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The seminal work about Cary Armstead Doggett is Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett, written and published by his daughter, Ella Doggett Hostetler, in 1916. Mrs. Hostetler was one of the early Doggett genealogists, and in the later years of her life she was a professional genealogist living in Washington, D.C. I have relied on this work for much of the information up to that time. I have also used information from published vital records for Highland Co., Ohio, California, and Washington; the Social Security Death Index; World War I Draft Registrations; various published cemetery inscriptions; obituaries of Virgie L. Mead; Max Lincoln Marsden; and Charles Earl Bowlyoul and pertinent census returns from 1850 to 1930. The following secondary sources have supplied additional information: Databases published on RootsWeb's WorldConnect by Harold Smeltzer; Jim Arnold; Michelle Smith; Richard Green, and David Pendry; by Robert Austin; and as World Family Tree v. 6, #2372, v. 18, #633, and v. 21, #55. Also used was Oeser, Paternal and Maternal Lineage of Patsy Ruth Oeser.

18A:33 CARY ARMSTEAD DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 23 Apr 1823, Highland Co., OH; d. 22 Jun 1887, CO; bur. Fairfield-Hyde Cem., Washington Co., CO; m(1) 24 Nov 1847, Highland Co., OH, ELIZABETH GIBSON RICHARDS, dau. of William and Lucinda (Gibson) Richards, b. 16 Jul 1827, d. 9 Oct 1851, bur. Hillsboro Cem; m(2) 20 Jun 1855, Highland Co., OH, MARY ELLEN HUFFMAN, dau. of Squire and Mary (DeBolt) Huffman, b. 13 Jul 1830, d. 7 Apr 1866, bur. Hillsboro Cem.; m(3) 1 Sep 1866, Highland Co., OH, SARAH JANE BENNETT, dau. of Isaac Bennett, b. 17 May 1843, PA, d. 7 Dec 1896, bur. Bethel Cem., York Co., NE.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Elizabeth Gibson Richards)
18A:331		William Hedrick	b. 1849		m. 1874	Mattie Gratigney
	(children of marriage to Mary Ellen Huffman)
18A:332		Martha Luella
		  ("Ella")	b. 1856		m. 1880	Maximilian A. Hostetler
18A:33x		Charles
		  Brownell	b. 1858	d. 1875
	(children of marriage to Sarah Jane Bennett)
18A:333		Isaac Bennett	b. 1867	d. 1953	m. 1891	Ida M. Marks
18A:334		Mary Elizabeth	b. 1868		m. 1899	Ulysses Lincoln Marsden
18A:335		Maggie Marie	b. 1871		m. 1889	James J. Smeltzer
						m. 1899	John F. Shellhammer
18A:336		James Livy
		  Boyd		b. 1873		m. 1901	Alyce Margaret Austin
18A:337		George Grant	b. 1875		m. 1910	Rosetta Alice Podmore
18A:338		John Morris	b. 1877		m. 1904	Dollie Maggie Runyan
18A:339		Cary Estel	b. 1880		m. 1902	Lois Jeanette Moore
18A:33A		Harry Glenn	b. 1882	d. 1973	m.	Vivian
18A:33B		Jennie Grace	b. 1885		m. 1903	M. L. Lambirth
						m. 1907	George Frederick Young
Cary Armstead Doggett was the third child of Armstead and Mary Allison Doggett. In 1846, as a young man, he enlisted in the U. S. Army as a Sergeant, and served in Co. C, Second Ohio Infantry Regiment, during the Mexican War. After his discharge in 1847, he married his first wife, Elizabeth Gibson Richards, by whom he had one son. Elizabeth died in 1851 at an early age, and Cary married again in 1855 to Mary Ellen Huffman, by whom he had one son and one daughter. In 1861, he joined the Union Army as a First Lieutenant in Co. H., First Ohio Cavalry. He served only a few months in that unit and resigned due to attacks of typhoid fever and smallpox. Thereafter, he was appointed and served as deputy provost marshal of the sixth district of Ohio until he was discharged in 1865. He was employed as baggage-master by the B. & O. Railroad, and later as a gardener and as a farmer. His second wife died soon after he wqs discharged from the army, and he married a third time, to Sarah Jane Bennett, with whom he lived until his death in 1887. In the early 1880's he moved to Colorado, where he is said to have founded the town of Hyde in Washington County. He died in Colorado and is buried in the Fairfild-Hyde cemetery there. Sarah left Colorado and went to Nebraska, where her son James lived, and died there in 1896.
Cary's life and accomplishments were memorialized in a book entitled "Sketches Here and There Along the Way.from the year 1856" written and published by his daughter, Ella Doggett Hostetler, in 1938.

