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This page does not contain explanatory remarks, some later Richards generations have not been included yet, and not all information has been critically examined. This data will be supplemented soon.

544:2 ELMORE DOGGETT, son of George and Elizabeth (Griggs) Doggett; b. abt. 1758; d. 1807, Mason Co., KY; m. 1786, Lancaster Co., VA (Marr. Bond, 30 Mar), ELIZABETH ROBERTS, dau. of Cyrus Roberts, b. abt 1760, d. abt. 1835. Elizabeth m(2) 1808/9. Mr. Carroll.
Children (Doggett):

544:21		Newton		b. 1787	d. 1839	m. 1809	Mary Mitchell
544:22		Frances Lee	b. 1789	d. 1860	m. 1804	Augustus Richards
544:23		Mary ("Polly")			m. 1821	Thomas Gibbons
544:24		Elmore				m. 1816	Hannah Beeson Hill
544:25		Lucinda				m. 1821	George H. Calloway
544:26		Elizabeth			m.	Mr. Soward
544:27		Julia Ann			m. 1821	Dennis Bean

Lancaster Co., VA, Marr. Bonds: Elmour Doggett and Elizabeth Roberts, 30 Mar 1786. Wm. Doggett, sec.

Nottingham, Rev. Soldiers and Sailors, Lancaster Co, VA: : ordered that it be certified that Sally L. Findley who is a lady of respectability and strict intgrity, now aged about eight-one years, this day appeared in court and proved that Suckey Ashbourne, the wife of Luke Ashbourne, Lorenzo Roberts and William Dameron of one part, Isaac Pitman of the 2nd part, and Betsey Doggett, the wife of Elmer Doggett of the third part, are the only heirs of Capt. Cyrus L. Roberts of the Continental line during the Revolutionary war; that the said Elmer Doggett & Betsey his wife moved from this County to the State of Kentucky between thirty and forty years ago, and that she does not know whether they are now living or not. (Order Book B-28, p. 10, 20 May 1834).

Brumbaugh, Roster of Virginia Navy in the Revolution: Elmore (Elmer) Doggett. Hero Galley, 13 Feb 1778. Journal Navy Board. Tempest, 7 Dec 1779.
Eckenrode, List of Rev. Soldiers of Virginia: Doggett, Elmer (n.) H.D. 1833-4, Doc. 33,12.
Same: Doggett, Elmore (n.) N. 8,15; War 5,62.
DAR Patriot Index (1966): Elmour Doggett, b. abt. 1758, d. 1804-6; m. Elizabeth Roberts. Seaman, VA.

Lee, Abstr. Lancaster Co, VA, Wills: Elmour Doggett witnessed will of William Steptoe, 4 Apr 1782 (Wm Steptoe, husband of Joanna Doggett).
Same: Elmour Doggett, witnessed will of Mary Ann Doggett, 4 Jan 1786.
Same: Elmore Doggett named as heir in divison of estate of Thomas Doggett (brother ?) Nov 1785.

Heads of Families, First Census, Virginia:
Lancaster Co. Tax Records, 1783: Elmour Doggett, 1w, 2b
Lancaster Co, Tax Records, 1785: Elmour Doggett, 1w, 1dwelling, 4 other bldgs.

SBD, Gleanings: 16 Sep 1793. Elmore Doggett bought land and grandson Elmore and Elizabeth his wife sell same, Lancaster Co., VA.

Mason Co., KY, Tax List, 1800: 10 Jun 1800. Elmore Doggett listed
Mason Co, KY, Deed Book F., p. 142, 26 May 1800: Elmore Doggett and Elizabeth his wife of Mason Co, KY to Wm. Byram of same place, 10 acres and 34 poles of land on Salt Lick C.reek. Deed Book J, p. 350. 10 Jun 1807. Mtg land for L20. F, p. 143, 26 May 1800, Deed with James Montgomery, decd, to Robert Barnes.

