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15 January 2011

As promised, I have just posted a portion of the Presley Doggett (185:1) family files. There are still three children whose files need a little more cleaning up. I'll try to get those uploaded soon.

4 January 2011

A number of my good friends have inquired why I have been missing for over a year, and asking if I was OK. I apologize profusely for being so inconsiderate. I was out of commission for a while due to some foot surgery requiring hospitalization and recuperation, and then catching up on things and commitments during the Holiday season made genealogy a catch as catch can proposition. Anyway, my New Year's resolution is to get back on track with my website project.
I finally recently got my new Dreamweaver software, but to my disappointment it doesn't solve the biggest problem I had with the old software -- the different treatment of my tabulated text by various browsers. If I tailor it for Mozilla Firefox it comes out one way; if I tailor it for Internet Explorer, it comes out differently. To fix this problem with Dreamweaver will require rewriting each page to use tables and not tabs. So for the time being I will continue on as in the past until I get more data posted and then see what I can do. I use Firefox, so those friends who use IE will have to put up with the problems for a while. My statistics show that about twice as many folks use Firefox as use IE, so that's another reason for going that way. I will use Dreamweaver to change my home page and sections other than the basic genealogical tables, so that will be coming when I learn how to use it!!
I have not been completely inactive. I have spent some time updating my pages for Presley Doggett and his descendants, and will try to get those posted this weekend. This is such an important line and should have been posted a long time ago.
Anyway, I'm as well as can be expected for an old geezer (82 next May) and plan on keeping at this genealogy stuff as long as I am able. I look forward to hearing from all my good friends. Happy New Year to all of you.


24 December 2009

Gee Whiz! Here it is Christmas Eve, and it's been a month since I have posted anything! Several "cousins" and others have sent me much welcomed updates recently. I have posted a couple of them. Rich Fry furnished information about the family of Sarah Jane Doggett (315:122:4) which furnished me with clues to do some on-line research and update that page. Greg Williams sent me information about his family (124:137:4) which I have incorporated and reposted. Carla Golder has sent a lot of data on descendants of Zelma Doggett (124:137:4) which I am working on and hope to get posted soon. Merry Christmas to all my good friends and distant cousins!!

24 Nov 2009

I managed to complete revising the Lucy Doggett Brown line pages and have posted them (18D;18D:4; 18D:5;18D:7; and 512:41 (Spencer Doggett, husband of Lucy's daughter Sarah R. Brown)). As always, additions, corrections and comments are most welcome. Thanks to Mike Mankin, who got me focused on the Brown Line again. Mike has a family tree posted on Ancestry.com with a lot of very interesting photos he has accumulated. I have also fixed some broken links in the pages for the Thomas Doggett (180) descendants.

20 Nov 2009

Well, I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted anything here! During the past three months I have been updating a lot of pages, usually prompted by an inquiry from some cousin out there. Recetly, I had an E-mail from a very distant cousin, Don Dresser, who was going to be in the area for a little while and wondered if we could meet and share a cup of coffee. I enthusiastically agreed and Don and his wife and Margaret and I met for lunch at a nearby coffee shop. As I not done anything with his line for a long time, I decided to bring it up to date and post it. So today I have put up revised pages for some of the descendants of George Doggett, son of Miller Doggett, most of whom settled in Missouri and one branch (Don's) managed to get out to California during the Gold Rush. If your are interested, take a look at the new pages (315:1; 315:12; 315:13; and 315:14) I have also posted 315:122 and plan to get 315:124 and 315:125 posted soon. Thanks, Don, for getting me interested in your line again. I have also been working on the Lucy Doggett Brown of Culpeper County, Virginia, line (18D), prompted by another cousin, which led to renewing contact with Linda Thorpe, who I hadn't heard from for probably 15 years or so. Her grandfather and I corresponded regarding Spencer Doggett well before we were using computers! I have some other projects in the works, with the help of some other good folks, including still trying to get a good handle on the Reuben Doggett of Culpeper County, Virginia, line. I'll try to do better in getting information out. We are not camping this Thanksgiving week, but instead have rented a vacation home at Lake Arrowhead and our family will camp indoors this year for four days. Looking forward to something different. Only about a dozen for Thanksgiving dinner this year instead of the usual twenty or so. I think there are a few E-mails that I haven't responded to, for which I apologize. I'll go back through my mail and try to get back to the one's I have missed.

