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As in the case of his siblings, the basic source of data for George Washington Doggett is the 1916 genealogy published by Ella Hostetler, Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett. This has bee supplemented by data supplied by Bruce Vance, Sue Kircher and Bill Williamson, and by information contained in online databases published by Raymond Maris and Ellie Carson, and in World Family Tree, v. 1, #68, Public data sources used to verify and to supplement the information include Texas, Nebraska and California birth records, California and Oregon death records, Idaho marriage records, Social Security Death Index, World War I Draft Registration cards; Highland County, Ohio, records as published by McBride, and obituaries of Henry Clayton Anderson and Lafe T. Royston.

18A:35 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT, son of Armstead and Mary (Allison) Doggett; b. 26 Mar 1827; d. 8 Jun 1883; bur. Prospect Cem., Highland Co., OH; m. 27 Feb 1849, Highland Co., OH, ELIZABETH WEST, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stultz) West; b. 1 Sep 1830, Highland Co., OH, d. 15 Nov 1918, Gibbon, NE, bur. Riverside Cem., Gibbon, NE,
Children (Doggett):

18A:351		Ann Elizabeth	b. 1850	d. 1888	m. 1871	John Campton
18A:352		Henry C.	b. 1851	d. 1939	unm.
18A:353		Isaac Armstead	b. 1854	d. 1912	m. 1875	Nancy Minerva Holt
18A:354		Mary Lincoln	b. 1856	d. 1939	m. 1880	Carey Vance
18A:355		Clara Fisher	b. 1859		m. 1881	Philip Redken Anderson
18A:356		Elizabeth	b. 1861		m. 1889	Charles L. Southern
18A:357		George
		  Washington	b. 1864		m. 1900	Gertie Bell Warren
18A:358		Martha		b. 1868		m. 1892	Sam Armstrong
						m.	Fred Jenkins
18A:359		Harriet May	b. 1870		m. 1897	Frank S. Lockwood
18A:35A		John Allison	b. 1875	d. 1900
George Washington Doggett served in the Union Army during the Civil Was as Second Lieutenant in Company D of the Eleventh Ohio Cavlary Regiment, serving on the western frontier at Fort Kearney and in the Dakota

18A:352 HENRY C. DOGGETT, b. 22 Nov 1851, Highland Co., OH; d. 29 Sep 1939, Wray, Yuma Co., CO; bur. Riverside Cem., Gibbon, NE. Unmarried.
18A:35A JOHN ALLISON DOGGETT; b. 11 Sep 1875, Highland Co., OH; d. 14 Jul 1900, Gibbon, NE; bur. Riverside Cem., Gibbon, NE,

18A:351 ANN ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 2 Mar 1850, Highland Co., OH; d. 9 Mar 1888, Hubbard Co.,. MN; m. 15 Oct 1871, Highland Co., OH, JOHN HIGGINS CAMPTON, son of James and Rachel Ann (Higgins) Campton, b. 1851, OH, d. 1918, Highland Co., OH.
Children (Campton):

18A:351:1	Lillie Belle	b. 1874 d. 1905	m. 1890	John Wesley Peters
18A:351:2	Maude		b. 1875		m.	Mr. Hughes
18A:351:x	Rachel		b. 1877	d. 1879
18A:351:3	Mary Elizabeth	b. 1879	d. 1939	m.1899	Virgil Raymond Thomas
18A:351:4	John Claude	b. 1881	d. 1965	m. 1915	Ann Laura Flanagan
18A:351:5	Daisy Jeanette	b. 1884	d. 1970	m. 1904	Harry Thomas Walden
18A:351:y	Raymond		b. 1888	d. 1888

18A:351:2 MAUDE CAMPTON; b. 2 Feb 1875, Clinton Co., OH; m. Mr. HUGHES.
18A:351:x RACHEL CAMPTON; b. Feb 1877, Clinton Co., OH; d. 1 Jul 1879, OH.
18A:351:y RAYMOND CAMPTON; b. 1888, Hubbard Co., MN; d. 1888

18A:351:1 LILLIE BELLE CAMPTON, dau of John Higgins and Ann Elizabeth (Doggett) Campton; b. 10 Jun 1874, Clinton Co., OH; d. 27 Feb 1905, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; m. 28 Sep 1890, Hubbard Co., MN, JOHN WESLEY PETERS, son of William Siegel and Sarah Anne (Atkinson) Peters, b. 16 Jan 1853, Armstrong Co., PA, d. 22 Dec 1938, Lille Souke, MN.
Children (Peters):

18A:351:11	Wayte Herman	b. 1892	d. 1974	m.	Laura
						m.	Mary Ellen Pew
18A:351:12	Anne Sarah	b. 1893	d. 1995	m. 1914	George Alexander Huckins
18A:351:13	Jess R.		b. 1896	d. 1972	m. 1926	Eva Wright
18A:351:14	Dewey		b. 1898	d. 1975	m. 1923	Bessie M. Treloar
18A:351:15	Guy		b. 1901	d. 1938
18A:351:16	Lillie Belle	b. 1901	d. 1949	m. 1918	Milton Kircher
18A:351:17	Mildred Mollie	b. 1903	d. 1992	m. 1922	Lawrence Victor Erickson
18A:351:18	Earl Leslie	b. 1905		m. 1927	Alice Marie Parker

18A:351:14 DEWEY PETERS; b. 21 Feb 1898, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 25 Nov 1975, New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA; m. 10 Nov 1923, New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA, BESSIE M. TRELOAR, dau of George and Margaret (O'Brien) Treloar, b. 27 mar 1899, Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 25 Nov 1986, New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA.
18A:351:15 GUY PETERS; b. 8 Sep 1901, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 26 Jan 1938, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN.

18A:351:11 WAYTE HERMAN PETERS, son of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b. 31 Jan 1892, Park Rapids, Hubbard Co., MN; d. 3 Jun 1974; m(1) LAURA (surname unknown); m(2) MARY ELLEN PEW.
Children (Peters) (of second marriage):

18A:351:111	Eve		b. 1911	d. 1974	m.	Mr. Nelson
						m.	Edward F. Williams
						m.	William Anderson
18A:351:112	Vivian A.	b. 1915	d. 1982	m.	Paul Palthen
18A:351:113	Marjorie			m.	Arthur Halverson

18A:351:111 EVE PETERS; b. Nov 1911; d. 13 Aug 1974; m(1) Mr. NELSON; m(2) EDWARD F. WILLIAMS; m(3) WILLIAM ANDERSON. 1 Nelson child; 2 Anderson children.
18A:351:112 VIVIAN A. PETERS; b. 25 Mar 1915; d. 12 Apr 1982; m. PAUL PALTHEN. 3 children.
18A:351:113 MARJORIE ("Pug") PETERS; b. 12 Mar (year unknown); m. ARTHUR HALVERSON. 1 son Arthur.