18A:332 MARTHA LUELLA ("Ella") DOGGETT; b. 25 Aug 1856, Highland, Co., OH;d. 26 Oct 1939, Washington, D.C.; bur. Shelton, NE; m. 21 Sep 1880, Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NE, MAXIMILIAN A. HOSTETLER, b. 7 Feb 1857, Brodhead, Green Co., WI, d. 9 Nov 1926, Hillsboro, Highland Co. OH, bur. Shelton, NE. No children.

18A:33x CHARLES BROWNELL DOGGETT, b. 26 Jan 1858, Highland Co., OH; d. 13 May 1875.
18A:33A HARRY GLENN DOGGETT; b. 27 (25 ?) Oct 1882, Highland Co., OH; d. 7 Jun 1973, Kern Co., CA; m. VIVIAN (surname unknown), b. abt 1885, VA.

18A:331 WILLIAM HEDRICK DOGGETT, son of Cary Armstead and Elizabeth Gibson (Richards) Doggett; b. 26 Oct 1849, Highland Co., OH; m. 24 Dec 1874, MATTIE GRATIGNEY.
Children (Doggett):

18A:331:x	Charles W. H.	b. 1879	d. 1879

18A:333 ISAAC BENNETT DAGGETT (changed name from "Doggett"), son of Cary Armstead and Elizabeth Gibson (Richards) Doggett; b. 28 Jun 1867, Highland Co., OH; d. 22 Sep 1953, Los Angeles, CA; bur. Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cem., Los Angeles, CA; m. 9 Nov 1891, IDA MAHALIA MARKS, b. Jul 1869, PA.
Children (Daggett):

18A:333:1	Opal Minnie	b. 1892		m.	Mr. Shuman
18A:333:2	Edith		b. 1896
18A:333:3	Ella M.		b. 1896	d. 1989	m. 1920	Carl Lloyd Witt
18A:333:4	Leroy Warren	b. 1900  

18A:333:2 EDITH DAGGETT; b. 7 Mar 1896, York Co., NE.
18A:333:4 LEROY WARREN DAGGETT; b. 1 Mar 1900, York Co., NE; d. 1 Aug 1982, Los Angeles Co., CA.

18A:333:1 OPAL MINNIE DAGGETT, dau of Isaac Bennett and Ida Mahalia (Marks) Daggett; b. 1 Dec 1892, Polk Co., NE; m. Mr. SHUMAN.
Children (Shuman):

18A:333:11	Vilma		b. 1918

18A:333:3 ELLA M. DAGGETT, dau of Isaac Bennett and Ida Mahalia (Marks) Daggett, and twin sister of Edith; b. 7 Mar 1896, York Co., NE; d. 11 May 1989, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. abt 19120 CARL LLOYD WITT, son of William J. and Maggie L. Witt; b. 22 Apr 1898, NE; d. 18 Jul 1978, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Children (Witt):

18A:333:31	Willa June	b. 1923	d. 1998	m.	Mr. Stancil
18A:333:32	Marvin C.	b. 1924

18A:333:32 MARVIN C. WITT; b. 8 May 1924, Los Angeles Co., CA.

18A:333:31 WILLA JUNE WITT, dau of Carl Lloyd and Ella M. (Daggett) Witt; b. 23 Jan 1923, Los Angeles Co., CA; d. 12 Jun 1995, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. Mr. STANCIL.
Children (Stancil):

18A:333:311	Albert Wesley	b. 1948
18A:333:312	Susan Jane	b. 1950
18A:334:313	Richard Dean	b. 1954

18A:333:311 ALBERT WESLEY STANCIL; b. 22 Sep 1948, Los Angeles Co., CA
18A:333:312 SUSAN JANE STANCIL; b. 22 Mar 1950, Los Angeles Co., CA.
18A:333:313 RICHARD DEAN STANCIL; b. 17 Nov 1954, Los Angeles Co., CA.

