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Numerous sources were used in the compilation of the data on this page. Important sources incluse: Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family; History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio; extensive family information furnished by Brian Lee Doggett; on line databases, including one by Roy Scanlon on RootsWeb's WorldConnect, and in World Family Tree v. 3, #204, v. 8, #209 and #2541; v. 23, #3293, and v. 155, #1040. Public data sources include Social Security Death Index; World War I Draft Registration cards; War of 1812 service records; Minnesota birth, death and marriage records; California death records; Ohio death and marriage records; Michigan death records; Florida death records; Highland Co., OH, records published by McBride; Montgomery Co., OH, records transcribed by George H. Daggett, and relevant census records from 1850 to 1930. Cemetery inscriptions from Highland Co., OH (McBride0, Montgomery Co., OH, Greene Co., OH, and Willamette Natl. Cemetery were used, as was an obituary of Viola Doggett.

18A:1 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT, son of James and Ann (Brown) Doggett; b. 20 Sep 1787, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 19 Aug 1877, Fayette Co., OH; bur. Silver Creek Cem., Jamestown, Greene Co., OH; m(1) 1816, Bourbon Co., KY, LUCINDA SHEPARD, dau. of William Shepard, b. Winchester, Clark Co., KY, d. 21 Jan 1838, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; m(2) 1838, Highland Co., OH (Marr. Bond, 29 Nov), ELIZABETH ASHMORE, b. 1803, d. 1887; m(3) 16 Feb 1843, Highland Co., OH, ELIZA MOON, dau. of David and Mary (Ellis) Moon, b. 1814, d. 12 Dec 1903, Jamestown, Green Co., OH, bur. Silver Creek Cem. Pvt., VA Militia, War of 1812.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Lucinda Shepard)
18A:11		Juliann		b. 1817	d. 1901	m. 1834	Joseph Bentley
18A:12		James William	b. 1819	d. 1893	m. 1852	Hester Ann Fitzpatrick
18A:13		Benjamin
		 Franklin	b. 1821	d. 1865	m. 	Elizabeth Dean
18A:1x		Mary		b. 1826	d. 1830
	(children of marriage to Eliza Moon)
18A:14		David Milton	b. 1846	d. 1929	m. 1869	Sarah Elizabeth Bennett
18A:15		Lucinda S.	b. 1847	d. 1912	m.	John W. Racer
18A:16		Margaret J.	b. 1849	d. 1943

18A:1x MARY DOGGETT; b. 1826, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 1830, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.
18A:16 MARGARET J. DOGGETT; b. 1849; d. 1943.

18A:11 JULIANN DOGGETT, dau of George Washington and Lucinda (Shepard) Doggett; b. 8 Oct 1809, Paris, KY; d. 29 Oct 1901, bur. Hillsboro Cem., Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; m. 24 Apr 1834, JOSEPH BENTLEY, son of Joseph and Catherine (McIntyre) Bentley, b. 14 Oct 1809, Leesburg, Loudon Co., VA, d. 1 Aug 1880, Hillsboro, OH, bur. Hillsboro Cem.
Children (Bentley):

18A:11x		Robert		b. 1853

18A:12 JAMES WILLLIAM DOGGETT, son of George Washington and Lucinda (Shepard) Doggett, (known as "Poor Me"); b. 11 Jul 1819, Winchester, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 1894, bur. Hillsboro Cem., Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; m. 7 Sep 1852, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, HESTER ANN FITZPATRICK, b. 1823/25, Highland Co., OH, d. 1898, bur. Hillsboro Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:121		Robert Bentley	b. 1853	d. 1879
18A:122		George
		  Crumbaugh	b. 1855	d. 1876
18A:12x		Indiana		b. 1857	d. 1868
18A:123		Emma Jane	b. 1859	d. 1943	m. 1882	Charles Newton Holmes

18A:121 ROBERT BENTLEY DOGGETT; b. 27 Jun 1853; d. 12 Jun 1879; bur. Hillsboro Cem., Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.
18A:122 GEORGE CRUMBAUGH DOGGETT; b. 1855, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 1876, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; bur. Hillsboro Cem.
18A:12x INDIANA DOGGETT; b. 5 Jan 1857, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 25 Jan 1868, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; bur. Hillsboro Cem.