18A:351:13 ANNE SARAH PETERS, dau of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b. 8 Sep 1893, Forest City, Meeker Co, MN; d. 18 Sep 1995, Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR; m. 9 Dec 1914, Litchfield, Meeker Co, MN, GEORGE ALEXANDER HUCKINS, son of Jason Alanson and Martha Jane (Edgett) Huckins, b. 1 Aug 1877, New Brunswick, Canada, d. 1 Mar 1956, Cottage Grove, Lane Co. OR.
Children (Huckins):

18A:351:131	Frances Evelyn	b. 1917	d. 2002	m. 1936	Curtis Burdett
						m.	Rudy Ulbricht
						m. 	Gene Winnigham
						m. 1946	Floyd Andrew Swearingen
18A:351:132	Georgia Martha	b. 1921		m. 1942	Hurly Myron Swearingen
						m. 1946	James Cellars
18A:351:133	Mary Gertrude	b. 1924		m.	Latham Kincaid
						m.	Bud Vian
						m.	David Duncan
						m.	Mr. Wagner
18A:351:134	John Charles	b. 1926		m. 	Miss Hudelson
18A:351:135	Clifford
		 Alexander	b. 1929	d. 1990 m. 1984	Lois A Vinyard
18A:351:136 	(dau)
18A:351:137	(child)
18A:351:138	(dau)				m.	Mr. Lundbald
18A:351:139	(dau)				m.	Mr. Shepherd
18A:351:13A	(dau)				m.	Mr. Strobey

18A:351:131 FRANCES EVELYN HUCKINS; b. 2 Sep 1917, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 31 Jan 2002, Medford, Jackson Co., OR; m(1)18 Jan 1936, Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR, CURTIS BURDETT, b. 7 Sep 1908, Joseph, Wallowa Co., OR; m(2) RUDY ULBRICHT; m(3) GENE WINNINGHAM; m(4) 24 Dec 1946, Drain, Douglas Co. OR, FLOYD ANDREW SWEARINGEN, b. 26 Sep 1907, Drain, Douglas Co., OR, d. 30 Apr 1968, Cottage Grove, Lane Co,, OR. Children (Burdett): 1; (Ulbricht): 1; (Winningham): 1, m. Blackwell; (Swearingen): 1.
18A:351:132 GEORGIA MARTHA HUCKINS; b. 1 Sep 1921, Drain, Douglas Co., OR; m(1) 14 Sep 1946, JAMES CELLARS; m(2) 1942, HURLY MYRON SWEARINGEN. 2 Swearingen children.
18A:351:133 MARY GERTRUDE HUCKINS; b. 21 Mar 1924, Drain, Douglas Co., OR; m(1) LATHAM KINCAID; m(2) BUD VIAN; m(3) DAVID DUNCAN; m(4) Mr. WAGNER. Ch: (Kincaid), 1; (Vian): 1; (Duncan), 3.
18A:351:134 JOHN CHARLES HUCKINS; b. 24 Feb 1926, Drain, Douglas Co., OR; m. Miss HUDELSON, dau of James David and Sadie Belle ()Pettit) Hudelson. Ch(1) Nancy Darlene, b. 29 Apr 1953, Eugene, OR; d. 7 Jan 2001, Lakeview, OR; m(1) Mr. Kestner; m(2) Mr. Carson. 2 Carson children. Ch(2) son, m. Ms. Thompson. Ch(3) dau, m. Mr. Lane, 1 dau, m. Mr. Lewis (1 ch) and 1 son, md (1 ch).
18A:351:135 CLIFFORD ALEXANDER HUCKINS; b. 4 Jul 1929, Drain, Douglas Co., OR; d. 17 Jun 1990, Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR; m. 23 Sep 1984, Curtin, Douglas Co., OR, LOIS A VINYARD, dau of Sam Ralph and Bernice Wayneta (Ferguson) Vinyard, b. 2 jan 1945, Drain, Douglas Co., OR, d. 28 Feb 1987.

18A:351:14 JESS R. PETERS, son of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b. 17 Mar 1896, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 3 Jul 1972, Walla Walla Co., WA; m. 1926, Prosser, Benton Co., WA, EVA WRIGHT, b. 14 May 1908.
Children (Peters):

18A:351:141	John Wesley
18A:351:142	Marjorie			m.	Ron Goodwin

18A:351:16 LILLIE BELLE PETERS, dau of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b. 8 Sep 1901, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 4 May 1949, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN; m. 10 Jul 1918, MILTON KIRCHER.
Children (Kircher):

18A:351:161	Donald
18A:351:162	Irwin
18A:351;163	Milo

18A:351:17 MILDRED MOLLIE PETERS, dau of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b. 4 Feb 1903, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; d. 23 Oct 1992, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN; m. 30 Oct 1922, Willmar, Kandiyohi Co., MN, LAWRENCE VICTOR ERICKSON, b. 10 Jul 1899, New London, Kandiyohi Co., MN, d. 21 Feb 1964, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN.
Children (Erickson):

18A:351:171	Lawrence Merlin	b. 1925		m.	Betty Jo Campbell
						m.	Alicia Ross
18A:351:172	Lowell Eugene	b. 1927		m. 1945	Irise Mae Sarff
18A:351:173	(son)				m.	Ms. Rybus
18A:351:174	(dau)				m.	Thomas Jerome Buckley
18A:351:175	Narinne Lynn			m.	Donald LaVerne Fanberg.
18A:351:176	(son)				m.	Ms. Kapsreiter
18A:351:177	(son)				m.	Ms. Drabk
						m.	Ms. Keinlow
18A:351:178	(dau)				m.	Mr. Foster
						m.	Mr. Coombes
						m.	Mr. Rhode
18A:351:179	(son)				m.	Ms. Ginnaty
18A:351:17x	Lillie Belle	b. 1944	d. 1944
18A:351:17A	(son)				m.	Ms. Garnet
18A:351:17B	(son)				m.	Ms. Johnson

18A:351:18 EARL LESLIE PETERS, dau of John Wesley and Lillie Belle (Campton) Peters; b/ 21 Feb 1905, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN; m. 19 Oct 1927, ALICE MARIE PARKER, dau of Roscoe C. and Francis (Matzko) Parker, b. 3 Mar 1905, West Union, Todd Co., MN.
Children (Peters):

18A:351:181	Robert Earl	b. 1929

18A:3561:181 ROBERT EARL PETERS; b. 3 Feb 1929, Minneaplis, Hennekin Co., MN.