18A:334 MARY ELIZABETH DAGGETT, dau. of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 15 Dec 1868, Highland Co., OH; m. 18 Jun 1889, ULYSSES LINCOLN MARSDEN., son of William H. and Laurena J. (Valentine, Marsden, b. Jun 1866, Henderson Co., IL, d. 1929, Carman, Henderson Co., IL, bur. Carman Cem., Henderson Co., IL.
Children (Marsden):

18A:334:1	Virgie L.	b. 1890	d. 1991	m. 1908	Clyde T. Mead
18A:334:2	Earl D.		b. 1893		m. 1916	Ruth Gillis
18A:334:3	Georgia L.	b. 1894		m. 1914	Charles Bowlyon
18A:334:4	Frank Bertram	b. 1900	d. 1986	m. 1920	Georgia M

18A:334:1 VIRGIE L. MARSDEN, dau of Ulysses. Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Marsden; b.22 Nov 1890, Carman, IL; d. 28 Nov 1991, Roseville, IL; m. 24 Feb 1908, CLYDE T. MEAD, b. abt 1884, KS.
Children (Mead):

18A:334:11	Kenneth		b. 1910	
18A:334:12	Clyde Frank	b. 1913

18A:334:11 KENNETH MEAD; b. 9 Aug 1910. IL.
18A:334:12 CLYDE FRANK MEAD; b. 19 Jul 1913; m(1) 14 Feb 1942, MARY ISABEL FOSTER, d. 20 May 1970; m(2) 4 Sep 1972, BARBARA KELTRON WALPALE, d. 4 Nov 1984. One child of first marriage.

18A:334:2 EARL DAGGETT MARSDEN, son of Ulysses. Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Marsden; b. 1 Feb 1893, Carman, IL; d. 8 Sep 1977, Burllington, Des Moines Co., IA; m. 22 Dec 1916, RUTH E. GILLIS., b. 1 Feb 1893, IL, d. Jul 1986; m(2) 9 Aug 1962, NELLIE CAROLINE LARSON, dau of James and Hansinea (Hansen) Larson, b. 9 Feb 1903, Algona, IA, d. 8 Oct 1997, Danville, Des Moines Co., IA.
Children (Marsden):

18A:334:21	Max Lincoln	b. 1916

18A:334:21 MAX LINCOLN MARSDEN, son of Ulysses. Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Marsden; b. 26 Nov 1916, IL; d. 18 Mar 2004, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; cremated, inurned Aspen Grove Cem., Des Moines Co., IA; m. 21 Nov 1942, Kahoka, MO, MARY CATHERINE DEITLEIN, d. 8 Mar 1997.
Children (Marsden):

18A:334:211	Patricia A.			m.	Mr. Skerik
18A:334:212	Marcia S.			m.	Mr. Rush

18A:334:3 GEORGIA LEOTA MARDSEN, dau of Ulysses. Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Marsden; b. 13 Mar 1894, Carman, Henderson Co., IL; d. Apr 1978; m. 3 Jun 1914, CHARLES PARSONS BOWLYOU, b. 12 Oct 1882, IL, d, Oct 1977,
Children (Bowlyou):

18A:334:31	Charles Earl	b. 1915	d. 2002	m.	Helen Mildred Eaves
18A:334:32	Gail		b. 1917
18A:334:33	Mary L.		b. 1918		m.	John F. Clover
						m.	Mr. Thurman
18A:334:34	Doris		b. 1919		m.	Mr. West

`8A:334:33 MARY L. BOWLYOU; b. 1918, IL; m(1) JOHN F. CLOVER, son of Fred and Mary E. Clover, b. 1909, d. 1968; m(2) Mr. WEST.