17 August 2009

I received an E-mail today from Stephen Doggett who pointed out an error in my Benjamin (181:6) page, and supplied some additional data about his family. I took time out from the other updating I was doing and made the corrections and additions and reposted the page. Thanks to Stephen, whom I hadn't heard from since 1999.

11 August 2009

I was going through some loose papers and found some data sent to me in April of last year by a third cousin, Mark Doggett, who lives in Ohio. I had started to update my Daniel Doggett page (346:2B) with his data, but failed to complete it. I hastened to put in the rest of it and repost it. I apologize, Mark, for mislaying the information.

26 July 2009

While I was posting the Corbin and Daniel Doggett pages, I decided to update the pages for the other children of Thomas Bushrod Doggett, as I had some other information that had accumulated in the last couple of years. I have now updated and reposted the pages for Joel Doggett (346:29) and Leslie Doggett (346:26), two children of Thomas who left Kentucky and settled in Illinois.

25 July 2009

Yesterday was the 55th wedding anniversary of my wife and I. We are so thankful that we have had so many wonderful years together. We celebrated by driving abour two hours away to Redlands, California, to see a performance in the Redlands Bowl of the musical, 1776, in which Margaret's brother, Bill, played the part of Cesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence from Delaware who was a pivotal vote in the adoption of the Declaration. Had a good time. Today I am posting the Corbin family page I discussed a few days ago. Sylvia Gault has protested my giving her credit for the work she did on the page, but it was so great that I can't let her help go by without acknowledging it again. Also, in the course of doing some research on the Corbins, I came across in a serendiptious moment information concering my great-grandfather's sister and her descendants. His sister, Mary, had married Thomas Hawkins in Bath County, Kentucky, and then both she and her husband died at early ages, leaving only a young daughter surviving. The whereabouts of the daughter were completely unknown to me, and no other surviving relative seemed to know anything about her. Lo and behold, I discovered an image of her death certificate showing she died in Fleming County, Kentucky, surviving her husband who died quite young. Some more online research turned up the names of her husband and most of her children, and their dates of birth and death and burial places in Fleming County. I have added this information to my Daniel Doggett page (346:2B) and reposted it today.

21 July 2009

When I posted the George Doggett information yesterday, I failed to post the related page containing the descendants of his sister, Martha Ann Butler. I have remedied this today. Also, I received today a nice E-mail from Kate Becker Canby with some updates on her family -- one of the many Texas Doggett lines -- which I have incoporated and reposted (George Doggett, 124:13). I had received a lot of information back in 1977 - over 30 years ago - from Kate's grandmother, so this was a welcome update.

20 July 2009

After almost six months, I have resolved to get back in the swing of things. Tax season is over for this year, our oldest grandson just got married, and all kinds of things that were interfering with important things like genealogy seem to have quited down. So I'm making a half year resolution to get some things accomplished. I haven't been totally doing nothing. I have been updating a bunch of pages at the request of some good folks - some new friends and some old ones - which has been quite time consuming. I'm going to try to get these pages posted as soon as I can. Tom Doggett of South Carolina, with whom I have corresponded from time to over the last ten years, just sent me an update on his family. I have incorporated that data in the George Doggett page (343:12) and at the same time updated the page with some other data accumulated over the last year or so. I reposted this page, and some related pages today. Sylvia Gault of Missouri supplied me with a host of material and leads concerning the Corbin family (346:28). She is an extremely knowledgeable and competent genealogist and we have had a most fruitful exchange of ideas. As a result, I have completely revised the Corbin page, and after a last minute review by Sylvia and myself, I will post that page as well. I'm still working on the revisions of the Doggetts of Rutherford and Cleveland Counties, North Carolina. One other thing that had slowed me up was a problem with my computer. Some kind of hardware glitch cropped up that would shut down my computer in the middle of whatever I was doing, and if I had not saved my work for a while, I would lose that data and would have to reenter it. It became impossible to work with the computer, not only for genealogy, but for the little bookkeeping business my wife and I do on the side, and I finally had to replace the computer. I wanted to wait until the new Windows 7 operating system comes out this fall, and bypass the Vista system, but I wasn't able to wait and now have a new Vista computer with all the problems of converting my software to work on that system. Wonders of the modern age! Anyway, keep in touch.

