(Thomas B.; Benjamin; Bushrod; Richard; Rev. Benjamin)

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J. L. Kincaid, who is found on this page, had great influence on kindling my interest in genealogy as a young college student. He and his wife Sadie lived in Hollywood, California, only a short drive from my parents' home in the San Fernando Valley, and visited us often. J. L.'s "Aunt Nancy" was my great-grandmother, so he and I were double cousins. He was born in Bath County, Kentucky, and used to talk often about the family in the old days in Kentucky. I took notes of some of his comments and used them as a springboard to do some of my initial research back in the late 1940s and the 1950's. Their son, Clarence Kincaid, was a prominent jurist in Los Angeles, and he was helpful to me in giving me letters of reference when I was applying for law school at UCLA and in applying for membership in the California State Bar. So I have a particular interest in this page. Of great help to me has been data supplied by Dale Doggett, and in databases published online by Alice Kissel and Gary Andrews in RootsWebs' WorldConnect., and World Family Tree, v. 3, #2929. I have also used published public records, including Bath Co., KY, marriage and cemetery records, Kentucky death certificates, California death records, Texas birth and marriage records, Social Security Death Index, World War I Draft Registration cards, and relevant census returns. Obituaries of Grace Lorene Doggett and Jerry L. Doggett were also consulted.

346:29 JOEL DOGGETT, son of Thomas Bushrod and Sarah (Ward) Doggett; b. abt 1811, Bath Co., KY; d. Bath Co., KY; d. 21 Sep 1888, Bath Co., KY; bur. Old Bethel Cem., Bath Co.; m. Jul 1833 (M.B. 7 Jul), Bath Co., KY, LUVICA (or Louisa) SMOOT, b. 13 Dec 1817, KY, d. 29 Apr 1909, Sweetwater, Menard Co., IL, bur. Old Bethel Cem., Bath Co., KY. Occupation: Blacksmith.
Children (Doggett):

346:291		Lucretia	b. 1834		m. 1857	Robert Kernes
346:292		Elizabeth	b. 1837		m. 1852	Pendleton Doggett
346:293		John		b. 1839	d. 1875
346:294		Benjamin W.	b. 1841
346:295		Mary J.		b. 1843		m. 1865	Jacob Eden
346:29x		Josephine	b. 1846	d. 1852
346:29y		Joseph		b. 1846
346:296		Sarah Frances	b. 1852	d. 1922	m.	John R. Kincaid
346:297		Arthur D.	b. 1854	d. 1877 m. 1877	Ann Warner
346:298		Marion Leslie	b. 1856	d. 1932	m. 1878	Artemesia Stone
346:299		Samuel O.	b. 1859	d. 1933	m. 1887	Nannie D. Stewart

346:293 JOHN DOGGETT; b. abt 1839, KY.
346:294 BENJAMIN W. DOGGETT; b. abt 1841, KY. Served in Co. B, 10th Kentucky Cavalry.
346:295 MARY J. DOGGETT; b. Oct 1844, KY; m. 26 Dec 1865, Bath Co., KY, JACOB EDEN, b. Nov 1840, KY.

346:29x JOSEPHINE DOGGETT; b. abt 1846, Bath Co., KY; d. Oct 1852, Bath Co, KY. Perhaps twin of Joseph.
346:29y JOSEPH DOGGETT; b. abt 1847, KY.
346:297 ARTHUR D. DOGGETT; b. abt 1854, Bath Co., KY; m. 18 Oct 1876, Bath Co., KY, ANN WARNER, b. abt 1859, Bath Co., KY.
346:299 SAMUEL O. DOGGETT; b. Oct 1859, KY; d. 24 Oct 1933, Bath Co.. KY; bur. Longview Cem., Bethel, Bath Co., KY; m. 14 Nov 1885, Aberdeen, Brown Co., OH, NANCY D. ("Nannie") STEWART, dau. of Alexander and Mary Jane (Butcher) Stewart, b. Jul 1865, KY, d. 12 Aug 1950, Fayette Co., KY. No children.

346:291 LUCRETIA DOGGETT; dau. of Joel and Luvica (Smoot) Doggett; b. abt 1834,Bath Co. KY; m. 20 May 1857, Bath Co., KY, ROBERT KERNS, b. abt 1833, IN.
Children (Kernes):

346:291:1	J. W.		b. 1858
346:291:2	Joseph S.	b. 1867

346:291:2 JOSEPH S. KERNS; b. abt Jul 1867, KY; d. 5 Dec 1946, Bath Co., KY; bur. Owingsville, Bath Co., KY.