Mason Co., KY, Court Records:
Court Order Book E, p. 154, 11 Jun 1804: Estate of Elmore Doggett, decd. Elizabeth Doggett, admx. Lewis Bullock and Lorimer Chowning, sur.
Will Book B, p. 394, 11 Jun 1804: Estate of Elmore Doggett, decd; p. 537, 16 Sep 1807. Elizabeth Doggett, admx of Est. of Elmore; p. 588, 4 Jul 1807. Elizabeth Doggett, widow of Elmore Doggett, decd., assigned 50 acresf as dower land.
Order Book F, p. 76, June Court 1807: De Vall Cooper, apptd. guardian of Polly (Mary), Elmore, Betsy, Lucinda and Julia Ann, infant orphans of Elmore. Richard Soward, sur. L1000.
Will Book C., p. 90, Jan Court 1810: De Vall Cooper, gdn of Mary, Elmore, Elizabeth, Lucinda and Juliann. To Eliz. Carroll, mother, board for children years 1808 and 1809.
Order Book H., p. 236, Sep Court 1818: Elizabeth, Lucinda and Julianne, over age of 14, came into court and made choice of Elizabeth Carroll, mother, as guardian. james Vorhies, sur.
Order Book K, p. 102, Mar Court 1824: Elizabeth Carroll still serving as guardian of Elizabeth, Lucinda and Julia Ann.

Mason Co. KY Circuit Court: Chancery Suit John Pollard, compl. vs. Edward Bullock . . . and Elmore Doggett's heirs. Bill in Chancery filed 31 Mar 1826. Suit for specific performance in equity for conveyance of legal title to plft for 184 acres. alleges purchased equitable rights under a purchase contract between Elmore doggett and Bullock; that Elmore died intestate and land descended to Newton, Elmore, Fanny Lee, Mary, Lucinda, Elizabeth and Julianne, his children, who remained in possession on their father's death. that since the purchase Julianne and Mary died intestate without issue. Elmore died intestate leaving John and Jennetta, his children. Commissioner's deed to Pollard recorded Deed Book 31, p. 395.

SBD 6671: Elmore Doggett, b. prob Lancaster Co., VA; d. Mason Co., KY, 1806; m. Elizabeth ____. Ch: Newton; Fannie; Polly; Lucinda; Julia; Elmore. Among the descendants of Elmore Doggett is the tradition that he came to this country from Scotland in 1770 and settled in Lancaster Co., VA; that he was married in Scotland, and that his father's name was probably Elmore. The writer believes him to be a descendant of Rev. Benjamin Doggett.

544:25 LUCINDA DOGGETT; m. Apr 1821 (Marr. Bond 2 Apr), Mason Co., KY, GEORGE H. CALLOWAY.
544:26 ELIZABETH ("Betsy") DOGGETT; m. Mr. SOWARD.
544:27 JULIA ANN ("Julianne") DOGGETT; b. before 1804; d. by 1826; m. Dec 1821 (Marr. Bond 24 Dec), Mason Co., KY, DENNIS BEAN, b. Williamsport, MD. No children.

544:21 NEWTON DOGGETT, son of Elmore and Elizabeth (Roberts) Doggett; b. 2 Feb 1787, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 2 Apr 1839, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; bur. Hillsboro Cem.; m. Dec 1809 (Marr. Bond. 13 Dec), Maysville, Mason Co., KY, MARY MITCHELL, dau. of John and Nancy (Boone) Mitchell, b. 26 Feb 1793 (or 2 Nov 1795), Maysville, Mason Co., KY, d. 7 Oct 1845, Hillsboro, OH. Occupation: Cabinet maker.
Children (Doggett):