23 December 2008

Shame on me for not getting any new pages posted for almost two months! Too much has been going on to get things done as promised. I have a bunch of pages that I worked up Thanksgiving week that are almost ready to post. We spent that week camping wiith Margaret's family as we have done for the past 40 years, so I had some spare time to use working on the laptop. During he past several weeks, we spent a lot of time working at our church's Christmas Tree sales lot, and then was too tired to work on genealogy when we got home. That's over now with a very successful 11th tree lot season. Anyway, I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! And thanks for all the help I have received from all the Doggett "cousins" in 2008. Can't wait for next year!

28 October 2008

It's been over a month since I have put anything new on the site. Shame on me! I have been working for an hour or two most evenings updating the George Doggett of Cleveland County, North Carolina page (348). I thought that would be a simple project when I started, but I found such a mass of data, especially on the female lines, that it has taken me much longer than I had planned. I'm getting down to the end now, and hope to be finished in a few days. The file became so big that I have had to divide it into a bunch of pages. In the meantime, cousin Betty Sanders, has sent me some welcome updates on one branch of Miller Doggett's (315) descendants, and cousin Joyce Scott has furnished a lot of new data for descendants of George Doggett (124:13). As soon as I get through with the Cleveland County folks, I will get that data integrated and those pages reposted. Please be patient.

25 September 2008

Beth Daggett has supplied me with some additions and corrections for my Booth Doggett page (189:16) which I have incorporated and reposted. I appreciate so much the help and appreciative comments I get from all you "cousins." I hope to get a few more pages posted this week.

12 September 2008

I reposted the Henry Thomas Doggett page (189:14) to include some additional data acquired from Ann Jeter Aleixo, or which I was able to locate based on information from her. She has also supplied me with some gravestone photos which I plan on incorporating soon. I am working out some technical details, but this will be a test of something I have been planning on doing for a long time.

9 September 2008

In deciding what to post next, I realized that I hadn't reposted the rest of the pages for the descendants of William Doggett, the youngest son of the Rev. Benjamin; in particular William's two younger sons, William and Benjamin. There hasn't been much to add to these pages, but I wanted to get them back on line. The only missing branch is that of Francis Lee Doggett Richards. The Richards family were very early pioneers of the Mormon Church, and the LDS folks have done a very thorough job of researching that family. Until I get that page revised, a very extensive database for reference is Vern Taylor's LDS Historical database, on Ancestry.com's WorldConnect project.

6 September 2008

Ann Jeter Doggett Aleixo has recently furnished some information concerning descendants of Thomas Stapleton Doggett which was previously unknow to me. Her information furnished the answer to a question which had eluded me for some time -- who was William Fordtran Doggett of Texas. I was able to move a bunch of data from the "loose ends" file to the Henry Thomas Doggett page (189:14) and repost the page. Thanks to Ann. Your help is greatly appreciated.

5 September 2008

Today I am reposting updated pages for most of the other children of Reuben Doggett of Culpeper County, Virginia (181). These include Thomas Doggett (181:2), Ellen Doggett Johnson (181:5), Benjamin F. Doggett (181:6), and George Roswell Doggett (181:7). This leaves Reuben Doggett, Jr. of Culpeper County, which is a work in progress. I hope to get that page in shape for at least a preliminary posting soon. Additions, corrections and comments are welcome as usual.

4 September 2008

Just finished a major revision of the Phinella Doggett Crawford page (181:44). This posting completes the latest versions of the pages for Daniel Brown Doggett and his children.

28 August 2008

Some health issues (mine and my wife's) have interfered with getting more pages on line. Fortunately, everything is OK. Among other things, I had a cataract removed, and my vision is thankfully much improved in that eye. I am posting updated pages for Daniel Brown Doggett (181:4) and all but one of his children. I was going to post them all, but noticed that some more work is needed on the Phinella Crawford page, so I am delaying posting that page until I have a chance to finish that update.

8 July 2008

Just finished updating the page for George Catham Doggett (343:12), the second son of Bushrod Doggett of Rutherford County, North Carolina, many of whose descendants moved across the state line to South Carolina, and some of whom changed the spelling of their name to "Doggette." More work is needed, of course, but I've added a lot of maternal line information.