346:292 ELIZABETH MYERS DOGGETT, prob. dau. of Joel and Luvica (Smoot) Doggett; b. abt 1837, Bath Co., KY., m. 4 Aug 1853, Bath Co., KY, her first cousin, PENDLETON DOGGETT (346:225), son of Benjamin and Frances H. ("Frankey") (Thomas) Doggett; b. 30 Mar 1830, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 2 Apr 1912, Bath Co., KY;
Children (Doggett):

346:225:1	Angeline	b. 1854
346:225:2	Francis C.	b. 1855
346:225:3	Josephine	b. 1858	d. 1917
346:225:4	William D.	b. 1864
346:225:5	Lucretia A.	b. 1866
346:225:6	Sarah E.	b. 1868
346:225:7	James D.	b. 1870
346:225:8	Grandison L.	b. 1873
346:225:9	Mary J.		b. 1876
346:225:A	Ernest C.	b. 1880	d. 1916

For details and descendants, see husband's page.

346:296 SARAH FRANCES DOGGETT, dau. of Joel and Luvica (Smoot) Doggett; b. 11 Jun 1852, Bath Co., KY, d. 3 Jul 1922, m. abt 1870, JOHN R. KINCAID, son of Lot and Elizabeth (Allen) Kincaid, b. Jan 1846, KY.
Children (Kincaid):

346:296:1	James Leslie	b. 1871	d. 1952	m.	Sadie Moorman
346:296:2	John Arthur	 	b. 1877
346:296:3	Charles		b. 1882	d. 1969	m.	Nora E. Anstill
346:296:x	Irvine		b. 1892

346:296:2 JOHN ARTHUR KINCAID; b. 29 Nov 1876, Bath Co., KY.

346:296:1 JAMES LESLIE KINCAID; b. 6 Dec 1870, Bath Co., KY; d. 16 Sep 1952, Los Angeles, CA; m. SARAH (Sadie) A. MOORMAN, dau of Abraham Moorman, b. 18 Aug 1974, Elizabethtown, KY, d. 19 Mar 1962, Los Angeles, CA.
Children (Kincaid):

346:296:11	Clarence Leslie	b. 1898	d. 1990	m.	S. Bernice Davis

346:296:11 CLARENCE LESLIE KINCAID; b. 3 Jul 1898, MO; d. 29 Jul 1990, Los Angeles, CA; m. S. BERNICE DAVIS, b. 16 Jun 1895, MI, d. 15 Feb 1979, Los Angeles, CA. No children.

Judge Kincaid was for many years a Judge of the Los Angeles County, California, Superior Court, and acting Justice of the California Court of Appeal.

346:296:3 CHARLES KINCAID; b. 25 May 1882, KY; d. 9 May 1969, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. NORA E. ANSTILL, b. abt 1887, IL.
Children (Kincaid):

346:296:31	Clara V.	b. 1910

346:296:31 CLARA V. KINCAID, dau of Charles and Nora E. (Anstill) Kincaid; b. 12 Apr 1910, Los Angeles Co., CA.

346:298 MARION LESLIE DOGGETT, son of Joel and Luvisa (Smoot) Doggett; b. 21 Sep 1856, Bath Co., KY; d. 11 Jul 1932, Athens, Menard Co., IL; bur. Joel Hall Cem, Athens, Menard Co., IL; m. 17 Sep 1878, Bath Co., KY, ARTEMESIA M. ("Artie") STONE, dau of Marshall R. and Mary (Newland) Stone, b. 5 May 1857, Bath Co., KY. d. 27 Jul 1932, Athens, Menard Co., IL, bur. Joel Hall Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1	William David	b. 1879	d. 1964	m. 1902	Effie May Propst
346:298:2	Daisy Blanche	b. 1881		m. 1901	Henry Propst
346:298:3	John Rollins	b. 1887	d. 1952 m.	Flora A. Chapin
346:298:4	Leslie Roy	b. 1891	d. 1975	m.	Margaret M. Phillips
						m.	Bertha Flynn		