18A:123 EMMA JANE DOGGETT, dau. of James William and Hester Ann (Fitzpatrick) Doggett; b. 17 Jan 1859, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 8 Jul 1943, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 29 Jun 1882, CHARLES NEWTON HOLMES, son of Newton and Phebe Ann (Lewis) Holmes, b. 14 Feb 1860, Sugar Tree Ridge, OH.
Children (Holmes):

18A:123:1	George Edward	b. 1884
18A:123:2	Faith		b. 1887		m. 1911	Charles F. Hyers

18A:123:1 GEORGE EDWARD HOLMES; b. 21 May 1884, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.
18A:123:2 FAITH HOLMES; b. 26 Apr 1887, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; m. abt 1911, CHARLES F. HYERS , b. abt 1888, IL.

18A:13 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DOGGETT, son of George Washington and Lucinda (Shepard) Doggett; b. 26 Jun 1821, Winchester, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 4 Mar 1865, Benton Crossroads, NC (killed in action); bur. Greenfield Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. Greenfield, Highland Co., OH, ELIZABETH DEAN, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth Dean, b. 1816, d. 23 Jul 1888, bur. Greenfield Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:131		John Decatur	b. 1839	d. 1884	m. 1867	Mary Green
18A:132		George W.	b. 1844	d. 1908	m. 1867	Nancy M. Davis
18A:13w		Lucinda		b. 1847	d. 1848
18A:133		Harriett	b. 1849		m.	Newton King
18A:134		Elizabeth W.	b. 1853		m. 1870	David Cass Yates
18A:13x		Juliette	b. 1855	d. 1856
18A:13y		Annie		b. 1857	d. 1866
18A:13z		Exia		b. 1858	d. 1859

18A:13w LUCINDA DOGGETT; b. 1847; d. 8 Aug 1848; bur. Old Burying Ground, Greenfield, OH.
18A:133 HARRIETT DOGGETT; b. abt 1849, OH, m. NEWTON KING, b. abt 1841, OH.
18A:13x JULIETTE DOGGETT; b. 1855; d. 13 Oct 1856; bur. Old Burying Ground, Greenfield, OH.
18A:13y ANNIE DOGGETT; b. 16 Jul 1857; d. 5 Sep 1866; bur. Old Bur. Ground, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH.
18A:13z EXIA DOGGETT; b. 1868; d. 13 Feb 1869; bur. Old Bur. Ground, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH. [CAN'T BE]

18A:131 JOHN DECATUR DOGGETT, son of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth (Dean) Doggett; b. 18 May 1839, OH; d. 2 Oct 1884; bur. Greenfield Cem., Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 24 Dec 1867, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH, MARY GREEN.
Children (Doggett):

	(illegitimate children by Hester Cain)
18A:131:1	Bennie		b. 1877
18A:131:2	Lulie D.	b. 1880
John seems to have deserted Mary soon after marriage, took up with Hester Cain, and had two illegitimate children by her: a son Bennie and a daughter Lulie D.

18A:132 GEORGE W. DOGGETT, son of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth (Dean) Doggett; b. 3 Oct 1844, OH; d. 22 Dec 1908; bur. Greenfield Cem., Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 11 Nov 1867, MARGARET NANCY DAVIS, b. Jun 1849, OH.
Children (Doggett):

18A:132:1	Minnie L.	b. 1868

18A:134 ELIZABETH W. DOGGETT, dau of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth (Dean) Doggett; b. Jul 1853, OH; m. 6 Jan 1870, Highland Co., OH, DAVID CASS YATES. son of Napthali and Hannah (West) Yates;.b. 19 Oct 1848, nr. Madeira, IN, d. 9 Mar 1918, Greenfield, OH
Children (Yates):

18A:134:1	Sadie		b. 1870
18A:134:2	Napthali 	b. 1872		m.	Sally
18A:134:3	Lillie		b. 1876
18A:134:4	Elizabeth	b. 1879
18A:134:5	Leona		b. 1882
18A:134:6	Carl C.		b. 1883		m. 1910	Daisy M. (Creek) Thompson
18A:134:7	John M.		b. 1886
18A:134:8	Frances A.	b. 1890

