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This page has been constructed almost entirely from Lancaster County, Virginia, wills and marriage records, with some reference to the 1850 Census of Lancaster County.

560 BENJAMIN DOGGETT, son of William Doggett; b. 1717 (posthumous), Lancaster Co., VA; d. 1760, Lancaster Co., VA; m. ANNE EMBERSON, dau. of John and Margaret Emberson, d. 1761.
Children (Doggett):

561		Betty				m.	William Doggett
562		Mary Ann
563		Margaret			m.	John Edwards
564		Emberson		d. 1765 unm.
565		Leannah				m.	Richard Hutchings

564 EMBERSON DOGGETT; d. abt. 1765, Lancaster Co., VA. Unmarried.

561 BETTY DOGGETT, dau. of Benjamin and Ann (Emberson) Doggett; d. 1795, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) her second cousin, WILLIAM DOGGETT [512], son of William Doggett.

For details and descendants, see husband's page.

565 LEANNAH DOGGETT; m. Lancaster Co., VA, RICHARD HUTCHINGS, son of William Hutchings, d. 1788, Lancaster Co., VA.
Children (Hutchings):

565:1		John
565:2		William
565:3		Richard			d. 1819	m. 1791	Milly Beane
						m. 1813	Molly Blakemore
565:4		Thomas
565:5		Mary Ann			m. 1798	Coleman Doggett

565:3 RICHARD HUTCHINGS, son of William and Leannah (Doggett) Hutchings; d. Dec 1819, Lancaster Co., VA; m(1) Dec 1791 (MB 19 Dec), Lancaster Co., VA, MILLY BEANE, dau. of John and Leannah Beane; m(2) Aug 1813 (MB 16 Aug), MARY ("Molly") BLAKEMORE, dau. of Edward Blakemore. (Molly had three children by previous marriage (husband not known): Edward (or William E.), Robert N. and Elizabeth.
Children (Hutchings) (first marriage):

565:31		John				m. 1818	Mary ("Polly")Biscoe
565:32		Richard				m. 1822	Elizabeth Kirk Hathaway
565:33		Hugh				m. 1822	Nancy Biscoe
565:34		Janetta				m. 1821	John Wood
565:35		Milley
565:36		Opey
565:37		Leannah				m. 1833	David Boyd
565:38		Mary Ann
565:39		Thomas		b. 1812		m. 1836	Louisa A. Yerby

565:31 JOHN HUTCHINGS; m. 1818 (MB 16 Nov), Lancaster Co., VA, MARY ("Polly") BISCOE, b. abt. 1800, Mary m(2) 1831, Lancaster Co., VA, Jos. D. Pursley; 4 ch. Louisa, Elizabeth, Haseltine, and John.
563:33 HUGH HUTCHINGS; m. abt. 1822 (MB 23 Dec), Lancaster Co., VA, NANCY BISCOE.
563:37 LEANNAH HUTCHINGS; m. 1833 (MB 20 Mar), DAVID BOYD.
563:39 THOMAS HUTCHINGS; b. abt 1812, VA; m. 1836 (MB 14 Oct), LOUISA A. YERBY, b. abt 1813, VA.

565:32 RICHARD HUTCHINGS; m. 1822 (MB 16 Dec), Lancaster Co., VA, ELIZABETH KIRK HATHAWAY, dau. of Thomas and Jane (Chowning) Hathaway, b. abt. 1805. VA.
Children (Hutchings) (at least):

565:321		Elizabeth Kirk	b. 1835
565:321		Jane C.		b. 1839

565:321 ELIZABETH KIRK HUTCHINGS; b. abt. 1835; d. abt. 1869, Lancaster Co., VA.

565:5 MARY ANN HUTCHINGS, dau. of William and Leannah (Doggett) Hutchings; m. 1798 (MB 26 Oct), her third cousin, COLEMAN DOGGETT [512:3], son of William Doggett.

For details and descendants, see husband's page.

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