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This page is intended to provide citations and evaluations of some of the principal reference sources for Doggett family history. This first section includes many of the printed books which have been influential in disseminating Doggett family information. I have copies of most of these books in my library, except as noted. I welcome suggestions as to other books which should be included. Other materials will be included as time permits.


Doggett, Samuel Bradlee, A History of the Doggett-Daggett Family (Boston, 1894) [reprinted (Gateway Press, Balatimore, 1973) by George H. and Sydney B. Daggett]

Any listing of books pertaining to the Doggett family must begin with the magnificent work of Samuel Bradlee Doggett, published in 1894. Although its principal foci are the New England lines, which are covered in great detail, there is a section dealing with the Southern lines which is extremely useful. Samuel did not make an exhaustive attempt to analyze or connect up the data concerning the descendants of the Rev. Benjamin Doggett, and for the most part simply publishes the data which he received in correspondence with family members known or believed to be descended from Benjamin. Although some of the early data are suspect, and there are a number of errors which appear to result from mistranscription of the handwritten correspondence, the information is derived from contemporary sources and appears to be generally reliable. Samuel also published data concerning a number of English lines, of which the lines of William Doggett of Boxford and John Doggett of Groton are of significance. There are some errors, such as the attribution of Giles Firmin as husband of Martha Doggett of Groton, which cannot be supported, but still a most valuable source. Only 400 copies of the book were printed in 1894, and in 1973, the writer's good friends, the late George and Sydney Daggett, caused it to be reprinted, using images of the original pages. The reprints have been sold out for quite a few years, but the used genealogy book dealers occasionally have a copy for sale.

George and Sydney also published two supplements to Samuel Bradlee Doggett's book, reporting the results of their years of updating the New England lines. George and Sydney generously sent me all of the Doggett data which they uncovered in their travels searching for Daggetts, which was an invaluable help to me. For the record, the two supplements are: A Supplement to the Section Entitled John Doggett-Daggett of Martha's Vineyard (Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1974). and A Supplement to the Sections Entitled Thomas Doggett-Daggett of Marshfield, Massachusetts and William Daggett of Saco, Maine (Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1975).

Muskett, Joseph James, Suffolk Manorial Families, vol. 1 (Exeter, England, 1900)

Muskett undertook to publish genealogical information about families in County Suffolk, England, who had connections with the famous Winthrop family of Groton and later in Massachusetts. Eight pages entitled "Doggett of Groton" are included, together with some entries pertaining to families related by marriage. These pages include transcriptions of wills and other documents not otherwise readily available, and the well-known and frequently republished pedigree entitled "Pedigree, Doggett of Groton, Lappage." Some transcription errors are noted, but for the most part extremely useful. Muskett and Samuel Bradlee Doggett corresponded while their respective books were ink preparation, and Muskett acknowledges Samuel's work in his preface to the Doggett section. The writer has a copy of Muskett's book. I do not know whether any additional volumes were printed, but I have not seen any references to a volume other than volume 1.

Hostetler, Ella M. (Doggett) Hostetler, Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett (1916)

Ella Hostetler was another early Doggett family researcher. This book is a major source of reliable data concerningArmstead Doggett and his descendants. Unfortunately, Ella's conclusions concerning the earlier generations appear to be speculative. She states that Armstead's father was James Doggett of Culpeper County, Virginia, who married Ann Brown. This appears to be based in part on Samuel Bradlee Doggett's data supplied, as it appears, by grandchildren of James. (SBD refers to James as "James William," ) However, Ella goes on to state that James' father was George Doggett. It is true that George had children not named in his will, but there is nothing to indicate that James was one of them. Ella's statement appears to be pure speculation based on the fact that both James and George resided in Culpeper County. The evidence is compelling that James was one of the younger sons of Thomas Doggett of Caroline County, Virginia. Ella's presumptions have, unfortunately, been repeated without challenge by numerous later researchers.