18A:351:3 MARY ELIZABETH ("Mollie") CAMPTON, dau of John Higgins and Ann Elizabeth (Doggett) Campton; b. 12 Jun 1879, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 9 Mar 1939, Eden Valley, Stearns/Meeker Cos,, MN; m. 25 Feb 1899, Emily, Crow Wing Co., MN, VIRGIL RAYMOND THOMS, b. 28 Oct 1876, Forest City, Meeker Co., MN, d. 19 Mar 1959, Emily, Crow Wing Co., MN.
Children (Thomas):

18A:351:3x	Merle Ervin	b. 1900	d. 1915
18A:351:31	Vivian Floy	b. 1901		m.	George William Savage
18A:351:32	Lauren Virgil	b. 1902		m.	Bernice Foote
18A:351:33	Lester Herman	b. 1904		m.	Amy Atwood
18A:351:34	Ronald Campton	b. 1908
18A:351:35	Neil Douglas	b. 1910		m.	Evelyn Havenor
18A:351:36	Merelle Verda	b. 1916		m.	Wilsey McKnight
18A:351:37	Merritt John 	b. 1918		m.	Beth Martin
18A:351:38 	Betty Geraldine	b. 1923		m.	Albert Hagen

18A:351:3x MERLE ERVIN THOMS; b. 23 Feb 1900, Eden Valley, MN; d. 15 Sep 1915, in hunting accident.
18A:351:32 LAUREN VIRGIL THOMS; b. 14 Nov 1902; d. 6 Nov 1991; m. BERNICE FOOTE.
18A:351:33 LESTER HERMAN THOMS; b. 26 Dec 1904, MN; d. 19 Dec 1973, Crosby, MN; m. 7 Oct 1928, AMY ATWOOD.
18A:351:34 RONALD CAMPTON THOMS; b. 16 Jan 1908, Brainerd, MN.
18A:351:35 NEIL DOUGLAS THOMS; b. 8 Aug 1910, Brainerd, MN; m. Jul 1930, EVELYN HAVENOR.
18A:351:36 MERELLE VERDA THOMS; b. 10 Feb 1916, Badoura Twp, MN; d. 8 Jan 1996; m. 2 Aug 1936, Crosby, MN, WILSEY McKNIGHT.
18A:351:37 MERRITT JOHN ("Bud") THOMS; b. 17 Nov 1918, Merrifield, MN; m. 19 Mar 1942, BETH MARTIN.
18A:351:38 BETTY GERALDINE THOMS; b. 27 Jan 1923, Emily, MN; m. Mar 1941, ALBERT HAGEN.

18A:351:1 VIVIAN FLOY THOMS, dau of Virgil Raymond and Mary Elizabeth (Campton) Thoms; b. 5 Jun 1901, Eden Valley, Stearns Co., MN; d. 7 Jul 1997; m. 20 Mar 1922, St. Cloud, MN, GEORGE WILLIAM SAVAGE, b. 13 Feb 1894, White Park, Stearns Co., MN; d. 26 Jul 1980.
Children (Savage):

18A:351:11	 Robert N.	b. 1927

18A:351:11 ROBERT N. SAVAGE; b. 26 Oct 1927

18A:351:4 JOHN CLAUDE CAMPTON, son of John Higgins and Ann Elizabeth (Doggett) Campton; b. 14 Dec 1881, Hubbard Co., MN; d. 10 Jul 1965, Park Rapids, Hubbard Co. MN; m. 10 Jun 1915, Park Rapids, Hubbard Co, MN, ANN LAURA FLANAGAN, b. 23 May 1887. Avonmore, Ontario, Canada.
Children (Campton):

18A:351:41	John Stephen	b. 1922		m. 1974	Elaine Hughes
18A:351:42	Anna Rachel	b. 1924		m. 1951	Oliver L. Boe

18A:351:41 JOHN STEPHEN CAMPTON; b. 19 Sep 1922, Backus, Cass Co, MN;d. 2 Dec 1991, Hubbard Co, MN; m. 3 Aug 1974, Ranier, MN, ELAINE HUGHES.
18A:351:42 ANNA RACHEL CAMPTON; b. 16 Apr 1924; m. 2 Dec 1951, Dawson, Lac qui Parle Co., MN, OLIVER L. BOE, d. 1974.

18A:351:5 DAISY JEANETTE CAMPTON, dau of John Higgins and Ann Elizabeth (Doggett) Campton; b. 23 Mar 1884, Hubbard Co., MN; d. 18 Oct 1970; m. 14 May 1904, Oxford, Sumner Co., KS, HARRY THOMAS WALDEN.
Children (Walden):

18A:351:51	Helen Mary	b. 1911		m. 1929	Wayne Clodfelter
						m. 1933	Cecil Stout
18A:351:52	Edith Lou	b. 1912 d. 1985	m. 1928	Mr. Lanford
						m. 1954	Lewis Eyman
18A:351:53	Sarah Ann	b. 1915		m. 1935	Eugene M. Hadsell
18A:351:54	John C.		b. 1924		m.	Mary Parker
18A:351:55	Virginia
		 Campton	b. 1925		m. 1942	Leonard Clifford Buckner

18A:351:52 HELEN MARY WALDEN; b. 3 Aug 1911, Liberal, Seward Co., KS; m(1) CECIL STOUT; m(2) WAYNE CLODFELTER.
18A:351:53 SARAH ANN WALDEN; b. 26 Feb 1915, Tyrone, Texas Co., OK; m. 12 Jan 1935, Garden City, Finney Co., KS, name unknown.
18A:351:55 VIRGINIA WALDEN; b. 24 May 1925, Liberal, Seward Co., KS; m 17 Jun 1942, Stevenson, Skamania Co., WA; LEONARD CLIFFORD BUCKNER.

18A:353 ISAAC ARMSTEAD DAGGETT (changed name from Doggett), son of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 17 Jun 1854, Highland Co., OH; d. 27 Oct 1912, Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NE; bur. Riverside Cem., Gibbon, NE; m. 14 Oct 1875, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, NANCY MINERVA HOLT, dau. of Richard and Caroline (Duncan) Holt, b. Nov 1859, OH, d. 1931.
Children (Daggett):

18A:353:1	Fred Roush	b. 1876		m. 1902	Ollie B. Matlick
						m.	Georgia
18A:353:2	Harriet Mae	b. 1878		m. 1902	Frederick Willard Ferguson
18A:353:3	Leil H.		b. 1882		m. 1910	Ethel Burkett
						m. 1915	Chloe Cruikshank

18A:353:1 FRED ROUSH DAGGETT, son of Isaac Armstead and Nancy Minerva (Holt) Doggett; b. 22 Sep 1876, Highland Co, OH; m(1) 10 Aug 1902, Delaware Co. OH, OLLIE B. MATLICK, dau. of Isaac and Mary (Jenkins) Matlick; m(2) GEORGIA (surname unknown), b. abt 1894, NE.
Children (Daggett):

18D353:11	Bruce M.	b. 1917.