12 July 2008

Well after a couple of months, I am back again. One thing or another kept me away, including a little time in the hospital. I'm OK now though, and will try to catch up. After I posted the Rutherford County, North Carolina, pages, I discovered that I had omitted a bunch of data in the update. This made the section so long that I had to break it up into 8 or 10 pages. I have some additions and corrections to post that people have kindly sent me. I'll try to get those posted in the next day or two.

5 May 2008

After I posted my update to the William Doggett page, I received an E-mail form Von Hamrick, pointing out that I had omitted some information about Vera Mae Doggett Hardin's family. As usual, his eagle eye was on target, and I had just omitted updating the whole section. I have rectified that omission and have reposted the page. I'm not sure what page will be next. I'm working on the George Doggett of Cleveland County, North Carolina, line, but I'm not quite sure when I will get it finished. I may try to get a few other easier pages finished and posted while I'm working on that one. I'll keep you posted.

30 Apr 2008

Well, it's been three months since my last posting, but here I am back again. As I have mentioned, I work part time as a tax preparer and during tax season it's a full time job, not leaving much time for important things like genealogy. What time I have had during the past weeks I have spent updating the lines of the sons of Bushrod Doggett of North Carolina. My friend Von Hamrick has been after me for many months to do this, and I discovered that I had a mass of material that I had not incorporated - and I am sure I have not succeeded iin getting it all in. I found some female lines that I had not done anything with previously, so it turned into a major project. In any event, I am posting pages for Bushrod and his sons William and George and their descendants. As usual comments, corrections and additions are most welcome.

29 Jan 2008

Posting George (124:13) today -- finally. that's the last of John's three sons.

28 Jan 2008

Since my last note, I received an E-mail from another cousin, Beverly Ellis, sending some additions to my Jesse Doggett (122:63) page. On reviewing her data, I discovered that I had updated my page last year but had failed to post it. The old version was posted in 2002 and was woefully out of date. I hastened to review the information and have today posted the updated version. Jesse Doggett was one of the pioneer Doggetts in Texas and the progenitor of a large number of descendants in that state, with spillovers into Louisiana, Oklahoma and Memphis, Tennessee. I apologize for the oversight in not posting it sooner. I'm still working on George (124:13), as the update wasn't as far along as I had thought. Getting close, though.

18 Jan 2008

Sorry I have been out of touch for a few weeks. The Holidays and end of year accounting issues have prevented me from getting any more postings done. I quit making New Years resolutions about getting everything up to date, so all I can say is I'll keep working at it. Today I have posted the page for John (124:14) as I promised, and will try to get his brother George done by this weekend.
I have been trying to decide what to do about changing my web page software. I have for many years used an older edition of Microsoft Front Page. This software is obsolete by today's standards and Microsoft has discontinued it. I have also discovered some areas where it has created some errors in the HTML code, so I need to do something about replacing it. I may go with Adobe Dreamweaver, although that may be overkill for my simple formats. My other option is a shareware program called Site Spinner. I have experimented with trial versions of both, but haven't made up my mind yet. I'll let you know what I decide.
In the meantime, I hope all my friends out there, old and new, had pleasant holidays and wish each of you a joyous and prosperous New Year.

12 Dec 2007

How time flies! This is such a busy time of year. Spending a week camping at Thanksgiving, and the rush of the Christmas season and other year-end things has kept me away from important things like genealogy. I have finished the George and John pages mentioned in my last post, and will get them uploaded in the next few days. A recent E-mail prompted me to look at my Armstead Doggett (18A:3) page again and repost that page with a few additional facts I had accumulated concerning the Sargent family.

11 Nov 2007

Only slow progress has been made in the past week. Today I am posting a substantial revision of the family of James Doggett of Guilford Co., NC.(124.12). I have just about completed revisions of pages for his two brothers, George (124:13) and John (124:14). I also am posting a minor upgrade of Richard Doggett (362:2A) to include a few items that were omitted from the posting of last August.

3 Nov 2007

I realized that I had not reposted my revised pages for Benjamin Doggett (112) of Northumberland Co., VA, and his son William Doggett (112.2). These pages have been revised somewhat and William's line has been split off from his father's. Willliam's page includes those Maryland folks who changed their name to Doged or Dogged, and those Chenoweths who changed their name to Chenworth, just to confuse things for us poor folks. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this is what I have so far.