346:298:1 WILLIAM DAVID DOGGETT, son of Marion Leslie and Artemisia M. (Stone) Doggett; b. 15 Oct 1879, KY; d. 5 Oct 1964; bur. Elmwood Cem., Menard Co., IL; m. 30 Jul 1902, Sweetwater, Menard Co., IL, EFFIE MAY PROPST, b. 10 Jan 1884, Sweetwater, Menard Co., IL, d. 30 Jun 1970, Mason City, Menard Co., IL.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:11	William Malcolm	b. 1904	d. 1957	m. 1937	Grace Lorene Bless
346:298:12	Edrie A.	b. 1906
346:298:13	Samuel M.	b. 1909	d. 1952
346:298:14	Arthur Rollins	b. 1910	d. 1953
346:298:15	Charles
		 Marshall	b. 1913	d. 1960
346:298:16	Eva Mae		b. 1914	d. 1990
346:298:1v	Jennie G.	b. 1916
346:298:1w	Albert		b. 1917	d. 1917
346:298:1x	Minnie Opha	b. 1919	d. 1919
346:298:17	Clara Louise	b. 1921	d. 1989
346:298:18	Robert Wayne	b. 1922	d. 1967
346:298:19	Mary Jane	b. 1923	d. 1981	m.	Mr. Nichols
346:298:1y	Margaret	b. 1924	d. 1925
346:298:1z	Izola (Peggy)	b. 1925	
346:298:1A	Jack		b. 1930	d. 1986

346:298:12 EDRIE A. DOGGETT; b. 15 Jun 1906.
346:298:13 SAMUEL M. DOGGETT; b. 14 Jun 1908; d. 30 Dec 1952; m. 13 Jun 1925, Menard Co., IL, LUCILE KALB.

346:298:14 ARTHUR ROLLINS DOGGETT; b. 21 Feb 1910; d. 17 May 1953.
346:298:15 CHARLES MARSHALL DOGGETT; b. 22 Jan 1912; d. 21 Sep 1960; bur. Elmwood Cem., Menard Co., IL.
346:298:16 EVA MAE DOGGETT; b. 21 Mar 1914; d. 26 Jun 1990.
346:298:1w ALBERT DOGGETT; b. 11 May 1917; d. 14 Sep 1917.
346:298:1x MINNIE OPHA DOGGETT; b. 12 Nov 1919; d. 20 Nov 1919, Menard Co., IL.
346:298:17 CLARA LOUISE DOGGETT ; b. 12 Feb 1921; d. 17 Jul 1989.
346:298:18 ROBERT WAYNE DOGGETT; b. 30 Jan 1922; d. 3 Jul 1967; bur. Elmwood Cem., Menard Co., IL.
346:298:19 MARY JANE DOGGETT; b. 28 Feb 1923; d. 9 Jan 1981, San Joaquin Co., CA; m. Mr. NICHOLS.
346:298:1y MARGARET DOGGETT; b. 24 Oct 1924; d. 16 Sep 1925.

346:298:1A JACK DOGGETT; b. 12 Jul 1930, Athens, Menard Co., IL; d. 11 Mar 1986, Springfield, IL.

346:298:11 WILLIAM MALCOLM DOGGETT, son of William David and Effie Mae (Propst) Doggett; b. 7 May 1903, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 27 Feb 1957, Greenview, Menard Co., IL;bur. Elmwood Cem., Greenview, IL; m(1) PEARL GRIEME; m(2) 20 Aug 1937, Greenview, Menard Co., IL, GRACE LORENE BLESS, dau of Rainey Henry and Elsa Marie (Wernowsky) Bless, b. 22 Jan 1917, Greenview, Menard Co., IL, d. 27 Dec 1991, Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL, bur. Elmwood Cem., Greenview, IL.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of marriage to Pearl)
346:298:111	Ruth Eleanor			m.	Mr. Sharp
	(children of marriage to Grace)
346:298:112	William Edward	b. 1936	d. 1997	m.	Jo Ann Gurgens
346:298:113	Gerald Lee	b. 1938	d. 2007	m.	Peggy K. Waddell
346:298:114	Patricia Ann			m.	Don Boyer
						m.	Mr. Turnbull
346:298:115	Kenneth Eugene	b. 1943	d. 1988	m.	Jackie
346:298:116	David Herschel	b. 1946	d. 1976	m.	Jo Ann Quaid
346:298:117	Ronald Dean	b. 1947	d. 1971
346:298:118	James Henry			m.	Peggy Joyce Farley
346:298:11x	Marilyn Kay	b. 1950	d. 1951
346:298:119	John Joseph	b. 1952	d. 2002	m.	Patty
346:298:11A	Nancy Lou			m.	Kenneth Allen Stroisch
346:298:11B	Dale Allen			m.	Kendra Jean Kincaid

346:298:117 RONALD DEAN DOGGETT; b. 30 Sep 1947, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 21 Mar 1971, Menard Co., IL.
346:298:11x MARILYN KAY DOGGETT; b. 11 May 1950, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 21 Feb 1951, IL.