18A:134:2 NAPTHALI YATES, son of David C. and Elizabeth W. (Doggett) Yates; b. abt 1872, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. abt 1892, Highland Co., OH, SALLY (surname unknown), b. abt 1873, OH.
Children (Yates):

18A:134:21	Julia		b. 1893
18A:134:22	Hazel		b. 1897
18A:134:23	Blossom M.	b. 1902	d. 1977 m. 1919	Harry Willett
18A:134:24	John Samuel	b. 1905
18A:134:25	Nellie		b. 1908		m. 1924	Leo Mathews
18A:134:26	Frances		b. 1915
18A:134:27	Harold		b. 1922

18A:134:23 BLOSSOM M. YATES, dau of Napthali and Sally Yates; b. abt 1903, OH; d. 4 Mar 1977, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. abt 1919, HARRY WILLETT, son of Johm W. and Lavina Willett, b. abt 1899, OH. d. 15 May 1973, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH.
Children (Willett):

18A:134:231	Margaret	b. 1920
18A:124:232	Harry Jr.	b. 1923
18A:124:233	Richard		b. 1925
18A:124:234	Ralph E.	b. 1929

18A:134:25 NELLIE YATES, dau of Naphtali and Sally Yates; b. abt 1908, OH; m. abt 1924, LEO MATHEWS, b. abt 1898, OH.
Children (Yates):

18A:134:251	Betty M.	b. 1925

18A:134:6 CARL C. YATES, son of David C. and Elizabeth W. (Doggett) Yates; b. Oct 1883, OH; m. abt 1910, DAISY M. (CREEK) THOMPSON, b. abt 1886, OH, d. 31 Mr 1966, Greenfield, Highland Co. OH.
Children (Yates):

18A:134:61	Robert C.	b. 1910
18A:134:62	Wynona A.  	b. 1913
18A:134:63	Mary A.		b. 1921
18A:134:64	Raymond		b. 1923

18A:14 DAVID MILTON DOGGETT, son of George Washington and Eliza (Moon) Doggett; b. 13 Jul 1846, OH; d. 19 Feb 1929, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; bur. Woodland Cem., Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. 14 Oct 1869, Highland Co., OH, SARAH ELIZABETH BENNETT, dau. of Levi and Margaret (Colwell) Bennett, b. 14 Dec 1850, Highland Co., OH; d. 10 Jan 1916, Xenia, Greene, Co., OH, bur. Woodlawn Cem. Pvt Co. F. 188th Ohio V. I., Civil War.
Children (Doggett):

18A:141		John William	b. 1871	d. 1917	m.	Eva (Lugar)Shaffer
						m.	Minnie Haines
18A:142		Clarence B.	b. 1873	d. 1949	m. 1906	Wenonah Moorman
						m.	Mrs. Elma Kline
18A:143		Clara		b. 1873	d. 1963`unm.
18A:144		Commodore Perry	b. 1876	d. 1973	m. 1900	Emily Viola Ray
18A:14x		Ethel		b. 1889	d. 1889
18A:145		Raymond Todd	b. 1894	d. 1963	m. 1915	Helen Porter

18A:141 JOHN WILLIAM DOGGETT; b. 20 Feb 1871, New Martinsburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 21 Feb 1917; m.(1) EVA (LUGAR) SHAFFER, b. Feb 1872; m(2) MINNIE HAINES, b. 1886, d. 1971.
18A:143 CLARA DOGGETT, dau. of David Milton and Sarah Elizabeth (Bennett ) Doggett; b. 9 Aug 1873, New Martinsburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 22 Feb 1963, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Never married.

18A:14x ETHEL DOGGETT; b. 28 Jun 1889, New Martinsburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 30 Jun 1889.