18A:353:11 BRUCE M. DAGGETT; b. 1917, NE.

18A:353:2 HARRIET MAE DAGGETT, dau. of Isaac Armstead and Nancy Minerva (Holt) Doggett; b. 4 Jun 1878, Highland Co., OH; m. 26 Feb 1902, FREDERICK WILLARD FERGUSON, b. abt 1875, NY.
Children (Ferguson):

18A:353:21	 Robert Willard	b. 1915

18A:353:21 ROBERT WILLARD FERGUSON, b. 3 Jun 1915, Denver, CO; d. 24 Feb 1985, Riverside Co., CA. Resided Westlake Village, CA.

18A:353:3 LEIL H. DAGGETT, son of Isaac Armstead and Nancy Minerva (Holt) Doggett; b. 29 Dec 1883, Highland Co., OH; d. 31 Mar 1975, Los Angeles Co., CA; m(1) 1 Jun 1910, ETHEL BURKETT; m(2) 26 Jun 1915, CHLOE CRUIKSHANK, b. 30 Apr 1896, NE;, d. 21 Jul 1970, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Children (Daggett):

	(children of marriage to Ethel Burkett)
18A:353:31	Don		b. 1911
	(children of marriage to Chloe Cruikshank)
18A:353:32	Norman Edward	b. 1921
18A:353:33	Leil H., Jr.	b. 1924		m.	Shirley Fenske

18A:353:31 DON DOGGETT; b. 17 Mar 1911, Marion, IN.

18A:353:33 LEIL H. DAGGETT, Jr., son of Leil H. and Chloe (Cruikshank) Daggett; b. 25 Jun 1924, Nebraska City, Otoe Co., NE; m. SHIRLEY FENSKE, b. MN.
Children (Daggett):

18A:353:33x	Frederick
		  Leslie	b. 1947	d. 1960

18A:353:33x FREDERICK LESLIE DAGGETT; b. 14 Oct 1947, MN; d. 26 Jun 1960, by drowning, Barrett Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Co., CA.

18A:354 MARY LINCOLN DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 25 Aug 1856, Highland Co., OH; d. 1 Mar 1939, Grand Island, Buffalo Co., NE; m. 22 Dec 1880, Highland Co., OH, CAREY VANCE, son of Lemuel and Martha (Purdy) Vance, b. 27 Oct 1857, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, d. 22 Dec 1932, Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NE, bur. Riverside Cem, Buffalo, NE.
Children (Vance):

18A:354:1	Martha
		 Elizabeth	b. 1881	d. 1954	m. 1912	Frank Leslie Hibbard
18A:354:2	George Lemuel	b. 1884	d. 1962	m. 1918	Ina Stimson
18A:354:3	Henry Carey	b. 1886	d. 1976	m. 1910	Ethel E. Harrison
18A:354:4	Mary Emma	b. 1890	d. 1968	m. 1911	J. Edwin McConnell
18A:354:5	Edith		b. 1895	d, 1990	m. 1916	Leo Vernon Kesterson
18A:345:x	Leroy Jacob	b. 1895	d. 1895	m. 1918	Ina Stimson
18A:345:6	Lyman Grant	b. 1900	d. 1983

18A:354:2 GEORGE LEMUEL VANCE; b. 21 Feb 1884, Highland Co., OH; d. Jan 1962, Wood River, Hall Co., NE; m. Jun 1918, Hastings, NE, INA BELLE STIMSON.
18A:354:x LEROY JACOB VANCE; b. 7 May 1895, Buffalo Co., NE; d. 3 Sep 1895, Riverdale, NE.

18A:354:1 MARTHA ELIZABETH VANCE, dau. of Cary and Mary Lincoln (Doggett) Vance; b. 13 Oct 1881, Highland Co., OH; m. 18 Dec 1912, FRANK LESLIE HIBBARD, b. 18 Jan 1888, Niton, Isle of Wight, England.
Children (Hibbard):

18A:354:11	Leroy Leslie	b. 1913	d. 1993	m.	Marina

18A:354:11 LEROY LESLIE HIBBARD; b. 25 Oct 1913, Grand Island, Hall Co., NE; d. 28 Jan 1993, Longview, WA; m. MARINA (surname unknown).

18A:354:3 HENRY CAREY ("Ked") VANCE, son of Cary and Mary Lincoln (Doggett) Vance; b. 12 Aug 1886, Highland Co., OH; d. 9 Apr 1976, Seattle, King Co., WA; bur. Sunset Cem., Seattle, WA; m. 28 Jun 1910, Julesburg, Sedgwick Co., CO, ETHEL ELINOR HARRISON. dau. of James and Elizabeth (Henderson) Harrison; bur. Sunset Cem. Ethel was raised by her mother's sister and husband, Will and Ida Wallace in Julesburg, CO, and apparently was known in part by Wallace surname.
Children (Vance):

18A:354:31	Wallace K	b. 1912	d. 1959	m.	Eileen
						m.	Lucille Reeves
18A:354:32	J. Duane	b. 1915	d. 1977	m. 1939	Carlene Louise Phillippi
18A:354:33	Yvonne		b. 1921	d. 1953	m. 1940	William DeForest Quinn
						m. 1952	Ray Noggle
18A:354:34	Bruce Vincent	b. 1928		m. 1956	Eva Ruth Garcia

18A:354:31 WALLACE K. VANCE; b. 7 Jun 1912, Julesburg, Sedgwick Co, CO; d. 11 Jul 1959, Dallas, TX; m(1) abt 1943, EILEEN (surname unknown); m(2) Jan 19445, Mexico, LUCILLE REEVES, b. 5 Jan 1910, d. Dec 1982, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.

18A:354:32 J. DUANE VANCE, son of Henry Carey and Ethel Elinor (Harrison) Vance; b. 20 Mar 1915, Julesburg, Sedgwick Co., CO; d. 4 Apr 1977, Seattle, King Co., WA; bur. Sunset Cem., Belllevue, WA; m. 22 Dec 1939, Chicago, IL, CARLENE LOUISE PHILLIPPI, dau. of Charles and Mary (Blauvelt) Phillippi, b. 21 Sep 1912, Superior, Nuckolls Co., NE d. 22 Mar 1978, Olympia, Thurston Co., NE, bur. Sunset Cem.
Children (Vance):

18A:354:321	Barbara		b. 1950		m. 1988	William H. Hutchinson
18A:354:322	Joan		b. 1952

18A:354:321 BARBARA VANCE; b. 27 Dec 1950, Seattle, King Co., WA m. 21 Aug 1988, WILLIAM H. HUTCHINSON.
18A:354:322 JOAN VANCE; b. 4 Mar 1953, Seattle, King Co., WA.

