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This site was launched about seven or so years ago as a means of publishing almost fifty years of trying to understand the details of the Rev. Benjamin Doggett and his ancestors and descendants. My original purpose was to put together a hard cover book, but it seemed unlikely that such a project would ever be finished, so the web site seemed like a good alternate solution. After a few years, head crash and lost data, I took the site down and have never gotten it fully restored. Each year I have made a New Year's resolution to get it all back on line with updates and corrections, but it is still incomplete. I made such a resolution again in 2005, but as I prepare income taxes as a part time job, it had to be put off until after tax season. I took the opportunity to put together a new home page and promote some new features which have been suggested to me by friends over the past few years. As you can tell, the best laid plans, etc. Please read ddddmy blog page for 1 Jan 2007 to find out what happened if you re interested.

I started learning about the Doggett family back in 1947 when I was a freshman at UCLA. At that time I didn't have a clue about what part of the family I was connected to, and spent a lot of time collecting information about the New England lines, although I did know that my great-grandfather had come from Bath County, Kentucky. Eventually, I found Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family, and started researching the Southern lines in earnest. I used resources of several libraries in Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles Public Library, UCLA Research and Law Libraries, and the LDS Library. My wife and I lived in the Washington, DC, area for a time in the mid 1960's, and used the Library of Congress and the DAR Library there. After we moved back to Los Angeles, we took a few trips back to the East Coast and visited Lancaster County, Virginia, where we were treated wonderfully by the folks at the Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library, and also visited the Virginia State Library and the Virginia Historical Society Library in Richmond. We also visited Doggetts in Lancaster County, in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in Bath County, Kentucky. All of these sources proved to be extremely useful. Starting in the late 1970's, I had a great deal of correspondence with Doggett researchers all over the country, which I have tried to acknowledge in my various web pages. When the late George and Sydney Daggett reprinted the Samuel Bradlee Doggett history and published their supplements to the New England lines, I began a wonderful correspondence with them and received all the Southern lines data they had collected. In 1983, we went to England and spent several days in Boxford, Groton and Ipswich in Suffolk, and in London doing some Doggett research, and visited with Reginaldl Dennys, Somerset Herald of Arms, who had done some research for James Anderson Doggett, and later did some for me, all of which is reported in my English Antecedents page. We also made a number of trips to Salt Lake City and the main Mormon Library there. Then came the Internet, with its tremendous resources for research and publication, and the fantastic ability to converse by E-mail with hundreds of Doggett researchers. And so these web pages were born.


As indicated above, the primary object of this web site is to identify and report as many of the descendants of the Rev. Benjamin Doggett as possible. It is also intended to stimulate and suggest avenues for additional research. Although all reasonable efforts are made to verify information with primary sources, that is not always possible and therefore secondary source material and products of other researchers are necessarily relied on. Except for early generations, I have not normally included citation of individual sources, in order to save space, but I am trying to include more comments as to the reliability of the information. Sources will be provided on request, so that other researchers can evaluate the information presented. In some cases, educated guesses as to relationships are set forth, and in those cases the rationale for the conclusions are (hopefully) stated.

The information is presented in a standard format developed by me, with unique ID numbers for each individual, and presenting available information about the birth date and place; death date and place; burial place; marriage date and place (for each marriage), spouse's birth date and place, death date and place, and burial place. And children, if any, of each marriage. Additional information, such as military service and occupation, may also be included. Information as to living individuals is included, subject to certain restrictions as to privacy concerns, discussed on another page on this site.


I was born in Kansas in 1929. My great-grandfather had come there from Kentucky in the 1880's with his family, including my grandfather. In 1939, my parents and I moved to Los Angeles, where I finished my education. After graduation from high school in 1946, I attended UCLA undergraduate school and then UCLA Law School, where I received my law degree in 1953. I took the California bar examination and then was drafted into the Army in late 1953 just after the close of the Korean War. I received word that I had passed the bar and applied for a commission in the Judge Advocate General's Corps. I was accepted and then could afford to get married. After training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and Charlottesville, Virginia, I was assigned to duty at the Pentagon, so we settled in Arlington, Virginia, for the next 18 months or so. After I was discharged, we returned to Los Angeles, where I had a job waiting, and then spent the next 33 years practicing law, before retiring from active practice in 1989. Since that time, I was in the retail computer business for ten years and now do part-time tax preparation and accounting. My wife and I have two sons, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, all of whom live in our general area except one grandson, who lives in North Carolina.

We welcome all additions, corrections and comments, and inquiries. Maybe we can't answer all the questions, but we do the best we can. We would also love to hear from prior correspondents, just to keep in touch. I prefer to receive E-mail, if possible. I am giving my E-mail address in graphic form, to prevent it from being harvested by the many spiders crawling the Web. Also set out below are by snail mail address and my home telephone number.


My policy over the years has been to report all data that is readily available in public records and previously published research, whether pertaining to living or dead individuals, and data supplied to me by family members. I do not publish Social Security numbers, addresses or telephone numbers of living persons, and I honor requests from living individuals that any information about them or their families not be published.

Because of the increased concern about privacy, I am contemplating not publishing the day and month of birth and the city and county of birth of living individuals. I would appreciate any comments my readers may have on this or related subjects.


E-mail address is shown in graphic format to impede harvesting by spiders or robots.

James D. Doggett
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