18A:142 CLARENCE B. DOGGETT, son of David Milton and Sarah Elizabeth (Bennett) Doggett; b. 9 Aug 1873, New Martinsburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 4 May 1949; m(1) 7 Jun 1906, WENONAH A. MOORMAN, b. 1876, d. 1907. bur. Woodland Cem., Greene Co., OH; m(2) ELMA (maiden name unk) KLINE, b. abt 1887, OH.
Children (Doggett):

	(child of first marriage)|
18A:142:1	David Barnett	b. 1907	d. 1993	m. 1942	Gertrude (Antone)Johnston
	(children of second marriage)
18A:142:2	Ruth		b. 1914
18A:142:3 	William		b. 1916

18A:142:1 DAVID BARNETT DOGGETT, son of Clarence B. and Winonah (Moorman) Doggett; b. 22 May 1907, Clinton Co., OH; d. 15 Mar 1993, Oaceola Co., FL; m. Mrs. GERTRUDE (ANTONE) JOHNSTON, dau. of Edward and Caroline (Dudley) Antone, b. 1908, New York, NY. Gerrtrude previously married to Lloyd Johnston.

18A:144 COMMODORE PERRY DOGGETT, son of David Milton and Sarah Elizabeth (Bennett) Doggett; b. 21 May 1876, New Martinsburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 24 Feb 1973, Englewood, Montgomery Co., OH; bur. Roselawn Cem., Lewisburg, Preble Co., OH; m. 29 Mar 1900, Xenia, Greene Co., OH, EMILY VIOLA RAY, dau. of Joseph Ray and Emily Jane (Whiteman) Ray, b. 29 Mar 1879/80, Xenia Twp., Greene Co., OH, d. 3 Feb 1970, Clark Co., OH; bur. Roselawn Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:144:1	Paul Eugene	b. 1902	d. 1978	m. 1927	Dorothy Emma DeVoe
18A:144:2	Julian Ray	b. 1909	d. 1984	m. 1943	Viola June Roghair
18A:144:3	Neal Roger	b. 1922		m. 1946	Phyllis Ann Limbert

18A:144:1 PAUL EUGENE DOGGETT; son of Commodore Perry and Emily Viola (Ray) Doggett; b. 9 Sep 1903, Greene Co., OH; d. Jan 1979; m. 2 Jun 1927, Mongomery Co., OH, DOROTHY EMMA DeVOE, dau. of Willis and Luella (Snodgrass) DeVoe, b. 16 Sep 1903, Greene Co., OH, d. Jan 1978, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.
Children (Doggett):

18A:144:11	Beatrice J.	b. 1928	d. 1987	unm.

18A:144:11 BEATRICE J. DOGGETT; b. 19 May 1928, OH; d. 12 Oct 1987, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. Unmarried.

18A:144:2 JULIAN RAY DOGGETT, son of Commodore Perry and Emily Viola (Ray) Doggett; b. 26 Aug 1909, Greene Co., OH; d. 30 Oct 1984; m. 15 Nov 1945, VIOLA JUNE ROGHAIR, dau. of Gerrit and Julia (Ketel) Roghair, b. 15 Dec 1920, Alton, IA, d. 10 Feb 1998, Kalamazoo, MI, bur. Cental Portage Cem., Portage, MI.
Children (Doggett):

18A:144:21	Juliana			m.	Michael Northrop
18A:144:22	Nancy			m.	Charles Taylor
18A:144:23	Ray			m.	Joy

18A:144:3 NEAL ROGER DOGGETT, son of Commodore Perry and Emily Viola (Ray) Doggett; b. 18 Nov 1922, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. 26 Jan 1946 (or 18 Nov 1945), PHYLLIS ANN LIMBERT, dau. of Norval and Carrie (Neff) Limbert, b. Dayton, OH.
Children (Doggett):

18A:144:3x	Nathan Roger	b. 1947	d. 1947
18A:144:31	Rebecca Ann	b. 1949		m. 1970	Larry Wayne Arnold
						m. 1982	Ron Hoblit
18A:144:3y	Aletha		b. 1950	d. 1950
18A:144:32	Brian Lee	b. 1952		m. 1976	Marilyn Darlene Garrett

18A:144:3x NATHAN ROGER DOGGETT; stillborn, 11 Apr 1947.
18A:144:31 REBECCA ANN DOGGETT; b. 19 Jul 1949, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; m(1) LARRY WAYNE ARNOLD; m(2) 17 Apr 1982, RON HOBLIT.
18A:144:3y ALETHA DOGGETT; stillborn, 1950.