18A:334:31 CHARLES EARL BOWLYOU, son of Charles Parsons and Georgia Leota (Marsden) Bowlyou; b. 17 Oct 1915, IL; d. 24 Dec 2002, Lomax, Henderson Co., IL; bur. Carman Cem., Henderson Co., IL; m. HELEN MILDRED EAVES,dau of Roy George and Florence Lucy (Peeler) Eaves, b. 4 Sep 1920, Dallas, Hancock Co., IL, d. 12 Oct 1989.
Children (Bowlyou):

18A:334:311 	Cary Lee			m.	Mary Renee Anderson
						m.	Alice Marie Dolan
						m.	Judith Shirley Hemm
18A:334:312	Charles LeRoy  			m.	Susan Thrush
18A:334:313	Richard Eugene			m.	Dorothy Olson
18A:334:314	Jerry Lynn			m.	Linda Fickle
18A:334;315	Byron Otis			M.	Shelly Bleuer

18A:334:315 BYRON OTIS BOWLYOU; m. SHELLY BLEUER, dau of James W. and Patricia A. (Edwards) Bleuer.

18A:334:311 CARY LEE BOWLYOU, son of Charles Earl and Helen Mildred (Eaves) Bowlyou; m(1) MARY RENEE ANDERSON; m(2) ALICE MARIE DOLAN; m(3) JUDITH SHIRLEY HEMM.
Children (Bowlyou):

	(children of first marriage)
18A:334:3111	Lisa Michelle
18A:334:3112	Caroline Sheri
	(children of third marriage)
18A:334:2113	Michael Paul
18A:334:2114	Jenelle

18A:334:313 RICHARD EUGENE BOWLYOU, son of Charles Earl and Helen Mildred (Eaves) Bowlyou; m. DOROTHY OLSON.
Children (Bowlyou):

18A:334:3131	Jeffrey Todd
18A:334:3132	Jodi Kay
18A:334:3133	John Charles

18A:334:314 JERRY LYNN BOWLYOU, son of Charles Earl and Helen Mildred (Eaves) Bowlyou; m. LINDA FICKLE.
Children (Bowlyou):

18A:334:3141	Brent Allen
18A;334:3142	Stacy Lynn
18A:334:3143	Tracy Marie

18A:334:4 FRANK BERTRAM MARSDEN, son of Ulysses. Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth (Doggett) Marsden; b. 14 May 1900, Carman, IL; d. Aug 1986; m. abt 1921, GEORGIA MONA DIXON, dau of John and Jessie Mae (Jennings) Dixon, b. 21 Dec 1898, Carman, Henderson Co., IL, d. 25 May 1984.
Children (Marsden):

18A:334:4x	Jacqueline
		 Elaine		b. 1922	d. 1936
18A:334:41	Mona Jean	b. 1925

18A:334:4x JACQUELINE ELAINE MARSDEN; b. 19 Jul 1922; d. 22 Apr 1936, Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA.
18A:334:41 MONA JEAN MARSDEN; b. 19 Oct 1925; m. 16 Feb 1944, Oquawka, Henderson Co., IL, RICHARD STONE, son of G. B. and Lucy (Bechtel) Stone, b. 31 May 1921, LaBelle, Lewis Co., MO, d. 7 Oct 2001, Peoria, Peoria Co., IL.

18A:335 MAGGIE MARIE DOGGETT, dau. of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 19 Aug 1871, Highland Co., OH; m(1) 3 Jul 1889, JAMES JOHN SMELTZER, d. 4 Feb 1899; m(2), as his second or third wife, 28 Dec 1899, JOHN E. SHELLHAMMER, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Smail) Shellhammer; b. 19 Jul 1855, d. 9 Oct 1931, PA.
Children (Smeltzer):

18A:335:1	Hazel Mildred	b. 1890		m. 1909	Ralph O. Shellhammer
18A:335:2	Ruth Irene	b. 1893		m. 1914	Harley A. Boorman
18A:335:3	Esther V.	b. 1895		m.	Frank Gilmore Shutt
18A:335:x	William
		  Jennings	b. 1898 d. 1898

Children (Shellhammer):