1 Nov 2007

Today's postings arepages for the two daughters of Asa Doggett (122:2) I mentioned yesterday: Eliza Doggett Rawles and Naomi Doggett Marshall. They are much shorter than the pages for the sons, and there is more work to be done on them. That finishes Asa's line for now.
On another subject, a very pleasant thing occurred this week. Several years ago, the original probated will of Thomas Bushrod Doggett was offered for sale on E-bay. Thomas (346:2) is my fourth great-grandfather, and I decided to bid on the document. Unfortunately, two other bidders wanted the document also. The price got too high for me and the will was purchased by a collector of documents which deal in some manner with the subject of slavery, and who had no interest in the genealogy aspect of the document. I contacted the buyer to see if I could get a photocopy for my files, and he agreed to send me one when he received the purchase. Somehow, the matter fell through the cracks, and I never received the papers. I recently E-mailed the buyer, Jim Robb, again, and he graciously sent me a beautiful photocopy, which I will probably post on this site, because it is rather nteresting. Thanks again, Jim, for sharing.

31 Oct 2007

Happy Halloween! Sorry to be so late in getting more pages posted. Today I'm putting up revised pages for Asa Doggett, son of John of Columbia Co., Georgia, and his two sons, Richard and John. This turned out to be a bigger job than I had figured it to be. There are a few more details to be attended to but here they are in their present state. This is a large and important Doggett line, spreading from Georgia into Mississippi and Arkansas, into Texas and Oklahoma, and out to the West Coast in California and Oregon. There are pages for two of Asa's daughters to be reposted, and hopefully they will be uploaded soon.
Some people have been kind enough to ask whether we had any problem with the recent wildfires in our neighborhood. I am pleased to say that we were not threatened, although a couple of grandnephews, a cousin and some friends voluntarily evacuated, but fortunately none of them had any losses.

5 Oct 2007

How fast time flies! It doesn't seem like ten days have gone by since my last posting! We're not sure whether it is summer or fall here in So Calif. We even had a nice rain last week, which was so welcome after a dry, dry summer. Today it has been cool, but by Sunday it is supposed to be in the 90's again. Anyway, I decided to rework my page for Benjamin Doggett (346:22), son of Thomas Bushrod Doggett. I had accumulated a lot of data about his Moores lines descendants and thought I should upgrade the page. And so I did, and it is now on line again with a major revision.

25 Sep 2007

As indicated last week, William of Gloucester, Mass (511:3) is finally updated and reposted. There was more work to do than I had thought, so it took me longer than anticipated. There's still more to be done, but it's certainly better than it was before! I just discovered yesterday that there was a big booboo on my home page. I had indicated that the signature of the Rev. Benjamin was from 1642. He would have been quite a prodigy, as he wasn't born until 1636! The correct date is 1661 Old Style, or as we would say today 1661/62. The date is now correct on the home page.

16 Sep 2007

I stayed up late and finished editing the James and Spencer Doggett pages, so that finishes William (512) and descendants, for the time being at least. Additons, corrections and comments are welcome, of course. What's next? I guess I will try to finish up the William of Gloucester Massachsetts page to complete Coleman (511) and descendants. I know there is still a lot of work to do on the pages I have been posting, but I am trying to get all of them up and then will go back for some cleanup, annotations, and pictures. Big job, but a lot of fun!

15 Sep 2007

Well, it took longer to get some more pages ready to post than I had thought. But finally, I am posting today revised pages for William Doggett of Lancaster County, Virginia (ggs of Rev. Benjamin) and two of his sons, Benjamin and Coleman. These families account for a large proportion of the Doggetts who stayed at home in Lancaster County, Virginia. I will soon be completing this family with posting of pages for William's son James (who had the distinction of marrying two Doggett cousins, Betty and Sarah), and his son Spencer. I had a nice e-mail from Dave Doggett, who had motivated me to post the Dennis and Thomas Lee Doggett pages. Dave and I have exchanged notes for a number of years, and it is always good to hear from him. He maintains a website at "www.lovepoems.com" with links to just about anything you might want to check out in the love and romance area, and a lot of other things also. So it's not just all genealogy with Dave!

10 Sep 2007

We returned from San Clemente and were certainly glad we went, as it was 111 or higher here at home. The hottest it was at the beach was 84. Anyway, it has cooled off a lot here in Santa Clarita. I am posting the pages for the other three children of Henry of Caroline County: his sons John Nelson and Henry Thomas Doggett, and his daughter Sarah Ann Harris Page/Kidd (189:13, 189:14, and 189.12, respectively). I hope to have more pages ready to post tomorrow.