18A:354:33 YVONNE VANCE, dau. of Henry Carey and Ethel Elinor (Harrison) Vance; b. 20 Aug 1921, Hall Co., NE; d. 3 Oct 1953, Seattle, King Co., WA; m(1) abt. 1940, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, WILLIAM DeFOREST QUINN, son of Thomas and Mabel (Sanders) Quinn, b. 21 May 1918, Hyannis, Grant Co., NE, d. 22 Aug 1993, Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA; m(2)abt. 1952, WA, RAY NOGGLE, d. abt. 1955.
Children (Quinn):

18A:354:331	Dianne Yvonne	b. 1944		m. 1966	Daniel Vogt

Children (Noggle):

18A:354:332	(child)
18A:354:333	Dana		b. 1952

18A:354:331 DIANNE YVONNE QUINN; b. 18 Oct 1944, Seattle, King Co., 1944; m. 4 Jun 1966, Lincoln, NE, DANIEL VOGT.
18A:354:333 DANA NOGGLE; b. abt. Feb 1952.

18A:354:34 BRUCE VINCENT VANCE, son of Henry Carey and Ethel Elinor (Harrison) Vance; b. 21 Jun 1928, Wood Rover, Hall Co., NE; m. 28 Mar 1956, Reno, NV, EVA RUTH GARCIA, dau. of Encarnation and Carmen (Arriaga) Garcia.
Childrenl (Vance):

18A:354:341	Patricia Carmen	b. 1957	d. 1994	m. 1980	Randall Arthur Schulz
18A:354:342	Elizabeth Ethel	b. 1958		m. 1980	Greg Bruce Mortensen

18A:354:341 PATRICIA CARMEN VANCE; b. 18 Mar 1957, Vallejo, Solanl Co., CA; d. 31 Dec 1994, Seattle, King Co., WA; m. 7 Jun 19890, Bellevue, King Co., WA, RANDALL ARTHUR ("Randy") SCHULZ.
18A:354:342 ELIZABETH ETHEL VANCE; b. 8 Mar 1958, Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff Co., NE; m. 7 Sep 1980, Bellevue, King Co., WA, GREG BRUCE MORTENSEN.

18A:354:4 MARY EMMA VANCE , dau. of Cary and Mary Lincoln (Doggett) Vance; b. 3 Sep 1890, Buffalo Co., NE; d. Nov 1968, Council Bluffs, IA; m. 16 Feb 1911, Cheyenne, WY, JOHN EDWIN McCONNELL.
Children (McConnell):

18A:354:41	Vance Yale	b. 1912		m.	Marian
18A:354:42	Evelyn Nesbit	b. 1914		m.	Jay Quick

18A:354:41 VANCE YALE McCONNELL, son of J. Edwin and Mary Emma (Vance) McConnell; b. 28 Jul 1912, Council Bluffs, (or Paxton), IA; m. MARIAN (surname unknown).
Children (McConnell):

18A:354:411	Jane		b. 1947
18A:354:412	Carol		b. 1949

18A:354:42 EVELYN NESBIT McCONNELL, dau. of J. Edwin and Mary Emma (Vance) McConnell; b. 19 Jun 1914, Council Bluffs, IA; m. JAY QUICK.
Children (Quick):

18A:354:421	J. Dudley
18A:354:421	Colleen

18A:354:5 EDITH VANCE, dau. of Cary and Mary Lincoln (Doggett) Vance; ; b. 7 May 1895, Buffalo Co., NE; d. 25 Sep 1990, San Diego, CA; bur. Inglewood Park. Cem., Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 20 Dec 1916, Shelton, Buffalo Co., NE, LEO VERNON KESTERSON, son of Robert and Lily (Griffith) Kesterson, b.19 Jun 1887, Dodge City, Ford Co., KS, d. 14 Aug 1954, Culver City, Los Angeles Co., CA, bur. Inglewood Park Cem.
Children (Kesterson):

18A:354:51	Robert Cary	b. 1918
18A:354:52	Molly Eloise	b. 1921	d. 1987	m. 1940	Leo Rex Marshall
						m. 1959	Earl Edward Goddard
						m.	Jack Vernon Straw
18A:354:53	Eleanor Joan	b. 1931		m.	Chuck Palmer
						m.	Donald L. Perry

18A:354:51 ROBERT CARY KESTERSON; b. 9 Jun 1918, Shelton, Hall Co., NE; d. Jun 1981. Resided Grand Island, NE.

18A:354:52 MOLLY ELOISE KESTERSON, dau. of Leo and Edith (Vance) Kesterson; b. 5 Mar 1921, Shelton, Hall Co., NE; d. 12 Dec 1987, Anaheim, Orange Co., CA; m(1) 27 Apr 1940, Yuma, AZ, LEO REX MARSHALL, son of Raymond and Bessie (Harris) Marshall; m(2) 20 Nov 1959, Long Beach, CA, EARL EDWARD GODDARD.
Children (Marshall):

18A:354:521	Mary Ann	b. 1941	d. 1993	m. 1954	William Arthur Williamson
						m.	Jack Vernon Straw

18A:354:521 MARY ANN MARSHALL, dau. of Leo Rex and Molly Eloise (Kesterson) Marshall; b. 8 Mar 1941, Huntington Park, Los Angeles Co., CA; d. 6 Aug 1993, La Palma, Orange Co., CA; m(1) 11 Dec 1954, Las Vegas, NV, WILLIAM ARTHUR WILLIAMSON, son of George and Eileen (Sommer) Williamson; m(2) JACK VERNON STRAW.
Children (Williamson):

18A:354:5211	Bart Vernon	b. 1960		m. 1981	Laura Sinico
18A:354:5212	William
		 Arthur, Jr.	b. 1964		m.	Rita Ponce
						m.	Julie Ann Knight

18A:354:5211 BART VERNON WILLIAMSON; b. 25 Jul 1960, Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 17 Oct 1981, La Palma, Orange Co., CA, LAURA SINICO.