18A:335:4	Ella Marie	b. 1906
18A:335:5	Nora Loretta	b. 1914		m.	Donald T. Adams

1900 Census, Armstrong Co., PA (Kiskiminetas Twp): John E. Shellhammer, 7/55, 44, PA PA PA, m1 1 yr, pair heater ??; Maggie M., wife, 8/71, 28, OH OH OH, md 1yr, 3 ch 3 liv; Elma D., dau, 7/81, 18, PA; Ralph R., son, 7/84, 15, PA; Cloid D., dau, 7/86, 13, PA; Ruth, dau, 12/91, 8, PA; Mary E., dau, 11/98, 5, PA; Hazel Smeltzer, stepdau, 4/90, 10, NE PA OH; Ruth, stepdau, 9/93, 6, PA PA OH; Esther, stepdau, 12/95, 4, PA PA OH.
1910 Census, Armstrong Co., PA (Kiskiminetas Twp): John E. Shelhammer, 54, PA PA PA, m2 10 y, gardener-pvt estate; Maggie M., wife, 38, OH OH OH, m2 10 y, 5 ch, 4 liv; Mary E?, dau, 15, PA PA PA; Ella M., dau, 3, PA PA OH; Ruth I, stepday, 16, PA PA OH; Ester V., stepdau, 14, PA PA OH.
1920 Census, Armstrong Co., PA (Kiskiminetas Twp): John E. Shellhammer, 64, PA PA PA, farmer. Married, but no family listed.
1930 Census, Armstrong Co., PA (Kiskiminetas Twp): John E. Shellhammer, 74, md age 21; Maggie M., wife, 58, md age 17; Nora L., dau, 15, PA.

Hostetler: Maggie Marie Doggett; b. 10 Aug 1871, Hillsboro, OH; m. 3 Jul 1889, James J. Smeltzer. Ch: Hazel; Ruth Irene; Esther V., lb. 30 Dec 1895, Apolla, PA; William Jennings, b. 2 Jan 1898, Shady Plain, PA, d. 1898. M(2) 28 Dec 1899, John E. Shellhammer. Ch: Ella Marie, b. 13 Jul 1906, Apolla, PA; Nora Loretta, b. 27 Aug 1914, Apolla, PA. James Smeltzer d. 4 Feb 1899.

WFT 6, #2372: Maggie Marie Doggett; b. 10 Aug 1871; d. 27 Sep 1966; m. 28 Dec 1899, as his third wife, John E. Shellhammer, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Smail) Shellhammer, b. 19 Jul 1855, d. 9 Oct 1931, PA. Ch: Ella Marie; Nora Loretta, m. Donald T. Adams.

Harold Smeltzer database (WorldConnect): James John Smeltzer; d. 4 may 1899; m. Maggie Doggett. Ch: hazel Mildred; Esther V.; Ruth Irine.

18A:335:x WILLIAM JENNINGS SMELTZER; b. 2 Jan 1898, Shady Plain, PA; d. 1898.
18A:335:4 ELLA MARIE SHELLHAMMER; b. 13 Jul 1906, Apollo, PA.
18A:335:5 NORA LORETTA SHELLHAMMER; b. 27 Aug 1914, Apollo, PA.

18A:335:1 HAZEL MILDRED SMELTZER, dau. of James J. and Maggie Marie (Doggett) Smeltzer; b. 21 Apr 1890, York Co., NE; m. 18 Feb 1909, her step-brother, RALPH RANDALL SHELLHAMMER, son of John E. Shellhammer, b. 19 Jul 1884, PA.
Children (Shellhammer):

18A:335:11	Florence
		  Alverta	b. 1911	d. 1967	m.	Loyd E. Tomlinson
18A:335:12	Elsie Viola	b. 1913		m.	Stanley L. Camp	
18A:335:13	John E.		b. 1914		m.	Donna DeVinney Libengood
18A:335:14	Hazel Fay	b. 1918		m.	Jesse Saxon
18A:335:15	Frank Alvin	b. 1920		m.	Lillian Cuddy
18A:335:16	Twila Marie	b. 1923		m.	Floyd Young
18A:335:17	Ralph Leroy	b. 1927		m.	Ms. Raub
18A:335:18	(dau)				m.	Mr. Mitchell

; b. 1 Aug 1922; m. FLOYD YOUNG.
18A:335:17 RALPH LEROY SHELLHAMMER, son of Ralph O. and Hazel Mildred (Smeltzer) Shellhammer; b. 1929; m. Ms. RAUB. 3 children.
18A:335:18 (dau) SHELLHAMMER; m. Mr. MITCHELL. 3 children.