1 Sep 2007

I didn't get as much done this week as I had wished. Some business things, doctor' s appointments, etc. got in the way of the important matters! And the 108 temperature hasn't helped either. So we decided to go back to San Clemente again for the next week, so I won't have any more postings until we get back. I am taking my laptop, so if I get around to it I'll work on some more pages down there. I do have a couple of pages ready to post, so I will upload them now. They are for William Doggett of Caroline County, Virginia and his son Henry (189 and 189:1) and Henry's oldest son Willam and his youngest son Booth (189:11 and 189:16). The pages for the other children will be posted when I return. The 189 file was previously a single file, but it had gotten so large I decided to split it up.

27 Aug 2007

Today's postings are for John Doggett of Lancaster County, Virginia (511.1), and his sons Cyrus and Bishop David Seth Doggett. John was the brother of Dennis, whose page we posted last week. That leaves the page for their other brother William, who broke family tradition and left the South and moved to New England, confusing things by intermingling with the New England Doggett lines. Fortunately, William's descendants don't seem to have intermarried with the local Doggetts!. William's page is almost finished and should be posted soon.

20 Aug 2007

I have just posted a major revision of the Dennis and Thomas Lee Doggett page (511:4). There is still much work to be done, but this revision incorporates all the data I have at present. Any additions, corrections and comments are most welcome. I don't know what the next posting will be. I have several pages that just need a final check and will definitely have one or two more pages on line in the next couple of days

17 Aug 2007

Margaret and I took a week off and went to San Clemente and just laid back. Margaret's brother and wife from Oregon were down for a wedding and spent one afternoon with us. I have just reposted a revised page for Joel Doggett of Bath County, Kentucky (346:29). This was prompted by some correspondence with my fourth cousin Dale Doggett of Menard County, Illinois, who brought me up to date on his line. Since I was updating the page, I decided to go ahead and repost it. I'm working on updating and reposting my Dennis and Thomas Lee Doggett page. Dave Doggett has been after me for some time to get this done. I thought I was about finished when I came across another batch of information (including one puzzling relationship). I hope to have this page ready to post by this nest weekend.

5 Aug 2007

I have just reposted the page for Dennis and Thomas Lee Doggett and descendants (511:4). Dave Doggett has been after me for months to get his done, so I moved that project up to the fromt burner. My wife and I are going out of town for a few days next week, but I hope to get a few more pages posted before we go. These include the pages for the other children of Coleman Doggett (Dennis' brothers John and William, and their descendants).

1 Aug 2007

Well, after another couple of years of false starts, I think it is time to get serious about working on this site. As I had mentioned some time ago, we sold our home of 37 years and moved to a mobile home park in Santa Clarita, California, about 25 miles north of our old location. Downsizing to about sixty percent of our old floor space and about ten percent of storage space, has presented a lot of challenges and time consumption. We completely remodelled our kitchen and with a couple of tax seasons intervening, there wasn't a lot of time for genealogy. A lot of my paper files were stored and there are still a few boxes I haven't opened.

Because of the huge amount of data that I had accumulated, it has been a slow process getting the pages updated and revised. I am reposting the following pages today:

(346:2B) Daniel Ward Doggett: I put this page at the top of the list, as it is my own page. It has been updated to include a most important addition - our first great-grandchild was born last September, and so I had to update the web page to acknowledge this historic event!
(346:2A) Richard Doggett: An important Texas line of Doggetts. Richard was a great-great-uncle of mine.
(180) Thomas Doggett of Caroline Co., Virginia
(18A) James Doggett of Culpeper Co., Virginia
(18A:1) George Doggett of Ohio
(18A:2) William Doggett of Ohio
(18A:3) Armstead Doggett of Highland Co., Ohio. Because of the amount of data, I have made separate pages for Armstead's three sons.
(18A:33) Cary Armstead Doggett
(18A:34) John Allison Doggett
(18A:35) George Washington Doggett

The home page has been modified somewhat. I discovered that the font I was using for some of the text (Briem Script) was not a steandard Windows font, so I have changed it to some other fonts that I believe are standard fonts. Also, the contents page has been updated.

I have a number of other pages that are ready to post, and I will do so in the next day or two.

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