In 1938, Ella published another book entitled Sketches Here and There along the Way from the Year 1856. This book consists primarily of her reminisces about her father and family, but contains some interesting information about her grandfather Armstead and his brothers.

Brent, Chester Horton, The Descendants of Hugh Brent and Some Allied Families (Rutland, Vermont, 1936)

The writer does not own a copy of this book, but has extracted the relevant data from copies available in a number of genealogical libraries. Chester Horton Brent was a thorough and careful researcher, and his book contains not only extensive data about Brent descendants of Rev. Benjamin Doggett, but also explores many of the early Doggett generations in Virginia. Unfortunately, he did not cite sources for his data, and one important fact is tantalizingly dangling. Brent states that William Doggett, the youngest son of the Rev. Benjamin, had six children, including daughters Sarah and Hannah. It is true that William had six children; his son William and a daughter Jane are mentioned in his will, along with "all my children"; Benjamin, his youngest son was born after William's death, and there seems to be no question that Elmore is one of his sons. This leaves two children, but the names Sarah and Hannah are included by Brent as the two children, and may or may not be correctly attributed. Brent's other data have been frequently cited by later researchers, and fortunately is quite reliable.

Skinner, Eugene Elam, The Ancestry of Carolyn Call Skinner (Dallas, 1950?)

Col. Skinner's book was duplicated by mimeograph, rather that by letterpress, but copies can be found in a number of genealogical libraries. His wife was descended from Miller Doggett of Tennessee, through his son Solomon, and the little book, tracing the ancestry of their daughter, contains much valuable material about Solomon Doggett's line. I had the privilege of corresponding with Col. Skinner back in the 1970's and he generously sent me copies of his work, much of which is included in this book. He freely shared this data and I have also received copies of it from other researchers.

Doggett, Anna Doggett, History of the Doggetts of Guilford County, North Carolina (Piedmont Press, 1969)

This delightful booklet by the late Anna Doggett of Greensboro, NC, is an exhaustive treatment of John Doggett of Northumberland County, Virginia, and his descendants, and particularly of those descendants who settled in Guilford County, North Carolina. The booklet contains much anecdotal material of great interest and is well worth reading, even if one is from a different line. I had correspondence with Anna in the early 1970's and she generously sent me a copy of the booklet. Anna's younger brother, the late James Anderson Doggett, of Greenboro, was a regular correspondent of mine in the late 1970's. He was responsible for commissioning a great deal of professional research in England by the late Rodney Dennys, Somerset Herald of Arms, which he unselfishly shared with me. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dennys in London in 1983.

Doggett, Mary Norton and Martin, Sophie Stephens, The Lambert/Lambeth Family of North Carolina (Greensboro, North Carolina, 1974)

Mary Doggett is the wife of James Anderson Doggett, mentioned above. A large section of this very professional genealogy is devoted to the descendants of John and Rebecca (Doggett) Lambeth, daughter of John Doggett of Guilford County, North Carolina. She furnished me with a copy of the book, for which I express my gratitude, and which has been the source of much of the data in the Lambeth pages in this web site. Mary is now in her early 90's, but as of the last information I had she is living in a rest home in North Carolina. Her many years of research into the Lambeth and Doggett families will not be ignored.

Reese, William Emmett, The Settle-Suttle Family (Palm Beach, Florida, 1974)

Col. Reese's manuscript was published after his death by Fannie Lu Camp Fisher, a noted Settle/Suttle researcher. Of principal interest to Doggett researchers are the entries pertaining to Joseph Suttle who married Mary Doggett, daughter of Bushrod Doggett, and their descendants in North Carolina. As Joseph and Mary had nine children, this is an extensive line, and Col. Reese's work, as edited and published by Mrs. Fisher, is of great value. One omission, which is of personal interest to the writer, is in connection with Henry Settle, probably the son of Joel Settle. The section concerning Henry discusses his marriage to Ann, daughter of Thomas Peach, of King George County, Virginia, and their three children. Co. Reese fails to report the first marriage of Ann to Benjamin Doggett, son of Bushrod Doggett and brother of Mary. Benjamin died while serving in the Army during the Revolution, leaving three children, including my ancestor, Thomas Bushrod Doggett. His widow, Ann, then married Henry Settle.