18A:354:5212 WILLIAM ARTHUR WILLIAMSON, Jr., son of William Arthur and Mary Ann (Marshall) Williamson. b. 19 Feb 1964, Las Cruces, Dona Ana Co., NM; m(1) 3 Dec 1983, Bellflower, Los Angeles Co., CA, RITA PONCE, dau. of Jeronimo and Josefina (Alvardo) Ponce; m(2) 4 Mar 1995, Buena Park, Orange Co., CA, JULIE ANN KNIGHT, dau. of Billy and Fraces (Ponder) Knight.
Children (Williamson):

	(children of first marriage)
18A:354:52121	Tanya Marie	b. 1987
18A:354:52122	Craig Allen	b. 1990
18A:354:52123	Thomas Arthur	b. 1990
	(children of second marriage)
18A:354:52124	Stacie Ann	b. 1995

18A:354:52121 TANYA MARIE WILLIAMSON; b. 9 Oct 1987, Los Alamitos, Orange Co., CA.
18A:354:52122 CRAIG ALLEN WILLIAMSON; b. 2 Jul 1990, Los Alamaitos, Orange Co., CA.
18A:354:52123 THOMAS ARTHUR WILLIAMSON; b. 2 Jul 1990, Los Alamitos, Orange Co., CA.
18A:354:52124 STACIE ANN WILLIAMSON; b. 10 May 1995, Anaheim, Orange Co., CA.

18A:354:53 ELEANOR JOAN KESTERSON , dau. of Leo and Edith (Vance) Kesterson; b. 22 Dec 1931, Shelton, Hall Co., NE; m(1) CHUCK PALMER; m(2) DONALD L. PERRY.
Children (Perry):

18A:354:531	Robin		b. 1956

18A:354:531 ROBIN PERRY; b. 12 Nov 1956, Long Beach, CA.

18A:354:6 LYMAN GRANT VANCE, son of Cary and Mary Lincoln (Doggett) Vance; b. 17 Mar 1900, Odessa, Buffalo Co., NE; d. 6 Sep 1983, Bakersfield, CA; bur. Hillcrest Cem., Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; m. 10 May 1920, Grand Island, NE, ADA MARIE MARSH, b. 28 Jan 1902, NE, d. 13 Apr 1977, Bakersfield, Kern Co.,CA, bur. Hillcrest Cem.
Children (Vance):

18A:354:61	Leni Mari	b. 1922	d. 1992	m. 1942	John Joseph Cody
18A:354:62	Lyman Grant	b. 1925		m.	Jean
						m. 1977	Ina Lee Loveland
18A:354:63	Kenneth		b. 1930		m.	Shirley
18A:354:64	Zelma E.	b. 1932		m. 1950 Ronald P. McLane
						m. 1961	Louis August Roux

18A:354:61 LENI MARI VANCE; b. 23 Apr 1922, Shelton, Hall Co., NE; d. 5 May 1992; m. abt. 1942, WA, JOHN JOSEPH CODY.

18A:354:62 LYMAN GRANT VANCE, son of Lyman Grant and Ada Marie (Marsh) Vance; b. 4 Apr 1925, Oconto, NE; m(1) JEAN (surname unknown); m(2) 1977, INA LEE LOVELAND.
Children (Vance) (of second marriage)

18A:354:621	David Lloyd	b. 1953	m. 1977	Sharon Rose Cooley
18A:354:622	Darrell Bruce	b. 1955

18A:354:621 DAVID LLOYD VANCE; b. 21 Apr 1953, Ridgecrest, Kern Co., CA; m. 19 Nov 1977, Quartz Hill, Los Angeles Co., CA, SHARON ROSE COOLEY.
18A:354:622 DARRELL BRUCE VANCE; b. 15 Sep 1955, Ridgecrest, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:63 KENNETH VANCE, son of Lyman Grant and Ada Marie (Marsh) Vance; b. 9 Dec 1930, Eddyville, NE; m. SHIRLEY BUTLER..
Children (Vance):

18A:354:631	Kevin L.	b. 1966
18A:354:632	Cary L.		b. 1968

18A:354:631 KEVIN L. VANCE; b. 3 May 1966, Kern Co., CA.
18A:354:632 CARY VANCE; b. 10 Sep 1968, Delano, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:64 ZELMA E. VANCE, dau. of Lyman Grant and Ada Marie (Marsh) Vance; b. 28 Oct 1932, Eddyville, NE; m(1) 11 Mar 1950, RONALD PAUL McLANE, b. 28 Sep 1930, Kern Co., CA; m(2) 3 Sep 1961, Carson City, NV, LOUIS AUGUST ROUX, son of Earnest and Angel (Price) Roux.
Children (McLane):

18A:354:641	Diana L.	b. 1952		m.	Richard J. Roux
						m. 1978	Michael T. Marroquin
18A:354:642	Michael John	b. 1953		m. 1978	Brooke Gross
18A:354:643	Patricia Marie	b. 1955		m. 1976	Clarence Jalving
						m. 1981	Michael W. Langston
18A:354:644	John Mark 	b. 1958		m. 1982	Leslie Frizzell

Children (Roux):

18A:354:645	Lou Ann		b. 1962		m. 1981	Kevin Gibson
18A:354:645	Debra Louise	b. 1964		m.	Jimmie Wayne Taliaferro
						m. 1984	Dominic D. Chavez

18A:354:643 PATRICIA MARIE McLANE; b. 23 Mar 1955, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; m(1) 20 Mar 1976, Bakersfield, CA, CLARENCE JALVING; m(2) 10 Oct 1981, Bakersfield, CA, MICHAEL W. LANGSTON, b. 10 Mar 1953, Youngstown, OH.

18A:354:641 DIANA L. McLANE; b. 28 Oct 1952, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; m(1) RICHARD J. ROUX, b. 19 Jun 1949, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; m(2) Jul 1978, Mexico, MICHAEL T. MARROQUIN, son of Alfonzo and Isabel Marroquin, b. 8 May 1937, Kerens, Navarro Co., TX
Children (Roux):

18A:354:6411	Richard J.	b. 1971
18A:354:6412	Scott J.	b. 1974

Children (Marroquin):

18A:354:6413	Michael John	b. 1979
18A:354:6414	Chistopher John	b. 1981

18A:354:6411 RICHARD J. ROUX; b. 23 Oct 1971, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.
18A:354:6412 SCOTT J. ROUX; b. 10 Aug 1974, El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA.
18A:354:6413 MICHAEL JOHN MARROQUIN; b. 18 Jul 1979, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.
18A:354:6414 CHRISTOPHER JOHN MARROQUIN; b. 14 Apr 1981, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:642 MICHAEL JOHN McLANE; b. 26 Nov 1953, Bakersfield, CA; m. Jul 1978, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA, BROOKE GROSS, prob. b. 14 Apr 1954, Kern Co., CA.
Children (McLane):

18A:354:6421	Joshua Paul	b. 1978

18A:354:6421 JOSHUA PAUL McLANE; b. 16 Dec 1978, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:6422 RONALD PAUL McLANE; b. 25 Sep 1981, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:644 JOHN MARK McLANE (adopted by stepfather, name changed to ROUX); b. 13 Jan 1958; m. 7 Aug 1982, Livermore, CA, LESLIE E. FRIZZELL, b. 31 Aug 1960, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Children (Roux):

18A:354:6441	Ryan James	b. 1984
18A:354:5442	Sarah Michelle	b. 1989

18A:354:6441 RYAN JAMES ROUX; b. 13 Sep 1984, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.
18A:354:6442 SARAH MICHELLE ROUX; b. 5 Jul 1989, Placer Co., CA.