18A:144:32 BRIAN LEE DOGGETT, son of Neal Roger and Phyllis Ann (Limbert) Doggett; b. 29 Oct 1952, Daayton, OH; m. 17 Jul 1976, Hawesville, KY, MARILYN DARLENE GARRETT, dau. of Kenneth and Mary Lillian (Fuller) Garrett, b. 25 Dec 1954, Owensboro, KY.
Children (Doggett):

18A:144:321	Kyle Matthew	b. 1980
18A:144:322	Carrie Leann	b. 1983

18A:144:321 KYLE MATTHEW DOGGETT; b. 14 Feb 1980, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.
18A:144:322 CARRIE LEANN DOGGETT; b. 10 Feb 1983, LaFayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN.

18A:145 RAYMOND TODD DOGGETT, son of David Milton and Sarah Elizabeth (Bennett) Doggett; b. 28 Mar 1874, Xenia Twp., Greene Co., OH; d. 20 Aug 1963; m. 23 Nov 1915, HELEN M. PORTER, dau. of Emma Porter.
Children (Doggett):

18A:145:1	Myrl Ethel	b. 1917		m. 1935	Clayton J. Lane
18A:145:x	Francis M.	b. 1919
18A:145:y	Jessella M.	b. 1920
18A:145:z	Leslie Allen	b. 1922	d. 1923
18A:145:2	Eva Mae
		  Elizabeth	b. 1923	m. 1941	Benjamin Wilson Staley
18A:145:3	Clayton Edward	b. 1926		m. 1947	Betty Mae Erickson
18A:145:4	Charles Wayne	b. 1933		m. 1955	Sharon Ruth Maxwell
						m. 1958	Sharon Ruth Maxwell
						m. 1963	Anna Marie (Brichtel) Meade

18A:145:1 MYRL ETHEL DOGGETT; b. 3 Mar 1917, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; d. 4 Jul 1989; m. 28 Jan 1935, Montgomery Co., OH, CLAYTON J. LANE.
18A:145:2 EVA MAE ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. 11 Feb 1922, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. 14 Mar 1941, Montgomery Co., OH, BENJAMIN WILSON STALEY, b. abt 1917, d. 24 Sep 1963, Vandalia, Montgomery Co., OH.

18A:145:4 CHARLES WAYNE DOGGETT; b. 25 Feb 1933; m(1) 28 Mar 1955, Montgomery Co., OH, SHARON RUTH MAXWELL, dau. of Merrill and Irma (Rotchford) Maxwell, b. 17 Aug 1939 (div.); remarried Sharon 9 Oct 1958; m(3) 1 Jun 1963, Montgomery Co., OH, Mrs. ANNA MARIE (Brichtel) MEADE, b. 12 Jan 1923.

18A:145:3 CLAYTON EDWARD DOGGETT, son of Raymond Todd and Helen M. (Porter) Doggett; b. 22 Apr 1926, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. 23 Apr 1947, Montgomery Co., OH, BETTY MAY ERICKSON, dau. of Edward F. and Mabel (Pitman or Peterson) Erickson, b. 2 May 1926, Aberdeen, SD, d. 23 Nov 1993, Santa Clara Co., CA.
Children (Doggett) (at least):

18A:145:31	Clayton
		 Edward II	b. 1955	d. 1996

18A:145:31 CLAYTON EDWARD DOGGETT II; b. 20 Mar 1955; d. 13 Nov 1996; bur. Willamette Natl. Cem., Multnomah Co., OR.

18A:15 LUCINDA S. DOGGETT, dau of George W. and Eliza (Moon) Doggett; b. 1847; d. 24 Aug 1912; m. 1892, JOHN W. RACER, b. 1850, d. 1936.
Children (Racer):

18A:151		James M.	b. 1871
18A:152		John W.		b. 1873
18A:153		Harley Moline	b. 1878		m.	Margaret Johnson
18A:154		Joseph Bently	b. 1882		m.	Mable C.
18A:155 	Charles Wilber	b. 1885		m.	Willie
18A:156		Bessie DeG.	b. 1887