346:298:112 WILLIAM EDWARD DOGGETT; b. 15 Mar 1936; d. 15 Jul 1997, Longmont, CO; m. 12 Jul 1958, Springfield, IL, JO ANN EILEEN GURGENS, dau of John and Ruth (Shandor) Gurgens, b. 13 May 1939, Springfield, IL, d. 24 Feb 2007, Longmont, CO., cremated. After death of William, Jo Ann m(2) 13 May 2002, Clark Co., NV, Walter David Micklesavage.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1121	Stephen Malcolm
346:398:1122	William Randall			m.	Judy
346:298:1123	Lori Ann			m.	Gabe Kohlmann
346:298:1124	Mary				m.	Steve Peacock

346:298:113 GERALD ("Jerry") LEE DOGGETT, son of William Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett; b. 2 Jun 1938, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 13 Jul 2007, Loveland, CO; bur. Loveland Bur. Park, Loveland, CO; m(1) LIN (surname unknown); m(2) DONNA (surname unknown): m3 2 Dec 1978, Colorado Springs, CO, PEGGY KAY WADDELL, dau of Lyman H. and Ruby N. Waddell..
Children (Doggett) (of first marriage):

346:298:1131	Gerald Johann
346:298:1132	Roger Michael
346:298:1133	Diana Kay

346:298:114 PATRICIA ANN DOGGETT, dau of William Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett; m.(1) DON BOYER; m(2) Mr. TURNBULL.
Children (Boyer):

346:298:1141	Marilyn Diane			m.	Mr. Loose

346:298:1141 MARILYN DIANE BOYER, dau of Don and Patricia Ann (Doggett) Boyer; m. Mr. LOOSE.
Children (Loose):

346:298:11411	Amber Lynn

346:298:115 KENNETH EUGENE DOGGETT; b. 4 Aug 1943, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 19 Dec 1988, Bell Co., TX; m. JACKIE (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1151	Robert Malcolm	b. 1957

346:298:1151 ROBERT MALCOLM DOGGETT, son of Kenneth Eugene Doggett, b. abt 1957; m. 20 Oct 1987, Bell Co., TX, GEORGANNA LYNN NALAN, b. abt 1960.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:11511	Michael Kenneth	b. 1988

346:298:11511 MICHAEL KENNETH DOGGETT; b. 31 Mar 1988, Bell Co., TX.

346:298:116 DAVID HERSCHEL DOGGETT; b. 1 Mar 1946, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 16 Aug 1976, Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY; bur. Beth El Cem., Cheyenne, WY; m. JO ANN QUAID.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1161	Brandy Lynn	b. 1973	d. 2007
346:298:1162	Brian David	b. 1974	d. 2003

346:298:1161 BRANDY LYNN DOGGETT; b. 4 Sep 1973; d. 4 Jul 2007.
346:298:1162 BRIAN DAVID DOGGETT; b. 7 Dec 1974; d. 2003.

346:298:118 JAMES HENRY DOGGETT, son of William Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett; m. PEGGY JOYCE FARLEY
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1181	Terri Sue			m.	Mr. Turley
						m.	Todd Vincent Davis

346:298:1181 TERRI SUE DOGGETT, dau of James Henry and Peggy Kay (Farley) Doggett; m(1) Mr. TURLEY; m(2) TODD VINCENT DAVIS.
Children (Turley):

346:298:11811	Breanna Nichole

346:298:119 JOHN JOSEPH DOGGETT, son of William Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett;; b. 22 May 1952, Greenview, Menard Co., IL; d. 24 Dec 2002, Springfield, IL; bur. Elmwood Cem., Greenview, Menard Co., IL; m. PATTY (surname unknown).
Children (Doggett):

346:298:1191	Tiffany Marie
346:298:1191	John Joseph Jr.