18A:335:11 FLORENCE ALVERTA SHELLHAMMER, dau of Ralph Randall and Hazel Mildred (Smeltzer) Shellhammer; b. 6 Nov 1910; d. Jul 1967; m. LOYD E. TOMLINSON, b. 8 Dec 1902, Clarion Co., PA, d. 27 May 1985, Emlenton, PA.
Children (Tomlinson):

18A:335:111	(dau)				m.	Merritt L. Voland.

18A:335:111 (dau) TOMLINSON; m. MERRITT L. VOLAND, b. 31 Dec 1940, Wood Co., OH, d. 27 May 1994, Pittsburgh, PA. One dau, m. Mr. Scott.

18A:335:12 ELSIE VIOLA SHELLHAMMER, dau of Ralph Randall and Hazel Mildred (Smeltzer) Shellhammer; b. 7 May 1912, PA; m. STANLEY L. CAMP, b. 1917, Clinton, PA, d. 5 Nov 1994, Kiski Twp., PA.
Children (Camp):

18A:335:121	(child)
18A:335:122	(dau)				m.	Mr. Dunmire

18A:335:14 HAZEL FAY SHELLHAMMER, dau of Ralph Randall and Hazel Mildred (Smeltzer) Shellhammer; b. 7 May 1919; m. 1946, JESSE SAXON.
Children (Saxon):

18A:335:141	Jessica Roxanne	b. 1948	d. 1984
18A:335:142	(child)

18A:335:141 JESSICA ROXANNE SHELLHAMMER; b. 21 Dec 1948, Apollo, PA; d. 27 Mar 1984, Zion, IL; m. Mr. CINDRIC.

18A:335:2 RUTH IRENE SMELTZER, dau. of James J. and Maggie Marie (Doggett) Smeltzer; b. 6 Sep 1893, Apolla, PA; m. 7 Jun 1914, HARLEY A. BOORMAN, b. 7 Mar 1892, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY.
Children (Boorman):

18A:335:21	George Holton
		 Albert		b. 1914
18A:335:22	Ralph		b. 1916
18A:335:23	Hazel		b. 1920
18A:335:24	Harley		b. 1926

18A:335: 21 GEORGE HOLTON ALBERT BOORMAN; b. Nov 1914, Buffalo, NY.

18A:335:3 ESTHER V. SMELTZER; b. 30 Dec 1895, Apollo, PA; d. 18 Aug 1979, Natrona Heights, PA; m. FRANK GILMORE SHUTT, b. 8 Nov 1895. Vandergrift, Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 1977.
Children (Shutt)

18A:335:31	Dorothy		b. 1919
18A:335:32	Dale		b. 1921	d. 1946
18A:335:33	Donald		b. 1924

18A:335:32 DALE SHUTT; b. 1921; d. 1946.
18A:335:33 DONALD SHUTT; b. 21 Aug 1924.

18A:335:31 DOROTHY SHUTT, dau of Frank Gilmore and Esther V. (Smeltzer) Shutt; b. 27 Nov 1919; m. EUGENE BEATTY.
Children (Beatty):

18A:335:311	(dau)				m.	Mr. Waltenbaugh
18A:335:312	(son)				m.	Ms. Benes

18A:336 JAMES LIVY BOYD DOGGETT, son of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 26 Sep 1873, Highland Co., OH; d. 1946; bur. Stromsburg Cem., Polk Co., NE; m. 30 Jan 1901, ALICE MARGARET AUSTIN, dau. of Milo Marshall and Ella (Record) Austin, b. 10 Jul 1882, Stromsburg, Polk Co, NE, d. 1968, bur. Stromsburg Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:336:1	Harlow Harry	b. 1901		m. 1923	Osa Mae Garrison
						m.	Lois Anderson
18A:336:2	Dolla Mae	b. 1903		m. 1928 Irwin A. Caldwell

18A:336:1 HARLOW HARRY DOGGETT; b. 6 Nov 1901, Polk Co., NE.; d. Mar 1984; m. 10 Mar 1923, York, York Co., NE, OSA MAE GARRISON, dau. of Perry Gilbert and Nancy Aurilla (Darling) Garrison, b. 27 Jul 1901, York Co., NE, d. 29 Jan 1940, Valley Co., NE (5 children); m(2) LOIS ANDERSON (4 children). Res. Burwell, NE.
Children (Doggett):

18A:336:11	Max R.		b. 1923
18A:336:12	Gale		b. 1926
18A:336:13	Dick		b. 1927

18A:336:13 DICK DOGGETT; b. abt 1927, NE; d. abt Nov 1997, Townsend, MT.
18A:336:2 DOLLA MAE DOGGETT; b. 23 Aug 1903, Stromburg, Polk Co., NE; d. 21 Feb 1997, Yuba Co., CA; m. abt 1928, IRWIN A. CALDWELL, b. abt 1902, NE.