18A:153 HARLEY MOLINE RACER, son of John W. and Lucinda S. (Doggett) Racer; b. 8 Jun 1878, OH; d. 30 Aug 1951, Ramsey Co., MN; m. MARGARET JANE JOHNSON, dau of William M. and Taalitha June (shelton) Johnson, b. 21 Jul 1892, LaFollette, Campbell Co., TN, d. 23 Jan 1986, Hennepin Co. MN.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:1	Charles M.	b. 1905
18A:153:2	David Gordon	b. 1914	d. 2000	m.	Alice Edith Olson
18A:153:3	Paul Edward	b. 1916		m.	Betty Jean Johnson
18A:153:4	Margaret R.	b. 1918		m.
18A:153:5	James William	b. 1921	d. 1997
18A:153:6	Betty G.	b. 1922
18A:153:7	Harley Joseph	b. 1924		m.	Lauretta June Dunphy

18A:153:5 JAMES WILLIAM RACER; b. 22 Apr 1921; MN; d. 17 Feb 1997, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co,. MN.

18A:153:2 DAVID GORDON RACER, son of Harley Moline and Margaret June (Johnson) Racer; b. 1 Oct 1914, TN; d. 27 Jun 2000, Ramsey Co., MN; m. ALICE EDITH OLSON, b, 12 Dec 1914, d, 16 Dec 1995, Ramsey Co., MN.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:21	Margaret Edith	b. 1937		m.	John B. Crysler
18A:153:22	Evangeline
	 	 Lucille	b. 1937		m. 1960	Eugene Earl Lilly
18A:153:23	Pauline Ruth	b. 1942		m. 1958	David Loren Parker
18A:153:24	Alice Virginia	b. 1945		m. 1970	Michael R. Oakes
18A:153:25	Catherine Elin	b. 1947
18A:153:26	Anne Elizabeth	b. 1949
18A:153:27	David Gordon			m.	Rosanne Mae Jung

18A:153:21 MARGARET EDITH RACER, dau of David Gordon and Alice Edith (Olson) Racer; b. 15 Jan 1937; m. JOHN B. CRYSLER.
Children (Crysler):

18A:153:211	Elizabeth Jane	b. 1945 d.y. ?

18A:153:22 EVANGELINE LUCILLE RACER, dau of David Gordon and Alice Edith (Olson) Racer; b. 7 Dec 1937, Ramsey Co., MN; m. 10 Sep 1960, Ramsey Co., MN, EUGENE EARL LILLY,son of Don and Iva Anice (Williams) Lilly, b. 13 Jul 1936, Wadena Co., MN.
Children (Lilly):

18A:153:221	Adam Avery	b. 1961
18A:153:222	Amn-margaret
		 Elizabeth	b. 1962		m. 1989	Andrew R. Norton

18A:153:221 ADAM AVERY LILLY; b. 27 Aug 1961, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:222 ANN-MARGARET ELIZABETH LILLY; b. 16 Sep 1962, Ramsey Co., MN; m. 27 Maty 1989, Ramsey Co., MN, EUGENE EARL LILLY, b. abt 1965.

18A:153:23 PAULINE RUTH RACER, dau of David Gordon and Alice Edith (Olson) Racer; b. 29 Jan 1942; m. 10 Jul 1958, Ramsey Co., MN, DAVID LOREN PARKER, b. abt 1939.
Children (Parker):

18A:153:231	Jeane Marie	b. 1959
18A:153:232	Carla Jane	b. 1960
18A:153:233	Diane Michelle	b. 1961

18A:153:231 JEANE MARIE PARKER; b. 18 Feb 1959, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:233 CARLA JANE PARKER; b. 20 Jan 1960, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:232 DIANE MICHELLE PARKER; b. 13 Feb 1961, Washington Co., MN.

18A:153:24 ALICE VIRGINIA RACER, of David Gordon and Alice Edith (Olson) Racer; b. 8 Apr 1945, Ramsey Co., MN; m. 21 Mar 1970, MICHAEL REID OAKES, b, abt 1944.
Children (Oakes):

18A:153:241	Stephen
		 Jonathan	b. 1974
18A:153:242	Bryan Mark	b. 1979
18A:153:243	Elizabeth Anne	b. 1983
18A:153:244	Aaron Michael	 b. 1984

18A:153:241 STEPHEN JONATHAN OAKES; b. 8 Jul 1974, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:242 BRYAN MARK OAKES; b. 2 May 1979, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:243 ELIZABETH ANNE OAKES; b. 17 Jan 1983, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:244 AARON MICHAEL OAKES; b. 19 Oct 1984, Hennepin Co., MN.