544:211		Washington	b. 1811	d. 1878	m. 1837	Milly Sanders
						m. 1859	Sarah Ruth (Foote) Kerr
544:21x		Nancy		b. 1813	d.y.
544:21y		Elmore		b. 1814	d.y.
544:212		Elmore		b. 1816	d. 1859	m. 1847	Frances Ann Roads
				 		m. 1852	Mary Glascock
544:213		John Mitchell	b. 1819		m. 1843	Elma Barrere Parker
544:214		William		b. 1821		m. 1846	Eliza Jane Henton
544:215		Wesley		b. 1823	d. 1863	m. 1856	Martha Kent
544:216		Elizabeth Ann	b. 1825	d. 1889	m. 1846	Charles Lawrence
544:21z		Newton		b. 1827	d.y.
544:217		Mary		b. 1829	d. 1879	unm.
544:218		Newton		b. 1832	d. 1866

For details and descendants, see separate page.

544:22 FRANCES ("Fanny") LEE DOGGETT, dau. of Elmore and Elizabeth (Roberts) Doggett; b. 20 Apr 1789, Lancaster Co., VA; d. 9 Mar 1860, Mills Co., IA; m. Sep 1804 (Marr. Bond 1 Sep), Mason Co., KY, Dr. AUGUSTUS RICHARDS, son of John and Lucy (Dudley) Richards, b. 1 Aug 1780, Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 10 Dec 1851, Mills Co., IA..
Children (Richards):

544:22x		Dudley Tiffon	b. 1805	d. 1811
544:221		Silas		b. 1807	d. 1884	m.	Keziah Frances Brady
						m.	Elizabeth McClenahan
						m. 1855	Martisha Smoot
544:222		Milton		b. 1810	d. 1886	m.	Jane Jackson
544:223		Elizabeth	b. 1812	d. 1836	m.	John McClenahan
544:22y		Milvern		b. 1814	d. 1816
534;224		Juliett		b. 1817	d. 1869	m.	Uriel T. Simmerman
544:22z		William		b. 1819
544:225		Mary D.		b. 1821	d. 1898	m.	Samuel Badham
544:226		Lucy Ann	b. 1823	d, 1896	m.	Robert McClenahan
544:227		Newton Doggett	b. 1826	d. 1892	m.	Julia Hougas
						m.	Elizabeth Schenck
544:228		John		b. 1829	d. 1860	m.	Harriett Beebe
544:229		Frances Ann	b. 1831		m.	Alexander Liles
544:22A		Benjamin
		  Franklin	b. 1834	d. 1864

For details and descendants, see separate page.

544:24 ELMORE DOGGETT, son of Elmore and Elizabeth (Roberts) Doggett; m. 30 May 1816, Highland Co., OH, HANNAH BEESON HILL. dau. of John and Rebecca (Semans) Hill, b. 1800, PA, d. bef. 1841. Hannah m(2) 18 May 1832, Joseph Moore. One child, Rebecca Moore, b. Jan 1841, OH, d. 12 May 1841, OH..
Children (Doggett):

544:241		Jennette			m. 1840	Thomas Stockton
544:242		John

Web Page, Robert Doud Martin (http://genealogy.traveller.com/genealog/gedhtml/bmartin - defunct. Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20011211134602/http://genealogy.traveller.com:80/genealogy/ data not found-tdd )
Hannah Beeson Hill, b. 1800, PA, d. bef. 1841, dau. of John and Rebecca (Semans) Hill; m(1) 30 May 1816, Elmore Doggett, ch. Jennette Doggett, b. 1817; m(2) 18 May 1832, Joseph Moore, ch. Rebecca Moore, b. Jan 1841, OH, d. 12 May 1841, OH.

544:241 JENNETTE DOGGETT, dau. of Elmore and Hannah Beeson (Hill) Doggett; m. 16 Feb 1840, THOMAS STOCKTON; divorced by Thomas, 1845, on grounds of adultery.
Children (Stockton):

544:241:1	Mary Elizabeth

Children (Wise) (illegitimate):

544:241:2	John
544:241:3	Joseph
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