346:298:11A NANCY LOU DOGGETT, dau of Willliam Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett; m KENNETH ALLEN STROISCH.
Children (Stroisch):

346:298:11A1	Christopher Lee
346:298:11A2	Amy Lynn

346:298:11B DALE ALLEN DOGGETT, son of William Malcolm and Grace Lorene (Bless) Doggett; m. KENDRA JEAN KINCAID, dau of Paul Kenneth and Norma Jean (Butts) Kincaid.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:11B1	Joshua Allen
346:298:11B2	Amelia Marie

346:298:2 DAISY BLANCHE DOGGETT, dau of Marion Leslie and Artemisia M. (Stone) Doggett; b. Jul 1881, KY; m. abt 1901, HENRY PROPST, son of Samuel Perry and Emma (Cleaveland) Propst, b. 10 Jul 1878, IL; d. Jan 1963, WA.
Children (Propst):

346:298:21	Blanche
		 Margaret	b. 1901
346:298L22	Emma L.		b. 1903
346:298:23	Leslie O.	b. 1908	d. 1969
346:298:24	Harold D.	b. 1916
346:298:25	Homer H.	b. 1919

346:298:23 LESLIE O. PROPST; b. 3 Oct 1908, MO; d. Sep 1969, WA.
346:298:24 HAROLD D. PROPST; b. 22 Nov 191, OK; d. 15 Sep 1998. WA.

346:298:3 JOHN ROLLINS DOGGETT, of Marion Leslie and Artemisia M. (Stone) Doggett; b. 9 Jan 1887, Owingsville, Bath Co., KY; d. 17 Sep 1952, Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL; bur. Mason City Cem., Mason Co., IL; m. FLORA A. CHAPIN, dau of Lorenzo Chapin, b. 23 Apr 1885, IL, d. 27 Nov 1947, bur. Mason City Cem.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:31	George Albert	b. 1918	d. 2005	m. 1938	Wilma Glen Pottorf

346:298:31 GEORGE ALBERT DOGGETT, son of John Rollins and Flora (Chapin) Doggett; b. 1 Jan 1918, Mason City, Mason Co., IL; d. 15 Oct 2005, Mason City, Mason Co., IL; bur. Mason City Cem., Mason Co., IL; m. 29 May 1938, Mason City, Mason Co., IL, WILMA GLEN POTTORF.
Children (Doggett):

346:298:31x	Ronald Jon	b. 1939	d. 1939
346:298:311	 Nancy Jo			m.	Robert Sterling Chow
346:298:312	Luana Sue			m.	Alan F. Knollenberg

346:298:31x RONALD JON DOGGETT; b. and d. 24 Feb 1939, Lincoln, Logan Co., IL; bur. Mason City Cem., Mason Co., IL.

346:298:311 NANCY JO DOGGETT, dau of George Albert and Wilma Glen (Pottorf) Doggett; m. ROBERT STERLING CLOW.
Children (Clow):

346:298:3111	Robert Shawn			m.	Susan Sara Wachler
						m.	Kay Elizabeh Evers
346:298:3112	Jeffrey Sterling		m.	Janice Marie Winek
346:298:3113	David Michael			m.	Holly Ann Stroud
346:298L3114	Aaron Matthew			m.	Julie Lin Sollars

346:298:3111 ROBERT SHAWN CLOW, son of Robert Sterling and Nancy Jo (Doggett) Clow; m(1) SUSAN SARA WACHLER; m(2) KAY ELIZABETH EVERS.
Children (Clow):

	(children of first marriage)
346:298:31111	Robert Justin
	(children of second marriage)
346:298:31112	Bryan
346:298:3113	Mitchell Dean

346:298:3112 JEFFREY STERLING CLOW, son of Robert Sterling and Nancy Jo (Doggett) Clow; m. JANICE MARIE WINEK.
Children (Clow):

346:298:31121	Joseph Sterling
346:298:31122	Elizabeth Jane

346:298:3113 DONALD MICHAEL CLOW, son of Robert Sterling and Nancy Jo (Doggett) Clow; m. HOLLY ANN STROUD.
Children (Clow):

346:298:3131	Rebekah Joy
346:298L3132	Julia Ann

346:298:3114 AARON MATTHEW CLOW, son of Robert Sterling and Nancy Jo (Doggett) Clow; m. JULIE LIN SOLLARS.
Children (Clow):

346:298:31141	Rachel Marie
346:298:31142	Stephanie Rose

346:298:312 LUANA SUE DOGGETT, dau of George Albert and Wilma Glen (Pottorf) Doggett; m. ALAN F. KNOLLENBERG.
Children (Knollenberg):

346:298:3121	Mark Alan			m.	Camie A. Jensen
346:298:3122	Jill Ann			m.	Brian K. Batton

346:298:3121 MARK ALAN KNOLLENBERG, son of Alan F. and Luana Sue (Doggett) Knollenberg; m. CAMIE A. JENSEN.
Children (Knollenberg):

346:298:31211	Ali Marie
346:298:31212	Mitchell Dean

346:298:3122 JILL ANN KNOLLENBERG, dau of Alan F. and Luana Sue (Doggett) Knollenbergh; m. BRIAN K. BATTON.
Children (Batton):