18A:354:645 LOU ANN ROUX; b. 6 Nov 1962, Bakersfield, CA; m. 22 Nov 1981, Bakersfield, CA, KEVIN L. GIBSON, b. 7 May 1962, Kern Co., CA.
Children (Gibson):

18A:354:6451	Aubrey Jay	b. 1988

18A:354:6451 AUBREY JAY ROUX; b. 10 Mar 1988, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:646 DEBRA LOUISE ROUX; b. 23 Apr 1964, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; m(1) JIMMIE WAYNE TALIAFERRO; m(2) 15 Dec 1984, Bakersfield, CA, DOMINIC DOMINGO CHAVEZ, b. 12 Jan 1963, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; d. 15 Dec 1984, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.
Children (Taliaferro):

18A:354:6461	Jimme Wayne	b. 1990
18A:354:6462	Natalia N.	b. 1996

Children (Chavez):

18A:354:646x	Dominic Domingo	b. 1982
18A:354:6463	Louis Dominic	b. 1985Ddominic.

18A:354:6461 JIMMIE WAYNE TALIAFERRO; b. 7 Mar 1990, Kern Co., CA.
18A:354:6362 NATALIA N. TALIAFERRO; b. 31 Aug 1996.
18A:354:6363 DOMINIC DOMINGO CHAVEZ; b. 24 Dec 1982, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA; d. 23 May 1984, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:354:6463 LOUIS DOMINIC CHAVEZ; b. 14 May 1985, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

18A:355 CLARA FISHER DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 26 Jan 1859, Highland Co., OH; m. 22 Feb 1881, PHILIP REDKEY ANDERSON, b. 24 Oct 1857, Hamilton Co., OH, d. 20 Aug 1921, nr. Douglas, Wyoming.
Children (Anderson):

18A:355:1	Henry Clayton	b. 1881		m. 1901	Ida Elnora Tussing
18A:355:2	Harry George	b. 1885		m. 1910	Sarah S. Elder
18A:355:3	Burch Philip	b. 1888	
18A:355:x	Maggie Annie	b. 1889
18A:355:4	Roy Everett	b. 1895	d. 1966

18A:355:x MAGGIE ANNIE ANDERSON; b. 14 Nov 1889, Phelps Co., NE; d. 26 Dec 1903.

18A:355:1 HENRY CLAYTON ANDERSON, son of Philip R. and Clara F. (Doggett) Anderson; b. 1 Dec 1881, Highland Co., OH; m. 17 Jul 1901, IDA ELNORA TUSSING.
Children (Anderson):

18A:355:11	Clayton Everett	b. 1903		m.	Norma Murill
18A:355:12	Earl Henry	b. 1904		m.	Lola N.
18A:355:13	Frankie Delmont	b. 1905		m.	Thelma I
18A:355:14	Mable Elnora	b. 1909
18A:355:15	Vern Willis 	b. 1911
18A:355:1x	Elmer Woodrow	b. 1913
18A:355:16	Florence
		  Lillian	b. 1915		m. 1937	Lafe T. Royston
18A:355:17	Wayne Willard	b. 1917
18A:355:18	Cecil D.	b. 1919
18A:355:19	Nina Valentin	b. 1920		m.	Sam Ralston

18A:355:11 CLAYTON EVERETT ANDERSON; b. 7 Mar 1903, Buffalo Co., NE; d. Apr 1982, Dundee Co., OR; m. NORMA MAY (surname unknown)., b. 4 Oct 1906, OR, d. 28 Feb 1994, Marion Co., OR.
18A:355:12 EARL HENRY ANDERSON; b. 21 Feb 1904, Buffalo Co., NE; d. Aug 1975. Resided Boise, ID.
18A:355:13 FRANKIE DELMONT ANDERSON; b. 22 Oct 1905, Buffalo Co., NE
18A:355:14 MABEL ELNORA ANDERSON; b. 29 Jul 1909, Douglas, WY.
18A:355:15 VERN WILLIS ANDERSON; b. 20 Aug 1911, Douglas, WY.
18A:355:1x ELMER WOODROW ANDERSON; b. 21 May 1913, Douglas, WY; d, 23 Sep 1913.
18A:355:16 FLORENCE LILLIAN ANDERSON; b. 31 Jul 1915, Douglas, WY; m. LAFE T. ROYSTON, b. 14 Feb 1896, Arapahoe, NE, d. 17 Feb 1984, Boise, ID.

18A:355:2 HARRY GEORGE ANDERSON, son of Philip R. and Clara F. (Doggett) Anderson; b. 8 May 1885, Buffalo Co., NE; m. 24 Nov 1910, SARAH S. ELDER.
Children (Anderson):

18A:355:21	Floyd Elder	b. 1912	d. 1974
18A:355:22	George Kenneth	b. 1914	d. 1980
18A:355:23	Robert Harold	b. 1915	d. 1981	m.	Josephine Vassek
						m.	Margaret
18A:355:24 	Harry G., Jr.	b. 1916		m.	Connie Migeus
						m.	Harriet Louisa Hyde
18A:355:25	Flora Elizabeth	b. 1918		m.	George Williams Murray
						m.	William Eugene Dooley
18A:355:26	Esther Marie			m.	Allan Eugene Stevens
18A:355:27	Margaret Helen	b. 1922		m.	Merton E. Shaffer
						m.	Robert H. Dedman

18A:355:21 FLOYD ELDER ANDERSON; b. 27 Dec 1912, Douglas, WY, d. Jan 1974.
18A:355:22 GEORGE KENNETH ANDERSON; b. 21 Jan 1914, Douglas, WY; d. May 1980. Resided Richmond, CA.