18A:337 GEORGE GRANT DOGGETT, son of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 31 Aug 1875, Highland Co., OH; d. Nov1964; bur. Reardan Cem., Lincoln Co. WA; m. 15 Nov 1910, ROSETTA ALICE PODMORE, dau. of Richard Podmore, b. 1885, WI, d. 30 May 1970, Spokane City, WA, bur. Reardan Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:337:1	Wayne Edward	b. 1915		m. 1939 Vesta Evans
18A:337:x	Everett			d. 1922

18A:337:1 WAYNE EDWARD DOGGETT, son of George Grant and Rosetta Alice (Podmore) Doggett; b. 4 Oct 1915, Harrington, Lincoln Co., WA; m. 14 Oct 1939, Spokane, WA, VESTA EVANS, dau. of Evan John and Mary Rachel (Long) Evans, b. 16 Aug 1916, Kalispell, MT.
Children (Doggett):

18A:337:11	Marilyn Gale	b. 1940		m. 1968	Jerome Verrijden
18A:337:12	Michael Wayne	b. 1947		m. 1969	Dorothea Wade

18A:337:11 MARILYN GALE DOGGETT; b. 14 Feb 1940, Spokane, WA; m. 1968, JEROME VERRIJDEN.

18A:337:12 MICHAEL WAYNE DOGGETT, son of Wayne Edward and Vesta (Evans) Doggett; b. 14 Sep 1947, Walla Walla, WA; m. Dec 1969, DOROTHEA WADE.
Children (Doggett):

18A:337:121	Mary Rachel	b. 1970

18A:337:121 MARY RACHEL DOGGETT; b. 30 Jun 1970.

18A:338 JOHN MORRIS DOGGETT, son of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 9 Dec 1877, Highland Co., OH; m. 6 Jul 1904, DOLLIE MAGGIE RUNYAN.
Children (Doggett):

18A:338:1	Bertha May	b. 1905

18A:338:1 BERTHA MAY DOGGETT; b. 31 May 1905, Lincoln Co., WA.

18A:339 CARY ESTEL DOGGETT, son of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 29 Jan 1880, Highland Co., OH; d. 1936, WA; bur. Orting Cem., Pierce Co., WA; m. 2 Apr 1902, LOIS JEANETTE MOORE, b. abt. 1882, MN. d. 6 Mar 1950, Pierce Co, WA, bur. Orting Cem.
Children (Doggett):

18A:339:x	Jean Orlue	b. 1906	d. 1909
18A:339:1	Oris Orlue	b. 1908	d. 1980	m.	Mr. Sibrel
18A:339:2	Donna Jeannette	b. 1918
18A:339:3	Betty J.	b. 1928

18A:339:x JEAN ORLUE DOGGETT; b. 12 May 1906; d. 12 May 1909.
18A:339:1 ORIS ORLUE DOGGETT; b. 20 Jul 1908, Lincoln Co., WA; d. 1980, WA; bur. Orting Cem., Pierce Co., WA; m. Mr. SIBREL.
; b. 27 Jun 1916, Spokane, WA.

18A:33B JENNIE GRACE DOGGETT, dau. of Cary Armstead and Sarah Jane (Bennett) Doggett; b. 31 Jul 1885, Highland Co., OH; m(1) 3 Feb 1903, M. L. LAMBIRTH; m(2) 22 May 1907, GEORGE FREDERICK YOUNG.
Children (Lambirth):

18A:33B:1	Fay Elizabeth	b. 1903

Children (Young):

18A:33B:2	Ray Allen	b. 1908

18A:33B:1 FAY ELIZABETH LAMBIRTH; b. 20 Nov 1903, Carman, IL.
18A:33B:2 RAY ALLEN YOUNG; b. 27 Feb 1908, WA.

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