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18D LUCY DOGGETT, dau. of Thomas and Bathsheba Doggett; bur. Mt. Pony Cem., Culpeper Co., VA; m. JOHN BROWN, b. abt. 1756, d. 31 Dec 1834, Culpeper Co., VA, bur. Mt. Pony Cem.
Children: (Brown):

18D:1		Thomas				unm.
18D:2		Walker				m.	Mollie Vaughn
18D:3		Benjamin	b. 1784		m.	Julia Westfall
18D:4		John Doggett	b. 1789	d. 1866	m.	Catherine Sample
18D:5		Daniel				m.	Penelope Collins
18D:6		Sarah R.	b. 1795		m. 1820	Spencer F. Doggett
18D:7		Nimrod		b. 1796		m. 1812	Gracie Reese
18D:8		James
18D:9		Mary
18D:A		Mildred				m.	William Doggett
18D:B		Betsy
18D:C		Lucy				unm.
John Brown served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Militia as a Private in Capt. Robert Pollard's Co. of Col. James Slaughter's Va. Reg't. & of Capt. George Johnson's Co. of Slaugther's Va. Reg't & of Capt. Benj. Lillard's & Long's Co.'s of Col Slaughter's Va. Reg't.
Obit 31 DEC 1834 (Culpeper) VA
Obituary of John Brown - Culpeper, VA. 31 Dec 18343. Oreon Bruce copied this following from the original newspaper clipping.
"Mr. John Brown of this county, another Revolutionary soldier, has gone to the realities of another world. The last day of December 1834, witness by the close of earthly career, after having lived to the age of 76. He discharged the various relations of life with such fidelity as to acquire for him the respect and friendship of all those who know him. Though he lived and opposes of the Christian religion yet at that period which, "Tries men's souls." With that honesty so characteristic of the patriots of 76, he informed the writer of the brief notice, that he never was satisfied with his course of life, but he often had convictions on account of sin. He seemed to occupy his last few weeks almost entirely in Prayer and making ready for that awful change which he felt was now at hand. He was heard to regret with deep the manner in which he had spent his past life. He left a large circle of friends and connections to lament his loss, but they have some comfortable assurance that he entered upon the unmortal with the bright prospect of eternal glo

18D:1 THOMAS BROWN; d. age 24, unm.
18D:2 WALKER BROWN; m. MOLLIE VAUGHN, moved to Tennesee.
; moved to Ohio.
18D:9 MARY BROWN; moved to Ohio.
18D:A LUCY BROWN; d. Culpeper Co.¸Virginia, unm.

18D:3 BENJAMIN BROWN, son of John and Lucy (Doggett) Brown; b. abt. 1784, VA; prob. m. 1808, Ross Co., OH, JULIA WESTFALL. Moved to Warren Co. IN.
Children (Brown):

18D:31		George Doggett			m.	Harriet Estaline Myers

18D:4 JOHN DOGGETT BROWN, son of John and Lucy (Doggett) Brown; b. 1789; d. 1866; m. CATHERINE THOMAS SAMPLE, dau. of James and Sarah (Dorrell) Sample, b. 1789, Loudon Co., VA. Catherine was adopted by a "Quaker brother and sister," Joshua and Mary Baker, after her parents' death
Children (Brown):

18D:41		Thomas Phillips			unm.
18D:42		John Stevens
18D:43		Sarah Mary	b. 1817	d. 1876	m. 1834	William Keating
18D:44		Charles Fenton			unm.
18D:45		William Baker			m.	Sarah Langford
18D:46		Mary Ellen			m.	Thomas Watkins
18D:47		Joseph Daniel			unm.
18D:48		Henry Clay			m.	Mary Elizabeth Travers
18D:49		Emma Lucy			m.	Paul Reed Evans

For details and descendants, see separate page.

18D:5 DANIEL BROWN, son of John and Lucy (Doggett) Brown; m. 1809, PENELOPE COLLINS.
Children (Brown):

18D:51		Mary
18D:52		Maria(h)	b. 1815		m.	William Dawson
18D:53		Daniel
		 Strother	b. 1823		m.	Martha Isabella Jarrell
18D:54		Lucy		b. 1829
18D:55		John
18D:56		Thomas
18D:57		Charlie
18D:58		Benjamin

For details and descendants, see separate page.

18D:6 SARAH R. BROWN, dau of John and Lucy (Doggett) Brown; b. 8 Feb 1795, VA, d. Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; m. 18 Oct 1820, SPENCER F. DOGGETT (512:41), son of James and Elizabeth (Doggett) Doggett, b. 18 Oct 1796 or 1797, Culpeper Co., VA, d. 23 Nov 1847, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, bur. Hillsboro Cem., Highland Co., OH.
Children (Doggett):

512:611		James Franklin	b. 1821	d. 1900	m. 1845	Laura B. Cathell
						m. 1865	Sarah (Thornburg) Willett
512:612		Thomas William	b. 1823
512:613		John Randolph	b. 1825	d. 1904	m. 1863	Katherine A. Lane
512:614		Walker Wilson	b. 1827	d. 1857	m. 1851	Lavisa F. Parker
512:61x		Henry Clay	b. 1829	d. 1830
512:615		Elizabeth
		 Adelia	 b. 1831	d. 1906	m. 1849	William West III
512:61y		Lucy Ann	b. 1835	d. 1838
512:616		William Spencer	b. 1837	d. 1875
512:617		Julia Ann	b. 1839	d. 1896	m. 1857	George Spencer Eckles

For details and descendants, see husband's page.

18D:7 NIMROD BROWN, son of John and Mary (Doggett) Brown; b. 29 Mar 1796, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 9 Jan 1873, Ewing, TX; m. 12 Mar 1818, GRACIE REESE, b. 19 Oct 1796, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 8 Jul 1868, Ewing, TX, bur Brown Cem.
Children (Brown):

18D:71		Mary Doggett	b. 1820		m. 1839	B. Franklin Richey
18D:72		Lucy Ann	b. 1822	d. 1861	m.	Elias Alexander
18D:73		Sarah Catherine	b. 1829		m. 1850	Franklin Cooper Britton
18D:74		Joseph
		 Handsdrough	b. 1831	d. 1911	m.	Hettie E.
18D:75		John Marshall	b. 1835	d. 1907	m. 1859	Sarah Catherine Cox

For details and descendants, see separate page.

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