18A:355:23 ROBERT HAROLD ANDERSON; b. 27 Mar 1915, Douglas, WY; d. 18 Sep 1981, Craig, CO; m(1) JOSEPHINE VASSEK; m(2) MARGARET (surname unknown).
Children (Anderson) (of second marriage):

18A:355:231	Sharon
18A:355:232	Robert Patrick

Children (Anderson) (of first marriage):

18A:355:241	Patricia
18A:355:242 	Richard Lee			m.	Jan Kendrick

Children (Anderson):

18A:355:2421	Jason Andrew

18A:355:25 FLORA ELIZABETH ANDERSON; m(1) GEORGE WILLIAMS MURRAY; m(2) WILLIAM EUGENE DOOLEY, b. 11 Sep 1924, Centerville, IA, d. 25 Jul 1994, Ponchatoula, LA.
Children (Murray):

18A:355:251	Michael George
18A:355:252	John Keith
18A:355:253	Sara Jo
18A:355:254	Patrick James

Children (Dooley):

18A:355:255 	Shannon Elizabeth		m.	Charles Frank Fourroux


18A:355:251 MICHAEL GEORGE MURRAY. Married, wife's name unknown,
Children (Murray):

18A:355:2511	Jennifer Lyn

18A:355:254 PATRICK JAMES MURRAY. Married, wife's name unknown.
Children (Murray):

18A:355:2541	Tabetha Slay

Children (Stevens):

18A:355:261	Judy Loretta			m.	Mark Alan Rosenthal
						m.	Daniel Alexander Delgado
18A:355:262	Jerry Lee			m.	Elizabeth Fuehr
						m.	Lisa Jelski

Children (Rosenthal):

18A:355:2611	Riki Leeanne
18A:355:2612	Jeffrey Michael

Children (Delgado):

18A:355:2613	Robert Joseph

Children (Stevens) (of second marriage):

18A:355:2621	Michael Ryan
18A:355:2622	Brian

18A:355:27 MARGARET HELEN ANDERSON; b. 14 Oct 1922, Casper, Natrona Co., WY; d. 23 Dec 1993, Mesa, AZ; m(1) 1941, MERTON E. SHAFFER, b. 21 Jul 1921, CA, d. 2 Jun 1996, Tillamook, OR; m(2) ROBERT H. DEDMAN, b. 12 Feb 1921; d. 19 Mar 1997, Linn Co., OR.
Children (Shaffer):

18A:355:271	Janet Lynn
18A:355:272	Terry Glenn

Children (Dedman):

18A:355:273	William Robert

18A:355:3 BURCH(IE) PHILIP ANDERSON; b. 29 Jun 1888, Buffalo Co., NE; m. SADIE T. SCHLOSS, b. 26 Nov 1897, WY.
Children (Anderson):

18A:355:31	Elmer R.	b. 1920
18A:355:32	Edward P.	b. 1923
18A:355:33	Allan James
18A:355:34	Maxine
18A:355:35	Rita

18A:355:4 ROY EVERETT ANDERSON; b. 31 Aug 1895, Adessa, Buffalo Co., NE; d. 10 Jan 1966, Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., OR; m. 11 Oct 1927, GRACE BELLE (IRWIN) SHARPLESS.
Children (Anderson) (of first marriage):

18A:355:41	Roy Everett Jr.			m.	Joyce McDonald
18A:355:42	Phillip Reed			m.	Gloria McDonald

18A:356 ELIZABETH DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 16 Jun 1861, Highland Co., OH; m. 3 Apr 1889, CHARLES L. SOUTHERN.
Children (Southern):

18A:356:1	Martha		b. 1890		m. 1908	Roscoe Morris
18A:356:2	Flora May	b. 1892
18A:356:3	Anna		b. 1895
18A:356:4	Hattie Marie	b. 1897
18A:356:5	Marjorie Leoni	b. 1901
18A:356:6	Elizabeth	b. 1914

18A:356:2 FLORA MAY SOUTHERN; b. 5 Oct 1892, Highland Co., OH; d. 20 Jan 1909.
18A:356:3 ANNA SOUTHERN; b. 14 Mar 1895, Highland Co., OH.

18A:356:4 HATTIE MARIE SOUTHERN; b. 3 Feb 1897, Highland Co., OH.
18A:356:5 MARJORIE LEONI SOUTHERN; b. 16 Sep 1901, Highland Co., OH.
18A:356:6 ELIZABETH SOUTHERN; b. 3 Apr 1914, Highland Co., OH.

18A:356:1 MARTHA SOUTHERN, dau. of Charles L. and Elizabeth (Doggett) Southern; b. 21 Apr 1890, Highland Co., OH; m. 25 Dec 1908, ROSCOE MORRIS.
Children (Morris):

18A:356:11	Leroy		b. 1909
18A:356:12	Charles Wendell	b. 1911
18A:356:13	Margaret Marie	b. 1913
18A:356:14	Donald Eugene	b. 1915

18A:356:11 LEROY MORRIS; b. 4 Jan 1909, Highland Co., OH.
18A:356:12 CHARLES WENDELL MORRIS; b. 7 Jan 1911, Highland Co., OH.
18A:356:13 MARGARET MARIE MORRIS; b. 26 Oct 1913, Highland Co., OH.
18A:356:14 DONALD EUGENE MORRIS; b. 11 Feb 1915, Highland Co., OH.

18A:357 GEORGE WASHINGTON DOGGETT, son of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 29 May 1864, Highland Co., OH; m. 13 Sep 1900, GERTIE BELLE WARREN.
Children (Doggett):

18A:357:1	Pearl Elizabeth	b. 1901
18A:357:x	Ila Frances	b. 1904

18A:357:1 PEARL ELIZABETH DOGGETT; b. 28 Jun 1901, Buffalo Co., NE.
18A:357:x ILA FRANCES DOGGETT; b. 4 Jan 1904, Buffalo Co., NE; d. 11 Jan 1904.

18A:358 MARTHA DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 28 Mar 1868, Highland Co., OH; m(1) Mar 1892, SAM ARMSTRONG; m(2) 1906, FRED JENKINS.
Children (Armstrong):

18A:358:1	Floyd		b. 1893	d. 1986
18A:358:2	Alice
18A:358:3	Ray		b. 1905

18A:358:1 FLOYD A. ARMSTRONG; b. 25 Dec 1893; d. Dec 1986. Resided San Jose, CA.

18A:359 HARRIET MAY DOGGETT, dau. of George Washington and Elizabeth (West) Doggett; b. 27 Aug 1870, Highland Co., OH; m. 13 Sep 1897, FRANK S. LOCKWOOD, b. abt 1878, NE.
Children (Lockwood):

18A:359:1	Hazel Fern	b. 1901

18A:359:1 HAZEL FERN LOCKWOOD; b. 17 Jul 1901, Buffalo Co., NE.

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