346:298:31221	Bailey Ann
346:298:31222	Emily

346:298:4 LESLIE (or Lesley) ROY DOGGETT, son of Marion Leslie and Artemisia M. (Stone) Doggett; b. 9 Jun 1891, KY (IL??); d. 10 Jun 1975, Waycross, Ware Co., GA; bur. Joel Hall Cem., Athens, Menard Co., IL; m(1) 30 Jun 1912, Petersburg, Menard Co., IL, MARGARET M. ("Maggie") PHILLIPS, dau. of William Jefferson and Frances Victoria (Evans) Phillips, b. 19 May 1896, Petersburg, Menard Co., IL, d. 7 Feb 1913, Petersburg, Menard Co., IL,. bur. Oakland Cem., Menard Co., IL; m(2) BERTHA FLYNN, b. 4 Feb 1898, d. 24 May 1964, IL, bur. Joel Hall Cem.
Children (Doggett):

	(children of first marriage)
346:298:4x	Hazel Marie	b. 1912	d. 1918
	(children of second marriage)
346:298:41	Daisy Lee	b. 1916	d. 1999	m.	Clifton Rogers
						m.	Donald James Williamson
						m. 1974	Dominic Antonacci
346:298:42	Doris Lucille	b. 1918		m. 1939	Walter G. Lane
346:298:43	Donald 
346:298:44	Jo Ann				m. 	Mr. Wasileski
346:298:45	William Leslie	b. 1928	d. 1995	

346:298:4x HAZEL MARIE DOGGETT; b. 16 Dec 1912, Petersburg, Menard Co., IL; d. 30 Oct (or Sep) 1918, Petersburg, Menard Co, IL; bur. Oakland Cem., Menard Co., IL.

346:298:41 DAISY LEE DOGGETT, dau of Leslie Roy and Bertha (Flynn) Doggett; b. 17 May 1916, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL; d. 25 Jul 1999, Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL; bur. Joel Hall Cem., Athens, Menard Co., IL; m(1) CLIFTON ROGERS; m(2) Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL, DONALD JAMES WILLIAMSON, son of Albert James and Mattie Estelle (Merrill) Williamson, b. 20 Jun 1914, IL, d. Mar 1975, Kilbourne, IL, bur. Bath, IL; m(3) 2 Nov 1974, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL, DOMINIC ANTONACCI, son of Biagio and Rose (Colomac) Antonacci, b. 13 Jun 1908, Riverton, Sangamon Co, IL, d. 28 Feb 1981, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL, bur. Joel Hall Cem..
Children (Rogers):

346:298:41x	Dixie Lee	b. 1937	d. 1937

Children (Williamson):

346:298:411	Jerry Wayne	b. 1947	d. 1992	m.	Ms. Rice

346:298:41x DIXIE LEE ROGERS; b. and d. 22 Nov 1937, Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL.

346:298:411 JERRY WAYNE WILLIAMSON, son of Donald James and Daisy Lee (Doggett) Williamson; b. 6 Dec 1947, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL; d. 20 Oct 1992, Salem, MO; bur. Joel Hall Cem., Menard Co., IL; m. Ms. RICE.
Children (Williamson):

346:298:4111	(dau)				m. 	Mr. Cummings
346:298:4112	(son)				m.	Ms. Wallace

346:298:42 DORIS LUCILLE DOGGETT, dau of Leslie Roy and Bertha (Flynn) Doggett; b. 24 Sep 1918, Petersburg, IL; m. 9 Apr 1939, Hazelwood, MO, WALTER G. LANE, b. 18 Feb 1917, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL.
Children (Lane):

346:298:421	Dolores Ann	b. 1940		m.	Paul R. Craig
						m.	Virgil Winterbauer
346:298:422	George LeRoy	b. 1941		m. 1961	Mary Elaine Walsh
346:298:423	Connie Jean	b. 1943		m.	Patrick leon Walker
						m. 	Dale Freeman Bounds

346:298:45 WILLIAM LESLIE DOGGETT, son of Leslie Roy and Bertha (Flynn) Doggett; b. 13 Dec 1928; d. 20 Jul 1995, Waycross, GA; bur. Brunswick Mem. Park, Brunswick, Glynn Co., GA. Married, wife's name unknown.
Children (Doggett):

346:398:451	Leslie				m.	Mr. Sellers
346:398:452	Ann				m.	Mr. Dixon
346:398:453	Jeff
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