Lynch, Pauline Jones, The Doggett Family: Generations of Miller Doggett (1789-1845) from Virginia to Tennessee, 1809

Pauline Lynch was an indefatiguable researcher of the Miller Doggett line. Her booklet, a copy of which she sent me soon after it was published, is a prime source of data concerning the descendants of Miller, especially those who remained in the Giles and Marshall Counties area of southern Tennessee.

Herzel, Mary Lee Doggett-Herzel, History of the Doggett Family in Virginia (1983)

Mrs. Herzel has performed a distinct service in publishing data concerning descendants of Benjamin Doggett of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, grandson of John Doggett of Northumberland County. The early data incorporate information from Anna Doggett's booklet, but the portion relating to Benjamin's descendants has been of great value in clearing up questions which puzzled me for many years. I thank Mary Lee for her work and for furnishing me with a copy of her publication, which is not generally available.

Heflin, Blanche Doggett, Descendents of Rev. Benjamin Doggett of Virginia (Redding, California, 1984)

This often-cited publication, is invaluable for its coverage of the descendants of John and Nancy (Massey) Doggett of Saint Louis, Missouri, who emigrated to Siskiyou County, California. Its coverage of the early generations and other lines is uneven and contains a number of errors which, unfortunately, have been perpetuated by later researchers. For example, the attribution of "Thomas Bushrod" Doggett as a son of George Doggett of Culpeper County, Virginia, is not correctly stated. George did have a son Thomas who moved to southern Virginia prior to the Revolution, but there is no evidence that this Thomas had a middle name. Blanche elsewhere states that a Thomas Bushrod was the son of George Doggett, the son of Bushrod Doggett. This is incorrect, as Thomas Bushrod, my ancestor, was the son of Bushrod's son Benjamin, of Fauquier County, Virginia. She confuses this Thomas, who married Sally Ward in Culpeper County, with another Thomas of Culpeper County, a descendant of Thomas and Bathsheba Doggett of Caroline County, Virginia, who married Sarah Harding. The information, other than that relating to the Siskiyou County lines, must be used with caution. I had considerable correspondence with Blanche in the late 1970's and the early 1980's. amd we exchanged much information. Unfortunately, some of the data which I furnished were confused in the preparation of the book. Nevertheless, I sincerely appreciate receiving a copy of the book from Blanche and have relied on it extensively in coverage of the Siskiyou County families in this web site. Blanche and her mother also published a revised version of an 1893 booklet, The Alfred Hovey Family (1969) containing data about her immediate family, which was incorporated in her 1984 book.

Parker, Rosanna Doggett, Doggett Decades (Amundsen Publishing Co., 1985)

Rosanna's book, of which she generously furnished me a copy, contains the fruits of her meticulous and thorough research into the family of Silas Doggett of Appanoose County, Iowa, a grandson of Presley Doggett of Shelby County, Kentucky. It is highly readable and recommended reading if this line is of interest. Any errors or omissions are minor. Rosanna and I corresponded during the time she was preparing the book.

Doggett, Charles Everett, The Roots and Branches of Woodie Haywood Doggett and Mary Cornelia Parnell (1989)

Charlie Doggett, with whom I have had orrespondence over the years, has provided an excellent source of data concerning some of the Choctaw County, Alabama, and the Bradley County, Arkansas, Doggetts. I do not have a copy, but it is available in many genealogical libraries. Charlie (perhaps I should refer to him as "The Rev. Charles Doggett"), is a retired Baptist minister and recently a missionary to The Gambia. Charlie maintains a personal web site at which is worth a visit.

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