18A:153:27 DAVID GORDON RACER, son of David Gordon and Alice Edith (Olson) Racer; m. ROSANNE MAE JUNG, dau of Bernard Charles and Sylvia Gertrude (Salaba) Jung, b. 28 Mar 1948, Ramsey Co., MN.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:271	Daniel Joseph	b. 1984
18A:153:272	Dawn Linnae	b. 1986

18A:153:271 DANIEL JOSEPH RACER; b. 2 Aug 1984, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:272 DAWN LINNAE RACER; b. 2 Feb 1986, Ramsey Co., MN.

18A:153:3 PAUL EDWARD RACER, son of Harley Moline and Margaret Jane (Johnson) Racer; b. 29 Jul 1917, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN; m. 19 Mar 1948, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN, BETTY JEAN JOHNSON, dau of Helmer Carl and Ethel Josehine (Stones) Johnson, b. 26 Jul 1927, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:31	Michael George	b. 1952 d. 1994	m.	Vikki Lynn Weeks
18A:153:32	Karen Jo 	b. 1956
18A:153:33	Jeffrey Paul	b. 1959

18A:153:32 KAREN JO RACER: b. 3 Apr 1956, Ramsey Co., M
18A:153:33 JEFFREY PAUL RACER; b. 18 Mar 1959, Ramsey Co., MN.

18A:153:31 MICHAEL GEORGE RACER, son of Paul Edward and Betty Jean (Johnson) Racer; b. 15 Nov 1952, Ramsey Co., MN; d. 17 Jun 1994, Hennepin Co., MN; m. VIKKI LYNN WEEKS.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:311	Gina Marie	b. 1973
18A:153:312	Shauna Lynn	b. 1974
18A:153:313	Nikolas Jon	b. 1977

18A:153:311 GINA MARIE RACER; b. 9 Aug 1973, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:312 SHAUNA LYNN RACER; b. 8 Nov 1974, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:313 NIKOLAS JON RACER; b. 10 Dec 1977, Anoka Co., MN.

18A:153:7 HARLEY JOSEPH RACER, son of Harley Moline and Margaret Jane (Johnson) Racer; m. LAURETTA JUNE DUNPHY.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:71	Catherine Elin	b. 1947
18A:153:72	Anne Elizabeth	b. 1949
18A:153:73	Peter Jason	b. 1957		m.	Gloria June Olson
18A:153:74	Jane Louise
		 Shelton	b. 1957

18A:153: 71 CATHERINE ELIN RACER; b. 18 Nov 1947, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:72 ANNE ELIZABETH RACER; b. 6 Dec 1949, Ramsey Co., MN.
18A:153:74 JANE LOUISE SHELTON RACER; b. 5 Jul 1957, Hennepin Co., MN.

18A:153:73 PETER JASON RACER, son of Harley Joseph and Lauretta June (Dunphy) Racer; b. 15 Oct 1952, Sibley Co., MN; m. GLORIA JUNE OLSON.
Children (Racer):

18A:153:731	Anna Sophia
		 Olson		b. 1985
18A:153:732	Evan Charles
		 Olson		b. 1989

18A:153:731 ANNA SOPHIA OLSON RACER; b. 5 Jul 1985, Hennepin Co., MN.
18A:153:732 EVAN CHARLES OLSON RACER; b. 20 Feb 1989, Hennepin Co., MN

18A:154 JOSEPH BENTLY RACER, son of John W. and Lucinda S. (Doggett) Racer; b. 25 Nov 1882, OH; m. MABLE C. (surname unknown).
Chhildren (Racer):

18A:154:1	Dorothy		b. 1907
18A:154:2	Helen		b. 1909
18AL154:3	Virginia	b. 1913

18A:155 CHARLES WILBER RACER, son of John W. and Lucinda S. (Doggett) Racer; b. 5 Mar 1885, OH; d. Apr 1975; m. WILLIE (surname unknown).
Children (Racer):

18A:155:1	Percy		b. 1908
18A:155:2	Charles L.	b. 1910
18A:155:3	Ralph A.	b. 1916

18A:155:3 RALPH A. RACER; b. 2 Apr 1916, VA; d. 5 Nov 1992.

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