES DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; m(1) 10 Dec 1795, Lancaster Co., VA, ELIZABETH DOGGETT, [542:1], dau. of William and Judith (Flowers) Doggett; m(2) Apr 1805, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 15 Apr), SARAH DOGGETT, dau. of John and Mary (Smith) Doggett, b. 2 Nov 1787, Lancaster Co., VA, d. abt 1837, Lancaster Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Elizabeth)
512:41		Spencer F.	b. 1797	d. 1847	m. 1820	Sarah R. Brown
512:42		William				m. 1819	Mildred Brown
	(children of marriage to Sarah)
512:43		Ann M.("Nancy")	b. 1810		m. 1831	Warner C. Lunsford
512:44		Emily				m. 1839	Thomas Pitman
512:45		Robert B.		d. 1839	unm.
512:46		Mary S.		b. 1822		unm.

For details and descendants, see separate page.

512:5 COLEMAN DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; b. VA; d. 1832, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) Oct 1798, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 26 Oct), MARY ANN HUTCHINGS; m(2) May 1808, Northumberland Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 18 May), ELLEN KELLEY; m(3) Oct 1812, Richmond Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 13 Oct), Mrs. PATTY (PULLIN) MORGAN, widow of William Morgan.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Mary Ann Hutchings)
512:51		William		b. 1803	d. 1875	m. 1833	Catherine Pitman
						m. 	Permelia Hathaway
512:52		Leannah				m. 1835	Peter Williams
	(children of marriage to Ellen Kelley)
512:53		Lucinda		b. 1810	d. 1853	unm.
	(children of marriage to Patty (Pullin) Morgan)
512:54		Elizabeth Ann			m. 1836	John T. Spann
512:55		Margaret
		 Coleman	b. 1816	d. 1865	m. 1835	Joseph Tapscott
512:56		Patsy Pullin		d. 1866	m. 1838	Thaddeus Forester

For details and descendasnts, see separate page.

512:6 SAMUEL B. DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; b. abt. 1785, VA; m(1) 1815, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 12 Dec), LUCINDA WOOD CHILTON, dau. of Stephen Chilton; m(2) 1827, Fredericksburg, VA (Marr. Bondł 26 Dec), his second cousin, MARIA (DOGGETT) WILSON, dau of William and Judith (Flowers) Doggett, and widow of William Wilson, b. abt. 1795.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Lucinda Wood Chilton)
512:61		John

512:7 SARAH MEREDITH DOGGETT, dau. of William and Judith (Robb) Doggett; b. 1790; d. 13 Feb 1866, Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA; m. her second cousin, LEMUEL DOGGETT [542:2], son of William and Judith (Flowers) Doggett, b. 1789, Lancaster Co., VA, d. Aug 1871, nr. Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co., VA.
Children (Doggett):

542:21		Albert A.	b. 1810	d. 1835
542:22		James M.	b. 1815	d. 1911	m.	Martha
542:23		Hugh Stephens	b. 1816	d. 1899	m. 1844	Sarah Adeline Burruss
542:24		Olivia Ann	b. 1818	d. 1882	m. 1839	James Simmonds
542:25		LeRoy Benjamin	b. 1820	d. 1898	m. 1848	Lucy Frances Jerrell
542:26		George Flowers	b. 1828	d. 1889	m. 1859	Virginia S. F. (Boisseau) Hughes

For details and descendants, see husband's page [not yet posted].

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